Responsibility assignment matrix pmp

responsibility assignment matrix pmp

How to use a responsibility assignment matrix

The degree to which the inherent characteristics fulfill requirements. Conformance to management's objectives. Answer : c hint: pmbok 5, page 556, definition of quality 33 A schedule performance index (SPI).76 means: you are over budget. You are ahead of schedule. You are only progressing at 76 percent of the rate originally planned. You are only progressing at 24 percent of the rate originally planned. Answer : c hint: pmbok 5, page 224, table7-1 spi definition, usage and interpretation 34 Contract closure is different from administrative closure in that contract closure: occurs before administrative closure.

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Forcing Smoothing Compromise Problem solving Answer : d hint: Except Problem Solving, all other approaches are temporary solutions resulting in recurring conflicts. 28 Breaking the major deliverables into smaller, more manageable components to provide better control is called: Scope planning. Bill of Materials (BOM). Answer : b hint: pmbok 5, page journey 128, sec decomposition 29 Which of the following is not an input to the initiating process group? Company processes The company culture historical wbss Project scope statement Answer : d hint: pmbok 5, page(s) 61, 106. Scope statement is output of Define Scope process under Planning. 30 Workarounds are determined during which risk management process? Identify risks Perform quantitative risk Analysis Plan Risk responses Control Risks Answer : d hint: pmbok 5, page 353, sec 31 A person who is involved in or may be affected by the activities or anyone who has something to gain or lose by the. Answer : c hint: pmbok 5, page 563, definition of Stakeholder 32 report quality is: meeting and exceeding the customer's expectations. Adding extras to make the customer happy.

Fixed price (FP) Cost plus percent of cost (cppc) Time and material (T M) Cost plus fixed fee (cpff) Answer : d hint: cpff is the margaret best contract type from buyer perspective as the seller is aware that cost overruns may have to be borne. 25 The project management process groups are: Initiating, planning, expediting, and control. Plan, organize, develop, and control. Plan, do, observe, commit. Initiating, planning, executing, monitoring controlling, and closing. Answer: d hint: pmbok 5 Page 49 Definitions of Process Groups 26 In which project management process group is the detailed project budget created? Initiating Before the project management process Planning Executing Answer : c hint: pmbok 5 Page 61 Table 3-1 Project Management Process Group and Knowledge Area mapping 27 Which of the following conflict resolution techniques will generate the most lasting solution?

responsibility assignment matrix pmp

What is responsibility assignment matrix?

The functional manager is responsible for employee skills improvement. The project manager is responsible for the employee. The employee is responsible for his or her own skills improvement. Answer: b hint: pmbok 5 Page 21, sec.1.3 Organizational Structures 24 your program manager has come to you, the project manager, for help with a bid for her newest project. You want to protect your company from financial risk. You have limited scope definition. What entry is the best type of contract to choose?

Cost plus percentage of cost as an award fee cost plus fixed fee cost plus incentive fee firm fixed price Answer: a hint: Option a is most lucrative incentive while option c also offers incentives. Read about Type of Vendor Contracts such as Cost Plus Incentive fee (cpif) 21 Purchasing insurance is considered an example of risk: mitigation. Answer b hint: pmbok 5 Page 344 Sec Strategies for Negative risks 22 A cost performance index (CPI).89 means: at this time, we expect the total project to cost 89 percent more than planned. When the project is completed we will have spent 89 percent more than planned. The project is only progressing at 89 percent of that planned. The project is only getting 89 cents out of every dollar invested. Answer: d hint: pmbok 5 Page 219 - cost performance index 23 In a matrix organization, which of the following is true? The project manager is responsible for employee skills improvement.

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responsibility assignment matrix pmp

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What form of organization must the project manager be working in? Functional Matrix Expediter coordinator Answer: a daughter hint: pmbok 5 Page 21, sec.1.3 Organizational Structures 16 All of the following are characteristics of a project except: Temporary definite beginning and end Interrelated activities Repeats itself every month Answer : d hint: pmbok 5 Page. 17 A team is using a fishbone diagram to help determine what quality standards will be used on the project. What part of the quality management process are they in? Perform quality control Perform quality assurance Plan quality management Variable analysis Answer : c hint: pmbok 5 Page 235, sec.1.2 Plan quality management 18 The equivalent of cost reimbursable contracts is frequently termed: the Back charge contracts.

Answer: d hint: read about Type of Vendor Contracts such as Cost Plus Incentive fee (cpif) 19 A buyer extends a formal invitation containing a scope of work. The invitation seeks a response describing the methodology and results that will be provided to the buyer. This is called: Invitation to bid. Answer: c hint: pmbok 5 Page 558 Request for proposal definition 20 A project manager must have some work done by an outside contractor. This work has a great deal of risk associated with it, and it has become very difficult to find a contractor willing to take on the job. Which of the following types of contract would offer the greatest incentive to the contractor?

The team schedule the project. Management know how other managers will act on the project. Answer: a hint: pmbok 5 Page 311 Risk tolerance 12 A project manager is employed by a construction company and is responsible for the furnishing of the completed building. One of the first things that the project manager for this project should do is to write a: Work breakdown structure. Answer: c hint: pmbok 5 Page 66 Sec.1 develop Project Charter; Page 16, sec.7 Role of the Project Manager 13 your company has an emergency and needs contracted work done as soon as possible. Under these circumstances, which of the following would be the helpful to add to the contract?

