Short essay on eid festival

short essay on eid festival

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When no one did, they got off. As the doors closed, one of the Ashtar students stood and said to us, the internationals, do you see, do you see how they treat us? He spoke loudly, and his friends shushed him fiercely, afraid the soldiers would come back. He was a young man from Hebron, near where the Israeli teenagers had gone missing. At the time, hebron was closed off, and his id card would have been enough to detain him. (In Palestine, you can be jailed without reason, without a trial, for six months as a special administrative detainee.

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More than 20 years later, in 1969, he presented the iconic cartoon in a kuwaiti newspaper, Al-siyassa. He described Handala as rough and true; a child named writing for bitterness, frozen in age, who would only grow up when things will become normal again, when the homeland returns. Handalas creator never returned to the homeland; he was assassinated in London in 1987. As we drove back toward Ramallah that evening, we passed a checkpoint near an Israeli settlement without being stopped. Amazing, said one of the organizers and blessed the row of fair Norwegian faces against room the windows that the soldiers must have seen. But a few minutes later, conversations stopped and a tense silence descended as soldiers on the side of the road flagged the bus down. It had grown dark by then. Two Israeli soldiers walked onto the bus, guns pointed at passengers. Casually, they asked, marijuana, hamas, fatah, terrorist? As if someone was going to raise her hand and confess.

I asked aoun as a big bus drove us all towards the north. Why keep revelation their refugee status? Because, she replied, by maintaining their status as refugees, they maintain their inalienable right to return to their villages that no longer exist, i said. Yes, she said, that no longer exist. The jenin camp is widely known for its militant resistance to the occupation. By the entrance, one of the first sights is the cemetery where, one of the students said, shahids, or martyrs, form the majority of the dead. It was as we were leaving that I saw Handala standing beside a tire filled with mud from which a single flower grew, sketched in soft dark lines on a wall. Ali was 10 — the same age as Handala — when he left Palestine.

short essay on eid festival

Eid essay in english for kids

It was during the youth festival, on a daytrip to jenin refugee camp father's organized by Ashtar, that I first saw Handala. He is a cartoon of a barefoot refugee child created by the palestinian artist Naji al-Ali but used universally as a symbol of resistance and the fight for self-determination. I saw him drawn on walls and pavements, printed on T-shirts in Old Jerusalem and etched onto key chains in Ramallah. Like handala, ali was a refugee child; he lived in Ain al-Hilweh camp in Lebanon after his village was destroyed in the nakba. His hands are clasped behind his back as a sign of rejection, Ali wrote of his character, at a time when solutions are presented to us the American way. More than 750,000 registered refugees live in the west Bank, a quarter of them in 19 camps administered by the United Nations Relief and Works Agency. Why dont they integrate into the west Bank?

But overnight inevitably someone is shot or arrested, he says. And you cant leave the city without having a permit like if you want to go to a good hospital, its in Jerusalem and you cant go without a permit; if you want to travel to a different country, you cant if you don't pass. Its very difficult for an outsider to understand. And thats why Ashtar organized the youth festival : to bring the outside in, says aoun, and break the isolation of our students. We wanted to continue connecting them with mentors and peers. When i attended, the festival participants included Palestinian students from the west Bank, a group of 12th-graders from Tromsø, norway, actors from the uk, and trainers from Germany, egypt and Romania who gave workshops in dance, drama, comedy and performance art. The final group performance included a movement piece reflecting the dynamics of street protest, a sketch about Palestinian detainees in Israeli prisons, commedia dellArte scenes and monologues about self-image and harassment.

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short essay on eid festival

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The students, 15 to 24 years old, congregate there, showing up for trainings, rehearsals or just to visit. They talk fast, resume smoke fast, laugh like they mean it and speak their mind, in cadences that are easy and animated. Some have virtually grown up on the stage, starting as early as the third grade in the after-school program; others are recent graduates. All have had the opportunity to learn training and expressive techniques, and to write, improvise, perform and assist with plays on a wide range of themes — the occupation certainly, but also historical, civil and social issues such as domestic violence and developmental disabilities. Rana burqan, 21, has a shock of curly hair, an easy laugh. Being a palestinian you have to really know politics; you have to understand whats happening, because, she pauses, we have this cause, this cause!

