Solaris system administrator resume

solaris system administrator resume

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Involved in datacenter move. Moved data to destination disks using vxdump/vxrestore and ufsdump/ufsrestore. Configured newly built system with veritas volume manager. Performed capacity analysis of resources. Recommended and procured additional resources where needed. Including memory, cpu and san storage. Recovered from system outages in speedy manner. Investigated and corrected root causes.

Solaris system administrator resume samples and formats

Created file system in veritas fs/VM. Monitored and mounted file systems; performed maintenance on corrupted file systems. Created and maintained file system, executed security and printer configuration summary and realized tcp/ip addressing. Managed users accounts and access privileges, individual and system login scripts on Windows nt and Win2K/03. Monitored network activities; supported remote locations and system users. Provided lan performance optimization, daily backups and common system problems troubleshooting. Administered user's accounts on the system, configured user initialization files to provide a consistent login environment for over 70 users, implemented system security. Candidate Info 6 Solaris Administrator Performed health duties as a system admin in an isp environment of over 900 servers located in multiple data centers. Developed and implemented Solaris.8 eol solution which included: upgrade of servers to solaris. Solaris P2V migration and consolidation. Built new dns servers running Bind.5 for Lightpath customers.

Pix setup and dmz creation along with the setting up of nat. Candidate Info 4, solaris Administrator Consultant, installed Oracle 8i on Sun Solaris Systems and migrated the billing data base lined from Oracle 7 to Oracle. Programmed Pro*C and shell scripts for automated file transfer between Unix Servers and the automated data upload to billing data base. Designed, developed, implemented and tested a daemon process to automate the veritas event Data collection at different idc sites in North America and transferred the data as a flat file utilizing ftp over vpn to the billing Data base server located at Durham,. Designed the daemon process to verify and accept the data file at the billing location and generate Oracle data tables to populate the mediation database for the billing process utilizing the sql loader. Actively participated in the development activity of the group to convert the company intranet web site into a web Portal utilizing Oracle 8i utilizing java applets. Candidate Info 5, sun Solaris Administrator, analyzed and designed Network Interface connections. Installed and configured Solaris8 servers and clients, administered disks usage, configured nfs to support the client-server environment, set up and configured Autofs file systems to provide support to development community. Provided System administration Sun/Solaris servers (E450 to 10K's).

solaris system administrator resume

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Administered all unix systems; 10 Solaris, 3 Linux. Maintained Ex Libris Aleph ils (Integrated Library system) on Solaris and Oracle platforms, sun Hardware: A1000, E450, E4500, L9, L25, S20, 280r, v440, v880, T3, U60. Developed Informix sql, and created Informix tables and indexes. Provided systems and programming support to digital library initiatives; mysql, mason, perl, and evaluated and recommended other open sources as needed. Provide systems security on Solaris and Windows; system patches, ssh, ssl, ipfilter, write tcp wrappers. Administer Veritas Volume summary manager.2 and Net Backup.5 Data center. Provided assistance in NT/Win2K server setup and management.

Modified Cisco router acl's for increased network utilization and efficiency, establishing failover paths which allowed for uninterrupted website access is case of router failure. Candidate Info 2, senior Solaris Administrator, responsible for Solaris 9/10 servers nis, dns, mail, xdmcp, san, sl500 tape library, 50 Solaris 9 workstations, 60 Windows XP/2000 desktops, and coordinating team. Assisted application programmers and Oracle dba in understanding and utilizing Solaris. Resolved inherited dns instability, network misconfiguration, and deployed a solaris cluster. Updated sever scripts, wrote new automation, and documented all routine administration tasks. Candidate Info 3, solaris Administrator, administrator of ibm e-server Linux clusters in the load-balanced configuration. Lead responsibility for all unix server administration, back-up nt server administration. Maintained integrity and security of the Integrated Library system and related systems.

