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zheng he essay

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66 he referred to the expatriate Chinese as " Tang " people tángrén ). The kangnido map (1402) predates Zheng's voyages and suggests that he had quite detailed geographical information on much of the Old World. Detail of the Fra mauro map relating the travels of a junk into the Atlantic Ocean in 1420. The ship also is illustrated above the text. Zheng he generally sought to attain his goals through diplomacy, and his large army awed most would-be enemies into submission. But a contemporary reported that Zheng he "walked like a tiger" and did not shrink from violence when he considered it necessary to impress foreign peoples with China's military might.

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56 Early 17th-century Chinese woodblock print, thought to represent Zheng he's ships. Zheng he's fleets visited Brunei, java, thailand and southeast Asia, india, the horn of Africa, and Arabia, dispensing and receiving goods along the way. 58 Zheng he presented gifts of gold, silver, porcelain, and silk; in return, China received such novelties as ostriches, zebras, camels, and ivory from the Swahili. 55 : The giraffe he brought back from Malindi was considered to be a qilin and taken as proof of the favor of heaven upon the administration. 62 While Zheng he's fleet was unprecedented, the routes were not. Zheng he's fleet was following long-established, well-mapped homework routes of trade between China and the Arabian peninsula employed since at least the han dynasty. This fact, along with the use of a more than abundant number of crew members that were regular military personnel, leads some to speculate that these expeditions may have been geared at least partially at spreading China's power through expansion. 63 During the Three kingdoms Period, the king of wu sent a twenty year long diplomatic mission led by Zhu ying and Kang tai along the coast of Asia, which reached as far as the eastern Roman Empire. 64 After centuries of disruption, the song dynasty restored large-scale maritime trade from China in the south Pacific and Indian Oceans, reaching as far as the Arabian peninsula and East Africa. 65 When his fleet first arrived in Malacca, there was already a sizable Chinese community. The general Survey of the Ocean Shores yíngyá shènglǎn ) composed by the translator ma huan in 1416 gave very detailed accounts of his observations of people's customs and lives in the ports they visited.

51 he adopted the eldest son of his elder brother, who was awarded a hereditary officer rank in the imperial guard. Citation needed Expeditions first edit main article: Ming treasure voyages The yuan dynasty and expanding Sino-Arab trade during the 14th century had gradually expanded Chinese knowledge of the world: "universal" maps previously only displaying China and its surrounding seas began to expand further and further into. 1433, the ming government sponsored seven naval expeditions. The yongle Emperor disregarding the hongwu Emperor 's expressed wishes 53 designed them to establish a chinese presence and impose imperial control over the Indian Ocean trade, impress foreign peoples in the Indian Ocean basin, and extend the empire's tributary system. Citation needed It has also been inferred from passages in the history of Ming that the initial voyages were launched as part of the emperor's attempt to capture his escaped predecessor, 52 which would have made the first voyage the "largest-scale manhunt on water. 54 Zheng he was placed as the admiral in control of the huge fleet and armed forces that undertook these expeditions. Wang Jinghong was appointed his second in command. Preparations were thorough and wide-ranging, including the use of such numerous linguists that a foreign language institute was established at Nanjing. 52 Zheng he's first voyage departed, from suzhou 55 :203 and consisted of a fleet of ships holding almost 28,000 crewmen.

zheng he essay

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47 In 1431, Zheng he was bestowed with the title " Sānbǎo tài jiàn " using his informal name sanbao three treasures together with the title of Grand Director. 48 One theory remote is that Admiral Zheng he died in 1433. 49 It may have happened during or shortly after the seventh voyage. 49 Another belief is that Zheng he continued to serve as the defender of Nanjing, dying in 1435. 50 A tomb was built for Zheng he at the southern slope of Cattle head Hill, nanjing. 51 The original tomb was a horseshoe-shaped grave. 51 It is a cenotaph believed to contain his clothes and headgear. 51 In 1985, the tomb was rebuilt following a muslim style.

44 45 After the ascension of Zhu di's son as the hongxi Emperor, the ocean voyages were discontinued and Zheng he was instead appointed as Defender of Nanjing, the empire's southern capital. In that post, he was largely responsible for the completion of the porcelain Tower of Nanjing, an enormous pagoda still described as a wonder of the world as late as the 19th century. On, the xuande Emperor ordered the directorate of Ceremonial to send a letter to Zheng he to reprimand him for a transgression. 46 Earlier, an official c petitioned the emperor to reward workmen who had built temples in Nanjing. 46 The xuande Emperor responded negatively to the official for placing the costs to the court instead of the monks themselves, but he realized that Zheng he and his associates had instigated the official. 46 Dreyer (2007) noted that the nature of the emperor's words indicated that Zheng he's behaviour in this situation was the last straw, but that there's too little information about what had transpired beforehand. 46 nevertheless, the xuande Emperor would eventually come to trust Zheng. 46 In 1430, the new xuande Emperor appointed Zheng he to command over a seventh and final expedition into the "Western Ocean" (Indian Ocean).

