Paperless initiative

paperless initiative

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There is virtually no paper required during meetings. When the meeting is over, the ipads are stored in a safe that is specifically designed to store ipads. The safe can hold up to 20 ipads and inside are 20 outlets so that the ipads are continually charging through a single electrical cord that is routed from the safe and connected to a wall outlet. The ipads are not allowed for personal use and no one can take the ipads home. The results of the program have proven successful in a short matter of time with a return on our investment within the first year. The total cost to procure the necessary equipment and supplies for a paperless Agendas Program was close to 8,000.

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For our program, cmsd decided to use the latest technology by procuring ipad 2s from Apple. Other accessories included ipad stands, cordless key pads (for the Clerk of the board and General Manager an ipad safe and a wireless access point. The cost to purchasing these items was a total of nearly 8,000. When an agenda packet is complete instead of printing several copies (on the average, cmsd was printing 18 agendas per meeting) the agenda is scanned on a copy machine. Pdf format and then essay uploaded person on the home page of cmsds website. After the agenda packet is uploaded, an email is sent to the board of Directors and staff informing everyone that the agenda is now available and ready to be downloaded onto their work or home computer. This method has saved the district approximately 744 a year in mailing costs. Before a board and/or committee meeting begins, the ipads are set up in front of board members and staffs designated chairs. The wireless access point in the board room allows staff to access the internet on the ipads and download the agendas from cmsds website. This procedure improves access to the agenda because many agenda packets are larger than 10 mb and many computer servers will not accept documents larger than 10 mb for security protection reasons, such as viruses. The wireless access point also allows staff to email meeting notes from the ipads to their work computers.

The committees also meet once a month and first they are subject to follow the requirements under the Brown Act. Having three monthly meetings that require agendas, staff reports and back up documentation became increasingly costly and time consuming to prepare, as each agenda packet can average 166 pages. Sometimes, the board agenda packets fall at over 300 pages! Cmsd estimated that it was spending 240 staff hours, printing 40,000 pages and spending over 13,000 a year to prepare and disseminate agenda packets. In 2010, the board of Directors adopted a five year Strategic Plan in which one of the goals of the plan was to encourage implementing zero waste programs and promote sustainability efforts. Using the latest technology, cmsd was able to achieve this Strategic Plan goal while at the same time reducing costs and improving efficiencies for preparing and disseminating agenda packets by implementing a paperless Agendas Program. Cmsds Paperless Agendas Program is quite simple and can be implemented by any organization at a minimal cost.

paperless initiative

How has the paperless initiative helped improve clearance

Contributed by: heer Gajjar, kcjm, you can reach out to her. Click to share summary the post, follow and like. By scott Carroll, general Manager of the costa mesa sanitary district. Cost Mesa sanitary district uses Laserfiche as the core of their paperless initiative. Laserfiche is biography used by the district to securely store scanned documents such as plans and agendas. NovusAgenda, and a host of other Laserfiche features, such. Weblink which allows the public posting of documents from the laserfiche repository, further increase roi and enhance organizational productivity. The, costa mesa sanitary district (cmsd board of Directors meets once a month on the fourth Thursday of every month. In addition, the board established two committees, the sewer System Committee and the recycling Committee, in which two board members are appointed to serve.

Initial identification of 100 cases for e-hearing. These cases could be indentified in each of these charges and major part of assessment proceeding should be conducted in electronic mode. The cases so selected should be those which have been selected for scrutiny on the basis of air/cib information or non-matching of Tax Credit as reflected in Form 26AS. Initially only the willing tax-payers shall be considered under the paperless Assessment Proceeding. The departmental officers shall interact with the assesses, through their official e-mail IDs, on the registered e-mail id of the tax-payer as mentioned in their respective returns of income. Wrapping up, it is a very welcome initiative by the department. We look forward to more of such user and technology friendly initiatives. Wishing the department luck for the success of the paperless Assessment Proceedings pilot Project.

