Essay on metro train

essay on metro train

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later in the same essay pound speaks of the Image in terms that are significant to an understanding of his conception of this type of poem : The "one-image poem" is a form of super-position, that is to say, it is one idea set. I wrote a thirty-line poem and destroyed it because it was what we call work of the second intensity. Six months later I made a poem half that length; a year later 1912 I made the following hokku-like sentence: "The apparition of these faces in the crowd; Petals, on a wet, black bough." I dare say it is meaningless unless one has drifted into. In a poem of this sort one is trying to record the precise instant when a thing outward and objective transforms itself, or darts into a thing inward and subjective. What could be more illustrative of the effect pound speaks of than the function of the word apparition with its connotations of suddenness and first perception? In addition, the word enriches the quality and effectiveness of the entire metaphor illustrating, to be sure, pound's understanding of what Elizabeth Sewell speaks of as the "good metaphor that which "from its very fittingness and precision should emanate in the mind a divining impetus. Surely "In a station of the metro" evinces pound's mastery of this faculty and suggests that Eliot was not without justification in calling him il migilior fabbro. From "Pound's 'In a station of the metro a textual Note." English Language notes.4 (June 1971).

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That Ezra pound has a sophisticated knowledge of several European languages, especially French and Italian, is a well-established fact. Accordingly, it should be assumed that he is well aware of the our subtleties and nuances in the vocabularies of those languages. Of major concern to us here is a particular nuance of the French word apparition, which is one of a large group of words known technically as a false cognate, a word the orthography of which in one language is the same as that. In French apparition can and often does carry the special meaning of the way something appears to a viewer at the precise moment it is perceived (italics mine). It is my contention that this French word, in addition to its false cognate in English, was in pound's thoughts as he composed the poem. That pound knew French well and that the poem was written in France about a french subway station make this contention all the more plausible. Furthermore, not only does this particular sense of the word suit what seems to be the intention of the first line (to suggest the unique way in which the faces appeared to the viewer at the precise moment of their being perceived but it also. If we new accept this sense of the word, then the poem seems to exemplify perfectly pound's notion of the Image (stated in poetry, march 1913) of an "emotional and intellectual complex in an instant of time." Equally significant is pound's own discussion of the genesis. And that evening I found, suddenly, the expression. Not in speech, but in little splotches of colour.

I found it useful in getting out of the impasse in which I had been left by my metro emotion. I wrote a thirty-line poem, and destroyed it because it was what we call work "of second intensity." Six months later I made a poem half that length; a year later I made the following hokku -like sentence: - "The apparition of these faces. I dare say it is meaningless unless one has drifted into a certain vein of thought. I a poem of this sort one is trying to record the precise instant when a thing outward and objective transforms itself, or darts into a thing inward and subjective. Ralph bevilaqua, recent critics, commenting on Ezra pound's "In a station of the metro have invariably referred to the connotative power of the word apparition in the first line of that poem. Accordingly, one critic has called it "the single word which lifts the couplet from bald statement to poetry." Many have commented upon the various connotations of the word. It has been stated that the word suggests "the supernatural or the immaterial and a sudden unexpected experience that it "first establishes the sensation of unreality and the lack of precision which is then reinforced by the metaphor, and which, therefore permeates the mood. While i agree that in the context of the poem several connotations of the word apparition are possible, i should like to suggest the probability of pound's having a particular and very specific idea in mind that he wished to convey by the use. Once this meaning is made evident, furthermore, it should become apparent that the poem is a clear example, in verse, of pound's own conception of the manner in which the Image plan poem operates, which he later defined in a prose essay for.

essay on metro train

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They have understood the beauty of this sort of knowing. A chinaman said long ago that if a man cant say what he has to say in twelve lines he had better keep quiet. The japanese have evolved the still shorter form of the hokku. "The fallen blossom flies back to its branch: A butterfly. that is the substance of a very well-known hokku. Victor first Plarr tells me that once, when he was walking over snow with a japanese naval officer, they came to a place where a cat had crossed the path, and the officer said Stop, i am making a poem." Which poem was, roughly, as follows. the words "are like" would not occur in the original, but i add them for clarity. The "one image poem" is a form of super-position, that is to say, it is one idea set on top of another.

Since the beginning of bad writing, writers have used images as ornaments. The point of Imagisme is that it does not use images as ornaments. The image is itself the speech. The image is the word beyond formulated language. I once saw a small child go to an electric light switch as say, "Mamma, can i open the light?" She was using the age-old language of exploration, the language of art. It was a sort of metaphor, but she was not using it as ornamentation. One is tired of ornamentations, they are all a trick, and any sharp person can learn them. The japanese have had the sense of exploration.

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essay on metro train

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That is to say, they can only enjoy what they have been brought up to consider enjoyable, or what some essayist has talked about in mellifluous phrases. They think only "the shells of sending thought as de gourmont calls them; the thoughts that have been already thought out by others. Any mind that is worth calling a mind must have needs beyond the existing greek categories of language, just as a painter must have pigments or shades more numerous than the existing names of the colours. Perhaps this is enough to explain the words in my "Vortex - "Every concept, every emotion, presents itself to the vivid consciousness in some primary form. It belongs to the art of this form.". That is to say, my experience in Paris should have gone into paint. If instead of colour I had perceived sound or planes in relation, i should have expressed it in music or in sculpture.

