Study of handwriting analysis

study of handwriting analysis

Handwriting Analysis, Graphology, personality Profile

The emotional energy has a direct impact on every other trait displayed in the handwriting. The stroke depicts life force, energy flow. The stroke's pressure represents intellectual vitality, physiological energy, sexual passion, and emotional intensity. Pressure is defined by how much force you apply to the writing surface with the writing instrument and not the hand grip pressure. Pressure is how hard you press down on the paper. Pressure indicates the capacity for vigorous activities.

Meanings of sizes in writing

The book "How to recognize from a letter the nature and quality of a writer" was written by camillo baldi, an Italian doctor review of medicine and philosophy (and professor at the University of Bologna). It wasn't until much later though, that the word "graphology" appeared. In 1870 French monk named jean Hippolyte michon coined the phrase "Graphology" (from the Greek: "Graph" meaning, 'to write' or 'i write and "Logos" meaning 'doctrine' or 'theory believed the brain, and not the hand, controlled handwriting. He broke handwriting down into a series of strokes, assigning a personality trait to each stroke. Although graphology is scorned by many scientists due to a shortage of supporting empirical evidence, the technique is widely used in both unofficial and official capacities around the world - from working with learning disadvantaged children to employee screening or helping people find the most. In the courtroom, trained graphologists (so-called forensic document examiners ) are hired to examine "questioned documents" in cases involving issues such as contested wills or allegations of forgery. Graphologists examine strokes, pressure, slants, heights, loops, letter spacing, dotted "i's" and crossed "t's etc. When analyzing writing graph style, first look at the handwriting in general, much like you would a painting. Make mental notes of the most outstanding traits and try to get a general feeling of the writer. Then, determine the emotional energy of the writer. This is the most important factor of the personality of the writer.

Dont miss these other small habits that reveal a lot about your personality. The study of interpreting handwriting is known as handwriting analysis. Those who specialize in graphology, the practice of handwriting analysis, believe your penmanship harbors more than the power of self-expression; they believe it bears the unique imprint of your personality. Handwriting reveals hundreds of elements of the person's "personality and character" year which includes glimpses into the subconscious mind, intellect, energy, fears, motivations, imagination, integrity, aptitudes, etc. There are over 100 individual traits revealed and an unlimited number of combinations. The activity dates back many centuries, having originally (as far as we can tell) been taken from southern India to China and from there to Greece, circa 2,000. Aristotle claimed that he could define a persons soul from studying his handwriting. The roman historian suetonius claimed that Emperor Augustus did not separate his words which led him to conclude that the Emperor did not pay attention to detail in forming a picture of the whole situation. In 1622, the first known published book on graphology emerged.

study of handwriting analysis

Handwriting Analysis Chart: quick Graphology guide

Are your os open or closed? Tatiana ayazo/m It might not be something you think about too often, but according to The pen Warehouse, the way you write your os might say more about your personality than you think. If your os are usually closed, you probably tend to keep to yourself and are more introverted. If your os are usually open, theres a good chance youre more social and extroverted. Regardless of whether youre an introvert or an extrovert, there are plenty of strengths of both. How do you write your es? Tatiana ayazo/m Are your es narrow or large? The pen Warehouse says that if theyre usually narrow youre probably skeptical and uninfluenced by emotions. If you find that your es are usually large, you might be more open-minded and willing to try new things.

Handwriting Analysis - learn to analyse personality from

study of handwriting analysis

M: Handwriting Analysis : Putting It to work for

You might have a big head if thesis Emma kapotes/m, istock If you write the letter I (as a pronoun) much larger than any other capital letter, you might be arrogant. . Dont miss this one-minute trick that will instantly improve your handwriting. You might be lying if Emma kapotes/m, istock If the slant of your writing (or any other feature of your handwriting) changes dramatically over the course of a piece of writing, theres a good chance youre lying. Are your letters connected or disconnected? Tatiana ayazo/m According to The pen Warehouse, if you connect your letters when youre writing, it might mean youre very logical and most of your decisions are based on facts and experience. If your letters are disconnected, you might be more imaginative, impulsive, and base your decisions on intuition. Find out why writing by hand makes you smarter.

How often do you use punctuation? Tatiana ayazo/m Life would be pretty confusing without proper punctuation, but when is it too much? If you use excessive punctuation, like several exclamations points or periods, you might be an emotional person, The pen Warehouse explains. . Excessive punctuation use might also be a sign that you have a slightly obsessive personality. Check out these times punctuation completely changes the meaning of a sentence.

A short hook means youre a homebody, while a long hook could be a signal of wanderlust. Are your letters pointed or rounded? Whether or not your words are rounded or pointed also plays a role in what your handwriting says about you. Pointed letters are a sign of an intelligent person who might be holding back aggression. Rounded letters signal creativity and artistic ability.

