Short essay on friendship

short essay on friendship

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Soon after the explosion, kolchak came aboard the ship, and although he left it to the ship's officers to manage the damage control operations, he made sure everything possible was being done to save the ship. As the ship continued to sink, kolchak gave the order to abandon ship, thus sparing the senior ship's officer, commander gorodysskii, the onus of this sad duty. While serving in the baltic Fleet, kolchak had become aware of the potential of naval aviation, and during his tenure with the Black sea fleet he continued and intensified Admiral Ebergard's tactics of using his seaplane carriers for raids along the enemy's coasts; the seaplanes. In early 1917, as political and social turmoil was brewing in Petrograd, kolchak traveled to tiflis to meet with the Grand duke nikolai nikolaevich, viceroy of the caucasus and commander-in-chief of the caucasian front. When Kolchak realized how serious the situation was becoming in the capital, he rushed back to sevastopol'. By the time he arrived the february revolution had overthrown the tsar and the Provisional government had declared itself. Kolchak took the fleet out to sea as a precautionary measure, but at this point the crews showed little revolutionary consciousness.

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Smirnov, who had worked with Kolchak in the baltic. In november and December Kolchak also made some changes in the commanders of the various units of the fleet; he was particularly dissatisfied with rear Admiral. Sablin's environment leadership of the Black sea fleet's destroyers. Kolchak replaced Sablin with Admiral Prince. (Kolchak's dislike of Sablin was no passing matter; in the fall of 1919, when White general. Denikin's navy minister, Admiral gerasimov, proposed Sablin for the post of fleet commander, kolchak restaurants rejected him, and Admiral. Neniukov was appointed instead.) Of the two tasks assigned him by Stavka - defeating the u- boats and an amphibious assault on the bosporus - kolchak accomplished the first brilliantly; an aggressive mine-laying campaign outside the u-boat bases at the bosporus and at Varna. By the end of 1916 the germans had abandoned Varna as a submarine base, and U-boat activities in the Black sea had become almost negligible. Kolchak's second task, the landing at the bosporus, was postponed by the entry of Rumania into the war on 14 the rapid collapse of the rumanian army forced the russians to commit the troops intended for the bosporus operation to the shoring-up of the rumanian. There were other set-backs. On 7/ the dreadnought Imperatritsa mariia suffered a magazine explosion while anchored in sevastopol' harbor.

When rear Admiral. Trukhachev fell ill in September 1915, kolchak took temporary command of the baltic Fleet's Mine (i.e., destroyer) division, a post he held until Trukhachev's recovery in late november. He was simultaneously proposal commander of naval forces in the gulf of Riga. By this time kolchak was a rear admiral, and on (N.S.?) he was appointed commander of the mine division, often flying his flag in the large destroyer novik. Kolchak was promoted to vice admiral in June 1916 - the youngest officer of that rank in the Imperial navy - and appointed to command the Black sea fleet, replacing Admiral. Ebergard, who had lost the confidence of Stavka. Kolchak was given two main tasks by the high command: defeat the u-boats and, as the tsar himself informed him, plan an amphibious assault on the bosporus. One of Kolchak's first tasks as fleet commander was the organization a new fleet staff; the animosity between Admiral Ebergard's staff and Stavka was seriously affecting the communications between the two. One of the most prominent members of the new staff was Captain.

short essay on friendship

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Von Essen often delegated the planning and command of difficult offensive mine- laying operations to him, and Kolchak gained considerable expertise in these missions. Fedotov, who was a lieutenant on the armored cruiser Rossiia when Kolchak was quartered aboard her in the latter part of 1914, described Kolchak as a "great favorite with the younger officers, he was not averse to chatting with us in the evenings and would. On the evening of 30 December 1914/ the cruisers Oleg, bogatyr riurik and Rossiia (flying the flag of Admiral. Kanin, commander of the mine forces) steamed out of Ute. While Oleg and Bogatyr' laid two minefields west as Bornholm, rossiia went even further west, laying 98 mines north of Rugen Island. As Rossiia proceeded toward her destination, she picked up radio signals from nearby german warships; Kanin and the ship's captain, pogurskii, considered turning back, but Kolchak, roused from a nap, curtly said "I see no reason to make any change in plan. We must proceed to the appointed place." The minefield was laid without incident. The german cruiser gazelle was later damaged when she struck a mine in this field, and two freighters were lost there.

Short, essay on, friendship

short essay on friendship

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He was well-treated by the personal japanese, and, due to his illness, was repatriated to russia via canada before new the end of the war. Petersburg, kolchak became a leading figure in the "St. Petersburg naval Circle a group of progressive young officers who were trying to bring about reforms in the navy. From 1906 to 1909 he was on the naval General Staff, and as a captain 2nd rank in 1910 he briefly commanded the icebreaker vaigach on another Arctic expedition; he was soon recalled. Petersburg, however, being succeeded on vaigach by senior lieutenant. From 1910 to 1912 he was again on the naval General Staff.

