Write a biography of your father

write a biography of your father

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In this book he wrote that the physicians should have the patience, honesty, carefulness and the power of understanding to understand his/her patients better. The important role of physicians to cure the patients had been explained very well by him. Before he made any physician his pupil he used to make them take oath. His oaths known as the "Hippocrates oaths" is also taught to the students of medicine today in the earlier stages of studies but in a modernized way. Hippocrates corpus, he clearly instructed his pupils that while inspecting any patient whatever they notice, understand and diagnose to write down. He himself followed the writing down rule and thus he became the hippocrates Corpus.

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There were great differences between the teachers and students of these two schools and they non were against each other. Knidian school paid much emphasis on diagnosis. But there was only one big problem with this school that whenever the patients were caught up with several symptoms then this school failed to proper diagnosis. Koan school of Hippocrates was based on prognosis and passive treatment and therefore it could treat diseases with great success. Hippocrates was a great believer of nature and he believed that the human body has the ability to get back to stability and a good physician has to responsibility to. According to him if a patient takes enough rest without any movement then he/she recovers very quickly. May be in the modern day term what we say as bed rest was told by him very long ago. He also paid much emphasis on the cleanliness and hygiene of patients. He was also very careful that the injured portion of a patient's body does not get infected by virus and germs. Hippocrates wrote a book, hippocrates has also written how a physician should behave with a patient in his book "On the physician".

But this kind of thought was not very easy those days. Men had no knowledge about the anatomy summary and functioning of the human body. There were thousands of different kinds of religious restrictions in Greece and dissection of the human body for study was strictly forbidden. Besides, there was also the fear of punishment for opposing the religious and divine treatments of those times. But Hippocrates boldly opposed to this practice and was thus imprisoned for 20 years. The two ancient Greek schools. Apart form the religious restrictions there was also the question of surviving with the competitors and their methodology of treatment. There were two ancient Greek schools of medical treatment namely the Knidian school and the koan school.

write a biography of your father

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He believed and preached diseases are not omens from God but depends on environmental factors. If the academic life of Hippocrates is observed carefully then it would be found that in the temple of Asclepius he took the knowledge of religious or divine medical treatments. But there was a vast difference from the knowledge he gathered there and the medical problems in real life. However, he used to do study the patients and the diseases very closely which in modern times known as case history research. He clearly understood the fact that religions, gods and diseases are different things altogether. God never infects any human being with any disease by getting angry. The reason of diseases lies in the environmental conditions around the patient, the food habits and living habits.

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write a biography of your father

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To continue the trend of his family in medicine he worked very hard. His two sons, Thessalus and Draco were also in the field of medicine. He got his daughter married to his most able student, polybius. Apart from family education he was also associated with the different methods of treatment. His knowledge in medicine got the perfect dimension with the help of one of his teachers named Herodicus who was a native of Selymbria. Herodicus was not less well-known than Hippocrates.

His treatment method was to give patient healthy diets together with massages of herbs and oils. It is said that his methods and theories are the very basis of modern sports medicine. Since hippocrates was aware of so many methods of treatment he was successfully been able to detect the various defects of the then medical treatment methods. May be because of those defects that were present in the treatment methods of those times he was able to discover his own treatment methods flawlessly. Hippocrates: Father of medicine, why hippocrates is known resume as the father of medicine? Simply because he was the first to separate religion from medicine and said that these are not interrelated.

He informed the people that God did not cursed Athens and people were suffering because they got affected and infected with the outbreak of a fatal disease due to the natural conditions. This brave man was Hippocrates and people today know him as the father of medicine. But the question is how this man, whose thoughts were more, advanced from the time he was living, got the courage to comment against people's faith. This answer is hidden in the ages in which Hippocrates lived and breaded. He was the son of the golden Era!

