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new orleans essay

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In a sensational case, a careful prosecutor often spends more time winnowing out false witnesses than he does working with authentic ones. The garrison investigation had a disastrously low threshold, across which trooped a bizarre parade of people eager to bolster his conspiracy scenario. ( Scandals, Scamps, and Scoundrels,. 169) Not surprisingly, only a tiny handful of Garrison's witnesses had enough credibility to take the stand at the Shaw trial, and most of these were discredited by the defense. Phelan goes on to discuss a few typical ones. Other, more important ones included: Charles Spiesel Spiesel testified to having seen Clay shaw and david Ferrie plotting to kill jfk.

New orleans photo essay

Assassin or Fall guy? Garrison's attempt to link Shaw to an assassination conspiracy. A question of Perjury. Garrison supporters, unable to show that Shaw conspired to kill Kennedy, often fall back to the claim that "he lied under oath." Is this true? Garrison's Witnesses Garrison had literally dozens of witnesses who would link Clay shaw to lee oswald, or to the cia, or to david Ferrie, or provide some sort of "sinister" linkage that Garrison thought important. Journalist James Phelan explained the process: In the two years between the Shaw hearing and the trial, garrison's staff interviewed hundreds of would-be witnesses. There are certain sensational cases that have a fascination for unstable people and fetch them forth in droves. A classic example was the "Black dahlia" mutilation murder of playgirl Elizabeth Short in Los Angeles. Over the years, dozens of people came forward and confessed to this crime, which still remains unsolved. Celebrated cases also attract witnesses who are not psychotic, but who falsely identify key figures out of faulty memory or a desire to lift themselves out of dull anonymity into the spotlight. Chief Justice Frankfurter short once commented that eyewitness testimony is the greatest single cause of miscarried justice.

Assistant da andrew "moo-moo" Sciambra was given the task of "squeezing" the French quarter to get information from homosexual informants. He admitted to author Edward jay epstein that he failed to find any "Bertrand." see epstein's The Assassination Chronicles (New York, 1992. Justice Assassinated: shredder Garrison's Shoddy case Against Shaw dave reitzes is an independent-minded researcher who has done a comprehensive survey of the evidence garrison presented against Shaw. Here is his four-part essay: meet Clay bertrand. It all started with a shadowy (and possibly non-existent) figure named "Clay bertrand" mentioned to the warren Commission by dean Andrews. Who was Clay bertrand? Reitzes details attempts to discover the identity of this "mystery man" and to connect him with Clay shaw.

new orleans essay

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Lou ivon: no "Clay bertrand" like the fbi in 1963, garrison's researchers combed the French quarter for "Clay bertrand the man dean Andrews said had called him on the day after the assassination and business suggested that Andrews go to dallas to legally represent Oswald. What was the result? The following memo was written by garrison's chief investigator, lou ivon. m february 25, 1967 TO: jim garrison from: louis ivon re: clay bertrand to ascertain the location of one clay bertrand, i put out numerous inquiries and made contact with several sources in the French quarter area. From the information we have obtained concerning this subject, i'm almost positive from my contacts that they would have known or heard of a clay bertrand. The information I received was negative results. On February 22, 1967, i was approached by "bubbie" pettingill in the fountainbleu motor Hotel, located on Tulane avenue, whom I had earlier contacted about clay bertrand. He stated that dean andrews admitted to him that clay bertrand never existed. Ivon was not the only garrison staffer to reach this conclusion.

Where did the name "Clay bertrand" come from? From an eccentric, rather sleazy new Orleans lawyer named dean Andrews. Here is an account, abstracted from Kirkwood's American Grotesque, of Andrew's ever-changing testimony. It is often claimed that Clay shaw admitted to using the "Clay bertrand" alias when he signed a fingerprint card during his booking in New Orleans. The card, listing the alias, was produced by the garrison prosecution. Did Shaw admit to the alias by signing the card? Examine an account of the prosecution's attempt to have the card entered into evidence in the Shaw trial (taken from American Grotesque ). Did Officer Habighorst tell the truth?

