11 elements of a business plan

11 elements of a business plan

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Investors dont just hand over cash with no strings attached—they want to understand how their funds will be used and what the expected return on their investment. Finally, external plans put a strong emphasis on the team that is building the company. Investors invest in people rather than ideas, so its critical to include biographies of key team members and how their background and experience is going to help grow the company. What to include in your business plan While we just discussed several different types of business plans, there are key elements that appear in virtually all business plans. These include the review schedule, strategy summary, milestones, responsibilities, metrics (numerical goals that can be tracked and basic projections. The projections include sales, costs, expenses, and cash flow. These core elements grow organically as needed by the business for actual business purpose. And for the formal business plan document, to be read by outsiders for business purposes such as backing a loan application or seeking investment, the following summarizes those special-case business plans.

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These internal business plans skip details about company history and management team since everyone in the company almost certainly knows this information. Internal business plans are management tools used to guide the growth of both startups and existing businesses. They help business owners think through strategic decisions and measure progress towards goals. External business plan (a.k.a, the standard business plan document) External business plans, the formal business plan documents, are designed to be read by outsiders to provide information about a business. The most writing common use is to convince investors to fund a business, and the second most common is to support a loan application. Occasionally this type of business plan is also used to recruit or train or absorb key employees, but that is much less common. A formal business plan document is an extension of the internal business plan. Its mostly a snapshot of the internal plan as it existed at a certain time. But while the an internal plan is short on polish and formality, a formal business plan document should be very well-presented, with more attention to detail in the language and format. In addition, an external plan details how potential funds are going to be used.

First, it can be a barbing great tool to introduce the business to outsiders, such as potential investors. Since investors have very little time to read detailed business plans, a simple one-page plan is often a better approach to get that first meeting. Later in the process, a more detailed plan will be needed, but the one-page plan is great for getting in the door. This simple plan format is also great for early-stage companies that just want to sketch out their idea in broad strokes. Think of the one-page business plan as an expanded version of jotting your idea down on a napkin. Keeping the business idea on one page makes it easy to see the entire concept at a glance and quickly refine concepts as new ideas come. Learn more about how to create a one-page business plan. The Internal business plan The internal business plan dispenses with the formalities that are needed when presenting a plan externally and focuses almost exclusively on business strategy, milestones, metrics, budgets, and forecasts. And of course it also includes the review schedule for monthly review and revision.

11 elements of a business plan

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For example, if youre building a plan for a biotech firm, your plan will go into details about government approval processes. If you are writing a plan for a restaurant, details about location and renovations might be critical factors. And, the language youd use in the biotech firms business plan would be much more technical than the language youd use in the plan for the restaurant. Plans can also differ greatly in length, detail, and presentation. Plans that never leave the office and are used exclusively for internal strategic planning and management might use more casual language and might not have much visual polish. On the other end of the spectrum, a plan that is destined for the desk of a top venture capitalist will have a high degree of polish and will focus on the high-growth aspects of the business and the experienced team that is going. Here is a quick overview of three common types of plans: one-page business plan a one-page business plan is exactly what it sounds like: a quick summary of your business delivered on a single page. No, this doesnt mean write a very small font size and cramming tons of information onto a single page—it means that the business is described in very concise language that is direct and to-the-point. A one-page business plan can serve two purposes.

Business plans can be a critical driver of growth for existing businesses. Did you know that businesses that write plans and use them to manage their business grow 30 percent faster than businesses that take a seat of the pants approach? A recent study by Professor Andrew Burke, the founding Director of the bettany centre for Entrepreneurial Performance and Economics at Cranfield School of Management, discovered exactly this. For existing businesses, a robust business planning process can be a competitive advantage that drives faster growth and greater innovation. Instead of a static document, business plans in existing businesses become dynamic tools that are used to track growth and spot potential problems before they derail the business. Choosing the right kind of business plan for your business Considering that business plans serve many different purposes, its no surprise that they come in many different forms. Before you even start writing your business plan, you need to think about who the audience is and what the goals of your plan are. While there are common components that are found in almost every business plan, such as sales forecasts and marketing strategy, business plan formats can be very different depending on the audience and the type of business.

