Ptsd stressor statement

ptsd stressor statement

Writing your ptsd stressor Statement, swords

5448 requires that the documents mental health professionals and raters consider when evaluating or rating ptsd must include the veterans records from va vet Centers, as well as written opinions of any medical professional providing mental health care. The bill also directs the va to update the schedule for rating disabilities, beginning with ptsd, traumatic brain injury, and other disabling mental health conditions. Finally, my measure requires the va to implement an approach for providing treatment for veterans with ptsd that combines treatment, compensation, and vocational assessment. This bill has received support from a broad array of veterans groups, including Swords to Plowshares, veterans for Common Sense, the maine veterans coordinating Committee and maines Bureau of Veterans Services, along with the maine departments of the American Legion, amvets, the disabled American Veterans. For too long, America has neglected our responsibilities to the men and women who carry the emotional scars military service sometimes brings. . They battled for us; now we must help them battle their demons, by treating them fairly and respectfully. . Terry belangers wife wrote, this wonderful manleft part of his soul in vietnam. .

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Thus, if contrary evidence exists, and the va resume produces it, the claim will not be allowed. Under my bill, veterans like terry belanger would not have to wait two decades for the va to find the relevant records. . The law would also help the many veterans whose traumatic experience in the service never made it into official records. . The new standards in my bill would apply to all veterans diagnosed with ptsd, not just summary those from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. . It would also acknowledge the inherent dangers of military service and be applicable to all those who served our nation in uniform, not just those who faced combat. . It also accommodates cases of ptsd related to military sexual trauma that may not have happened in a combat zone. In addition to establishing a fair system for establishing service-connection for ptsd, the bill would also ensure that the va does a better job at diagnosing and treating this debilitating disorder. The bill requires that va employees who are responsible for rating disability compensation claims involving ptsd successfully complete a certification program that incorporates best practices issued by the vas National Center on ptsd. It directs the va to audit the examinations that va mental health professionals conduct for veterans who submit claims for ptsd disability compensation. . This will help ensure these employees take enough time to diagnose and accurately rate the severity of the disorder.

need substantiation for ptsd claim.—John Westbrook 4th Infantry division Artillery base camp, Pleiku, vietnam, sept. 1970—seeking anyone attached to camp. Need substantiation for ptsd claim.—Roger Carroll. Veterans should not have to take out classified ads in order to have their valid claims for ptsd approved by the. Under my common sense bill, if a veteran is diagnosed by a certified medical health professional as suffering from ptsd related to the reviews veterans military service, the va must accept this finding as sufficient proof of service-connection. . As with other disability claims, the va must resolve every reasonable doubt in favor of the veteran. . However, the va can rebut this finding of service-connection by clear and convincing evidence to the contrary. .

ptsd stressor statement

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Either way, bureaucratic mismanagement or red tape is no excuse to deny veterans the health care and compensation they have earned. When no records can be found to substantiate the claim, a veteran can also submit two buddy statements as evidence that their claimed stressor actually occurred. . Again, the burden of proof is placed on the veteran to find fellow servicemembers who may remember and can corroborate the veterans story. . This is not an easy task, particularly when seeking individuals that the veteran may not have seen or spoken to for decades. . One can turn to the back of many veterans magazines and see ads submitted by veterans looking for others who can verify their claims, like these (all from the April 2008 issue. Vfw magazine 173rd Airborne support Battalion, An Khe, vietnam, 1968-69—seeking anyone who attend sic Airborne jungle School when one of the instructors was accidentally shot by one of the other instructors next to me; anyone there when the school and mess hall were shelled and. Provost and Jimmy gibson; anyone who was there when the mess hall caught on fire and we put it out; anyone who witnessed an accidental shooting on April 9, 1968, in the bunkhouse. Need substantiation for ptsd claim.—William. 222nd Personnel Services Company, vietnam, early 1971—seeking anyone in a convoy traveling between vaung Tan and Long Binh and saw huey shot down. .

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ptsd stressor statement

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His doctors confirmed he had ptsd. . His nightmares and flashbacks referred to his time in vietnam. . The Army trusted him when he served his country. . Why should we distrust him now, in his time of need? Indeed, what is remarkable about Terrys case is that the records were ever uncovered. . It happened only because skinner terry was so persistent and would not let his family down. .

he kept filing and appealing until finally, after sixteen years, someone in the national Archives found thousands of pages that they had missed before. Terrys story is similar to many i have heard from veterans in maine and, i would wager, is much like the experience veterans in each of your districts have had. . In many cases, no records are kept of traumatic experiences in a combat theatre. . As Terry had been told earlier, military records would rarely show specific details about a units activities and movements. . In the case of Terry belanger, the records were there irish amid millions of others. .