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new orleans essay

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However, their original statements to garrison's staff reveal considerable contradictions, so much so that the very heart of their story is invalidated. It was almost six years after the alleged incident in Clinton that the witnesses first testified at the garrison trial. Garrison's staff, when questioning the Clinton witnesses, had only presented photos of Oswald, ferrie and Shaw, and incorrectly said that others had already identified those as the people who had visited the town. This power of suggestion, and later coaching, developed the testimony that today has been repeated so often that the house select Committee found it so convincing. Dave reitzes is in general agreement with Posner's thesis, but notes several factual errors that detract from Posner's presentation. One example of what Posner found in the documents is the development of the testimony of Corrie collins.

Compare his first statements to Andrew Sciambra (of Garrison's office) with his statements at the Shaw trial. Important findings on dermatology the Clinton episode appear in Patricia lambert's book. Dave reitzes, in this review, discusses the book. Finally, dave reitzes has written the definitive debunking of the Clinton episode. He shows how what started out as (in Garrison's words) "a whisper in the air" was developed into an impressively consistent facade of Shaw trial testimony. Was There a "Clay bertrand?" Garrison's entire case was based on the belief that Clay shaw, using the alias "Clay bertrand" conspired to kill Kennedy.

This raises the possibility that david Ferrie knew Oswald. Many conspiracy books imply that some sinister relationship between the two started at this time. The house select Committee on Assassinations examined this issue, and this is their report. Does it suggest the possibility that Ferrie knew Oswald? Is there any evidence of a close relationship between the two?

Conspiracy witnesses, the most important witness to later (but not during the garrison investigation) place Oswald with Banister at 544 Camp Street was. Delphine roberts, banister's secretary. The house select Committee didn't believe her testimony. Author Gerald Posner interviewed her in 1992, and found her no more believable. Unlike roberts, the Clinton witnesses have been believed by otherwise skeptical investigators like the house select Committee and Norman mailer. During and since the Clay shaw trial, they have told a consistent and apparently sincere story of lee oswald, Clay shaw, and david Ferrie visiting Clinton, louisiana one day in 1963 in a big black car. But what if you look at the Clinton witnesses' early statements, before they were influenced by repeated questioning and repeated exposure to pictures of Oswald, Shaw, and Ferrie? Gerald Posner was the first researcher to gain access to very early accounts of the Clinton witnesses, and he outlines his findings in this passage from, case Closed. Posner's conclusion is: There is little doubt the Clinton witnesses are telling the truth as they now recall.

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How many people did Garrison believe were involved? Nobody has an exact count, but the list of all the groups and individuals he implicated is pretty long. Conspiracy books routinely claim that Oswald had an office at 544 Camp Street in New Orleans, and that this was the "same address" occupied by guy reviews banister's detective agency. This, supposedly, is evidence tying Oswald to banister, ferrie, and the anti-castro cubans. When the house select Committee examined this issue in the late 70s, they found little solid evidence to place Oswald at that location. More recent research by dave reitzes shows that an office at 544 Camp Street was never more than a notion in the head of lee harvey oswald. Lee harvey oswald was in the civil Air Patrol as a youth in New Orleans.

new orleans essay

A flamboyant district attorney, with visions of conspiracy, proposing a series of theories, most of them bizarre. What he first called a "homosexual thrill killing" evolved, under the influence of the conspiracy buffs who flocked federalist to new Orleans, into a massive cia and federal government plot. When push came to shove in the courtroom, a jury took less than an hour to acquit. Clay shaw, the man Garrison put on trial. How Big a conspiracy? Just how many people were involved in a conspiracy to kill Kennedy, and then to cover up their deed? Sound logic says that any conspiracy theory, to be credible, must include only a limited number of people.

there and elsewhere in our guide ensure that tradition will continue. Fried chicken might not be a new Orleans dish, but I cant think of another place where its better. See all our picks for the 11 best fried chickens in New Orleans. We maintain partnerships that ensure our curricula will always remain at the very forefront of the engineering profession. We align resources and experts to create career-launching programs. At every level and in every discipline, we have a program to fit your goals. Our School of naval Architecture and Marine Engineering is nationally recognized—building on the abundant resources of our port-rich region. New Orleans/Garrison jfk assassination Investigation, new orleans, and the garrison investigation. I t was a three-ring circus.

