Disadvantages of living in a small town essay

disadvantages of living in a small town essay

Halloween brings an appreciation of small town living

Getting the simplest things done often involves many trips to the town Hall with multiple photocopies of various forms. It can be incredibly frustrating when you move to Spain to encounter all these obstacles. While the public health care system in Spain is recognised as being of a good quality there does exist a lack of support structure for elderly people. For example there are not that many care homes and it is assumed that elderly people will be looked after by their relatives. Many jobs in Spain will not come with an official contract and therefore you will not be entitled to free medical care. This will put you in an extremely vulnerable situation as a worker and you will need to pay expensive premiums towards private healthcare.

Advantages and disadvantages of living in the town and

Yes that was the case in years gone by, but with the introduction of the euro the cost of living in Spain has increased dramatically. In fact it may not even be any cheaper whatsoever to live in Spain as compared to the United Kingdom! Spain can take a great toll on personal relationships. Unfortunately paper many people search for work in Spain because they believe it will be an answer to all their problems that they currently have. In actual fact, moving to Spain is likely to increase the pressure in a personal relationship because you will be together with your partner much more than you would be at home. While in general we would say that the Spanish are a friendly nation that doesnt apply to everybody and there will always be people who are racist and resentful of foreigners who are moving to their country and potentially taking their jobs. Do be very careful if you are thinking of buying property in Spain. We certainly recommend you rent first and get settled in a job before you commit to a mortgage. Another reason is because there have been many problems with planning permission in Spain whereby many properties have been built illegally and people unwittingly have lost their entire life savings. The red tape and bureaucracy in Spain is infamous.

Spain is a great choice if youre looking for work because it is only a short flight away from the United Kingdom and other countries such as Germany and France. Usually in about 2 hours you can be back in uk with one of the many cheap flights From ryanair or EasyJet. The Spanish people are typically very friendly once you show that you are willing to make an effort to integrate and speak their language. Certainly they for have a great attitude towards enjoying life and making the most of it, just look at the amount of fiestas (festivals) and holidays they have as evidence! Living in Spain, cost of, living in Spain 2013. Wages and salaries are much lower in Spain than in other more developed countries such as the United Kingdom, germany and the usa. Although your immediate reaction is probably to think that the cost of living in Spain is much lower, that is something of a myth these days. Not only are wages low, hours are also very long because of the traditional siesta in the middle of the day.

disadvantages of living in a small town essay

Of living small essay advantages in town

Having said that, Spain has a mild climate and plan the ability to often wake up to clear blue skies and warm sunshine is a blessing. Most jobs in Spain will be located in the many popular tourist resorts up and down the coast. Typically these resorts will have wonderful sandy beaches and many bars and restaurants with great possibilities for nightlife. It does make for a very good way of life because everybody is much more relaxed and friendly. The ability to be outdoors much more and perform many different sports activities is very much a massive advantage towards your health and longevity. As well as the many opportunities for exercise, the diet is also recognised as being extremely healthy london and liable to add years to your life. Moving to Spain is a great cultural experience which will widen your horizons and that of your family. If you have children they will pick up and become fluent in Spanish and meet many nationalities and experience many cultural differences.

By that time their money has dwindled and many find themselves in an extremely difficult financial situation. The purpose of this article is to give you some advantages to living and working in Spain as well as the disadvantages so you can pursue your quest to find a job in Spain with a healthy dose of reality and not with your head. This will make for a more successful relocation. Advantages of, living in Spain, weather and Climate. Certainly climate is by far the biggest reason people will look to find jobs in Spain. The weather and climate is much kinder than other Northern European countries. It should be pointed out that in the winter it certainly does get cold and many regions of Spain experience snow, ice and plenty of rain.

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disadvantages of living in a small town essay

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Wed love to hear your opinions! As always, thank you so much for reading Mobile and Manufactured Home living! Image sources: All images found on Flickr. Featured Image by Lynn Friedman, Image 1 by zen Sutherland, Image 2 by bill., Image 3 by william Byrd. Prev post Mobile mansions a history of Vintage mobile homes Next Post Affordable diy backsplash mosaic Tile paint Project.

If you are searching for jobs and work in Spain about then you must also consider what it would be like to live in Spain on a permanent basis. Sure it is nice if youve been on holiday to Spain and perhaps youve stayed in a tourist resort which had a lovely beach. Yes you enjoyed swimming in the sea and lounging by the pool, but living in Spain and having to go to work each day and make a living is completely different to being on holiday! Living in Spain, too many people believe that finding a job in Spain is some sort of dream and they believe all the problems that they have in their current situation in life will be solved by moving to the sunny climate of Spain. Many people arrive in Spain and take months to snap themselves out of holiday mode.