A clear contract statement of work requirements as to which subcontractors can be used Incentives A force majeure clause Answer : c hint: read about Type of Vendor Contracts such as Cost Plus Incentive fee (cpif) 14 The "halo effect" refers to the tendency. Move people into project management because they are good in their technical fields. Move people into project management because they have had project management training. Answer : c hint: Flaw in Expert Judgment when people good in certain areas are deemed as good in all areas. 15 A project manager is trying to complete a software development project, but cannot get enough attention for the project. Resources are focused on completing process-related work and the project manager has little authority to properly assign resources.

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Loo, ooo and is taking place in three countries using 14 human resources. There is little parts risk expected for the project and the project manager has managed many projects similar to this one. What is the next thing to do? Understand the experience of the sponsor on similar projects. Create an activity list. Make sure the project scope is defined. Complete risk management and issue the responsibility assignment matrix. Answer: b hint: pmbok 5 Page 149 Sec.2 Define Activities 11 Risk tolerances are determined in order to help: the team rank the project risks. The project manager estimate the project.

responsibility assignment matrix pmp

Which of the following should most concern you? Who will be a member of the change control board Spending more time on configuration management Getting a single project sponsor Determining the reporting structure Answer: d the hint: pmbok 5 Page 66 Sec.1 develop Project Charter 9 The project manager is making sure that. What part of the project management process is he in? Planning Executing Monitoring and controlling Closing Answer: d hint: pmbok 5 Page 57 Sec.7 Closing Process Group 10 The wbs and wbs dictionary are completed. The project team has begun working on identifying risks. The sponsor contacts the project manager, requesting that the responsibility assignment matrix be issued. The project has a budget.

Page 204, sec.2.2 Estimate costs: tools techniques 6, if earned value (EV) 350, actual cost (AC) 400, planned value (PV) 325, what is cost variance (CV)? Answer : d hint: cv ev - ac 7 A project manager has just been assigned to a new project and has been given the preliminary project scope statement and the project charter. The first thing the project manager must do is: create a project scope statement. Confirm that all the stakeholders have contributed to the scope. Begin work on a project management plan. Answer: b hint: pmbok 5 Page 66 Sec.1 develop Project Charter 8 you are taking over a project during the planning process group and discover that six individuals have signed the project charter.

Answer: b, hint: A centralized department is created to bring in processes and uniformity, which leads to development of expertise. 2, risks will be identified during which risk management process (es)? Perform quantitative risk Analysis and Identify risks. Identify risks and Control Risks, perform qualitative risk Analysis and Control Risks. Identify risks, answer: b, hint: pmbok 5 Page 312, figure.1 3, the highest point of Maslow's hierarchy book of needs is: Physiological satisfaction, attainment of survival. Esteem, self-actualization, answer: d, hint: read Maslow's theory on hierarchy of needs. Self-actualization is on top of the pyramid. 4, who is ultimately responsible for quality management on the project?

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Advertisements, previous Page, next Page, here are 200 more objective type sample questions and their answers are given just below to them. This exam is just to give you an idea of type of questions which may be asked in pmp certification Exams. Even we have taken full care to give correct answers for all the questions but it is recommended to verify these answers. In examination, you will get each question one by one on computer screen. 1, which of the following is an advantage of centralized contracting? Makes it easier to find vendors. Increases company expertise in contracting, gives more loyalty to the project. Allows the a contracts person to work on a single project.

Responsibility assignment matrix pmp
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  2. Free project Management Certification Practice quiz from. Articles on the Science. Project Management - useful Free resources for. Project Managers from Velopi who provide pmi fetac accredited courses in Cork, dublin, galway limerick.

  3. Most of these questions are definition based, well suited for you to try during your studies to check your progress. Project management is the practice of initiating, planning, executing, controlling, and closing the work of a team to achieve specific goals and meet specific success criteria at the specified time. Cambium Networks pmp 450 Series user manual online. Cambium 450 series Platform For Regulatory review Only (inclusion of 40 mhz channel size). Pmp 450 Series Network router pdf manual download.

  4. Pmp sample questions and answers and improve your, pmp exam prep towards attaining a pmi. Free and no registration needed: Test your project management knowledge and get prepared for the. Sep 15, 2008 chapter 1:project management framework, questions:. Question: Which of the following is not the feature. In this blog post Im going to provide you with 100 free pmp exam sample questions.

  5. Check-out our valuable and unique top 15 pm applications 2018. Requirements Traceability matrix (rtm ) is a tool to help ensure that the projects scope. Pmp certification is the world's leading project management credential: indispensable for everyone who intends to succeed in the field. Pmi has recently revamped its foundational Project Management Body of Knowledge to incorporate new processes and an entirely new area of knowledge: Project Stakeholder Management. Grab an understanding from these.

  6. Pmp, exam Tips : raci is a popular type of ram (. Responsibility Assignment Matrix ) for the project human resource management to ensure each project activities are held. Keep your skills up-to-date with small-group, in-person training courses that give you a deep understanding of a focused topic in a city near you. Pmp sample questions, pmp, certification Exams Preparation based on pmi's 4th Edition of pmbok guide, global Standard for Project Management. Learn about Project Management Rules of seven Project Crashing Fast Tracking Project quality Planning Project Execution Just-In-Time Analogous Estimation pert cmp activity on Array. Need a simple project management software to manage your team?

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