Write a paragraph about earth day

write a paragraph about earth day

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Last year, i taught Math, earth Science, and Physical Science. My students are 9th through 12 graders with low reading levels and abstractional thought difficulties. I used your photos in two ways. First, i printed out the occasional attention grabbing topical photos and laminated them, then hole punched them for easy storage in a regular binder. These we could pass around and discuss. The people and vehicles on the moon and Mars fascinated my students, who were born long after the moon missions and were unaware of them. The asteroid scare was easier to discuss with an asteroid sitting in front.

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The children work to speculate as to what the picture might show. By the year's end, my ten- and eleven-year olds are surprisingly well-versed in all sorts of astronomical terminology and quite knowledgeable about stars, galaxies, the solar System, and various celestial phenomena. Brian Segool Gwinnett. Public Schools Lawrenceville, ga over the past two years, i've used Picture of the day in every lecture session - astronomy for the non-scientist. Each class begins with Picture of the day, and we discuss it - never mind that it rarely is sales in synch with the course. Each quiz and exam has a picture of the day that was discussed in class, with no caption, and the student is to describe what they see. This is not only one of the most popular aspect of the lecture, but also their friends, and many of my friends that are not involved with the course check on this page on a regular basis. I also demand a project from each student, and a majority of them search for their topic beginning with Picture of the day. It has become an essential, useful and popular part of my course. Andrew lazarewicz boston College i teach Special. At the high School level and was the first in my department with internet access.

We usually give from 0-3 points, and overall the apods make up about 20 of the lab grade. The students say they like this a lot; a lot of them have never seen pictures of a nebula or something like that - they think it's all just "little white father's dots". The only trouble we run into is in them getting behind and then trying to turn in a whole bunch at the end. Mark jacobs Northern Michigan University i am a fifth grade teacher, and have used your apod site quite a bit this year. My students love it- some of them almost as much as their teacher does! Next year, we will have internet in the classroom and i intend to make it a daily fixture- along with "Today in History". Each morning I display the apod picture without the explanation.

write a paragraph about earth day

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Of Physics and Astronomy during the last few years I have been increasing the amount of focus on astronomical "current events" in my introductory astronomy class, and your site provides inspiration for class discussions and even assignments. I have even experimented with a non-traditional, topics-driven (rather than standard textbook style) version of the astronomy course. One of the assignments i use in such a setup is for students to summarize a late breaking story by digging up appropriate background material along with information on the results/facilities/etc. Involved in the story. I have used apods as models for how to present this information (at first we used written summaries with lists of links to key terms, but now I require students to build web-browser documents in Netscape Editor. Tom English Gardner-Webb University Once a week, we have the students in the astronomy labs select a picture (individually and turn in a form giving (a) a synopsis of the information posted with the picture, and (more importantly) (b) a paragraph or two of their. The second part can be anything - if they think it looks like a fish, fine. Just say something interesting, and put some effort into.

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write a paragraph about earth day

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I'd fill in the details of person the images as they attempted to make inferences about what they saw. I think the students learned a lot of astronomy, saw some "way cool" images, and practiced their descriptive language ability. Phil goulding Colorado i teach, among other things, argument and technical writing at Texas a m (College Station and I have been using the Astropix site for the last two years to acquaint my students with scientific forms of discourse. I have created a list of about 50 of the sites beginning with the discussion of galaxies, then to the milky way, then to the solar system, then to scientists (they are surprised by and respect Hypatia and admire galileo then to telescopes from Galileo. This has become a very popular assignment. The students are initially apprehensive about analyzing scientific discourse, but soon become very interested in the assignment and what they are learning. Brad McAdon Texas a m university i have my students refer to apod frequently.

I have gotten many, many good links from your references with the pictures. I really don't know how I would teach astronomy without you, now. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Jack carlson, doherty night School, colorado Springs District 11 I have advertised apod many times to my ast101 class here at suny stony Brook. I have even regularly used its pictures to illustrate various points, since you have a good search index on the archive as well. Ralph Wijers (Prof.) suny stony Brook dept.

To find pictures, i frequently use my browsers "find" utility on, apod's archive page, or apod's index or apod's own search page. Alternatively, i sometimes have apods printed out on transparencies with our department's (inexpensive) color printer. On Fridays the first thing I do is review the previous week's apods. I find that even if the material in an apod was not yet covered in class, student interest is high and I receive more curiosity-based questions than during the rest of the week. Robert Nemiroff at, michigan Technological University, i've been using apod in my high school astronomy course for over one year now. I have internet access in my room and a projector for my laptop so apod is my homepage.

As others have said, apod generates more questions from students than any other type of material i use. In addition to the introductory image, i've personally used apod for images in my lectures. Students are always interested in as many pictures of objects as they can find and I find apod the most easily accessible source for these. Todd ryan, westborough High School. I'm a middle school science teacher with too much curriculum and not enough time. To beat some of the time crunch and have my students practice writing observations, i displayed the apod for the first few minutes of class, had the students write a paragraph about what they saw, and then discussed briefly their observations.

