Short essay on tradition against modernity

Antisemitism, holocaust and modernity

An ancient Persian verse reads: every ones life is necessary for the enjoyment and pleasure of the worldly existence, and when the enjoyment and pleasure of the worldly existence are not his, and fear and even falsehood are with him, it is called worse than. 670, each time an individual is sacrificed for others, progress of humanity as a whole is hampered. The only way to a society in which it is good to live, is found by seeking a good life for every person. If a good life for every person has become impossible because of overpopulation and resource exhaustion, a good society remains impossible. Modernity is not a menu from which an individual, culture, religion or government can pick and at will. It reflects how each single person should be treated by any individual, any group or any regime. It has nothing to do with one particular culture, western or other.

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If modernity would eventually win the race with traditionalism and violence, the wheel of rebirth of civilizations would come to an end. It would be replaced by a worldwide community of individuals, managing their lives with insight and agreement. The awareness that all ideologies are created by humans with tainted motivations will lead to a universal meta-culture based on vigorous skepticism, provisory knowledge and cautious hope. This is a very old dream, more visible and more jeopardized in every new century, and this century is our last chance to realize. There is no necessity that it we will succeed, but the only alternative is the end of humanity, which, since it found a beginning against all odds, might be justly condemned to destroy itself, and return to silence. The only alternative to our destruction is a society where individuals are open minded, investigative, forthcoming world citizens; where the liberty to create, change and demonstrate opinions is cherished; where all means are used to protect each individual, disregarding his or her position. It is a society without social, sexual, racial or any other discrimination. It is a society without bodily punishment and without public, private or official cruelty; without suffering, either inflicted write by fellow humans or by misfortune. This society can never be reached by violence. It requires the emancipation of individuals to autonomy and dignity, and the decrease of ignorance, fear and deception. In such a society no person will be sacrificed for the advantage of a community or group: not as a slave, not as a martyr, not as a soldier, not as collateral damage.

It is impossible to dismantle all for armies of the world at the same moment. If such an agreement would ever be reached, it would be nearly impossible to control, and certainly some countries would circumvent it and keep a secret army out of fear or malice. It is the same with scaffolding: it is certainly possible to remove it, but it must be done with care and coordination, in the right order. First, the gradually opening of borders to people, goods, media and information must enable free inspections, prevent concealment and weaken ideological fabrications. This opening will also boost education and progress, and consequently reduce world population pressure, the primary cause of frustration and conflicts. Then step by step armies can be turned into police forces answering to civil authorities. If ever erroneous politics failed so profoundly that the short term use of weapons becomes inevitable, this police force is sufficient to enforce law either on the national or on the international level with the approval of all governments and the almost complete population. Our longing for an enjoyable life is genetic if anything.

Tradition and, modernity

Since weapons are inevitably sold around the world, through both legal and illegal circuits, this measure does not favour any party in particular. Weapon industries take arms to ever higher destructive levels, while there exists no way to keep them out of the hands of the malicious. As the latter usually starts the violence, creating and marketing more dangerous weapons is an immediate cause of disaster. Weapon industries can only survive with the help of governments: together they can redirect production to better goals. At the same time armies should be changed into police organizations that prevent conflicts, instead of joining them. Therefore, all deviations from civil law and penalty must be omitted. Everyone in those police organizations should obey the same laws and courts as everybody else, under all circumstances, and be responsible for victims, civil and others, like any corporation is responsible for the safety of own personnel and of outsiders. This new organization is a civil institute, a new type of police force, ready to use its strong organization and huge budgets for the nearly unlimited needs of progress, in cooperation with all social forces, taking up tasks of policing, peacekeeping, improvement, protection, disaster aid. Finally, such police force should never change or influence political situations.

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short essay on tradition against modernity

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Opening borders makes secret armies and totalitarianism impossible, hampers crime and invigorates exchange and thus progress and modernity, the ultimate and strongest antidote to aggression. Next to state boundaries exist information boundaries, also between citizens and administrations. The levelling down of want those borders is part of the same condition for modernity. In our time the Internet makes it is possible to publicize for unlimited millions, at almost no cost, every word spoken in every room of every state department and court. Secrecy in government must be categorized as high treason. What is said about education above remains meaningless unless boundaries are destroyed: only if boundaries disappear, education stops to be indoctrination and stupification. The opening of border has always been feared by ideologies, because openness leads to skepticism and unbiased learning.

Ideologies will no longer be transmitted easily to new generations. It is disturbing to witness how youths are pumped up for warfare by media, politicians and history lessons. An enjoyable life for the people we treasure is only possible if we reject preachers who claim ancient traditions and knowledge, cosmic privileges or sacred power, and call for war, martyrdom and agony. No society can business reach modernity without disavowing its prophets of madness urgently, completely and unconditionally. The arts hide for their responsibility in a dull entertainment industry, but failing to clean up ancient lingering ghosts will have for consequence that modernity will be chased by those ghosts at each economical setback. The most obvious condition for modernity is to phase out the development, production and sales of weaponry.

