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reggae essay

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Post-grunge edit nickelback has sold over 50 million albums and was one of the biggest post-grunge bands of the decade. Post-grunge continued to be popular in the 2000s, with the genre reaching its peak in the early years of the decade. Artists include foo fighters, creed, alter Bridge, nickelback, lifehouse, hoobastank, 3 doors Down, puddle of Mudd, our Lady peace, switchfoot, shinedown, three days Grace, staind, seether, and daughtry. These bands took post-grunge into the 21st century with considerable commercial success, at times abandoning the angst and anger of the original movement for more conventional anthems, narratives, ballads and romantic songs. Nu metal edit during the early 2000s, a new wave of metal began with interest in the newly emerging genre nu metal and genres of a similar style such as rap metal and the later mainstream success rap rock. The popularity of nu metal music carried over from the late 1990s, where it was introduced by early work from bands such as Korn, deftones, limp bizkit, slipknot and coal Chamber, into the early 2000s with the similar genre, rap rock, bringing in a wave.

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In 2003, Blink-182 released their untitled album blink-182, which demonstrated a darker and more mature tone than previous albums. This was mainly due to the outsiders side-project Box young Car Racer. Even so, the album was yet another commercial and critical success. It was to be their last album released before taking an indefinite hiatus in 2005. The band would reunite four years later. After their 1994 breakthrough, Green day 's fame was fading, mainly due to rising popularity of other bands like good Charlotte and Sum. Realising this, they retreated to the studio and produced their seventh studio album American Idiot released in 2004. It saw a significant sales boost, selling 14 million copies worldwide and awarding the band 3 Grammy awards. Fall Out boy 's From Under The cork Tree gained commercial success in 2005 and put the band on the pop punk map. The last successful pop punk album of the decade was Green day 's eighth studio album 21st Century Breakdown released in 2009 which achieved their best chart performance to date by reaching number one on the album charts of various countries as well as winning.

Clarkson strayed away from this sound in the late 2000s but continued to make pop rock hits. Other female pop rock and biography power pop artists who experienced Top 40 success in the 2000s included Alanis Morissette, liz phair, ashlee simpson, and Stacie orrico. Pop punk edit After the breakthrough of punk rock in the 1990s, by the 2000s the genre had evolved more into pop punk due to major label records taking interest and signing on bands such as Blink-182. Green day kick-started the 2000s with the release of their sixth studio album Warning in 2000 to lukewarm success. The following year, Blink-182 released their fourth studio album take off your Pants And Jacket in 2001 which went on to sell 14 million copies worldwide. It was a commercial and critical success, debuting at number one on the billboard 200 within its first week of release and securing the status of the pop punk trio as one of biggest bands of the genre. Also in that year, canadian band Sum 41 released their debut album All Killer no filler, which went platinum in the United States. The second-wave bands dominated the pop punk genre in the early years with bands like good Charlotte, new found Glory, simple Plan and Sum 41 receiving platinum status and gaining large fan bases worldwide. In 2002, avril lavigne became popular in the pop punk scene thanks to her pop punk based sound, and was arguably the most prominent artist to take this new direction in pop music, with hits such as " Complicated " and " Sk8er boi ".

reggae essay

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15 Later pop-punk bands such as Simple Plan, the All-American Rejects and Fall Out boy had a sound that had been described as closer to late 1970s and early 1980s hardcore, with similarities to the band Cheap Trick, while still achieving considerable commercial success. In addition, some of the most successful pop-punk bands of the 1990s, such as Green barbing day, blink-182, weezer and The Offspring continued their success during the early 2000s. American Idol winner Kelly Clarkson is the most successful winner of American Idol and a key artist in the power pop and pop rock movement of the 2000s. In the early 2000s the power pop and pop rock trend also spread to female musicians. Michelle Branch became successful in 2001 with her song " everywhere ". Her success continued with her second album singles " Are you happy now? " and " Breathe ". Kelly Clarkson was also another prominent female artist of this movement, rivaling the success of Avril lavigne. The first winner on the hit reality tv show " American Idol clarkson started off her musical career with Contemporary r b hit songs such as " a moment like this " and " Miss Independent " and catapulted to cultural icon status in the.

14 Modern rock as a radio format experienced a sharp decline, with high-profile cornerstone stations like wlir -fm, k-rock in New York city and wbcn in Boston flipping to other formats. New York city, once the leading market for the format, has only one modern rock station, 101.9 wrxp-fm. Post-punk revival edit main article: Post-punk revival Pop rock edit canadian Avril lavigne was the biggest breakthrough of the 2000s worldwide with 30 million albums sold. Fall Out boy became one of the most successful pop punk acts of the 2000s In the early 2000s, there was an astounding resurgence of interest in pop rock and power pop. This was kickstarted in the year 2000 with the success of Blink-182 's song " All the Small Things " and Nine days 's song " Absolutely (Story of a girl) both of which peaked at 6 on the billboard Hot 100. The trend kicked off the brief musical careers of ryan Cabrera, ashley parker Angel, teddy geiger, evan and Jaron, the Click five, jet, and Snow Patrol throughout the early and mid-2000s. This also paved the way for a second wave of pop punk bands such as good Charlotte, new found Glory, and Sum 41, who made use of humor in their videos and had a radio-friendly tone to their music, while retaining the speed, attitude and.