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zheng he essay

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2 34 In January 1402, Zhu di began with his military campaign to capture the imperial capital Nanjing. 35 Zheng he would be one of his commanders during this campaign. 35 In 1402, Zhu di's armies defeated the imperial forces and marched into nanjing on 35 36 Zhu di accepted the elevation to emperor four days later. 36 After ascending the throne as the yongle Emperor, Zhu di promoted ma he as the Grand Director tài jiàn ) of the directorate of Palace servants. 36 During the new year 's day on 11 February 1404, 2 the yongle Emperor conferred the surname "Zheng" to ma he, because hooliganism he had distinguished himself defending the city reservoir Zhenglunba against imperial forces in the siege of beiping of 1399, 2 37 Another.

37 It is believed that his choice to confer the surname "Zheng" was because the eunuch's paper horse had been killed during the battle at Zhenglunba near beiping at the onset of his rebellion. 38 clarification needed In the new administration, Zheng he served in the highest posts, as Grand Director 6 11 39 and later as Chief Envoy zhèngshǐ ) during his sea voyages. Over the next three decades he conducted seven of these voyages on behalf of the emperor, trading and collecting tribute in the eastern Pacific and Indian Oceans. In 1424, Admiral Zheng he traveled to palembang to confer an official seal b and letter of appointment upon Shi jisun, who was placed in the office of Pacification Commissioner. 40 The taizong Shilu 27 February 1424 entry reports that Shi jisun had sent qiu yancheng as envoy to petition the approval of the succession from his father Shi jinqing, who was the pacification Commissioner of Palembang, and was given permission from the yongle Emperor. 41 On 7 September 1424, Zhu gaozhi had inherited the throne as the hongxi Emperor after the death of the yongle Emperor on 42 43 When Zheng he returned from Palembang, he found that the yongle Emperor had died during his absence.

"Three protections also pronounced sān bǎo ). 28 ma received a proper education while at beiping, which he would not have had if he had been placed in the imperial capital Nanjing, as the hongwu Emperor did not trust eunuchs and believed that it was better to keep them illiterate. 26 meanwhile, the hongwu Emperor purged and exterminated many of the original Ming leadership and gave his enfeoffed sons more military authority, especially those in the north like the Prince of Yan. 29 Adulthood and military career edit ma he's appearance as an adult was recorded: he was seven chi. A tall, had a waist that was five chi in circumference, cheeks and a forehead that was high, a small nose, glaring eyes, teeth that were white and well-shaped as shells, and a voice that was as loud as a bell. It is also recorded that he had great knowledge about warfare and was well-accustomed to battle.

10 30 The young eunuch eventually became a trusted adviser to the prince and assisted him when the jianwen Emperor 's hostility to his uncle's feudal bases prompted the jingnan Campaign which ended with the emperor's apparent death and the ascension of the Zhu. In 1393, the Crown Prince had died, thus the deceased prince's son became the new heir apparent. 29 by the time the emperor died the Prince of Qin and the Prince of Jin had perished, which left Zhu di, the Prince of Yan, as the eldest surviving son of the emperor. 29 However, Zhu di's nephew succeeded the imperial throne as the jianwen Emperor. 31 In 1398, he issued a policy known as xuēfān, or "reducing the feudatories which entails eliminating all the princes by stripping their power and military forces. 32 In August 1399, Zhu di openly rebelled against his nephew. 33 In 1399, ma he successfully defended beiping's city reservoir Zhenglunba against the imperial armies.