Burqan is studying journalism in college. She wants to tell every foreigner she meets the whole story about Palestine, from the beginning, from the British Mandate, to the nakba or Catastrophe, when thousands of Palestinians (more than 700,000, according to some estimates ) were expelled as a result of the 1948. We cant rely on international media handwriting to tell our story as it truly is, she adds. The sense of occupation, 24-year-old Émile André says while taking a drag on a cigarette, its hard to explain. For example, here in Ramallah, you don't encounter Israeli soldiers coming in every day.

On July 18, when I left, the palestinian casualties in gaza were about 150; that number has since soared to 2,090, with the majority being civilians. Ashtar Theatre was founded in 1991 by actors Iman aoun and Edward muallem. Aoun was raised in Jerusalem where her family has lived for many generations; muallem, her husband, is from the galilee. They met while working in the famed El hakawati (The Storytellers) troupe, which muallem co-founded. Aoun, whose vision for Ashtar began with children, is short, brown-haired, clear-voiced. It was at the end of the first intifada, she says.

There was a generation who had lost their education. The first year, the whole country was paralyzed, no schools, nothing. With muallem, she decided to create a drama-training program in schools to help the children connect to their feelings and help give them a voice to express themselves, she explains. We wanted them to find their identity, and also to find a new horizon, a new possibility. They began with schools in East Jerusalem and Ramallah; the program eventually expanded into other parts of the west Bank, and, for a few years, between 19, to gaza. The groups small theater and office occupy the ground floor of a ramallah side street.

Essay on, eid ul Adha as an Islamic

Ramallah has some skyscrapers, many grocery stores — one on almost every block — and many coffee shops and shisha bars. Outside the city, you can spot Palestinian villages from a distance because of the black water towers on the roofs; theyre there to prepare for possible water cuts. Israeli settlements are laid out symmetrically with red roofs and encircled by walls, often topped by barbed wire and guard towers. The roads form a maze — some are direct routes specially reserved for settlers, others indirect ones that require palestinians summary to go the long way around. There are least five id cards, including blue jerusalem cards and green West Bank ones, which give their holders varying degrees of mobility. And there is a wall, between Israel and the west Bank, but also zigzagging through the west Bank itself, dividing some villages and families from arable land and each other. During my time in Palestine, i stayed in Ramallah and East Jerusalem, went north to the jenin refugee camp, the galilee, haifa, and to Acre, through areas that are Israel and Palestine. While i was there, three israeli teenagers who had been kidnapped were found dead; a palestinian teenager was kidnapped and killed in retaliation. Israel blamed Hamas and began the assault on gaza; Hamas sent rockets towards Israel.

short essay on eid festival

speak it and shout it, and as young theater artists, they act, embody and transform. I landed in Tel aviv, which is about an hour from Jerusalem, which in turn is about 20 minutes from Ramallah, the de facto capital of the west Bank. There is a checkpoint — a short tower, a wall, Israeli soldiers with guns and a big sign in red: This road leads to Area a under the palestinian Authority, the entrance for Israeli citizens is forbidden, dangerous to your lives and against the Israeli. Going into ramallah, cars are let through easily. Returning to jerusalem, though, there are long lines. Protests break out here, in which Palestinians sometimes end up being shot. The landscape is beige and brown valleys, dotted with limestone. The houses are almost uniformly cream or white.

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Short essay on eid festival
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  7. When students are losing hope and desire to write an essay on their own, they start with exploring web services that more. Learn how to write an essay only. One culture - royal Society festival of arts. Read Ian Sansom s, essay on, foyles from Browse: The world in bookshops.power fart power point presentation edexcel gcse maths coursework legal environment business critical thinking approach seattle public library homework gre article define problem solving in excel transpiration essay essay on bravery award case. Excerpt from Ashtar Theatre s The gaza mono-logues featuring Émile André, rana burqan, jenin MerI and Uday jubeh, directed by mohammad. And the same file that contains Moseley s letter to rich has testimonials in support of Bernstein s avant-garde festival of 1963-64 and his controversial lectures from the stage — i especially liked a beautifully overwrought ode to xenakis from the new York office manager.

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