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paperless initiative

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Norway savings Bank will do everything we can to make it a simple switch, including converting your statements to electronic versions, Whitney continued. Cbdt plans to use email based paperless scrutiny assessment. In an attempt to support the digital India campaign of Prime minister Narendra modi and bring the infrastructure facilities in India a step ahead, improvise the tax-payer services and usher in a paperless environment the central board of Direct Taxes (cbdt) has planned to use. Click here to read the notification. The Email based, junior paperless Assessment Proceeding is an appreciable attempt by cbdt wherein it has instructed the Chief Commissioners of Income tax of (for non-corporate charges at these five locations). Delhi, mumbai, bengaluru, ahmedabad and Chennai to set up a pilot-project wherein the questionnaires, notices etc.

Are communicated to the assesses using e-mail and their revert is recorded in the same medium. Aim behind the introduction of paperless assessment proceedings. The main aim behind this initiative is to eliminate the necessity of visiting the Income tax Offices by the assessee especially in cases with minor issues wherein he can satisfy the observations of the ao without best physical presence. This initiative shall also ensure the level of corruption to go down in the Income tax Department and simultaneously quick disposal of the cases. Impelementation of paperless assessment proceedings, the paperless Assessment Proceedings project is planned to be implemented as follows.

As Earth day approaches, an Environmental Recycling Activity report, recently provided to norway savings by the banks recycling partner, confirms that an eight-year paperless initiative and recycling effort is making a significant environmental and economic impact. The report, issued by secure rms, recognized Norway savings Bank as a socially responsible business that has collected and processed 254,502 pounds (127.25 tons)of paper for recycling in the last eight years. The amount of paper recycled in just one year has increased by over 43,500 pounds. The report outlined the savings are equivalent to:  2,163 trees saved  890,750 gallons of water saved  521,725 kilowatts of energy saved  7,635 pounds of pollutants kept out of the atmosphere; and  636 cubic yards of landfill saved. The estimated financial value of the environmental savings is 656,471.38, according to secure rms. At Norway savings we are committed to the growth and betterment of our communities, states Norway savings Bank President ceo pat weigel.

For us, this includes being intentional about our actions and steps to protect the environment that we all cherish here in maine. Norway savings Bank Environmental and Paperless Initiative includes better utilization of technology which helps to reduce the automotive courier service for branch check pickups, increasing the use of electronic forms and record storage, as well as diligent recycling efforts throughout the bank. In addition to these efforts, the bank has adopted the use of geothermal technology and other energy efficient hvac systems in branch construction and renovation projects in order to reduce its consumption of fossil fuels. We have also converted approximately 40 of our account holders to more convenient and environmentally responsible e-statements. But we still have more work to do, said weigel. Banks across the country and globally have been working to reduce their paper through the promotion of electronic banking. However, getting customers to agree to paperless banking has been a challenge for many banks. . we encourage and hope our customers will consider switching from their paper statements and going purely to e-statements, said Steve whitney, evp risk management, it deposit Operations.

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Our turnkey solution enables to: save the precious environment by cutting down on massive usage of paper and related print media. quickly implement the electronic communication. lower the compliance specific communication costs. offer greater convenience to corporate listed Companies and Financial Institutions to integrate the solution into their online systems. offer flexibility to investors who increasingly prefer to receive their investment documents by email. The solution supports entire work flow to notify, collect, store, and update investors' document delivery preferences, as well as deliver the relevant documents in electronic form. Posted on April 19, 2018, eight-year effort confirms environmental and financial impact. Norway, maine across the nation, organizations are taking steps to reduce their negative impacts on the environment this is no different at Norway savings Bank.

