Saving marine life essay

saving marine life essay

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Brighter breeding colors for females: About five weeks after mating, the females begin competing for the best nesting sites—preferably the soft substrate of beach sand. On most islands the females do not have to compete for nest sites and do not become especially colorful during the breeding season, but this is not the case on Española. Since bright coloration is associated with aggression, during this competitive time the females become nearly as colorful as the males were a month earlier (Eibl-Eisenfeldt, 1984) and, like the males, use these colors to intimidate competitors and achieve breeding success. Two marine iguanas bask on a rock high on the southern shore of Española, with the cliff line extending to the east beyond them. Cliffside nesting: I was surprised during my visit to Española to see marine iguanas basking on rocks high on the cliffs of the southern coast. I learned that this was a behavior observed only on Española, where venustissimus not only basks on the cliffs, but has adapted the unique practice of actually building nests high in the cliff rocks (Thornton, 1971). . living and nesting on the cliffs of the southern coast keeps venustissimus close to the plentiful algae of the southern coast.

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I eagerly snapped some pictures of the fresher creature before gingerly picking my way inland over the rough black lava bordering the shoreline. The southern cliffs of Española are evident in this topographic view of the island. A fault line caused the southern third of the island to break off into the ocean long ago. The same cliffs that had prevented our landing on the southern coast of Española also deny venustissimus its preferred habitat—a south-facing shoreline of rocks and sand near the most abundant algae supplies (Eibl-Eibesfeldt, 1984). The presence hotel of cliffs instead of low shoreline appears to be closely related to several adaptations by venustissimus. Brighter breeding colors for males: Each winter the males stake out pieces of lava near the ocean and near beach nest sites. Once a male has firmly established his territory, he mates with the females that pass through his domain. The reduced availability of shoreline near food on Española causes fierce competition for the few suitable breeding sites. Most competition consists of ritualized demonstrations and bluffing, where the appearance of aggressiveness is most important. Brighter coloration is a sign of greater aggressiveness, recognized by other iguanas. The males with the best breeding sites have the largest reproductive success; the cliffs of Española promote breeding success in the brightest-colored males.

Most of the time the adults are too heavy and strong to be attacked by land predators or birds, but the exception is when the females are exhausted after laying their eggs and become easy prey for the galápagos hawk. Predation does not seem to have had a significant effect on the size or behavior of each island's population for any of the subspecies. Española's predators are the same as the ones on the other islands and do not appear to be a major factor in explaining the divergence of venustissimus. A pair of marine iguanas basks on the shore near our landing site, north of Punta suarez. A panga boat disembarks its passengers in the background. Española's geography—the southern cliffs: Old and remote Española has eroded and disintegrated heavily parts since its volcanic creation. The entire southern coast consists of 12 kilometers of treacherous cliffs where a fault line caused the southern third of the island to fall into the ocean long ago. This prevented us from landing our panga on the southern shore, and we were forced to approach the island from the west, where we found a protective cove just north of Punta suarez. In the still water of the natural harbor, our panga made gentle contact with the rough lava rock that served as our dock, while a nearby basking marine iguana posed as if to welcome.

saving marine life essay

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Their generic name, amblyrhynchus, means "short snout." Their snouts are flattened in front, allowing them to graze like a horse or a cow; they scrape the food off the rocks with jerky tearing supermarket motions, using their uniquely shaped tricuspid teeth. All of the galápagos' marine iguana subspecies share this diet, snout arrangement, teeth, and eating behavior. Since each of the galápagos Islands has a similar density of the preferred algae growing on their southern coasts (Eibl-Eibesfeldt, 1984 it is clear that the availability of food probably did not have a major effect on the divergence of venustissimus. One of the only predators of marine iguanas when they are ashore is the galápagos hawk, here perching on a rock (middle of photo) on arid Española Island. Predators: Marine iguanas have few natural predators in the galápagos, and most land predation targets the young or the weakened. Their main marine predator is the shark (Heller, 1903). They can also fall prey to the galápagos hawk, snakes, and herons when they are hatchlings.

Of its 7,800 square kilometers, more than half belongs to the largest island, Isabela. The rest of the archipelago is composed of smaller islands, only three of which exceed 500 square kilometers. Although Ecuador is famous for its rain forests, the galápagos' climate is far from tropical; the lack of high altitudes for pulling moisture from the sky gives the islands more of a dry, desert-like climate, especially on the smaller islands with low altitudes. The climate on arid Española is virtually identical to the coastal climate on the other Galápagos islands where marine iguanas live, so it is easy to exclude this factor as an important cause of differentiation. Food: Beside the occasional feast on sea lion afterbirth, the diet of the marine iguana consists entirely of various species of intertidal seaweed and algae growing on the porous tidal-zone lava rocks. These algae grow most abundantly on the southern shores of the islands, the side exposed to the wind and wave action (Eibl-Eibesfeldt, 1984). The marine iguanas eat by grazing off the rocks, so their heads have evolved for more efficient eating.

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saving marine life essay

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The subspecies from Española Island, Amblyrhynchus cristatus venustissimus, is frequently mentioned as the most unique of the seven races because of its exceptional coloration and unusual behavioral adaptations. This variation within a single species intrigued. What factors had caused Española's venustissimus to become so different from the races on other islands? The availability of food? Also, how had Española's marine iguanas stayed isolated enough from those on other islands to begin to diverge? Since the marine iguana is an able swimmer, why hadn't there been enough immigration between islands, and thus genetic mixing, to keep the populations on Española the same as on the other islands? During my trip to the galápagos and especially during my stop on Española Island, i made some observations that provided important clues toward what might be the answers to these questions.