Colour was, in that instance, the "primary pigment i mean that it was the first adequate equation that came into consciousness. The vorticist uses the "primary pigment." Vorticism is art before it has spread itself into flaccidity, into elaboration and secondary application. What I have said of one vorticist art can be transposed for another vorticist art. But let me go on then with my own branch of vorticism, about which I can probably speak with greater clarity. All poetic language is the language of exploration.

Ezra pound (from, gaudier-Brzeska, 1916 three years ago in Paris I got out of a "metro" train at la concorde, and saw suddenly a beautiful face, and then another and another, and then a beautiful childs face, and then another beautiful woman, and I tried. And that evening, as I went home along the rue raynouard, i was still trying and I found, suddenly, the expression. I do not mean that I found words, but there came an equation. Not in speech, but in lit tle splotches of colour. It was just that - a "pattern or hardly a pattern, if by "pattern" you mean something with a "repeat".

But it was a word, the beginning, for me, of a language in colour. I do not mean that I was unfamiliar with the kindergarten stories about colours being like tones in music. I think that sort of thing is nonsense. If you try to make notes permanently correspond with particular colours, it is like tying narrow meanings to symbols. That evening, in the rue raynouard, i realized quite vividly that if I were a painter, or if I had, often, that kind of emotion, of even if I had the energy to get paints and brushes and keep at it, i might found. And so, when I came to read Kandinskys chapter on the language of form and colour, i found little that was new. I only felt that someone else understood what i understood, and had written it out very clearly. It seems quite natural to me that an artist should have just as much pleasure in an arrangement of planes or in a pattern of figures, as in painting portraits of fine ladies, or in portraying the mother of God as the symbolists bid. When I find people ridiculing the new arts, or making fun of the clumsy odd terms that we use in trying to talk of them amongst ourselves; when they laugh at our talking about the "ice-block quality" in Picasso, i think it is only because.

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The magenta line partially opened in December 2017 from Kalkaji mandir to book botanical Garden. When it becomes fully operational, hopefully by the end of April 2018, it will include a stop at New Delhi airport Terminal. The pink line, also called the, inner Ring road Line, started running in March 2018 from Majlis Park to durgabai deshmukh south Campus. Rapid Metro line connects Gurgaon with the yellow line of the delhi metro at sikandarpur. Its first phase opened in november 2013. Trains run from.05. Tickets cost 12 rupees and the ticketing system is integrated with that of the delhi metro. On "In a station of the metro".

essay on metro train

The violet Line started functioning in October 2010. It's a useful line that connects central Delhi to the interior parts of south Delhi and the satellite town of Faridabad. The line runs for 35 kilometers and interchanges with the Blue line at Mandi house, and the yellow Line at Central Secretariat. An extension of the violet Line, known as the heritage line, opened in may 2017. It provides direct access to delhi gate, jama masjid and the red Fort in Old Delhi, and also join the red and Yellow lines at Kashmere gate. The, airport Express Line (Orange line) opened in February 2011. It connects New Delhi railway station to delhi airport. It terminates at Dwarka sector 21, where it joins the Blue line.

longest line of the delhi metro. It extends for.5 kilometers, from Dwarka sector 21 to noida city center (Sector 32 and has 44 stations. It connects with the airport Express Line, and interchanges with the Green, yellow, and violet lines. . It also has a branch line, from vaishali to yamuna bank, with eight stations. The Green Line is the shortest Metro line but it provides important connection to the red and Blue lines for commuters traveling from west Delhi. It covers major commercial and residential areas including Punjabi bagh, paschim Vihar, nangloi and Mundka. The first part of the line became operational in April 2010.

The entire line is elevated, and has 21 stations over 24 kilometers. It interchanges with the biography yellow Line at Kashmere gate and the Green Line at Inderlok. The yellow Line started operating in December 2004. It extends for 49 kilometers from north to south Delhi, and connects with the rapid Metro in Gurgaon. Most of it is underground. This line is the second longest line on the delhi metro and has 37 stations. It interchanges with the red, Blue and violet lines, and also Old Delhi and New Delhi railway stations.

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India, delhi, by, sharell cook, updated 04/26/18, the metro is Delhi's ever expanding local train supermarket network. It services Delhi, gurgaon, and noida. The first line opened in 2002, and there are now eight lines in operation. The metro is being constructed in phases, with iii and iv remaining. These phases are expected to be completed by december 20 respectively. If you're planning on traveling by train in Delhi, access the map here to save it, or print it out and take it with you. What to Know, the red Line was the first line to become functional, in December 2002. It joins northeast and northwest Delhi, from Dilshad Garden to rithala.

Essay on metro train
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  2. If you see something. On, a train : by p-tel: (Passenger Assistance telephones) These are located throughout the. Metro system at every entrance or Ticket Vending Machine and turn-style on the red line.

  3. Metro, bus, mexibus and, train, guide is a video game developed by hector Zarate and released on ios. View game sales, statistics, release dates, characters, credits. There are preliminary reports of injuries on board. Red Line train derails on, red Line, collides with Another. Train, customers Should avoid the red Line. If you re planning on traveling by train in Delhi, click here to download, print, and take the map with you.

  4. Journalists and those who happened to be traveling on, sokolnicheskaya line on that day were the first passengers of the train -museum. The P32 ac-dm can operate on power generated by diesel motor or from third rail pick-up. Diesel train designed to carry passengers on non-electrified sections of railways. The peach trees in magical blossom appear in yet another context, in pound s essay on, remy de gourmont, published in March 1919: i do not think it possible. Metroplex Mexico city Free.

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