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simulation thesis

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Next, the pilot assesses a maneuver needed for himself in order to defeat an adversary's attack or countering an adversary's defensive move while on the offensive. Finally, a maneuver is accomplished with great speed, which is designed to be unpredictable and asymmetrical. The cycle is then repeated. If a series of maneuvers can be accomplished with enough quickness that the adversary cannot react with appropriate counter-maneuvers, then victory is certain. Boyd's theory of the ooda loop was only part of his life-long work. His culminating treatise, a discourse on Winning and Losing, was never officially published; however, it has been reproduced thousands of times. Boyd never sought to publish it, for he intended it to remain as an academic work in progress.

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Boyd knew our training was better, but could training alone accomplish this? What the f-86 could do better was transition between maneuvers more quickly than the mig. This was because of the hydraulic boost page to the flight control surfaces on the sabre, which allowed the f-86 to quickly transition in the roll, pitch, and yaw axes. The ideas of fast transients, switching quickly between maneuvers, and energy maneuverability, the ability to quickly lose and gain energy, stuck with boyd and led to some of his most important conceptual ideas in both fighter combat and maneuver warfare. The most widely known contribution boyd made was the more commonly known as the ooda loop. Boyd, intuitively, understood this while flying air combat, but, like the rest of his works, the concept would be developed later when reflecting upon his combat experiences in Korea. The current tactics manuals, for those flying fighters, have adjusted boyd's ooda loop to a new verbiage, using the acronym opam: life Observe, predict, Assess, and Maneuver. Despite the different words, the cycle is identical to boyd's ooda loop. A pilot employing an aircraft during Basic Fighter Maneuvers (BFM) first observes the adversary with onboard sensors, preferably the pilot's own vision. Then the pilot predicts a course of maneuver for the enemy based upon an assessment of the enemy's energy state, knowledge of the enemy's tactics, aircraft, and relative advantage in position.

Boyd could not understand why his flight leader was not firing on the mig only 200 feet in front of the flight. On this occasion, the flight leader had an electrical failure and his guns would not fire nor could he talk to summary his wingman. Boyd, unable to communicate with him, could not implore his flight leader to move out of the way; boyd needed a clear field of fire. The flight lead broke off the attack because they were both low on fuel and they headed back south. After they landed, the two fighter pilots exchanged stories that seemed much funnier than while up North. However, they knew this would be the last time the fighter pilot would have a chance at the prize, shooting down an enemy aircraft. The disappointment of returning empty-handed lit a fire under the great fighter pilot. How could the Americans at a rate of 10 to 1 slaughter the mig-15, which could clearly out perform the f-86?

simulation thesis

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Boyd stayed close to his leader, ensuring that he covered his 'six.'. The two pilots chased the flight of tiny migs. The silver enemies eventually saw the hunters and began to react. One of the enemy planes maneuvered expertly and gained an advantage. But, due to a keen sense and an early 'tallyho boyd executed a series of quick maneuvers forcing the mig to overshoot his aircraft. The mig, as was well known, could out climb, out turn, and out accelerate the American darling, the f-86 Sabre jet. Boyd could not leave his flight leader to pursue the mig; he had to maintain mutual support with his flight leader. Boyd concentrated on his flight leader and the mig they were chasing.

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simulation thesis

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Kerry Strong, and her staff at the Archives for their patience and help in this project. And, finally, i would like to thank my other mentor,. Donald Bittner, on faculty at the. Marine command and Staff College. Bittner's hard work and patience was invaluable to the completion of this paper. Chapter 1, prologue, the sun that glinted on a dozen metallic objects drawing off in the distance made the fighter pilot's heart race.

Lieutenant John boyd and his flight leader saw the tiny migs takeoff from the airfield North of the yalu. Boyd and his flight leader were going to chase and shoot down the migs in an easy victory. To boyd this was certain, because he had already gained a reputation as a great fighter pilot, even as a wingman. However, boyd would never be a flight leader; it was 1953 and the war would be over in a few months. Boyd had only 22 of the necessary 30 required combat missions to qualify as a flight leader. A wingman was always at the mercy of a flight leader, and boyd was better than most. The migs continued to climb and the flight leader led the two of them across the yalu to meet the migs.

