Essay on safety health and environment

essay on safety health and environment

Essay on safety health and environment

Main Activity: All of the activities of a workplace that make up a job or process. (Tasks that happen occasionally, are not attached to a process or job and pose little hazard are not included as a main activity.) Major hazard: Any activity or biological, physical or chemical hazard that has the potential to cause death, critical injury, or lost time. Moderate hazard: Any activity or biological, physical or chemical hazard that has the potential to cause injury requiring medical services but not so great as to cause a lost time injury. Near Miss: An event that under different circumstances could have resulted in physical harm to an individual or damage to the environment, equipment, property and/or material. Objective: Desired health and safety outcome over a pre-determined period. Occupation: A title provided to employees who perform specific activities.

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Health hazards: Any chemical, biological or physical agent that compromises the health of helpful a essay person. Hot Work: Any process that may generate an uncontrolled spark or flame that could be a danger to a workplace. Incident: An event that results in injury to people and/or damage to the environment, equipment, property and/or material. Injury: An event that results in physical harm to an employee. Job: An assigned set of activities that an individual must perform. Legislation: Law that governs how activities must be performed. Lock-out: A written method to ensure that a machine or process that is shut down for maintenance or other procedure is secured against accidental start-up or movement for the duration of the procedure. Block-out includes the insertion of a solid device to prevent movement. Blank-out includes the control of piping systems through lock out of valves and/or removal of pipe and insertion of a blanking plate over pipe openings as appropriate to the circumstances. Loss Potential: The probability of harm to people or damage to the environment, equipment property and/or material will occur under certain circumstances. S.D.S: Material Safety data Sheet(s).

Control Program: Established process to thesis reduce employee exposure to a designated Substance and monitor the employees exposure levels. Includes employee medical surveillance. Controls: An administrative, mechanical or electronic device that regulates actions in the workplace. Employee: means a person who has entered into, or works under, a contract of employment with an employer, and includes a casual worker or a manual worker, and however remunerated. (osha 2005) Employer: means a person liable or responsible under a contract of employment for the payment of remuneration to an employee, and includes his agent; (osha 2005) a job contractor Fatality: An injury that results in loss of life. Fire: An event where undesired combustion occurs. Hazardous condition/act: Physical states (conditions) or actions, which deviate from what would be considered acceptable or normal which lead to or cause loss. Health and Safety Program: A strategic approach to loss prevention that includes documentation, implementation, administration, evaluation and revision.

essay on safety health and environment

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Assigned Work Area: An area where a supervisor/manager has direct responsibility over the presentation activities and/or employees. Biological Agent hazards: Organisms that adversely affect the body or a part of the body and its function. Chemical Agent hazards: Liquids, dust, gas vapours or fume having basis in chemistry that adversely affects the human physiology. Common hazards: hazards those are common to different activities/jobs/occupations. Confined Space: A space in which, because of its construction, location, contents, or work activity, the accumulation of a hazardous gas, vapour, dust, or fume or the creation of an oxygen-deficient/ oxygen-enriched atmosphere may occur. Continuous Improvement Plan: A document outlining a timetable for the firm to implement its health and safety goals/objectives. Contractor: A person or employer entering into a remuneration contract to perform a specific service for another person or employer.

Explosion hazard).24 Are dc batteries safeguarded against possible overcharging (e.g. Limited time for manual operation) Number question Yes no n/a comments.25 Are all alarm/trip systems on electrical installations and equipment checked regularly.26 Are all components clearly identified with type and service.27 Is all electrical equipment adequately protected and enclosures secured to prevent. 10.0 lt switch rooms.1 Is a warning notice displayed: Authorised persons only.2 Is a warning notice displayed: Danger voltage.3 do all exit doors open outwards.4 Are these doors equipped with panic bars.5 Are emergency exits clear and provided with emergency. Insulation/resistance).5 Are cables adequately electrically protected.6 Are ventilation opens in cable ducts free from obstruction.7 Is protection of cables against mechanical damage sufficient.8 Are there any gaps where cables pass through walls.9 Are naked wire ends insulated properly.10 Are. Safety work permits) to control excavation adjacent to cable routes.13 do these procedures include testing and isolation of cables.14 Are fire break walls in cable ducts kept in good condition.0 Motors.1 Are motors clearly labelled with volts, amps, watts, pf and. Appendix (A) Glossary of Terms Activity: A set of actions required to complete a job. Assessments: Formal review of an activity or job to determine all associated hazards.