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solaris system administrator resume

System, administrator, resume, sample, system, administrator, resume

(Atlanta, ga) December 1997 - february 1998 researched expansion and design issues for a nationwide nsp backbone performed configuration and troubleshooting of advanced dynamic routing issues (BGP4, ospf) authored policy documentation for all standardized procedures performed extensive auditing of router configuration information, customer databases,. (Arlington, va) October 1994 - april 1997 Planned and implemented a nationwide high-speed wan backbone based on ip, frame relay, and atm communications technologies to provide high-speed Internet access services (isdn, t1, ds3) managed inter-provider technical operations (bgp peering) at major interconnection points (NAPs) supervised. (Arlington, va) October 1994 - april 1997 Installed and maintained various unix systems server (Linux, Freebsd, solaris) to provide: o internet access services (Usenet news, dns, smtp, pop3, www, shell accounts) o internal management services (Sybase database, workstations, statistics collection) designed and implemented software to work. Solaris Administrators are information technology experts maintaining networks by using the solaris operating system. Typical duties listed on a solaris Administrator resume example are supervising and guiding staff, coordinating maintenance, troubleshooting technical problems, ensuring network security, and collaborating with various departments in the company. Based on our collection of resume samples, the most sought-after skills in a solaris Administrator are technical aptitudes, problem-solving orientation, communication and interpersonal abilities, multitasking, time management, and teamwork. Employers usually require a degree in computer science or information technology and Solaris certification provided by the Oracle corporation.

Looking for job listings? Solaris Administrator Jobs page. 1, solaris Administrator, planned, configured, and administered Solaris servers and dns environment. Managed local and remote administration of m's production, test, and development environment, with occasional new system builds and configuration for implementation in Informix database and Webserver environment. Assembled, installed, configured and managed over 20 Solaris servers for use in m's attempt at an online marketplace, enabling website hosting and maintenance for over 10K websites. Managed dns (Domain Naming Service) for company's clients, eliminating the need for input of complex and changing url paths. Maintained complete failover systems through the use of Veritas Volume manager, creating duplicate environments which could take over in case of primary system failure.

Debian gnu/Linux package development, hardware, sun sparc, ultra, enterprise (350, 450, 4500). Cisco 2500/4000/3600/7000/7200/7500 series, catalyst 2800/5000, ascend (Pipeline, max 4048, max tnt, grf 400). F5 Big/IP load balancing systems, programming and Other Languages, ansi c,. Perl, unix toolbox (Bourne shell, awk, sed, grep, make, etc.). Tex/latex typesetting system, java (including servlet programming and jsp).

Sql, scheme, education, johns Hopkins University center for Talented youth (Lancaster, pa). Now known as the Institute for the Academic Advancement of youth * Theoretical foundations of Computer Science (Summer 1993) * Data Structures and Algorithms (Summer 1994) * Digital Logic (Summer 1995 university of Maryland, baltimore county * Part-time student (Computer Science 1995-96 Rochester Institute. mentored junior unix administrators and Microsoft administrators on unix operations. performed an audit of existing systems, integrating legacy spreadsheets and semi-automatically collected data on hardware and software specifications into a centralized ldap database implemented a system to monitor link utilization for a global network, including physical wan connections and logical vpn connections designed and implemented. Used preliminary data to recommend strategies for improving network performance SpringStreet (San Francisco, ca) January 1999 - december 1999 * System and Network Administrator performed system administration tasks for a cluster of Sun Ultra and Enterprise-class servers to provide high-volume, dynamic www content with greater. performed hardware maintenance for colocated servers, including equipment replacement and capacity planning performed a comprehensive security audit, including software vendor patches, network trust, password strength, and network layer filtering Network Architect NetRail, Inc.

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Matt also has extensive high-speed Internet service experience, including layer 2/3 architectural planning and inter-domain routing. Professional Community, debian developer, 1999-present, debian package maintainer for (and contributor to) rrdtool, Cricket, flac, gnu common c, hercules, others. Author, apt-listchanges, expert it skills, unix, linux (Debian, red Hat). Solaris.x, 7, freebsd, digital unix, netBSD. Protocols and Subsystems, layer 2/3 networking: tcp/ip, atm, frame relay. Ip routing: bgp4, ospf, rip, unix subsystems: Kerberos V5, bootp, nfs, nis, automount, snmp, http, pop3, imap, smtp, dns, dhcp, ldap. Software/Applications, apache web server night (including ssl, apache-jserv). Netscape Enterprise web server, oracle server version 7, 8, postgresql. Cvs version control system, squid Internet Object Cache, lVM.