Conclusion: Colonel boyd had a successful career by any measurement and made tremendous contributions to the air Force. However, his primary legacy will be the warfighting philosophy adopted by one of the proudest institutions of the United States armed services, the marine corps. Preface, in 1997, my father-in-law, a retired Captain, United States navy reserve, handed me the tribute article from The United States naval Institute, proceedings. This piece, written by Franklin 'Chuck' spinney, appeared on the occasion of Colonel John. I was astounded at the accomplishments of this Air Force colonel. As a united States Air Force attack pilot, i was well aware of the contributions boyd made to the air Force, but I did not know the man.

This paper is an attempt to tell part of the story of an ideal American officer, a combination warrior and scholar; it assesses not only his contributions to the air Force, but the legacy he left to one of America's proudest military institutions, the United. Completion of this mms paper, including the research was made much easier with the help of several individuals. First, i would like to thank two of Colonel boyd's close friends, Franklin 'Chuck' spinney for inviting me to join the washington. Version of the 'algonquin roundtable' at the fort myer's Officer's Club, where colonel boyd's ideas continue; and Colonel Michael Wyly, usmc (Ret. who was invaluable in understanding Colonel boyd's relationship with the corps. I would also like to thank robert Coram and. Grant Hammond, both biographers of Colonel boyd. Marine corps University research Archives, especially the boyd Collection, were vital to my research. I would like to thank my mentors,.

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The marine corps, however, has arguably gained the most literature from his contributions. As a retired Colonel, boyd began studying warfare, to include the study of hundreds of sources. Colonel boyd synthesized his studies into a fresh assessment of warfare, combining ideas from maneuver warfare and moral warfare. These ideas on maneuver warfare were seized by a few in the marine corps who recognized them as an evolutionary step in the way that service would fight in the future. This paper consists of seven chapters. The first two are a chronology of Colonel boyd's significant accomplishments while in the air Force. The next five examine the development of his theory on maneuver warfare, its genesis within the marine corps, and its lasting unintended legacy.

simulation thesis

Boyd's most important contribution has been his lasting legacy of maneuver warfare that he helped develop for the marine corps. Discussion: Colonel John boyd's career began as an Air Force fighter pilot in the closing months of the korean War. He never forgot his combat experiences, especially the incredible success rate that American pilots had in the f-86 against the mig-15. Though the mig-15 was superior to the f-86 in almost all performance categories, the American pilots had an 11-1 kill ratio. While most attributed this success primarily to superior training, boyd thought it might have had something to do with the aircraft. This experience led him directly or subtly into many of the contributions he made to the air Force. This includes essay the first comprehensive text on air combat maneuvers, aerial Attack Study ; the discovery of Energy maneuverability theory, vitally important to the aircraft design and procurement process; and finally, as a central member of the 'pentagon Reformers' a group dedicated to changing the.

include the foregoing statement. quot;tion from, abstraction from, or reproduction of all or any part of this document is permitted provided proper acknowledgement is made. Executive summary, title: From Air Force fighter Pilot to marine corps Warfighting: Colonel John. Boyd, his Theories on War, and Their Unexpected Legacy. Author: Major Jeffrey. Cowan, United States Air Force. Thesis: An assessment of the life and career of Air Force colonel John. Colonel boyd was an officer who contributed much to the air Force during a long and productive career, but was not recognized as such.

Zip (147 kb related posts). United States Marine corps Command and Staff College. Marine corps University 2076 south Street, marine corps Combat development Command, quantico, virginia. Master of military studies, about from Air Force fighter Pilot to marine corps Warfighting: Colonel John boyd, his Theories on War, and their Unexpected Legacy. Submitted in partial fulfillment, of the requirements for the degree. Master of military studies, academic year, mentor:. Bittner, Professor of History. Kerry Strong, director, mcu research Archives.

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Back in may 2001, lewis Rossman, author of epanet, released a small utility to convert dxf files to epanet format. After a little time he announced that the epa will not continue to distribute and support the utility. A few days ago i found the file in my old computer and thought that people may find it useful. So here is a short description form the utility manual and a download link: dxf2epa is a windows utility program that converts a line drawing of a pipe network stored in Autodesks dxf file format into salon an input data file that can be read. It converts all of the line and polyline elements in selected layers of the dxf drawing into a set of pipes and junctions for epanet, with all coordinates and vertex points intact. Additional elements, such as reservoirs, tanks, pumps, and valves, have to be added to the epanet model by hand. Although the conversion program can compute pipe lengths if so desired, other network data, such as junction elevations and demands, and pipe diameters and roughness values have to be edited within epanet after the converted file is loaded.

Simulation thesis
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