Guest house proposal

guest house proposal

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Coffee table/ Tepoy- small table 1 5,000/-. Dth connection 1 4,000/-. Wall clock, table lamp, paintings, wall hangings As required 5,000/- total 2,09,000/- rounded off to 2,100,000/- C) Kitchen transport allowance item Qty. Refrigerator 1 20,000/-. Gas connection with Gas Burner 1 5,000/-. Microwave oven 1 10,000/-. Cooking utensils As required 5,000/-.

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Items: Wall clock, table lamp, paintings/ wall hangings As required As required As required 1,000/- for Non-ac room, 2,000/- for vip suite/ ac room Total Amount (Rs.) (per suite/room) 2,17,500. Off to report 2,20,000 1,67,500. Off to 1,70,000 1,09,500. Off to 1,10,000 B) Drawing room/ Dining Hall. ACs Depending on size of room 50,000/-. Dining Table 1 30,000/-. Tv 1 30,000/-. Sofa set 2 50,000/-. Carpet(as required) - 25,000/-. Dining set, Crockery, cutlery etc As required 15,000/-.

Dressing Table 1 1 1 5,000/-. Room heater 1 1 1 1,000/-. Curtains / Blinds As required As required As required 5,000/-. Carpet As required As required As required 5,000/-. Geyser 1 1 1 5,000/-. As required As required As required 500/-. Dth connection 1 1 1 4,000/-.

guest house proposal

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Double bed 1 1 - 15,000/-. Single beds - - 2 5,000/-. Cupboard 1 1 2 5,000/-. Sofa set 2( 1 for ante room) 1 - 30,000/-. Study table 1 1 - 5,000/-. Study Chair 1 1 - 2,000/-. Easy Chairs with Table - - 2 chairs, 1 table 5,000/-. Mattresses 1 set 1 set 1 set 10,000/-. Bed sheet with Pillow covers 1 1 set 11  set 11 set 2,000/-.

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guest house proposal

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After the items have become unworthy of use. It is expected that these items shall be able to last for at least one year. A certificate to this effect should be sent with the proposal. B) For durable item proposal can be considered after the items become obsolete, unserviceable or beyond economical repairs. The items should be first condemned after following the procedure prescribed in the gfr. Model List of provisions The guest house may be provided with the following items: A) rooms/Suite.

Item vip ac suite ac room Non ac room (air cooled) the Approx. Amount (Rs.) per Unit/Set. A c 1 1 - 30,000/-. Air cooler - - 1 5,000/-. Tv 1 1 1 30,000/-. Refrigerator- small 1 - - 20,000/-.

As far as possible guest house should be set up for all categories of officers in the station. Funds for civil works in connection with repairs, modifications of the government building are not provided from the welfare fund. Such funds need to be obtained from the ministry as a normal budgetary grant. Such civil works should be got done through cpwd or other agencies as provided in the rules. Minor modification in private buildings should be got done from the landlord before hiring.

Nature of support from the welfare fund shall remain restricted to furnishings, gadgets and cutlery etc. Canons of financial propriety, provisions of gfr and any other instructions / guidelines of the govt. For incurring the expenditure shall be followed to incur expenditure from the assistance provided from the welfare fund. Additional guest house (i)  More than one guest house(s) may be set up if the existing facilities are not sufficient to meet the demand. Existing guest house being under control of some other administrative authority under the cbec shall not be an acceptable reason for considering additional guest house. (ii)  Proposal for additional guest house should be sent giving full information on existing guest houses and arrangements for rent-free accommodation, if any, in hotels, number of rooms for different categories of officers, occupancy position of the existing facilities in terms of room nights for. (iii)  sketch/ lay out plan of proposed accommodation should be forwarded along with the proposal. Refurbishing/ Up-gradation of existing guest houses (i)  Proposal for up gradation of guest house may be forwarded in line with these guidelines. (ii) Replenishment of various items can also be considered as under : a)  For perishable items like mattresses, bed sheets, pillow covers, blankets / quilts, towels, curtains, carpets, buckets etc., dining set/ crockery, etc.

