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wellness resume

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Met and exceeded sales goals. Processed shipments and ensured all merchandise is represented on the floor. Contacted outside businesses to create special events for customers. Candidate Info 7 Wellness Consultant Administer legal documents that pertain to physiological assessment; health history questionnaires, informed consent for physiological testing, release of liability, and pre-screen for blood pressure. Conduct physiological assessments; percent body fat, flexibility, muscular strength, muscular endurance and cardiorespiratory endurance. Carry out individual consultations; review results and ratings with client, write an individualized aerobic exercise program based on client's results and personal goals, write an individualized resistance training program based on client's results and personal goals, demonstrate and explain all resistance and aerobic training equipment.

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Adhere to established scheduling protocols, consistently receive recognition for successfully encouraging clients to purchase additional services. Demonstrate problem solving skills while providing customer support via phone. Candidate Info 5, wellness Consultant, increase and sustain member and client volumes by online striking optimal approach between empathy and professionalism. Lead high-impact health and wellness programs for numerous organizations spanning from individuals and families to groups, communities and global industry giants. Amplify resume awareness, engagement and participation while safeguarding costs and quality of life by spearheading innovative strategies encompassing the latest research, techniques and trends in medicine and marketing. Provide hands-on experience in behavioral health, promotion, counseling, consulting, business, outreach and beyond. Formulate proposals and presentations, collaborate with colleagues to exchange selling strategies and marketing information, comply with institution, state and federal regulations. Candidate Info 6, sales Specialist/ Wellness Consultant, proactively acknowledged, greeted and assisted customers in the store. Offered customers with exemplary and timely service. Provided accurate product information. Served multiple customers, discovered their needs, and made recommendations to generate sales.

Developed, implemented and successfully manage training programs for clients with Parkinson's disease, hypertension, diabetes, pre/post natal, and various orthopedic conditions. Implemented a successful referral system to generate additional client leads and achieve a 92 closing rate. Wellness Consultant, maintained records of company members and guests. Helped problem-solve any client issues by recommending different company products to suit their needs. Utilized organization skills and customer service skills with all daily tasks. Performed typical office duties: filed paperwork, answered phones, scheduled appointments, greeted and checked in customers. Candidate Info 4, type wellness Consultant, teach new clients about the benefits and advantages of regular massage therapy. Independently resolve customer complaints and problems. Answer telephone with accuracy and clarity with emphasis on quality customer service.

wellness resume

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Certification in fitness and nutrition consulting is seen on successful Wellness Consultant resumes. Looking for job listings? Wellness Consultant Jobs page. 1, wellness Consultant, led the implementation of a team-based physical activity challenge in which nearly 50 of employees participated and over 61 achieved significant weight loss. Created a resilience program that significantly improved participant stress management skills and was the first program offered to customers as part of a new business model. Coordinated onsite services such as seated massage, biometric screenings and flu shots for all remote locations. Candidate Info 2, personal Trainer wellness Consultant, created wellness consulting and personal training business targeting clients with chronic conditions.

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wellness resume

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My recordkeeping is aided by my excellent proficiency in Excel and Access to business maintain accurate and updated information for the team members and others to follow. June 1998 - january 2003, wellness Activities team leader, hometown Medical Systems, west Hometown. My duties at Hometown Medical Systems including collaboration with hr site partners and individual departments to promote wellness. I was the leader of the site wellness Activity team and conducted monthly meetings. I also developed the metrics to measure the success of the system wide wellness program. This helped in writing and establishing contract guidelines for work outsourced by the system.

I wrote the contracts which provided internal employee compensation plans as well as worked with the benefits Department to create, distribute, collect and report on health Risk Assessments and coordinate wellness initiatives with employee benefits programs. I also helped to establish outreach programs to communities served by system hospitals to educate population on available wellness initiatives. Wellness Consultants provide advice related to nutrition and fitness to their clients. These experts help people improve their lifestyle by completing the following activities: reviewing client situation, observing unhealthy habits, advising on measures to be taken, creating wellness goals, preventing future health issues, and monitoring client progress. Resume samples for Wellness Consultant should mention skills such as nutrition and fitness expertise, customer service, strong communication and interpersonal abilities, attention to details, recordkeeping, and a non-judgmental approach.