paperless initiative

On July 3, 2013 /. Uncategorized leave a comment. In India, the ministry of Corporate Affairs has permitted the service of documents upon the Shareholders through e-mail instead of physical mode. To that effect, mca has come out international with a circular.17/2011 dated informing that the documents which are required to be served to members can be done by way of email (u/s 53 of the companies Act 1956). Subsequently, mca has issued clarification with Circular.18/2011 dated. For details, click here. Unitech Systems, a part of, unikaihatsu Group of Companies, provides paperless, "Green Initiative" solution for Corporate listed Companies and Financial Institutions to: notify about the new circular information collect the investor's consent for electronic delivery of Annual Reports and other such compliance documents.

the use of paper, which is a completely renewable resource. Now, lets not be naive. Go paperless in 2013 is not really an environmental program; its a marketing campaign designed to sell the products offered by googles paid sponsors. And yes, i know that everyone already uses online transactions—even. All Im saying is that there are better ways to market those services than to obfuscate papers impact on the environment. I hope that anyone who is fool enough to try this tactic in the future will be blown out of the water by the paper lovers before they know what has hit them. In the meantime, lets all do our part to educate others about the simple fact that paper—and print—are earth-friendly and should be embraced. I think Ill go hug my magazine now.

Google touted its program as: A campaign to remove the need for paper from paperwork. It went on to point out that In 2010, the amount of paper recovered for recycling averaged 334 pounds for each person living in the us, according to the American Forest paper Association. Are we to believe that recycling is a bad thing? The g-men must live on a different planet because they clearly dont care about this one. They completely ignore the fact online that heavy metals and petroleum-based materials used to manufacture electronic devices are rarely reclaimed or recycled. Most of that poison ends up in landfills. They dont address the massive amounts of electricity that must be generated to power banks of servers and all of our devices that access paperless services.

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By karen hall, created: february 1, 2013, the printing industrys response to googles go paperless in 2013 initiative was swift and lined excoriating. The big G should have taken a hint from Toshiba, whose national no print day campaign was shouted down and almost immediately withdrawn. Others in the paper kills trees contingent should have warned google: If you attack paper, the printers will come for yourun! And come for them they did. Open letters to google ceo eric Schmidt were published by Printing Industries of America ceo michael makin as well as both the us and uk leaders of Two sides. The paper/print blogosphere was in an uproar. Karen Well of iwco direct suggested, It might be time for google to search definition of greenwashing.

Paperless initiative
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  2. This paperless initiative is expected to save.7 million over the first 5 years. environmental and Paperless Initiative includes better utilization of technology which helps to reduce the automotive courier service. To find out more about how to support your offices paperless initiative, contact DocuFirst today. that employee adoption of paperless procedures has been positive because it's an initiative embraced at all levels of the organization. behind this initiative is to eliminate the necessity of visiting the Income tax Offices by the assessee especially in cases with minor.

  3. your company can take to facilitate the decision to implement, or not implement, a paperless initiative that can reap many benefits. companies, provides paperless, green Initiative solution for Corporate listed Companies and Financial Institutions to: notify about. past couple of months there has been a significant shift in the nhs towards the going Paperless initiative, which could read more. Njasa Announces New Initiative for Districts to save big by going Paperless. included updates to the paperless Fertilizer Tonnage reporting (pftr) initiative, headed by AgGateway and The fertilizer Institute.

  4. This was the case previous to the implementation of a paperless initiative in the Stow Municipal court. The average office worker uses close to 10,000 sheets of copy paper per year, according to the go green initiative, paperless, project. We asked businesses to share their advice for going paperless at the office. Heres their mix of advice for document management and. Ahmedabad brts latest initiative : Paperless ticketing with qr codes. with its paperless initiative to protect the environment, central Hotels has entered into an agreement with Crave interactive.

  5. You need if your paperless initiative is going to get off the ground: an unwavering focus on why youre doing this in the first place. Epfo, the retirement fund body organisation decided to go paperless by 2018 as a part of digital India. Cost Mesa sanitary district uses Laserfiche as the core of their paperless initiative. The printing industrys response to googles. Paperless in 2013 initiative was swift and excoriating.

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