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Room with attached toilet/bath room. Group-c executive and Ministerial Officers. Air cooled rooms with attached toilet/ bath room.*. Other Officers Air cooled rooms/ dormitory preferably with attached toilet.* * In case of biography constraints of space rooms with common toilet/ bathroom may also be considered. In the interest of creating convivial environment in the guest houses, preferably there should be separate guest house for reviews each. As given in table above. However, for reasons of economy and/or constraints of space categories 2, 3 and 4 may be combined to the extent required. Number of rooms in the guest house should be fixed after considering the load on account of touring officers and status of the station as a place of tourist attraction.

guest house proposal

207/44/97- ii (EC) dated refers. (ii) lease period left should not be below 3 years. In Residential complex : (i) Where accommodation plan for a guest house is in original plan; (ii) By converting residential flats into a guest house if the Estate Officer certifies that conversion of residential flat(s) will not affect adversely demand of residential flat. In accommodation purchased/ leased on rent for a guest house : by hiring accommodation in terms of welfare rule 2(d) which reads as "Construction/hiring/leasing of holiday homes in places of tourist/pilgrimage interest and departmental guest house in Metropolitan cities and other important cities for the. Suggested, scale of Accommodation :. Category of Officials Type of accommodation 1a, officers in the rank of Commissioner and above. Suite with ante room and attached toilet/bath room 1b, other Group-a officers,.

accommodation; iii. . Where accommodation in the existing guest house(s) is not available for one or more category of officials. Accommodation for housing the guest house. Guest houses may be set up in any of the following ways:. In government owned office building : (i)    Where guest house is a part of the building; (ii)    Where accommodation can be spared for the guest house from the available space. In this case proper justification about sparabilty space should be provided;. Rented office building : (i)  For housing guest house in a rented building specific permission of the competent Authority should be taken.

Our solution was to address the owner's criteria and shredder to exceed it by adding a second main floor bedroom and creating the opportunity for the lower level to function as a third bedroom with it's own bathroom. . Our goal was to reposition the building from a one bedroom one bath cottage into a three bedroom three bathroom "Guest house." In doing so to increase the property value and the options for the owner's. Our solution was to offer the owner's the ability to rent the house out as a vacation rental or a year round rental by connecting the main floor with the new walk out basement via an internal stair by a lockable door. . This would allow the owner's in the short term to rent the upper level as they wish and use the lower level as a craft room. . There by giving the owner's the ability to recapture their investment and their children the ability to more easily retain the property in the family and use it themselves when the time comes). Guidelines for setting up/ upgrading/refurbishing guest. Houses and hiring of Rent Free accommodation.

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The re-design of an existing 1,400. Guest house on an existing rural property held by the same family for three generations. . The existing guest house was built by the current owner's great grande father and added onto by her grande father and his son the owner's father. The current building has many existing issues including age, settling, poor construction, and no foundation to name a few. Our clients were a retired couple seeking to live on the property in resumes the newly constructed main house through their retirement. . This played heavily into our solution. We were asked to re-design the existing floor plan on the existing building foot print, as well as adding a lower level. . The existing "cottage" had many changes in level which consumed usable floor space and would make using it for an aging couple and their friends more challenging by the year due to the changes in level. . The owner requests included adding a full bathroom to the master bedroom, opening the main living space towards her favorite view (a wooded creek behind the cottage increasing the size of a very small kitchen, a powder room for the living area, a lower level.

Guest house proposal
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  6. (ii) Proposal for additional guest house should be sent giving full information on existing guest houses and arrangements for rent-free accommodation, if any.

  7. Proect topic: design ouest house includes abstract and chapter one, complete project material available. Say i do during a beautiful chapel service held at Gra celand s very own Chapel in the woods. Request more information and your unique. The re-design of an existing 1,400. Guest house on an existing rural property held by the same family for three generations. The existing guest house was built.

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