Finish my assignment

finish my assignment

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It never occurred to me that I could possibly spend the night. Faq, i am in the air Force reserves at McChord. Sometimes i am asked to perform my 2-week annual tour during the school year, and the district has been very helpful when this has occurred. . people often ask me if i am going to get activated and sent to Iraq soon, out of concern or maybe they are hoping I will go away? I don't know if I will be activated, but it doesn't look likely currently. Why did you lose my work?

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Still, i wanted to show Mom that I could take care of myself and that I didn't need to be babysat. To calm my nerves, i convinced myself that it must be taking longer than Mom had originally been told. I told myself that she would eventually come home and the last thing I wanted to do was panic. I figured I had to show her that I didn't need a babysitter anymore. Hungry, i decided to make me something to eat. I found some leftover casserole that Mom had made a couple days ago and put it in the microwave and heated it up for my dinner. I poured myself another glass of milk to have with my supper. For desert, i toasted a package of Pop Tarts, which i ate while trying to do my Science homework. When 9pm came around, i decided to get ready for bed just like normal and I lied down on the couch where i watched tv waiting for my mom to come home. At one point I fell asleep thesis and didn't awake again until the following morning.

Still I found it difficult and had to skip a few of the questions until Mom or my teacher could help me with them. By the time i started my Science presentation class assignment, i found I was starting to get hungry as my stomach started to growl incessantly. I had been so wrapped up at trying to finish my homework that I hadn't realized what time it was. When I did look at the time, i saw that it was a little after 8pm. Mom had said that it would be about 3 hours but now it was going on about 5 hours and she wasn't home yet or had she called me again to let me know why it was taking longer. I looked out the window and saw that it was starting to get dark and I found the worry that I had felt earlier about my mom return. I had no way of calling her to see if she was okay and began to wonder if I should go ahead and go over to mary's anyway. I had never been allowed to be alone by myself this long before and I was becoming a little scared.

finish my assignment

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A small part of essay me knew that what I was doing was wrong, but even that part figured that once mom got home, that I would just turn the tv off and make it look like i was doing my homework the whole time. When the evening News came on, was when I finally pulled myself from the tv and realized how much time had gone. I knew that my mom could be home at any time and that I should at least try and get some of my homework done before she got home. My english book was still sitting where i had left it so i opened it and flipped to the last page of the current chapter. My english teacher had assigned us the questions at the end of the chapter we had read in class that day. I was never that great with English and i also had trouble with some of my other courses at school as well. Because of this, i had several classes in the 2 Special Education rooms at my school. I found myself wishing that Mom was home so that she could help me but eventually i was able to finish my English assignment though I was sure i was wrong on a few of the questions. I then went ahead and started work on my history, which all I had to do was read the next chapter and answer all the even questions at the end.

I decided that watching 30 minutes of tv would be okay and Mom would not be the wiser. I would just go back to my homework after my program was over. So leaving my books where they were on the table, i headed back out to the living room and turned on the. You know how it is being a kid. You start off watching one program which leads to another and soon not long, you have completely immersed yourself into whatever is. Soon I forgot all about my homework and what I had promised my mom. I was completely lost in the tv programs I was watching.

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finish my assignment

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"Alright but you are to essay do exactly what I tell you." Mom then proceeded to tell me everything that I had just promised that I would and wouldn't. "Also i want you to start working on your homework before you turn that tv on, do you understand me?" Not wanting to lose this chance of trust I quickly agreed to her terms. "Alright Mom, i promise i will do my homework first." She then said goodbye to me and ending our conversation. After setting the phone back down on the hook, i went and grabbed my book bag and brought it out to the kitchen table. It was pretty heavy and I was reminded at how much homework i had been given today. With a sigh, i sat down at the table and began unloading my book bag.