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essay on safety health and environment

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Number question Yes no n/a comments.19 Are accidents writing or near misses fully investigated.20 Are accidents or near misses fully documented/reported.21 Is implementation of recommendations arising from accidents/near misses formally monitored.22 Are safety distances identified in Statutory or Company regulations being observed. 6.8 do they include neighbouring businesses.9 Are all emergency stop buttons clearly marked on the site plan.10 Are they tested at the stipulated intervals.11 does the layout of the site allow ease of access of fire tenders in the event. Storage Is it updated and readily available in an emergency.14 Is a weatherproof site plan located in a prominent place near the entrance to the factory such that the fire department can use it for reference at time of an emergency in the event. Fire department, doctor, hospital, police, safety, electrical, gases, Chemicals etc. 6.16 Fire fighting equipment are easily available and well maintain.

(extinguisher, horse reel ).17 Are quantities, type and location of fire alarm points, fire hydrants etc. Complying with the site plan.18 Are they clearly marked so that they are easily seen.19 Is all this equipment inspected regularly.20 Is availability of water for firefighting adequate.21 Are all fire exits and escape routes clear and free from obstruction.22. Hot work cold work Electrical Entry to confined spaces etc. 7.11 Are permit to work procedures being followed and properly documented prior to re- commissioning of equipment Number question Yes no n/a comments.12 Are the permit to work forms properly filed following completion.13 Are job request forms used.14 When issuing job request. Including approved sub-contractors.5 Is a list on display which identifies the degree of authorisation of personnel to carry out duties on all electrical components.6 Is the list up-to-date.7 have all the above people received adequate training.8 Are safe working practices established. Diesel generator sprinkler systems.22 Are adequate danger boards available to personnel who carry out work on high voltage equipment and associated machinery.23 Are dc batteries properly installed with regard to: Ventilation Risks for personnel (e.g.

0.09 Are there adequate measures that are being implemented based upon the finding of the risk assessment.10 Is the risk assessment recorded properly number question Yes no n/a comments.11 Is there appropriate procedures to be followed in the event of serious and imminent. 0.32 Are mess room provided and maintained, furnished with tables and chairs or benches with backrests, sufficient for the number of employees remaining on the premises during meal intervals. 0.33 Is there Provisions for first-aid.34 Is there Training and supervision of young persons working at dangerous machines.35 Are Chains, ropes and lifting tackles in use, thoroughly examined by a competent person at least once every 12 months.36 Is Vehicle lifts thoroughly. 0.42 do refrigeration plants have all control valves situated outside the cold storage room; and have all doors of the cold storage room capable of being opened easily and quickly from the inside and outside. 0.43 Are all goods, articles and substances stored or stacked in such manner as will ensure their stability and prevent any fall or collapse.44 Are ladders of good construction, sound material, adequate strength and suitable for the purpose for which it is used and. 0.45 Are employees who handle substance hazardous to health are fully informed and instructed as to the risks associated with the substance and the necessary precautionary measures to be observed for protection against such risks.46 Are containers of chemicals marked so as to indicate.

Adequately identified.10 Are all water drains cleaned at the proper intervals Number question Yes no n/a comments.11 Is emergency lighting checked/ tested at regular intervals.0 Training.1 Has any hazard or emergency training been given to personnel.2 have people with specialist. High voltage equipment, breathing apparatus, fork lift trucks, safety valves, hoists and cranes.3 Are new employees given special induction training.4 Is refresher training being carried out at regular intervals.5 Are critical procedures posted adjacent to workstations used for training personnel.6 Are. Kept and maintained.3 Are the following records available on site: Accident Reports on plant and at customers premises Lost Time Accidents near Misses First Aid Injuries Opportunity for injury (which describes the unsafe acts and conditions witnessed during Safety walks) Safety walks Safety Inspections. Lifting equipment Electrical inspections Pressure vessels Radioactive sources Fire department maintenance checks on fire extinguishers weigh scales.5 oh s policy displayed.6 Accident report book.7 Induction records.8 Rehabilitation policy available.9 Workplace inspection records.10 Emergency procedures.11 Training records.12 Documented. Rubber gloves for electrical use and aprons for chemical handling.8 Are emergency showers tested regularly.9 Is eye wash equipment available at the predetermined locations.10 Is the eye wash solution changed at stipulated intervals.11 Are up-to-date works Notices posted,. Safety committee reports.12 Are they displayed in the appropriate places.13 Are they clearly legible.14 Are all alleyways/access walkways throughout work premises kept clear.15 Are they clearly marked.16 Are fork lift truck working areas properly marked on the ground and signs. Non-smoking/non-flame Traffic speed limits Access speed limits Access prohibited Fork lift trucks no parking.18 do single manned sites have dead man protection,. Walkie talkie, offsite alarm, closed circuit television set etc.

