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wordy essay

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These are not questions with answers, because they are not questions with meanings. The inflating of the obvious into the awe-inspiring is part of why peterson can operate so successfully in the self-help genre. He can give people the most elementary fatherly life-advice (clean your room, stand up straight) while making it sound like wisdom. Consider this summary of principles from the end of 12 Rules for Life: What shall I do to strengthen my spirit? Do not tell lies, or do what you despise. What shall I do to ennoble my body? Use it only in the service of my soul. What shall I do with the most difficult of questions?

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Anyways, Im glad you and Mom are doing well. Thank you for doing my income tax returns. (Its fun to read the letter for yourself and imagine being Petersons dad trying to figure out what his son story is doing with his life.) needless to say, when someone is this convinced of their essay own brilliance, they can be unaware of just how far. The diagrams and figures in Maps of meaning are astonishing. They are masterpieces of unprovable gibberish: How does one even address material like this? It cant be refuted. Are we ruled by a dragon of chaos? Is the dragon feminine? Does the state of preconscious paradise have a voluntary encounter with the unknown? Is the episodic really more explicit than the procedural?

Wright Mills, in critically examining grand theorists in his field who used verbosity to cover for a lack of profundity, pointed out that people respond positively to this kind of writing because they see it as a wondrous maze, fascinating precisely because of its often. But, mills said, such writers are so rigidly confined to such high levels of abstraction that the typologies they make up—and the work they do to make them up—seem more often an arid game of Concepts than an effort to define systematically—which is to say. Obscurantism is more than a desperate attempt to feign novelty, though. Its also a tactic for badgering readers into deference to the writers authority. Nobody can be sure they are comprehending the authors meaning, which has the effect of making the reader feel deeply inferior and in awe of the writers towering knowledge, knowledge that must revelation exist on a level so much higher than that of ordinary mortals that. In fact, peterson is quite open in insisting that he has achieved revelations beyond the comprehension of ordinary persons. The books epigraph is comically grandiose (I will utter things which have been kept secret from the foundation of the world — matthew 13:35) and Peterson even includes in the book a letter to his father in which he tries to convey the gravity. Its scope is so broad that I can see only parts of it clearly at one time, and it is exceedingly difficult to set down comprehensibly in writing.

wordy essay

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Law held as an absolute, however, puts man in the position of the eternal adolescent, dependent thesis upon the father for every vital decision, removes the responsibility for action from the individual, and therefore prevents him or her from discovering the potential grandeur of the soul. Life without law remains chaotic, affectively intolerable. Life that is pure law becomes sterile, equally unbearable. The domination of chaos thesis or sterility equally breeds murderous resentment or hatred. Again: its not that hes wrong when he says that law has a disciplining function, or that too much law is stifling, while not enough is anarchy. But all this stuff about intrapsychic spirits and the flow of spiritual water is just said, never clearly explained, let alone proved. If you asked him to explain it, you would just get a long string of additional abstract terms. (Ironically, maps of meaning contains neither maps nor meaning.) Sociologist.

Its certainly right that some procedures work in one situation but not another. Its right that good moral systems have to be able to think about the future in figuring out what to do in the present. But much of the rest is language so abstract that it cannot be proved or disproved. (The old expression whats new in it isnt true, and whats true isnt new applies here.) Another passage, in which Peterson gives his theory of law: Law is a necessary precondition to salvation, so to speak; necessary, but insufficient. Law provides the borders that limit chaos, and allows for the protected maturation of the individual. Law disciplines possibility, and allows the disciplined individual to bring his or her potentialities—those intrapsychic spirits—under voluntary control. The law allows for the application of such potentiality to the task of creative and courageous existence—allows spiritual water controlled flow into the valley of the shadow of death.

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wordy essay

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When such antagonism arises, moral revaluation becomes necessary. As a consequence of such revaluation, behavioral options are brutally rank-ordered, or, less frequently, entire moral systems are devastated, reorganized and replaced. This organization and reorganization occurs as a consequence of war, in and its concrete, abstract, intrapsychic, and interpersonal variants. In the most basic case, an individual is rendered subject to an intolerable conflict, as a consequence of the perceived (affective) incompatibility of two or more apprehended outcomes of a given behavioral procedure. In the purely intrapsychic sphere, such conflict often emerges when attainment of what is desired presently necessarily interferes with attainment of what is desired (or avoidance of what is feared) in the future. Permanent satisfactory resolution of such conflict (between temptation and moral purity, for example) requires the construction of an abstract moral system, powerful enough to allow what an occurrence signifies for the future to govern reaction to what it signifies now. Even that construction, however, is necessarily incomplete when considered only as an intrapsychic phenomena.

The individual, once capable of coherently integrating competing motivational demands in the private sphere, nonetheless remains destined for conflict with the other, in the course of the inevitable transformations of personal experience. This means that the person who has come to terms with him- or herself—at least in principle—is still subject to the affective dysregulation inevitably produced by interpersonal interaction. It is also the case that such subjugation is actually indicative of insufficient intrapsychic organization, as many basic needs can only be satisfied through the cooperation of others. Whats important about this kind of writing is that it can easily appear to contain useful insight, because it says many things that either are true or feel kind of true, and does so in a way that makes the reader feel stupid for not. (Many of the books reviews on Amazon contain sentiments like: i am not sure i understood it, but its absolutely brilliant.) Its not that its empty of content; in fact, its precisely because some of it does ring true that it is able to convince.