I pulled out my mathematics, Science, history, and English books. I had homework assignments for each of these courses and knew that it would take me the rest of the evening to finish them. That was one thing about my teachers; they loved to give tons of homework. I started with my mathematics as it was just a work sheet I had to complete using some of the algebra equations we were covering in our current chapter. It took me only 30 minutes to complete my math assignment and was about to start on my English assignment when I realized what time it was. There was a cartoon that would be starting shortly that I liked to watch and I considered taking a break from my homework to watch. I know that Mom had told me to finish my homework first before i watched tv but I really wanted to watch my program.

The car broke down again and i am stuck for a while until I can get it towed. Some nice person stopped to see if I was okay and they let me use their cell phone to call you and a tow truck service." I had told Mom several times that we should each have a cell phone in case of emergencies but. Well at least someone was nice to stop and allow her to use their phone. Who knows how long she would have been stuck on the side of the road. "How long do you think it will take the tow truck to get out to you?" i asked concerned.

"Well, i just called them and they told me that it would be over 2 hours before they can get out here. They said they would give me a ride home as well but it may be a while. Luckily i have a book that I can read until they get out here." There was a brief pause as if Mom were thinking. "Honey, do me a favor, walk over to mary's and stay there until I get home. I will call you then." "Mom do i have too! I am not a little kid anymore and I should be able to watch myself for a few hours." i knew I came off sounding whiny but I hated the idea of still needing a babysitter at my age. "I promise i won't leave the apartment and I will keep the door locked and won't answer it for anyone." Again there was a brief moment of silence on the other end. "I don't know." Mom began "Mommmmm! Please trust me!" i interrupted.

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"Hello?" my voice quavered a bit as I plan was still feeling the effects of the scare i just received. "Honey?" i instantly recognized Mom's voice on the other end. "Are you okay?" I guess she had heard the fear in my voice when i answered the phone. Trying to reviews sound normal I managed to convince her I was okay. I was just about to call you at work to see when you were going to be home." i explained. "I am sorry honey. I am not at work.

finish my assignment

Mom would have at least called me by now to make sure i made it home okay. As I said she had a decent boss and he would have let her call. As the worry grew I realized that there was only one reason mom would not be able to call. She wasn't able too. Mom had made it very clear to me that I was never to bug her at work but as my worry grew, i decided that calling her at work would be okay this one time. I walked over to the phone in the living room and as I was about to pick it up, it rang and scared the bejeebers out of me! The phone ringing like that had made me jump so high that i almost hit my head on the living room ceiling. I took a couple deep breaths and calmed my racing heart before reaching out and picking up the handset.

during school hours only so that she could be home when I was. This is the life of a working single mom. Of course because of this she isn't able to put a lot of hours in and therefore we didn't have a lot of money. We did have one thing though. I went to the kitchen where i poured me a glass of milk and grabbed an apple. I took my afterschool snack to the table where i sat down and took a bite out of my apple. It didn't take long to finish my apple and drink my milk and as I took my glass to the sink and rinsed it out, i started to worry a little.

If reading a coming of age story of self-discovery about pre-adolescent and adolescent boys that wet their beds, wear diapers, and explore their awakening sexuality with each other does not tickle your pickle (or if the law in your area says that pickle tickling. Chapter 1: Wednesday november 13th, 2013 - 3:30pm "Mom I'm home!" I called out like any other day as I walked into our apartment. Only silence answered me back as I removed my door key from year the lock and closed the door behind. "Mom I'm home!" I called out once more and sat my school bag on the floor next to the door. Still, only silence continued to answer. It wasn't like mom to not be home when I got home from school. There were a couple times when something came up at work and she had to work over but this was very rare. When it did happen, mom always called the school so that they could let me know.

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All Alone, copyright 2013 by jd, authors Note: This story you are about to proposal read is one of emotions. I have laughed, got angry, cried, and even depressed while writing this story! Most of all, i enjoyed writing. I hope you the reader will enjoy it as much as I did. For those who would like to email me, you can reach. Please remember that if you like the stories here on Nifty to donate whatever you can to help keep this wonderful site up and running. Now on to my generic disclaimer! The story you are about to read contains diaper use, violence, adult language and strong sexual content. The following is evil, illegal, should be banned, and all that other blah, blah, blah.

Finish my assignment
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