Assignment first page

assignment first page

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Select the one you like and click. The cover page appears at the beginning of the document by default. But to place it in any other location, right click on the cover page thumbnail in the gallery and select from the options given. Though,  am not sure why you would want to! Customize individual fields, click on each pre-formatted field (the square brackets) and the whole thing gets highlighted with a blue field label on top. Type in your version for the given field. The author name might appear by default if the microsoft Office installation is in your name.

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For an academic assignment, do check with your instructor before using a cover page. But what if you want to give your document a cooler cover page when not dictated by a style guide but realize that you dont have the design chops for it? Insert an Attractive cover Page, microsoft Word makes it painless to create a professional cover page. The microsoft Office suite comes with a few well-designed cover pages that you can re-purpose for your document. Theres a good variety to choose from. Open a new Word document. Insert menu on the ribbon. The dropdown for cover Page is the first feature you will spot on the menu (under Pages). Click on tiny arrow next analysis to it and open the inbuilt gallery of templates. Pick one from the 16 pre-formatted templates and three more.

Its purpose right at the beginning is to give the reader the big Idea about the document. The why and wherefore is communicated through a specific title, the author name, date, a one-liner on the subject and any other bit of important information that you think is important for the reader. What does a vanilla cover Page look like? You might have spotted monochromatic and simple cover pages on research documents and school essays. They are dictated by style guides like the Chicago manual of Style. The title page takes a minimalist approach to cover page design. For instance, the title or topic of the study is centered thesis one-third of the way down the page.

assignment first page

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But how much care do you put into dressing up your documents? Is it all title, headings, subheadings, bullets and paragraphs, or do you put some more thought into the documents you create in Microsoft Word? There are a lot of things that go into a professional Microsoft Word document, how to Create Professional Reports and Documents in Microsoft Word. How to Create Professional Reports and Documents in Microsoft Word. This guide examines the elements of a professional report and reviews the structuring, styling, and finalizing of your document in Microsoft Word. But we are talking about first impressions here. So, lets take on the first thing our eyes fall on the cover page. The cover page is the very first page of your document.

Are, mobile, phone, safe

assignment first page

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Title page for Assignment, a sample. Upcoming SlideShare, loading in 5, show More, no downloads. No notes for slide. Subject name writing write here br / Assignment br / On br / Write Assignment Name here br / Submitted To: br / Sir Write name br / Write here deptt Name br / Submitted By: br / yours Name Write here br / Registration.9722. Select another clipboard, kindness looks like youve clipped this slide to already.

Create a clipboard, you just clipped your first slide! Clipping is a handy way to collect important slides you want to go back to later. Now customize the name of a clipboard to store your clips. Visibility, others can see my Clipboard. Facebook, pinterest, whatsapp, email, advertisement, its all about first impressions.

Report clearly not proofread for typographical errors, spelling errors, repeated words etc. Incorrect punctuation that makes the text ambiguous or incomprehensible. Present or future tense instead of past tense. Abbreviations like cant or doesnt. This is colloquial, and not professional written English.

A paragraph starting with a figure and not a text. Diagrams stuck in crooked or sideways Figures and tables not properly labelled Lack of scales on drawings and sketches Units on figures are missing. Sloppy scribbled diagrams done at the very last minute figures shown in text but no reference made to them Assignment topics not properly addressed and leaving out important information Writing style as in a recipe for cake inadequate or incorrectly presented references If you want. Youll be amazed how much on information youll find on this topic. Don't leave the assignment to the last minute! Click back on the Standard Button bar to get to your previous web page or back to handy Information. Successfully reported this slideshow.

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Do your research, and then write up a draft. Before you write your final assignment, you may discuss your draft with your class lecturer to business clear up any problems you may have encountered. Make sure your final assignment is ready by the due date. If you have difficulties or are unfamiliar with report writing, contact the learning Resource centre where you will find numerous textbooks about report writing. Assignment not properly stabled together (pages on backside coming off). Incorrect layout of the assignment or report. Silly layout or type style in word processing (e.g. 18 pt fonts in heading and 8 pt text). Length of paragraphs of report not appropriate.

assignment first page

The assignment should be presented as a technical report. It must consist of a cover sheet, content page, water and should have an introduction, a body, a conclusion or recommendation, and a reference page. Do not forget to number the pages. Any embellishment, fancy fonts and borders should be avoided. (Your report is a technical document and not a selling brochure that needs to catch the attention of the reader.). Include photos, diagrams sketches, tables etc., and do not forget to refer to them in your text. Avoid cutting and pasting photocopies, as presentation will be part of the assessment.

has been said that). General requirements, every assignment must have attached. Assignment Attachment Form and a, c over Sheet including a, plagiarism Statement with the student signature as shown above. Assignments to be handed in as loose paper collection stapled together at the top left corner.

Write to a predetermined book plan and structure. Gradually build up your case. keep your focus on the problem; dont get sidetracked. be critical and analytical in your approach. Text should be word processed rather than handwritten. leave an adequate margin (left 3 cm and right 2 cm). Write on only one side of the page. Always keep a hard copy of your paper.

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Students may design their own cover page (selection of different fonts, addition of graphics etc.). However, the minimum information that must be on presentation your cover page is shown below. An assignment without the plagiarism statement will not be accepted. (you may copy the required information from the box below by highlighting the text and copy and paste it into your document.). Tells the reader what the assignment is going to be about. Provides the reader with the necessary background for what is to follow (i.e. A set of signposts). Tells the reader what the paper is about. Should contain a logical development of the argument.

Assignment first page
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  1. However, the minimum information that must be on your cover page is shown below. A n assignment without the plagiarism statement will not be accepted).

  2. If you do not put all your specific details on the cover page, the chances are that if your assignment gets lost for some reason or the other, it will. For most assignments written in apa format, a correctly laid out apa title page is essential. Department of Social Sciences Assignment Title page. Student number: Lecturer s Name: Programme (degree. Year: Module: Submission Date: Word count.

  3. Subject name write here Assignment On Write Assignment Name her e submitted To: Sir Write name Write here deptt Name. Assignment cover Page - free download as Word Doc (.doc pdf file (.pdf text fi le (.txt) or read online for free. This is a sample Assignment cover Page. The cover page is the first thing people will see of your word docu ment. Assignment, do check with your instructor before using a cover page. Before you start your assignment: Check your learning materials, the course page, emails from your lecturer or the assignment question for how it should.

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