Whenever borders were dismantled by expanding and collapsing civilizations, worlds supposed to be eternal fell apart, minds opened and skepticism became inevitable. As a result traditionalism had to give way to progress and sometimes modernity; collectivism had to give way to individualism; the amazing diversity of nature was no longer the work of frightening demons, but became treasured as an enchanting labyrinth. Only since the twentieth century state borders are physically sealed and defended by arms against families fleeing hunger. Closed borders cause the isolation of countries devastated by economical and political disasters, and aggravate the risk of war in two ways. The first way is that the closing of borders cut ancient lifelines of emigration. Migrations have always been a remedy against uneven repartition of resources and an escape from poverty, and could keep frustrations below explosive levels for a longer time.

Migration is cheaper and more efficient than development aid, which often disrupts local economies by dumping surpluses of goods, personnel and waste. For enriched countries it is also much cheaper and safer to share progress and modernity than to close borders by arms and track down a growing stream of hunger refugees. The only effective, and even beneficial way to stop streams of hunger refugees, is to allow to their homelands a flourishing economy and the prospect of well-priced, valued export by opening borders. Sharing progress is not only beneficial economically, it is also the only practical path to security. The second way closed borders aggravate the risks of aggression is that they allow countries to build up a war machinery unhindered. At the same time they facilitate crime, because state borders slow down police action while criminals seep through in search of shelter. Contemporary slave trade for instance, with its millions of victims yearly, is obviously not stopped by guarded borders, but employs those borders as a protection from national police forces.

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No child should bring an other advantage to anyone but love. Aid and incentives meant to better the lives of children, should befall to those children. Such finances should be used for schools, including quality education, sleeping and eating facilities; for child councelling; for clothes and playgrounds; for a world child bank building up reserves, financing infrastructures, tracking children and securing their rights and savings. Children should be free to communicate, to travel and to study at the school of their choice, in whatever country. This alone will lead, after one generation already, to more wealth and opportunities, with a better environment, with more human talent built up and with more dignity and less frustration and violence. The cost of social security will decrease because fewer people will be poor, but also because reappearing wastelands will allow cheaper production remote and alternative ways of life. Borders, the second condition is to open essays borders for people, goods and information.

short essay on tradition against modernity

But at the end of this study it is possible to reflect on some minimal conditions. Childbirth, the first condition is that childbirth should no longer be encouraged. Only a buying minority of children is born out of love for children. Enriched countries should no longer encourage births to balance pension funds. Poor countries should no longer produce children as a workforce or family insurance. No nation should ever produce children to feed the battlefields. Every woman should be free to chose the number of children she bears, but parents should take responsibility in the costs involved in raising each child to an educated and forthcoming world citizen.

wars are started. While the link between mass destruction and weapons of mass destruction is, after all, quite obvious, the link with industry and ideology is more conceiled. But only think of the growing impact of ever more perilous industrial processes on shrinking natural environments, and listen to the aggressive discourses required to support those processes. Ask yourself if the actual concurrence of massive violence of all kinds with the destruction of natural environments, with the preaching of jungle laws in warfare and commerce, with the preaching of innate predestination ask yourself if this concurrence is merely some sad coincidence,. Conditions of modernity, this essay has tried to trace what makes societies switch from war to peace and back, and make us act violent one time and caring another. The root cause of structural violence turned out to be child exploitation, started in the nes Stona Age, and the ensuing population explosion. The ideologies and mentalities that emerged during this process have become self sustaining, and will not melt away when population numbers drop. Nobody has a recipe for modernity.

Attempts to seal them off require armed border control, remaining ineffective until violence is idolized in television programmes and political rhetorics. This will effect the summary domestic behaviour of unstable people and misfits first, after which common people will gradually take the retoric into their neighbourhoods. Outward violent ideology always contaminates domestic life. Ideology imports the tragedy of the poor to the rich. Present day shootouts at schoolyards and gettos are only the first timid tryouts. It can be no coincidence that exactly when civilians must give up killing because bullets become sparse or their elbows hurt from lifting knifes, weapons are developed that could solve all their problems in one blow. It is a sad commonplace that the weaponry existing today was unimagined by the most sadistic tyrant only a century ago. As long as the majority of people is still sane, democratic control could keep weapons in safety, if not prevent their development.

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At this point I have well demonstrated how people cause their own suffering, and how they try to overcome their insanity before it is too late. But when will it be too late? During the last few decennia world population has doubled, and as a consequence competition lead ever grimmer mass slaughter. In Kosovo, rwanda, nigeria, sri lanka, el Salvador, Indonesia, people made up quasi fictituous ethnicities, while the real cause became clear in the midst of the tragedy, for example when multi-ethnic crowds are teared up by explosions: the hidden cause then shows to. 669, then a debate follows about the qualification of the slaughter as a 'genocide as if it were an honourary title. It is a dangerous miscalculation that population problems only occur plan in poor countries, and that the others must only close their borders and wait. Population is expected to double again in the next decades, and we will see mass slaughter of neighbours, wrapped in ready made ideologies, spreading over all continents. Indeed poor people are the first to feel depletion, but when depletion continues it is only a matter of time for the richer countries to fall. Isolating the poor is physically infeasible.

Short essay on tradition against modernity
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