During his time the achievements of Athens in politics, economics, and culture was simply un-parallel. Besides, Athens was breeding the greatest sons like achilles and Euripides during that time. Together with them there was Herodotus, the father of History and Thucydides the great Historian. One more name that would complete the circle of this golden era is Socrates, the greatest classical philosopher. Hippocrates: Family and education, hippocrates got great inspiration and support from his family to be one of the greatest names in the field of medical science. His father Heraclides was a physician and his great grand father was also an expert physician. This definitely helped him to move ahead in the field of medicine.

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But even in the temples people were found to be dying. It seemed that no one could save athens from this write rash anger of resume the god. Hippocrates came to inspect. One day an old man was seen on the streets of Athens. He was bald and had a mixture of grey and black beard on his chin. Along with him there were other people. The old man boldly said that none of the gods were angry with the Athenians nor was any omen passed on them but they were affected with an infectious and fatal disease and thus require treatment. Everyone got astonished with such a comment and they thought how someone could speak against the god? Hippocrates was the son of the golden era.

write a biography of your father

There was unbearable ache on the body and the eyes seemed to be bloody red. Nobody dared to go near the victims to lend their helping hand. The unpleasant smell was unbearable and the roads and lanes were filled with solving but only with dead bodies. Even the birds and animals were also not spared from this ill fate. The birds were dying by preying on these dead bodies. People from the suburbs were moving out from their houses and heading towards the city of Athens. There was only one phrase coming out from the mouth of the people that the god of prophecy and healing, Apollo, was angry on Athens and therefore all those sufferings fell on them. But at the same time Sparta, the competitor country of Athens was blossoming with health and prosperity and has thus got the blessing of Apollo according to the Athenians. To pacify the god, people were found to be praying in the temples.

: Ajay, member level: Gold, points: 100, this article gives information about Hippocrates, the father of medicine. Here, an effort is taken to present a brief analysis about the great works done by this man in the medical science. Some important incidences and stories related with the same are also penned down in the resouce to make it an invigoraing read and to sum up the contributions of this great man. Plague in Athens, the god seemed to be angry with Athens. The youths were getting affected with something and thus breathing their last breath. The young and the aged were also not spared from this evil fate. Whatever was happening was beyond any explanation. The body temperature seemed to be soaring up like that of the temperature of fire.

He is considered the father of Russian literature. He was the first person to write poems and stories in Russian, at a time when most things were written in French or English. Writing in Russian made his poetry and literature available to everyone. Pushkin was born in 1799 and published his first poem at the age. Throughout reviews his lifetime, he wrote hundreds of plays, short stories and poems. In 1831, he married a woman named Natalya goncharova. They had four children together. He died in 1837 in a duel defending the honour of his wife.

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Write a short biography of a famous actor / lined actress. Born in Ixelles, a district of Brussels, hepburn spent her childhood between Belgium, England and the netherlands, including German-occupied Arnhem during the second World War. Hepburn's parents were members of the British Union the fascists in the mid-1930s,with her father becoming a true nazi sympathiser. After her mother discovered him in bed with the nanny of her children, Hepburn's father left the family abruptly. In the 1960s, hepburn would finally locate him again in Dublin through the red Cross. Although he remained emotionally detached, his daughter remained in contact and supported him financially until his death. On the evening of, hepburn died at home in her sleep of appendeceal cancer. After her death, Gregory peck went on camera and tearfully recited her favourite poem, "Unending love" by rabindranath Tagore. When Russian people think of the best of Russian literature, they most often think of Alexander Pushkin.

Write a biography of your father
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  3. Recall a time when you two shared a good laugh over something. Hepburn's parents were members of the British Union the fascists in the mid-1930s,with her father becoming a true. Together with them there was Herodotus, the father of, history and Thucydides the great Historian. They notice, understand and diagnose to write down. A page full of"s that inspire you. Goals for the future.

  4. Find information about a famous person from your country who inspires you and write a short biography of them. The father of, russian literature. Lifebio helps you with writing your life story online and how to write a life story. Of really knowing at least a brief biography of every relative. Write a short biography of your father. Visualize a time when your mother was laughing.

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