Dont miss these science-backed ways to boost creative thinking. Sign Up for Our Newsletters, get articles sent right to your inbox. Enjoy the best stories, advice jokes! How quickly do you write? Emma kapotes/m, istock, if you write quickly, its highly likely that youre impatient and dislike wasting time. . If you take your time getting your words down, you are self-reliant and methodical.

What does your handwriting say about you?

If you cross them low, it could mean its time to raise reviews the bar for yourself; low crossers tend to aim low as well. How do you loop your lowercase l? Emma kapotes/m, istock, a widely looped l suggests youre relaxed and spontaneous, while a narrow or retraced l means you might be restricting yourself. . Check out what your go-to font says about your personality. What do your y hooks look like? The hook on your lowercase y is a huge indicator of personality. A broad loop means youve got a large circle of friends, while a slender pdf loop suggests youre more selective with whom you allow close to you. .

study of handwriting analysis

Left slanters also tend to be reserved and introspective. Check out these hidden strengths of being an introvert. How do you cross your ts? Emma kapotes/m, istock, your ts have a lot to do with blue what your handwriting says about you. If you cap off your ts with a long cross, youre likely determined and enthusiastic, possibly with stubborn tendencies. If you use a short cross, however, it could be because youre lazy. If you cross you lowercase ts up high, you likely have many goals and aim high.

is to the left, you might be a procrastinator. And if you dot your is with a circle, you likely have playful and childlike qualities. How legible is your signature? Emma kapotes/m, istock, sign your documents accordingly: A legible signature is a sign of confidence and comfort in ones own skin, while an illegible signature is the mark of a private or hard-to-read person. Which way does your handwriting slant? Did you know you can tell what your handwriting says about you by the direction of its slant? A right slant means you like to meet and work with new people, while a left slant means you prefer to keep to yourself.

Emma kapotes/m, istock, listing people who leave large spaces between their words enjoy freedom and independence, while those who squeeze their words together tend to like the company of others. If your words are totally jammed together, a writing analysis will suggest that you might be intrusive or have the tendency to crowd people. How much pen pressure do you use? While a very heavy pen pressure can suggest tension and anger, a moderately heavy pressure is a sign of commitment. A soft pressure means youre empathetic and sensitive; you might also lack vitality, according to one. National Pen Company study. . These are the ways doodling makes you smarter. How do you dot your is?

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View as slideshow, juliana labiancaJul 09, brittany gibsonJul. The way you dot your is and cross your ts could reveal more than 5,000 different personality traits. How big or small do you write? Emma kapotes/m, istock, youd be surprised to see what a writing analysis says about you. Did you know big, outgoing personalities tend to write in large letters, and shy, introverted types prefer to write small? If you have average-sized writing, it demonstrates a strong ability statement to focus and concentrate. How much do you space your words?

Study of handwriting analysis
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Is our new Starter Kit which includes all the basic traits for fast, accurate, and fun handwriting analysis. You can order the home study version (which includes dvds, book, audio cds, an emotional gauge, and a grapho deck).

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  1. Many graphologists claim that handwriting analysis is non-discriminatory, since it cannot determine gender, Age, ethnicity, or other eeoc protected Classes.67 However, thus far, there have been no studies demonstrating that the use of handwriting analysis in employment does not have. What personality traits can be observed through handwriting analysis? See here m with examples and data. (5) Motivational Stories (30) Personal development (44) Psychology Studies (26) Social Psychology (23) Therapy meditation (14). But proponents of handwriting analysis say that will change with the publication of the new study, which will appear in The journal of Forensic Sciences in July.

  2. These reports combine both methods thereby creating an accurate analysis. Checks, certificates, wills, passports, licenses,. What does a graphologist study? Studies personality of the writer based on handwriting samples. What year did the. Court of appeals determine that handwriting analysis qualified as expert testimony?

  3. The art of handwriting analysis-graphology, as it is more commonly called, especially in Europe-has two branches:. Our second problem, semantics, can cause a great deal of difficulty either in the exercise of the graphological art or in the study of it; it is a pitfall into which many have tumbled. The Write Stuff: evaluations of Graphology, the Study of Handwriting Analysis (pp. Targeted pairs which are in a congruent and others, incongruent direction with graphologists' claims. Two schools of thought; trait stacking refers to the study of analyzing handwriting strokes And Gestalt refers to looking at the writing as whole picture.

  4. Learn what a writing analysis reveals about you. Heres What your Handwriting says About you. A soft pressure means youre empathetic and sensitive; you might also lack vitality, according to one national Pen Company study. Two threads of argument run through the foregoing article on handwriting analysis. The first asserts the great need for research studies because "a proper test run has never been devised and carried out, at least not in the United States.

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