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18 20 Zhu di was eleven years older than., the prince had been governing beiping (later beijing 18 which was located near the northern frontier where the hostile mongol literature tribes were situated. 20 22 ma would spend his early life as a soldier on the northern frontier. 20 23 he often participated in Zhu di's military campaigns against the mongols. 22 24 On, ma accompanied the Prince when he commanded his first expedition, which was a great victory as the mongol commander Naghachu surrendered as soon as he realized he had fallen for a deception. 25 ma hajji, a yuan Dynasty official in Yunnan (a descendant of sayyid Ajjal Shams al-Din Omar and his young son ma he, future admiral Zheng he, as imagined by a modern Kunyang sculptor. Eventually, he would gain the confidence and trust of the prince. 22 ma was also known paper as "sān bǎo" during the time of service in the household of the Prince of Yan. 26 This name was a reference to the Three jewels triratna ) in Buddhism. 27 There is also document saying his name could be (lit.

zheng he essay

10 Wenming, the oldest son, buried their father outside of Kunming. 10 In his capacity as Admiral, Zheng he had an epitaph engraved in honor of his father, composed by the minister of Rites li zhigang on the duanwu festival of the 3rd year in the yongle era. 19 Capture, castration and service edit ma he was captured by the ming armies at Yunnan oregon in 1381. 10 General fu youde saw ma he on a road and approached him in order to inquire about the location of the mongol pretender. 20 ma he responded defiantly by saying that the mongol pretender had jumped into a lake. 20 Afterwards, the general took him prisoner. 20 he was castrated before he, at age 10, was placed in servitude of the Prince of Yan, 21 but another source indicates that the castration occurred in 1385. 20 ma was sent to serve in the household of Zhu di, the Prince of Yan, who later became the yongle Emperor.

to which he adhered, reflecting the goddess' central role to the treasure fleet. 12 John guy mentions, "When Zheng he, the muslim eunuch leader of the great expeditions to the 'western Ocean' (Indian Ocean) in the early fifteenth century, embarked on his voyages, it was from the divine woman that he sought protection, as well as at the. 14 15 His great-grandfather was named bayan and may have been stationed at a mongol garrison in Yunnan. 6 Zheng he's grandfather carried the title hajji, 1 16 while his father had the sinicized surname ma and also the title hajji, which suggests that they had made the pilgrimage to mecca. 1 6 16 Peterson (1994) suggests that the hajji of both his father and grandfather indicated that Zheng he may have had Mongol-Arab ancestry and that he could speak arabic. 17 In the autumn of 1381, a ming army invaded and conquered Yunnan, which was then ruled by the mongol prince basalawarmi, prince of liang. 18 In 1381, ma haji (Zheng he's father) died in the fighting between the ming armies and Mongol forces. 10 Dreyer (2007) states that Zheng he's father died at age 39 while resisting the ming conquest. 18 levathes (1996) states Zheng he's father died at age 37, but it is unclear if he was helping the mongol army or just caught in the onslaught of battle.

These carried hundreds of sailors on four tiers of decks. 3, as a favorite of the, yongle Emperor, whose usurpation he assisted, Zheng rose to the top of the imperial hierarchy and served as commander of the southern capital. Nanjing (the capital was later moved to beijing by the yongle Emperor). His voyages were long neglected in official Chinese histories but have become well known in China and abroad since the publication. Liang Qichao 's, biography of Our Homeland's Great navigator, for Zheng he in 1904. 4 5, a trilingual stele left by the navigator was discovered on the island. Contents Early life and family edit Zheng he was born ma he 1 6 to a muslim family 6 7 8 of Kunyang, kunming, yunnan, China. 9 he had an older brother and four sisters.

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For other uses, see, zhenghe (disambiguation). This is a, chinese name ; the family name. Zheng he chinese : ; or 1435) was a chinese mariner, explorer, diplomat, fleet admiral, and court eunuch during China's early ming dynasty. He was originally born. Ma he in a muslim family, later adopted the conferred surname Zheng from Emperor Yongle. 2, zheng commanded expeditionary voyages to southeast Asia, type south Asia, western Asia, and East Africa from 1405 to 1433. His larger ships stretched 120 meters or more in length.

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  2. Zheng, he also setup a serires of courier stations that Chinese merchants could rest at, the. Zheng, he and the Treasure Fleet : a modern day traveller's guide from Antiquity to the Present. Erzeugende funktion beispiel essay baccalaureate extended essay zheng he voyages essay help art history compare contrast essay?

  3. Global Encounters: Achievements and Exploitation - academic. Essay, writings Academic, essay. I have to write a essay about, zheng, he for history and every time i look i cant find why he stopped going on voyages. Zheng, he din Malacca, malaezia. Zhèng hé, numele său la naștere ma ho,. 1371 Kunming în Provincia yunnan;.

  4. Prince henry the navigator and, zheng,. Prince henry and, zheng, he, comparison Throughout history, many people strived for glory by exploring new. Zheng he voyages essay writer, creative writing masters programs california, hsc creative writing activities. Shipping News: Zheng, he 's Sexcentenary china heritage newsletter, june 2005, issn. Zheng, he s fleets visited Arabia, brunei, east Africa.

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