All the while, terry and his family suffered, for his government would neither pay for his medical care for ptsd, nor provide him with disability benefits. For 19 years, terry tried to get the Army to search for documents that would prove that these traumatic events had occurred. . In January 1993, the national Personnel Records Center told Terry that the records he requested would rarely show specific details about a units activities and movements and that it was unable to perform the extensive research requested due to staffing and budget limitations. . Finally, in 2005, the national Archives and Records Administration found over 4,500 pages that verified that Terrys unit was in combat for months, just as he had claimed. . This was sufficient to establish service-connection. .

But because of an enormous backlog of veterans claims, terry had to wait another three years before the va would grant his claim. Last month, he finally received the vas decision that it would grant his claim. . Terry says that it took him three days to stop being angry, and hell never understand why it took them so long to validate his claim. It took that long because the law is unfair.  The veteran, not the agency that possesses the records, has the burden of producing documents that prove the trauma occurred. . How was Terry belanger, a disabled veteran in Biddeford, maine, supposed to find the records that the government said it didnt have the time or money to look for? .

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Because his convoy was under fire, he could not stop. . Terrys nightmares about this incident were rekindled a few years ago after he nearly struck another child who darted in front of his car. When he returned from vietnam, terry showed evidence of what several health care professionals have diagnosed as severe ptsd resulting from his service in vietnam. . It took him six months to want to hold his newborn daughter, but he didnt know why. . In 1989, terry filed a claim with the va fuller for service-connected ptsd. . The claim was denied due to lack of credible information of supporting stressors. . Terry would spend nearly two decades fighting his own government, a government he had fought to defend. . Time and again, the va denied service-connection due to lack of evidence that his condition was linked to his military service. .

ptsd stressor statement

he served in vietnam from. . Terrys principal duty was to serve as a light vehicle driver; his responsibilities included delivering and distributing ammunition and to troops surrounding Chu lai air Base. Terrys time in vietnam was harrowing. . His vehicle came under enemy fire, he reports, practically every night. . Close friends were killed in combat; another died in a stabbing over a game of cards; he witnessed the torture of viet Cong officers, and saw the body of the driver of the truck ahead of his fly through a canvas top after the vehicle. His captain was killed. On one mission, a young vietnamese girl suddenly appeared in front of his truck and his vehicle ran over the little girl, probably killing her. .

a claim or may still have a claim pending. . But as I have learned from veterans in my district, proving that ptsd is service-connected can be very difficult, particularly for veterans of older conflicts. . And denial of service-connection leaves these veterans without access to va health benefits or disability compensation. I crafted my bill after listening to maine veterans victimized by the current system. . In many cases, the law appears to be stacked against them. Instead of the support and quality health care they were promised, the disabling trauma they suffered during military service has been met with skepticism and red tape. . I would like to share the story of one of my constituents that brings these shameful circumstances to life. Terry belanger is an Army veteran from Biddeford, maine. .

so it is not surprising that so many of our brave men and general women return from Iraq and Afghanistan suffering from incapacitating fears, flashbacks, nightmares and other problems associated with their experiences. . The department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has diagnosed ptsd in about 67,000 Iraq and Afghanistan veterans. . Because many veterans do not seek care for these problems, the true number is undoubtedly much higher. Ptsd has affected those who have served in our Armed Forces since the days it was known as shell shock. . Thousands of veterans from previous conflicts continue to struggle with the long-term effects of their service. . Others have had their symptoms reemerge as a result of the extensive news coverage of the events of September 11, 2001, and the ongoing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The goal of the full faith in Veterans Act is to improve diagnosis, compensation, and treatment for veterans with ptsd. The primary component of the legislation seeks to ensure that every veteran whose ptsd resulted from their service receives treatment and, if appropriate, disability compensation. Veterans for Common Sense reviewed va documents to determine the number of Iraq and Afghanistan veterans diagnosed with ptsd—about 67,000. .

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Statement of The honorable Thomas. Allen a representative in Congress from the State of maine. Chairman, for convening this hearing on very important veterans disability assistance bills, including my proposal,. 5448, the full faith in Veterans Act of 2008. . i am extremely grateful for this opportunity to testify before the subcommittee about the need for my legislation, which i introduced in February of this year. The enormous stress of combat has long been recognized as the source of long-term, disabling psychological and emotional illness for many soldiers, sailors, marines and airmen. . What we now know as post traumatic stress disorder, or ptsd, is not a new phenomenon. . The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, however, have been particularly stressful, given the unpredictability of ambushes and ied attacks, not knowing who is friend or foe, and repeated tours of duty. . In addition, military and medical personnel more readily recognize the symptoms of this disorder. .

Ptsd stressor statement
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