During his spells with the naval General Staff Kolchak lobbied the duma for increased naval funding, developing a good working relationship with the legislature. Among the political leaders Kolchak impressed favorably was the liberal Duma member. Kolchak went on to command the destroyer Ussuriets until 1913, when he was transferred to the destroyer Pogranichnik, simultaneously acting as flag-captain for operations in the baltic Fleet. Just before the first World War he chaired a committee that recommended the construction of 30 submarines. During the first World War Kolchak was one of the baltic Fleet's most active officers.

Petersburg in December 1902, where they learned that Toll's party had disappeared. Kolchak volunteered to lead an expedition in open boats to try to find them; he eventually discovered enough evidence to prove that Toll's group had perished. He was awarded the konstantin Medal by the Imperial geographic Society for this effort. Kolchak was in yakutsk recovering from the rigors of this expedition when the russo-japanese war broke out in February 1904. In spite of his injured health, he volunteered for service in the war zone and was accepted; he delayed leaving, however, long enough to arrange for his father and fiancee (they had been engaged for four years) to meet him in Irkutsk so that. Kolchak arrived in Port Arthur in March 1904.

He hoped for command of a destroyer, but was instead assigned to the cruiser Askol'd, probably because the state of his health was still somewhat uncertain. Although he was still far from fully recovered, kolchak was eventually given command of the destroyer Serdityi. The ship and her commander distinguished themselves during the final stages of the siege of Port Arthur, during the defense of Captain. Von essen's battleship, the sevastopol which anchored outside the port to escape the japanese 11in. Howitzers firing into the harbor. Serdityi laid a minefield that was responsible for the loss of the japanese cruiser takasago. For this action Kolchak was awarded the Sword of the Order. As the seige closed in about the city, kolchak commanded a 75mm land battery on the north-eastern front, despite the fact that he suffered from bouts of pneumonia and rheumatism, aftereffects of his years of Arctic exploration. He was wounded and became a prisoner of war after the surrender of the city; he in remained in hospital in Port Arthur until April 1905, when he was finally well enough to travel to a prisoner-of-war camp at Nagasaki.

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Riurik, which soon sailed for the far East. Soon after riurik's arrival at Vladivostok kolchak was transferred to write the old iron- hulled sloop Kreiser. Kolchak served in the far East from 1895 to 1899; he with then returned to european Russia, and was stationed for a while. Kolchak had always had a strong interest in polar exploration, and had studied both oceanography and hydrology; he hoped for a place in an Arctic expedition, but instead found himself posted to the new battleship Petropavlovsk, bound for the pacific. But at suez kolchak received word that he had been accepted in Baron Toll's Arctic expedition; he was soon journeying back. There he devoted his time to study at the main Physical Observatory, and also at the pavlovsk magnetic Observatory. The expedition departed in 1900, with Kolchak in one party, while baron Toll led a second group. Kolchak's group returned.

short essay on friendship

the son of a naval artillery officer, vasilii ivanovich kolchak; his mother came from a gentry family from the southern Ukraine (reportedly from Odessa). Kolchak was graduated from the naval College in 1894, second in his class. He was then posted to the seventh Petersburg naval Battalion. After a few months he was sent to the armored cruiser.

Rather than let this information sit silently on my hard drive, i would be very glad to share data with anyone interested in Russian naval officers. If you've always wondered about rozhestvenskii or Nebogatov or Essen or Ebergart, well, i've got bios of them. Just tell me whom it is you're interested in and I'll send you what I have. A couple of last notes. Names in upper case are cross-references to other officers in the directory. Source notes in an abbreviated form are attached at the end. Transliteration of Russian names and words is according to library of Congress standard. Dates are given in the form. Old Style (used in Russia uneil 1918 New Style (Western calendar, twelve days online ahead of the russian calendar in the nineteenth century, thirteen days ahead in the twentieth century).

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Admiral Aleksandr Kolchak, this originally appeared on the shredder marhst-l list, and appears by permission of the author, Steve mcLaughlin. A few weeks ago someone asked a question about Admiral Kolchak, and in sending along some pointers for biographical information on him, i completely forgot that I had compiled a fairly detailed biography of him in the course of another project. I append that biography here, in case anyone is interested in this intriguing - and in many ways admirable but flawed - man. I should explain that I wrote this up a part of a "Biographical. Directory of Russian naval Officers, " - a sort of do-it- myself reference book, since at the time i was very annoyed at the lack of reliable biographical information on Russian naval officers. By the time i lost interest (since good stuff started to become available. Russian i had compiled about 2000 mini-bios, some only a line or two, others - like this one - quite extensive. I've tried to interest a couple of publishers in the idea of a "Directory of Russian Flag Officers, " based on this information, but none of them were foolish enough to take me up.

Short essay on friendship
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