(She believes it has run type as a special. Mondo.) But she does recall frying chicken as a young chef on several trips, taken over 30 years ago, to cook with Buster Holmes at a jazz festival in Nice. All the new Orleans musicians who would play over there would bitch about not being able to get any good food in France, spicer recalled. Thats originally why they brought Buster over. The path to marjies current recipe includes a period when Jacobs wet-battered his birds in an attempt to achieve something like the texture and crust. Then Isaac toups (chef-owner of t oups meatery and, toups south ) said it reminded him of corn dog batter, jacobs said, prompting him to tweak his recipe to its current perfection. Willie maes, which dates to 1957, serves one of the areas more singular fried chickens: the airy lightness of the crust does recall a corn dogs, in a good way. The popularity of fried chicken specialists like willie maes and dooky chases both restaurants claim James beard Awards helps right a historical wrong by shining a light on the contributions African-American chefs have made to the countrys cuisine.

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Chef Brett "Shaggy" Duffee holds a plate of the bourbon-fried chicken thighs and a bottle of Barq's at Rosedale restaurant. (Photo by Chris Granger, m shredder The times-Picayune). Rosedales chicken, a creation of chef. Brett Shaggy duffee, is bourbon-brined and painted with Tabasco-honey just before serving. Marjies chef and co-owner Marcus Jacobs drew on inspiration from New Orleans to laos to create a recipe for the most flavorful fried chicken I tried. Suffice it to say the chef has discovered yet another use for crawfish boil. These fried chickens, while new on the scene, are steeped in tradition. Susan Spicer, duffees partner at Rosedale, has rarely cooked fried chicken in her New Orleans restaurants.

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Hurricane katrina and the stunning lack of journalistic integrity: ".to national media, new Orleans is the story - to the extent that if the mississippi coast is mentioned at all it is often in an add-on paragraph. Unlike trout amandine or barbecue shrimp, po-boys or muffalettas, fried chicken is not synonymous with New Orleans.

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  1. New Orleans voodoo products, including voodoo dolls, gris gris bags, la sirena floor washes, bath salts and oils. The new Orleans Chapter of the federal Bar Association is one of the oldest chapters in the country, having been chartered in 1937, and currently is the largest chapter with over 1100 members. My new Orleans will change the way you look at New Orleans cooking and the way you see world-famous chef John Besh. It's 16 chapters of culture, history, essay and insight, and pure goodness. Besh tells us the story of his New Orleans by the season and by the dish.

  2. Left: This rare view of downtown New Orleans, circa 1919, captures what today would be described as roughly ten different neighborhoods, with the cbd at center, French quarter in upper center, lower Garden District at lower right and Central City at lower left. Judyth Vary baker claims to have been lee oswald's girlfriend in New Orleans in the summer of 1963, and to have participated with him in a secret bioweapons program. Research; Centers research Blog; Student Research; About the vice President; Research and Technology park. The research and Technology park has a variety of facilities to meet the needs of the tenants, the university and the community. As the center of Hurricane katrina passed southeast of New Orleans on August 29, 2005, winds downtown were in the category 1 range with frequent intense gusts and tidal surge. Portrayed as a hero by Oliver Stone, the real Jim Garrison was a reckless crackpot who abused his power.

  3. Explore the history and practice of voodoo in New Orleans plus information on tours of the French quarter,voodoo products, and authentic ritual performances for conventions and other gatherings. Readers of this forum have probably heard rumors of gentrification in post-Katrina new Orleans. Residential shifts playing out in the Crescent City share many commonalities with those elsewhere, but also bear some distinctions and paradoxes. I offer these observations from the so-called Williamsburg. Tell us about yourself. The purpose of the essay portion of the loyola application is to give you the opportunity to make a personal statement and to demonstrate your creativity and ability to organize and express your thoughts.

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