What differences on Española Island produced a distinctive subspecies? As the gentle spray of slow waves misted my panga boat, i scanned the low coast of Española Island, attempting to see beyond the wall of the surf. I was looking for the red and turquoise backs of the Española race of marine iguanas. With a curtain of mist hanging over the lava-rock shore, however, the marine iguanas were impossible to spot, making my excitement mount in anticipation. The galápagos archipelago lies along the equator some 1,000 kilometers west of south prison America. Climate: The galápagos archipelago, a part of the south American country of Ecuador, is a scattering of islands about 1,000 km west of the mainland. It consists of 13 major islands and about 65 smaller islets or rocks female sprinkled along a northwesterly axis across the equator.

But due to industrialization pollution and global warming has been damaging the physical features of this State. Conclusion, due to its physical geography Whatcom countys coast has numerous benefits it has valuable marine life including flora and fauna and it has been able to produce a great amount of electricity through hydroelectric power plans and dams. Further due to various natural resources and well developed agricultural sector it has been able to export many nce, diversity in its population has increased innovation and productivity. Rating ( 0 score) - 0 votes. Guangdong, China, water Treatment Plant, life saving Equipment, fire fighting Equipment manufacturer / supplier in China, offering Dq Series Marine diving navigation Light, yacht Stainless Steel Folding Anchor, 15 Kn Handle quick release hook and.

A group of marine iguanas on the trail at the south-western corner of Española. Mention the galápagos Islands, and people generally think of Charles Darwin, evolution, and the giant tortoises ( galápagos in Spanish). Lesser known than the island's lumbering "mascot" is the marine iguana, described by Charles Darwin in 1835 as a "hideous looking creature, of a dirty black colour, stupid, and sluggish" (Darwin, 1988). Despite its appearance, darwin observed the marine iguana closely enough to recognize its main evolutionary adaptations from its land-dwelling Galápagos cousins, the land iguanas, conolphus pallidus and, conolphus subcristatus. He could not, however, know how genetics and plate tectonics would enable the "lowly" marine iguana to teach us much more. When I learned that I would be able to take a once-in-a-lifetime biology class trip to the galápagos, i began doing research to learn much more about the marine iguana. I was surprised to learn that although the galápagos Islands have the world's only species of marine iguana, there are seven separate subspecies or races among the islands, each one distinguishable from the next (Dowling, 1962, in Thornton, 1971; Garman, 1892, in Eibl-Eibesfeldt, 1984; Eibl-Eibesfeldt.

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On the western side there is vast Pacific Ocean. As it is surrounded by pacific Ocean from one side it has a very well developed fishing industry. And due to its favorable topography it has been able to develop its marine life, agriculture industry and exports food and raw ingredients. When, with the presence of water it has well developed marine resources; Rocky shores are habitat of many marine lives. With the development in biography technology dams were built in and hence now it is largest producer pdf of hydroelectric power and with the presence of ocean and rivers it has developed a fishing industry. For agricultural product greenhouse effect has been used which is causing pollution, causing Global warming. why, immigration has brought together many racial ethnic groups to this stated creating a new and innovative, melting pot culture. This has increased innovation in farming and other fields.

saving marine life essay

In the western part of the Whatcom help county has Pacific Ocean, and due to its presence the climate is humid and moderate, winds from the ocean cools the land in summer and warms it in winter; and in this region rainfall is heavy. In the eastern region winters are cool and summers are hotter. In the western part it has dense forest whereas in eastern part they have sparser forests. In low lands shrubs and grasses are found. People in Whatcom county have mainly been associated with farming. Due to presence of ocean, rivers and lakes, they are rich in Marine resources so they are associated with fish farming. Apart from that, due to presence of natural resources people have been employed in the field related to science and in exports of Whatcom county includePulp, paper paperboard Mill Products, Fruit vegetable Preserves, basic Chemicals and Other General Purpose machinery. It is also one of the greatest exporter of fruit vegetable Preserves includes dairy Products, meat meat-Packing Products, fish, Grains, seafood Products, canned, Prepared, Animal foods, bakery tortilla Products and Sugar confectionery Products and these are exported by japan, canada, philippines, mexico, china, south Korea. S state of Washington, in its north it has an international boundary of Canada and Oregon lies in its south.

hence it has valuable marine resources. In addition to that, industry has forest which produces finest lumber. High-quality wood and its by products are produced and paper companies are also found here; hence, forestry an important part that has been contributing towards states economy. It is also producing farm products that include vegetables and fruits. Wine industry has also been a fast growing also produces hydroelectric mlixzz2arrawxww). It has topography that has glaciers, mountains and low-lands. Mountains of the coast Ranges arecovering north and south along the pacific coast. It has dams and lakes.

Hydraulic capstan, tunnel thruster/bow thruster, company Profiles. Introduction, usa has about 50 States and Washington State is one of the fifty states in usa having 12th largest population, and Whatcom county is country located in Washington State. It has been abundantly bestowed with natural resources and excellent thesis topography, which supports agriculture and other industries. Due to recent trend of migration, many racial ethnic minorities have moved in this state and they have developed a unique set of culture. It holds great importance due to presence of Pacific Ocean and many rivers. Who, whatcom county has a total area of 6,485 km2 of which 5,500 km2 is land and 995 km2 is water which makes up.34 of total ere are five main ethnic groups that reside in Whatcom county including, whites, latino/Hispanic, Asians, pacific Islanders, African Americans and. The population density of Whatcom county comprises of 79 people per square mile. The racial ethnic population comprises.4 of White people, african American people comprises.69 of total population of Whatcom county, native american or Latin American comprises.82 of total population,.78 are Asian where.14 are Islander, further, according to survey of 2000 Hispanic or Latinos. A household median income in the county is 40,005, and the median income for a family was 49,325.

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Saving marine life essay
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