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11 elements of a business plan

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But, if youre embarking on a more significant endeavor thats likely to consume a significant amount of time, money, and resources, then you need a business plan. If youre serious about business, taking planning seriously is critical to your success. Startup businesses The most classic business planning scenario is for a startup, for which the plan helps the founders break uncertainty down into meaningful pieces, like the sales projection, expense budget, milestones and tasks. The need becomes obvious as soon as you recognize that you dont know jungle how much money you need, and when you need it, without laying out projected sales, costs, expenses, and timing of payments. And thats for all startups, whether or reviews not they need to convince investors, banks, or friends and family to part with their money and fund the new venture.

In this case, the business plan is focused on explaining what the new company is going to do, how it is going to accomplish its goals, and—most importantly—why the founders are the right people to do the job. A startup business plan also details the amount of money needed to get the business off the ground, and through the initial growth phases that will lead (hopefully!) to profitability. Existing businesses Not all business plans are for startups that are launching the next big thing. Existing businesses use business plans to manage and steer the business, not just to address changes in their markets and to take advantage of new opportunities. They use a plan to reinforce strategy, establish metrics, manage responsibilities and goals, track results, and manage and plan resources including critical cash flow. And of course they use a plan to sets the schedule for regular review and revision.

If you do need a formal business plan document, then that includes an executive summary, a company overview, some information about your products and/or services, your marketing plan, a list of major company milestones, some information about each member of the management team and their role. These are often called the sections or chapters of the business plan, and Ill go into much greater depth about each of them below. In all cases, the most important section of the business plan is the review schedule. Thats as simple as the third Thursday of every month to cite one obvious example. Thats the part of the plan that acknowledges that it is part of a planning process, in which results and metrics will be reviewed and revised regularly. A real business plan is always wrong—hence the regular review and revisions—and never done, because the process of review and revise is vital.

Unfortunately, many people think of business plans only for starting a new business or applying for business loans. But business plans are also vital for running a business, whether or not it needs new loans or new investments. Existing businesses should have business plans that they maintain and update as market conditions change and as new opportunities arise. Every business has long-term and short-term goals, sales targets, and expense budgets—a business plan encompasses all of those things, and is as useful to a startup trying to raise funds as it is to a 10-year-old business thats looking to grow. Who needs a business plan? If youre just planning on picking up some freelance work to supplement your income, you can skip the business plan.

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Ill also review: Lets start with the basics. What is a biography business plan? If youve ever jotted down a business idea on a napkin with a few tasks you need to guaranteed accomplish, youve written a business plan, or at least the very basic components of one. At its heart, a business plan is just a plan for how your business is going to work, and how youre going to make it succeed. Typically, a business plan is longer than a list on a napkin (although, as youll see below, it is possible—and sometimes ideal—to write your entire business plan on one page ). For me in practice, and for most real businesses, it can be as simple as a few bullet points to focus strategy, milestones to track tasks and responsibilities, and the basic financial projections you need to plan cash flow budget expenses. Business plans should only become printed documents on select occasions, when needed to share information with outsiders or team members. Otherwise, they should be dynamic documents that you maintain on your computer. The plan goes on forever, so the printed version is like a snapshot of what the plan was on the day that it was printed.

11 elements of a business plan

You dont do an exit strategy if youre not writing writer for investors and therefore you arent concerned with an exit. In business planning, form follows function. The plan is whats going to happen. The formal document, the pitch deck, the summary memo—those are outputs of the planning process, not the actual plan. And furthermore, even for those of you who do need to produce a business plan document, the task of writing a business plan today is much less daunting than it used. These days, business plans are simpler, shorter, and easier to produce than they have ever been. Gone are the days of 30- and 40-page business plans—modern business plans are shorter, easier to write, and—thankfully—easier to read (and you could always have our. Mba business plan consulting experts write a business plan for you, if you so choose). In this article, im going to explore the answer to the question, What is a business plan?

for your business that outlines goals and details how you plan to achieve those goals. Dont swallow the obsolete idea of the business plan must be a long, formal document, as if it were some term paper you have to write. Thats not true anymore. While every business has huge benefits to gain from going through the business planning process, only a small subset needs the formal business plan document required for seeking investors or supporting a commercial loan. For the rest of us, this is great news because it makes the planning process much less daunting. You start simple, and grow it organically. You dont do anything that doesnt have a business purpose, so you dont describe your management team (to name one example) unless you need to for outsiders.

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11 elements of a business plan
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