But, having examined Petersons work closely, i think the misinterpretation of Peterson is only partially a result of leftists reading him through an ideological prism. A more important reason why peterson is misinterpreted is that he is so consistently vague and vacillating that its impossible to tell what he is actually saying. People can have such angry arguments about Peterson, seeing him as everything from a fascist apologist to an Enlightenment liberal, because his vacuous words are a kind of Rorschach test onto which countless interpretations can be projected. This is immediately apparent upon opening Petersons 1999 book. Maps of meaning, a 600-page summary of his basic theories that took peterson 15 years to complete.

Maps of meaning is, to the extent it can be summarized, about how humans generate meaning. By generate meaning Peterson ostensibly intends something like figure out how to act, but the words definition is somewhat capacious: meaning is manifestation of the divine individual adaptive path meaning is the ultimate balance between the chaos of transformation and the possibility andthe discipline. He believes that by studying myths, we can see values and frameworks shared across cultures, and can therefore understand the structures that guide. But here i am already giving Petersons work a more coherent summary than it actually deserves. And after all, if many human stories have common moral lessons was his point, he would have been saying something so obvious that nobody would think to credit it as a novel insight. Peterson manages to spin it out over hundreds of pages, and expand it into an elaborate, unprovable, unfalsifiable, unintelligible theory that encompasses everything from the direction of history, to the meaning of life, to the nature of knowledge, to the structure of human decision-making,. (A good principle to remember is that if a book appears to be about everything, its probably not really about anything.) A randomly selected passage will convey the flavor of the thing: Procedural knowledge, generated in the course of heroic behavior, is not organized and. Procedure a, appropriate in situation one, and procedure b, appropriate in situation two, may clash in mutual violent opposition in situation three. Under such circumstances intrapsychic or interpersonal conflict necessarily emerges.

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We are therefore presented with a puzzle: if, jordan Peterson has nothing to say, how has he attracted this much recognition? If its so obvious that he can be written off as a charlatan, why do so many write people respect his intellect? Before we address the mystery of Petersons popularity, we need to examine his work. After all, if the work is actually brilliant and insightful, there is no mystery: he is recognized as a profound thinker because he is a profound thinker. And many critics of Peterson have been deeply unfair to his work, mocking it without reading it, or slinging pejoratives at him (e.g. the stupid mans smart person or a messiah-cum-Surrogate-dad for Gormless Dimwits. ) This has irritated Petersons fans, and when articles critical of him are printed, the comments sections are full of people (usually correctly) accusing the writer of failing to take peterson seriously. An infamous Channel 4 interview with Cathy newman, in which Newman repeatedly put words in Petersons mouth (so youre saying x confirmed the impression that progressives are trying to smear Peterson by accusing him of holding beliefs that he does not hold. The Atlantic said Peterson is the victim of hyperbolic misrepresentation and encouraged people to examine what he is actually saying.

wordy essay

Times says his message is overwhelmingly vital, and a, guardian columnist grudgingly admits that Peterson essay deserves to be taken seriously. david Brooks thinks, peterson might be the most influential public intellectual in the western world right now. He has been called the deepest, clearest voice of conservative thought in the world today a man whose work should make him famous for the ages. Malcolm Gladwell calls him a wonderful psychologist. And its not just members of the popular press that have conceded Petersons importance: the chair of the harvard psychology department praised his magnum opus. Maps of meaning as brilliant and beautiful. Zachary Slayback of the foundation for Economic Education wonders how any serious person could possibly write off Peterson, saying that even the most anti-peterson intellectual should be able to admit that his project is a net-good.

and speeches, which are comically befuddled, pompous, and ignorant. They are half nonsense, half banality. In a reasonable world, peterson would be seen as the kind of tedious crackpot that one hopes not to get seated next to on a train. But we do not live in a reasonable world. In fact, petersons reach is astounding. His 12 Rules for Life is the 1 most-read book on Amazon, where it has a perfect 5-star rating. One person said that when he came across a physical copy of Petersons first book, i wanted to hold it in my hands and contemplate its significance for a few minutes, as if it was one of Shakespeares pens or a gutenberg Bible. The worlds leading newspapers have declared him one of the most important living thinkers.

Use italics liberally to indicate that you are using words in a highly specific and idiosyncratic sense. Never say anything too specific, and if you do, qualify it heavily so that you can always insist you meant the opposite. Then evangelize: speak as confidently as possible, as if you are sharing Gods own truth. Accept no criticisms: insist that any skeptic has either misinterpreted you or has actually already admitted that you are correct. Talk as much as possible and listen as little as possible. Follow these steps, resume and your success will be assured. (It does help if you are male and caucasian.).

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If you want to appear very profound and convince people to take you seriously, but have nothing of value to say, there is a tried and tested method. First, take some extremely obvious platitude or truism. Make sure it actually does contain some insight, though it can be rather vague. Something like if youre too conciliatory, you will sometimes get taken advantage of or many moral values are similar across human societies. Then, try to restate your platitude using as many words as possible, as unintelligibly as possible, while revelation never repeating yourself exactly. Use highly technical language drawn from many different academic disciplines, so that no one person will ever have adequate training to fully evaluate your work. Construct elaborate theories with many parts.

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