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reggae essay

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Throughout the 2000s, Alternative hip hop continued its philosophical, positive, and ireland complex lyrical subject matter, while denouncing materialism, fashion, and money. This subgenre also includes spoken word and a branch of slam poetry. The subgenre could be said to be related to both the old school hip-hop culture of the 1980s and 1990s, and the indie rock and hipster subcultures. By 1999, more 2000s styled glam started coming in, along with dirty south and crunk, with artists such as Mannie fresh, cam'ron, lil Jon, ludacris, three 6 Mafia, ying Yang Twins, neptunes, timbaland and jay-z. 12 Auto-tune became popular by mid-2007, with r b artist t-pain starting the craze. Auto-tune was popular in the earlier part of the decade as well (primarily in 20 but then only called "synthesizer" and it was used casually as just an effect than a major replacement of the standard human voice.

Artists such as Daft Punk, eiffel 65, *nsync, 98 Degrees, willa ford, and even faith Hill have used Auto-tune in their songs. It was first known as the "Cher effect" since it was used in the song " Believe " by Cher in 1998. The Black eyed peas began utilizing Auto-tune and electropop dance in their most successful album to date, the. N.D., which spawned five top ten hit singles: " boom boom Pow " i gotta feeling " meet me halfway " Imma be and " Rock That Body ". Due to hip-hop's increased moulding with pop music, some, such as rapper Nas have declared the death of the genre. 13 Rock edit due to pop music's popularity, rock experienced a diminished presence on the top 40 music chart by the end of the decade, though the genre still sold well.

After the release of his album Relapse, eminem became the best selling rapper of all time and the top selling artist of the decade across all genres. 11 "Ringtone rap which is rap music that was made popular for ringtones, which includes more "laid back" and "silly" elements along with repetitive hooks, became very popular in the later part of the 2000s. In late 2005, the southern hip hop subgenre reached the peak of its popularity, especially its sub-subgenres of crunk and snap music (which started the dance craze movement in hip hop from 2005 to 2009). The number one selling crunk artist as well as paving the way to its popularity was Lil Jon who shot to fame in 2003, with his group The eastside boyz. Then snap music became a staple for the remainder of the decade in hip hop with artists such as, dem Franchize boys, d4l, yung Joc, soulja boy, unk, jibbs, da backwudz, purple ribbon All-Stars,. I.C., gs boyz, the fast Life yungstaz, new boyz and Cali Swag District, to name a few.

These artists have all contributed to starting some dance craze accompanied to one of their songs, with the most popular being soulja's "Crank dat" move, which gained popularity throughout 20By the end of the decade this sound began to decline in popularity as well. By early 2000, the hyphy movement became popular in Northern California, specifically the bay area. Bay area artists like mac Dre, keak da sneak, e-40, the pack, and too short were prominent Hyphy rappers. Hyphy culture included the use of party drugs like ecstasy, slang terms like go dumb and yadadamean, Ghost Riding, and Sideshows. By mid-2008 the sound began to fade as indie rap and alternative began to come in with artists such as Kid Cudi and The cool Kids, who fused hip hop with electro and hipster influences. This trend continued on into the early 2010s. Alternative hip hop, almost unknown in the mainstream, except for a few crossover acts, evolved throughout the decade with the help of artists such as Mos Def, lupe fiasco, the roots, mf doom, aesop Rock, and Common, who achieved unheard-of success for their field.

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I., 50 Cent, kanye west, nelly, nas, jay-z, snoop Dogg, missy Elliott,. I.A., lil Kim, gorillaz, young jeezy, lil wayne, the writing game and Ludacris were among the dominant mainstream hip hop artists to have represented the hip hop genre for the decade. Distinct regional differences also developed outside the hip hop/rap strongholds of the 1990s, new York city and Los Angeles. 9 Though the los Angeles style of the 1990s waned, gangsta rap continued to be popular through the 2000s, and more commercially oriented party rap dominated the charts. 10 The emergence of hip-hop from the south and the midwest was starting to take place, and by the end of the decade, hip-hop was starting to spread internationally. During the 2000s Eminem, who is perhaps best known for being one of the few successful white rappers in the music industry, enjoyed a massive commercial success and maintained commercial relevance by attempting to be controversial and subversive. According to billboard, two of Eminem's albums are among the top five highest-selling albums of the 2000s.