As you may notice, this wellness resume sample does not include a reference section. It is not wise to list references in the document itself. If the employer requests references, include them in a separate document or in the body of the email. The only time it is appropriate to put them in the document itself is if the hiring manager asks you to. For more help with creating the perfect resume, use the online resume builder.

More wellness Resume Examples. January 2003 - present, health Research team leader, general Medical Center, hometown. My duties include coordinating and optimizing existing wellness programs across the healthcare system. I also help to identify new wellness initiatives which can be administered internally. My research on outside material and information gathering helps to incorporate the material with the wellness program of the general Medical Center's programs and strategy. My use of both online and offline materials and databases helps to create interactive and informative power point presentations.

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Include up to eight bullet essay points for each position. The next two jobs get four bullet points each, and any positions after that get a total of ten. Refer to the wellness resume sample for an idea of what a strong document looks like. What format should your wellness resume be in? Your resume should be in one of three formats: chronological, functional, or hybrid. If database you have several years of experience in the wellness industry, stick with chronological, in which you list your job experience from most to least current. If you are in the middle of a career change, you may want to use a functional form, in which you list your experience from most to least relevant. If you have some relevant experience and several years of professional experience, use a mixture of the two, or a hybrid format. Should you include references on a wellness resume?

wellness resume

Relevant skill sets and motivation are often more valued than essay experience. When it comes to the job experience section, reference high school achievements, awards and recognitions, and organizations in which you partook. If you were the president of ffa, list this in lieu of a job title followed by bullet points of your duties. If you were valedictorian, brag about. How many bullet points do you include with each job in a wellness resume? The first and second positions you put on your resume should either be the most current, the most relevant, or both. They deserve the most attention.

resulted in an increase of membership sales. Instead of saying that youre a great team player, discuss how you and another employee created a new wellness plan to improve the customer experience. How do you make a wellness resume for a first job? As a first-time jobseeker, you may feel like you dont need a resume, but that is far from the case. Though this is your first job, you still have a lot to offer. Let potential employers know this by drafting a clean, professional looking resume in a standard resume format, such as the one utilized in this wellness resume sample. Draw attention to your selling points in the qualifications section, and use the professional summary to illuminate your career goals.

If you want to writing be a personal trainer or physical therapist or nutritionist, you may need more education than an herbalist, although some level of knowledge is required for all wellness-related positions. Many wellness professionals are highly trained in very specific fields, such as holistic medicine, vitamin science, or yoga and Pilates. Some professionals can get a position without getting much secondary education, and for many, experience matters more than formal education. It really just depends on the job youre looking for and what you personally bring to the table as an applicant. Your Wellness Resume, if youre seeking a wellness-related career, its important that your wellness resume speaks volumes about your level of commitment to health and your knowledge about the kind of position youre applying you. Your wellness resume should be tailored to each position, and it should contain highly specific and verifiable information about what makes you qualified to work in that position, whether its relaxation techniques, aromatherapy, or acupuncture. If your experience is more extensive and recent than your formal education, be sure to mention that first on your wellness resume so it attracts the attention of the reviewer and you will have a better chance at an interview. How do you highlight soft skills on a wellness resume? Though the wellness industry is very people oriented, dont just list Friendly, personable, and Customer Service Oriented in your qualifications section.

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Heres a few Of Our Resume samples. What Wellness Professionals do, if youre a wellness professional, you need a top-notch wellness resume to get jobs in your field. Even if you have a job you love, its always a good idea to keep your resume updated in case you find a job opening you cant resist. Wellness professionals perform a variety of tasks for their clients, from massage to spa treatments to nutrition and revelation fitness. There is a high demand for people who work in wellness because people are starting to sit up and take notice about the foods and chemicals they put in their body and fighting back against the obesity epidemic. Theyre sick of being sick, so thats why we need people like nutritionists, fitness instructors, natural medicine healers, meditation teachers, and other wellness professionals. What Kind of Education you need. In order to get a wellness-related job, you have to have some sort of education. What you want to do will determine what kind of job you can get.

Wellness resume
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  4. If youre seeking a wellness -related career, its important that your wellness resume speaks volumes about your level of commitment to health and your. Wellness, consultant, resume, samples. Wellness, consultants provide advice related to nutrition and fitness to their clients. Examples : Resume, examples : Wellness, coordinator Sample, resume. Wellness, coordinator Sample, resume.

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