Manufactured homes can and do appreciate but those situated within a community have a harder time. However, with the aging population (baby boomers) and a new value placed on living within your means, that aspect may be slowly turning around. Mobile homes can appreciate but being in a park limits the rate. Mobile homes set up in a park may be harder to sell than a traditional house. However, with the baby boom, this seems to be a non-issue these days. Park owners can sell the park with very little notice.

Co-op parks are becoming more popular and completely remedies this issue.). Home transportation is tricky. Some homes are too old to be transported in the regular manner making the cost to move a home more than the homes value. There is a stigma attached to living in a mobile home park. Related: Is the mobile home Stigma disappearing? Share your Story of Mobile home park living! Do you live in a mobile home park? Tell us about your beautiful community in the comments below.

the advantages and disadvantages of living

Pets are usually allowed. You can upgrade, paint, or completely remodel anytime you want. Age and population restrictions. Those living in a like-minded community are oftentimes happier and feel safer. Community perks include pools, fitness centers, and regularly scheduled community events. Disadvantages of Mobile home parks, the biggest disadvantage of mobile home parks is the horrible stereotype attached paper to them. All that matters, though, is that you know the truth about the homes and the communities who cares what they think? The affordable lifestyle of mobile home living is perfect for anyone that wants to live life making memories instead of mortgage payments. Another disadvantage of mobile home park living is a poor home appreciation potential.

disadvantages of living in a small town essay

When a park is managed correctly, with proper background checks and safety protocols, the entire community becomes a safety net for the children within essay the park. Heres a list of the greatest advantages of mobile home park living : Cost. Land rental fees typically include water, sewer, garbage, and recycling pickup. No overly close neighbors. Youll never have to beat the ceiling with a broom again! Property maintenance is minimal tree trimming and mowing is a thing of the past. Your yard will be easily maintainable but you still have endless potential. Often times, parks are conveniently situated, many with an amazing view of ponds and lakes.

You get to enjoy the perks of home ownership without the burden of paying a property tax or having to maintain the land and utilities. Many mobile home parks are age restricted, most being 55 neighborhoods. This is a perfect setup for retirees that appreciate limited disturbances and enjoy the company of those within their own age range. Theres something to be said about the quite in a 55 park its so peaceful and serene. Some parks are more family oriented which is great for families with small children a best friend is bound to be found just a few houses down. . Childhood memories made in a mobile home park are often cherished.

Computer technology brings a wealth of instructional resources into the class room through the internet. Teachers can locate excellent materials on the internet and add them to their lessons by using a computer projector in class. Students and teachers in learning situations both respond positively to the use of computers for the same reasons, and both groups benefit when computer technology is utilized in instruction. Teachers who incorporate computers into their classrooms will most likely have to deal with students who aren't as computer proficient as others and with students who stray from what they are supposed to be doing on the computer, but these problems exist in some form. A mobile home park is a great place to call home! You can have all the benefits of traditional home-ownership without the burden of tiresome maintenance and excessive property taxes. Mobile home park living is quickly becoming a top choice for our aging population and for good reason there are many advantages and only a few disadvantages of living in a mobile home park. The negative stereotype of mobile home parks couldnt be further from the truth if it writings tried.

Disadvantages of, town and country life

It is difficult to think of significant disadvantages when it comes to incorporating computer technology into the class room. Students today "speak computer and their interest level rises instantly and appreciably when they are resumes allowed to work on the computer. Students learn best by doing instead of listening, and using computers in instruction is hands-on for them, requiring active involvement and participation. Many instructional programs are interactive, giving students the opportunity to answer a question or work a problem and receive immediate feedback. The correlation between feedback and improvement in learning is indisputable. Using computer projectors to present lessons adds the audio-visual element to instruction and reaches those whose learning style is not addressed through traditional teacher lecture. Since today's students are heavily oriented to the visual, this approach appeals to everyone.

Disadvantages of living in a small town essay
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  4. Mobile home parks have many advantages and only a few disadvantages. We break them both down for you so you can make an educated decision for your next home. If you are searching for jobs then you need to consider the advantages and disadvantages to actually living in, spain before you move there. Are Small Shops being Elbowed Out by The big Supermarkets? The Changing Face of Shopping. High Streets and Shops disappear; Growth of the big four Supermarkets.

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