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The need for any revision of operating instructions or company standards. Agreed target dates for completion (which realistically allow sufficient time for thorough technical assessment and consequent changes, if necessary). Copies of the audit report shall be given to the local plant manager and to the company management, who will take decisions and supervise follow-up actions agreed by the safety audit team, and all records write should be properly kept to be present to the factory. Health safety audit Checklist Name of company. Place of work . Of Employees : date of Audit : audit Conducted. Note: (Put an if either it is a no, yes or N/A (Not Applicable) and leave a comment where needed) Number question Yes no n/a comments.01 General Provision as per the osha 2005.02 Is there a written statement of the employer policy with.

essay on safety health and environment

First Aid certified employees. Training needs and activities. Hazards review of process equipment for either new or existing facilities. Safety audit Report, top management must be involved in the review of the findings of the audit. Thus following the audit, a report should be issued containing the following: A description of all findings relative to items needing a proposal for remedial action. A description of any defects detected on equipment and initial proposals the for remedial actions. The names and job titles of those people who are responsible for initiating remedial actions.

the use of safe working. The safety audits will monitor all activities performed on site, and in particular: The basic safety policy and organization of the company. Management commitment and example on safety matters. Administration and safety activity. Accident reporting and investigation. Opportunity of injury and record of every injury. Working rules and practices for each company location, including visitors and contractors. Compliance with statutory regulations and company standards. Behaviors and unsafe acts of personnel and their relationship to compliance with safety rules. Activity related certification of employees.

Firstly, because it is clearly mention in the osha 2005, section 20, sub-section (a). Duties of Safety and health officers. A registered Safety and health Officer employed in compliance with section 30 shall (a) Carry out regular occupational safety and health audits to identify risks to safety and health; Next, because an audit aims to discover the strength and weakness and the main areas of vulnerability. A formal report and action being subsequently prepared and its implementation monitored. Thus a health and safety audit is carried out in a yearly basis in order to comply with the local laws. Objectives of Safety audits, the objective of the safety audit is to evaluate the effectiveness of the companys safety effort and make recommendations which lead to a reduction in accidents essays and minimisation of loss potential. Safety audits are an important part of a companys control system and these checks ensure that deteriorating standards are detected. Examination of the defects exposed in this review results in hazardous conditions and potential accidents being avoided. Regular audits should be based on the premise that resources should be made available to identify and eliminate hazards before accidents occur, rather than use the resource of manpower and materials only after injuries and damage to equipment have resulted in human suffering, significant monetary.

Essay on safety of environment

Mehtasing Gunessee, health safety audit, school of sustainable development and tourism. BSc (Hons) Occupational Safety and health Management assignment, cohorts: boshm 11/batch 1/ ft, module name: accident investigation. Module code: oshm 2115, academic year: 2012/2013, semester:. Student Name: mehtasing gunessee, student id father's number: 111093, table of Content. Definition, audit, audit : The international business management system auditing standard iso 9011:2003 defines the term audit as; "Systematic, independent and documented process for obtaining evidence and evaluating it objectively to determine the extent to which the audit criteria are fulfilled". A health and safety audit, a health and safety audit is an audit that focuses on some or all aspects of health and safety. It is a review performed to determine whether health and safety regulations and company policies (and sometimes recognized good practice) are being adequately implemented and complied with. Why should we carryout and audit within a company?

Essay on safety health and environment
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