reggae essay

In Latin America, whilst r b, hip hop and pop rock did have influence and success, latin-based pop music remained highly popular. Reggaeton became a definitive genre in 2000s Latin music, as well as salsa and merengue. Subgenres fusing Latin music such as merengue and reggaeton with hip hop and rap music became popular from the middle of the decade onwards. The Internet allowed unprecedented access to music and allowed artists to distribute music freely without label backing. 5 Innumerable online outlets and sheer volume of music also offers musicians more musical influences to draw from. 5 Contents North America edit hip hop edit American rapper Eminem is the most commercially successful artist of the decade hip hop dominated popular music in the early 2000s. 7 8 Artists such as Eminem, outKast, the Black eyed peas,.

punk, emo, post-hardcore, metalcore, and. Despite a slight slip in popularity in the early part of the decade, adult contemporary and country music were still able to find success throughout the 2000s. Electronic music was also popular throughout the decade; at the beginning of the 2000s, genres such as trance, chillout, house, indietronica, 3 and Eurodance (in Europe) were popular. By the end of the decade, late-1980s/early-1990s inspired dance-oriented forms of electronic music such as synthpop, electropop, and electro house had become popular. By the end of the decade, a fusion between hip hop and electronic dance similar to the Freestyle music of the late 1980s and early 1990s, known as Hip house and Electrohop also grew successful. 4 In Asia and Far Eastern musical markets, with the increase of globalization and the spread of capitalism, music became more westernised, with influences of pop, hip hop and contemporary r b becoming everpresent in Eastern markets. American and European popular music became more popular in Asia. Genres such as j-pop and k-pop remained popular throughout the decade, proliferating their cultural influence throughout the east and southeast of Asia. In other parts of Asia, including India, indian pop music, closely linked to bollywood films and filmi music, was popular alongside western pop music.

Another great impact to this decade was the ongoing development of the internet and user-friendly media player s, such as itunes, and music and video sharing websites such as Napster and. The popularity of teen pop carried over from the 1990s with acts such as *nsync, backstreet boys, britney spears, and, christina Aguilera dominating the charts in the earlier years of the decade. Contemporary r b was one of the most popular genres of the decade (especially in the early and mid 2000s) which was immensely popular throughout the decade with artists like. Usher, beyoncé, and Rihanna. In 2004, the, billboard year-End Hot 100 had 15 of its top 25 singles as Contemporary. In Britain, Britpop, post punk revival and alternative rock were at the height their popularity with acts such as Coldplay, the libertines, oasis, lynda Thomas, travis, dido, blur, the hives, björk, and Radiohead, which still continued at the top of the major charts in the. Hip Hop music achieved mainstream status after the 1990s and the deaths of many prominent artists such as 2Pac and The notorious. Artists outside of New York and Los Angeles in cities like atlanta, houston, new Orleans and the bay summary area all achieved mainstream success. Popular rap movements of the 2000s include Crunk, snap, hyphy, and Alternative hip Hop.

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This article includes a brief summary of a few notable remote trends in radio-based, popular music between the years 20In American culture, various styles of the late 1990s remained popular, such as in rock, pop, metal, hip-hop, r b, edm, country and indie. As the technology of computers and internet sharing developed, a variety of those genres started to fuse in order to see new styles emmerging. Terms like "contemporary "nu "revival "alternative and "post" are added to various genres titles in order to differentiate them from past styles, nu disco and alternative r b as notable examples. One genre of this decade, british. Grime is a genre that was said to have influenced other sub-genres such. Trap music and, chillwave in the United States. 1, the continued development of studio recording software and electronic elements was observed, through this decade. One such example is the usage of pitch correction software, such as, auto-tune that appeared in the late 1990s.

Reggae essay
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  4. New ideas are added weekly, be sure to check back to see more! This article is written like a personal reflection or opinion essay that states a wikipedia editor's personal feelings about a topic. Please help improve it by rewriting it in an encyclopedic style. Unlike mere pop stars, bob Marley was a moral and religious figure as well as a major record seller internationally. Contributions of art are appreciated. I have seventeen Femdom fetish, story and essay sites.

  5. Music in this genre consists predominantly of instrumental remixes of existing recordings and is achieved by significantly manipulating and reshaping the recordings, usually. Henry "Junjo" Lawes - volcano Eruption - reggae anthology 2 CD/1 dvd combo - m Music. History of Calypso music. Calypso rhythms can be traced back to the arrival of the first African slaves brought to work in the sugar plantations of Trinidad. Below you will find a list of 620 informative speech topics.

  6. Reggae vibes is one of the most trusted and respected online reggae & dancehall magazines. We focus on reggae & dancehall reviews, interviews, reports and news. Every week we present the lastest Jamaican charts. Its Saturday morning and its time to wake up and listen to reggae king Radio and The bajan King on Reggae king Radio.5fm or /BI3f2Yct0l until 9am @vprecordscaribbean. Dub is a genre of music that grew out of reggae in the 1960s, and is commonly considered a subgenre, though it has developed to extend beyond the scope of reggae.

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