solaris system administrator resume

Developed shell scripts and programming tools to automate administrative tasks such as backups. Evaluated and solved system and network problems using various diagnostics and protocols including, nfs, tcp/ip, and dns. Technical skills, applications: peopleSoft.x (Financials and hrms oracle financials, cognos, hyperion, Open source content Management Systems. Tools: mbsa (ms baseline security Analyzer sekchek, dumpSec. Platforms: Windows 2000/2003, vista, linux, unix, boys as/400, os/390, z/os, mvs. Databases: Oracle.x/10.x/11.x, sql server, db2, mysql, ms access). Resume, matt., biography, matt. Is a superbly-skilled unix systems and Network Administrator with extensive real-world experience. . Matt has over 8 years of advanced multiplatform unix system administration and programming experience, specializing in networking and security.

fl, unix systems Administrator, 20xx - 20xx: Assisted with implementing the design of a startup isp for the healthcare community. Partnered with general contractors on hvac, raised floor architecture, and fiber/ cabling diagrams for the data center. Analyzed and resolved system and network problems utilizing various diagnostics and protocols including, nfs, tcp/ip and dns. Maintained Sun Microsystems workstations including Sparc 450 and 250 servers. Constructed a data center in just 30 days. Efg insurance, miami,. Unix systems Administrator, 20xx - 20xx: maintained Sun Microsystems Ultra series and Sparc Series platforms.

Perform maintenance and troubleshooting of a cisco based network on Verizon's enterprise networking system. Monitor and configure Orion, a network monitoring tool. Troubleshoot outages and configure networking protocols. Supervise team of programmers to ensure efficient day-to-day operations. Designed and implemented emaps, verizon's lottery provisioning system for the new York State lottery. Collaborated with other teams to ensure applications worked smoothly with emaps, running on Solaris with an Oracle database and xml parsers written in ProC/. Successfully supermarket completed projects on schedule and within budget; interfaced with vspoc, wfa, and other Verizon applications, which have two-way data transfers with emaps. Bcd incorporated, miami, fl, unix systems Administrator, 20xx - 20xx: Collaborated with all departments to identify capacity planning as well as define system requirements.

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Jesse kendall 123 Elm Street miami, fl 33183 Home: (305) email protected, comprehensive unix systems administration, highly skilled in maintaining applications, installing backup systems, and paper resolving end-user issues. Successful background in performing equipment installation, upgrades, patches, and configuration. Experienced in installing and administrating RedHat and other Linux Operating Systems. Unix systems administration success, abc computer Systems, miami,. Unix systems Administrator, 20xx - present: Serve as Project Manager and unix administrator on dvacs, verizon's gui-based trouble spot database for all New York State lottery terminals. Handle tickets for covering installation, disconnection, maintenance, and troubleshooting, including Oracle database maintenance, tuning, backup, and PL/sql programming. Oversee maintenance, performance tuning, and failover of sql servers.

Solaris system administrator resume
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  3. Network Administrator system Administrator - fresher s Also Apply. Planning, Installation, configuration, maintenance and Administrat ion of Linux ( Redhat 5, 6, 7 suse linux) and day to day system admin.

  4. S un Solaris, hp-ux, red Hat, fedora and suse linux, network Appliance. Where as cv is a complete explanation about your skills, job roles. Certified Solaris administrator with strong understanding on system. Resume sample of a unix Systems Administrator highly skilled. Other teams to ensure applications worked smoothly with emaps, running on Solaris with. Apply to 57 Solaris Admin Jobs in Mumbai on m, India.1 Job Porta.

  5. Check out Sun Solaris Administrator. Sample resumes - free easy to Edit get Noticed by top Employers! Is a superbly-skilled unix systems and Network Administrator with extensiv. Linux (Debian, red Hat solaris.x, 7; Freebsd; Digital unix; NetBSD. Unix System Administrator Resume sample One is one of three resumes for this.

  6. Solaris Administrators are information technology experts maintaining networks by using the solaris operating system. Typical duties listed on a solaris. Utilize system software to monitor the performance of system files; manages system data to maintain performance efficiencies; Creating and/or updating Asset. Objective seeking the position of an unix solaris Systems Administr ator where my skills in Languages/Methodologies, technologies, software. Looking for Sun Solaris Admin Resume samples?

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