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Doesnt that same paragraph look and, more importantly, feel longer or shorter depending on the format? Apod in the Classroom, astronomy picture general of the day (apod) is being used as an educational apple resource in classrooms from elementary school to graduate school. Below, some teachers share how they have used apod in their classrooms. If you have found apod useful in your classroom and would to share your wisdom, please email. Since nobody is raising their hand, i'll go first. Besides being an author for apod, i also teach, on occasion, Introduction to Astronomy. Most of the pictures i use in class I get from apod. They are either stored in a laptop computer's hard drive, or taken right off the web.

write a paragraph about earth day

I go on at such length because of comments like deborah's : I never read them for long enough to draw a conclusion. I dont mean to attack deborahwho used a savvy line-break to emphasize the beat before the andonly suggest that she give some of us long-paragraphers a chance. Were not all lazy editors. (I note the nice line-break to demonstrate the beauty of the form-content relationship in her comment, and perhaps convince that some long paragraphs are constructed essay with a similar concern for effect.) That said, of course i agree with everyone that blather is blather is blather. I wonder though if were not being deceived as to the length of what we read when read so much single-columned material online. A post which would look short here would look unbearable in a single-column format. . Compare, for example, the first post of this paragraph here (two columns, no right margin here (three columns, resizable center column) and here (single column, fixed width).

crowded and noisy dining room, watching almost simultaneously a sporting event being shown on television above the bar, an attractive. Canada, a fish that is flat-bodied and pancake-size and has two eyes on the same side of its head, a picasso fish, cruising easily along the muddy bottom of the sea in search of a shrimp until five minutes before sunrise, it glides into. Granted, thats not only a single paragraphits a single sentencebut it works. There was a lively debate about whether it did or not, as youd expect on a listserv full of professional writers and professional lurkers.) I dont think you can, as a general rule, divorce length from content. You can divorce it from style,. You can say that a page-long paragraph doesnt belong in an Associated Press article, but not content. Now that I think about it, Im not sure you can divorce it from context either: when I read my students articles, i do so in Words reading layout. Doing so transforms even short paragraphs into page-spanners, which may account for why ive trained myself to focus on paragraph coherence instead of length.

On the main stage a longest contingent reenacts the infamous morality play "Death of Sir Attention Span." to its left, a man with an "I" painted on his smooth chest is yardage heard declaiming "the hegemonic forces marshalled against brevity" shortly before being engulfed. As the play ends a young woman with an eye crudely silk-screened on her shirt hops on stage and warns everyone about Big Brother and his appetite for your Personal Information. . But boy howdy do i digress.) One longinista wrote: One long paragraph often means it was written and never edited. It is poor writing, since good writing is almost entirely editing and rewriting. I agree with the second half, but not the first. . A long paragraph doesnt necessarily mean its never been edited. If you were to walk into my classroom and ask my kids What is writing? Theyd answer, in unison, Writing is rewriting.

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The following is an adaptation of a comment, i left earlier this afternoon which turned out less germane than I thought it'd. . What can I say? . "One of those days" has morphed into "one of those weeks but it will not snowball into "one of those summers.". As y'all know, Im delivering a conference paper on the relationship of blogging and academia, and one of the points I want to address is the length and substance of blog posts. . When I read piny's complaint about paragraph length, i pounced on the opportunity to defend my long-paragraphers. . One respondent embodied the "longist" ideology. . (Not to be confused with gender the antithetical "longest" ideology. . This unfortunate phrasing has confused spectators at longist protests of longest events and vice versa. . They try to disambiguate their positions by reducing their homophonic labels to the seemingly straightfoward "I" and "E." Then the "Unix First" crowd drives up and what had merely "confused" the spectators becomes utterly inexplicable. .

Write a paragraph about earth day
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Due to this conflicting definition of what was reasonable, it became impossible for the warring sides to be reconciled. Bob shares an interest in graphic designing and is excited to work with joe.

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  1. To beat some of the time crunch and have my students practice writing observations, i displayed the apod for the first few minutes of class, had the students write a paragraph about. Earth, pendant. Have students write a paragraph that describes their favorite place or a discovery they have made. 5 for your paragraph. Write a short paragraph about celebration.

  2. First I change my clothes and then I go out for sport. Write a paragraph on the lines that are provided: It looks as if the surface of the earth is covered in clouds. Help writing a paragraph help in english writing online casino. It affects 3 to 5 percent of all help me to write an essay school. It ended 34 hours later; the 17 of June at 20:00 Canadian time when we started to write this story.

  3. Audio: PowerPoint with Audio: Part of the living on Planet. Draw and, write : Coral reef. Earth, day, every, day! Lake osceola gets a, collective hug as um community celebrates. Write a paragraph about your school day. I wake up at six o clock.

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