Obama s biography

obama s biography

Barack Obama - lawyer

The value of a small portion of donations was also quite significant. In January 2008, the campaign has set another record with the collection.8 million — the highest amount ever collected as a presidential candidate in the primaries of the democratic Party. Obama was officially nominated at the democratic National Convention in 2008, along with the candidate for the post of Vice President - senator Joseph Biden of Delaware. The Iraq war and the war in Afghanistan As a presidential candidate, obama said that the war in Iraq was a mistake of the bush administration, and that Afghanistan should become the central front in the fight against terrorism. He said that Afghanistan is "slipping into chaos and threatens to turn into a narco-state". In mid-2008, he advocated that the summer of 2009 in Iraq left the American combat units. At the stage of the election intraparty struggle for the nomination for the post of the presidential candidate of the democratic Party around Clinton grouped supporters of the Iraq war (she voted for it in the senate and around Obama - opponents.

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I think tax cuts for the wealthy citizens are not only ill-advised, but also highly questionable from the point of view of morality. " Obama had recommended the national journal as the "most liberal" senator based on an assessment of selected votes during 2007. While working in the 110th Congress convening Obama participated in the creation of laws relating to fraud in the elections, lobbying, climate change, nuclear terrorism, and American soldiers demobilized. Presidential race and elections in the us obama announced his desire to run for president of the United States February 10, 2007 in front of the old Illinois State capitol in Springfield. Place was symbolic, that is where Abraham Lincoln in 1858 said historic speech "house divided". During the campaign, Obama advocated a speedy end to the war in Iraq, energy independence and universal health care. His campaign slogan - "Change in which we can believe in" and "Yes, we can!" (The song Yes we can, recorded a number of famous artists using words from Obama's speech, gained great fame and Webby Award). During the first half problems of 2007, the Obama campaign has collected 58 million dollars. Small donations (less than 200) accounted for.4 million of this amount. This number is set a record for fundraising presidential campaign in the first six months of the calendar year before the election.

As part of the nunn-Lugar (Nunn-Lugar cooperative threat Reduction) Obama flew to russia to inspect nuclear facilities of the russian Federation, along with Republican Senator Richard Lugar. During the trip, august 28, 2005 at departure at the airport Perm Big savino incident occurred: Senators were detained for three hours due to the failure "to comply with the border guards" for inspection of the aircraft, which had diplomatic immunity. Later, the russian Foreign Ministry expressed regret write "in connection with a misunderstanding and inconvenience caused to the senators". In his book, obama described the incident as one of the moments during his journey, "which reminded of the days of the cold War". August 26, 2006, Obama and his wife visited Kenya. Political views and statements As a senator, Obama has repeatedly been in the White house at the invitation of President george. Barack was an early opponent of the policies of President Bush Joji against Iraq. In his book "The audacity of Hope" (2006 Obama wrote: "From the very beginning, i spoke in the senate, consistent and sometimes very harsh critic of the bush administration's policies.

obama s biography

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Obama won a landslide victory over six opponents in the primaries, gaining 70 of the vote. He was elected to the senate in november 2004. Obama, as a member of the democratic minority in the 109th Congress convening, helped create legislation on the regulation of conventional armaments and increase transparency in the use of the state budget. He also made official trips to eastern Europe, the middle east and Africa. Senatorstvo in Washington Barack Obama was sworn in as a us senator January 4, 2005, becoming the 5th African American senator. Its predecessor was Peter Fitzgerald and successor - roland Burris. Non-partisan Congressional quarterly edition characterized Obama as "a loyal Democrat based on an analysis of all the votes in the senate.

His predecessor was Alice palmer, a successor — kwame raoul. Obama held the chair of Senator on January 8, 1997 to november 4, 2004, was the democratic Party of the United States: re-elected twice, in 19As a senator, Obama worked with Democrats and Republicans: with representatives of both parties working on a program to support. In 1998, Obama's daughter Malia ann. In 2000, barak made an unsuccessful attempt to run for the us house of Representatives, but lost the primaries to the current Congressman Bobby rush black man (Bobby rush). In 2001, his second daughter was born Natasha sasha. In January 2003, Obama ran for the us senate. After winning the primary election in March 2004, Obama said the main speech at the democratic National Convention in July of the same year. He joined the struggle for the nomination for one of the locations from Illinois in the us senate.

Obama: The Unauthorized biography

obama s biography

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His autograph: After high school, Obama studied for two years at Occidental College in Los Angeles, and and then he transferred to columbia university, where he specialized in international relations. By the time a bachelor's degree in 1983, he worked in the International Business year Corporation and the new York research center. In 1985, with the move to Chicago, barack Obama worked as a community organizer in disadvantaged areas of the city. In 1988, he enrolled in Harvard Law School, where in 1990 he became the first in its history African-American editor of university publications «Harvard Law review». Obama taught constitutional law at the Chicago Institute of Legal Sciences from 1992 to 2004. He also worked as a lawyer in the field of civil rights.

At the same time, obama met his future wife michelle (born. January 17, 1964 in Chicago, illinois. Unlike her husband, michelle is a descendant of Negro slaves. Her prepareparams in 1850 indicated in the will of the American slave owner as of property as a "Negro girl Melvinia" worth 475.). In 1995, barack mother died of ovarian cancer. Senator of Illinois In 1996, barack Obama was elected to the senate from Illinois 13th congressional district.

Barack's grandfather, a dissident and revolutionary; as Obama's father, fought with the existing political system in Kenya, but failed. Torture, disability and two years in prison fight ended Hussein Onyango Obama and British colonial policy in his country. Soon, his grandson will distribute this policy around the world. Ann Dunham, divorced her husband when it started having problems, re-married an Indonesian foreign student, lolo sutor. In 1967, Anne went with him and a little barack in jakarta.

From this marriage there was a half-sister of Barack maya. Education, early career, in jakarta, obama. Attended public school from 6 to 10 years. After that, he returned to honolulu where he lived with his maternal grandparents until the end of 1979 a prestigious private school "Panehou". In 1982, Obama. Was killed a car accident. He left eight children from four wives. Memories of his childhood, Obama described in his book "Dreams From my father". Obama is a lefty.

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Obama began to drink and fell into poverty. His presentation son, he saw the last time, when Barack was 10 years old. In Kenya, obama. Was in writing a car accident, resulting in lost both legs. When parents divorce, barack Obama lived in Hawaii with his grandparents. His mother was shot in a candid photoshoot and consequently disowned by her parents. Grandmother Madeleine lee brought up the boy for a long time.

obama s biography

Met with nehru the American teacher naydsend Ruth (Ruth Nidesand which after the end of his training in the United States went to kenya. It was his third marriage, which had two children. Total father was married four times. Subsequently, the fate of Obama. At first it was waiting for success — he worked for an oil company, and then was promoted to a senior economist in the government of Kenya to the ministry of Finance. For criticizing the economic activities of the President, Obama. Came to him out of favor, and his career came to an end.

Obama — a mulatto, but, unlike most black Americans, not a descendant of slaves. A young couple was happy, but their union lasted only 3 years old. Two years after the birth of his son, his father went to continue studying at Harvard, but Dunham and Obama. Soon returned to hawaii. Parental divorce barack took place in January 1964. During his studies at Harvard, Obama.

Childhood, barack Obama was margaret born, august 4, 1961, in Honolulu, hawaii. His parents met in 1960 while studying at the University of Hawaii at Manoa; Father — barack hussein Obama,. (1936-1982) — the son of the medicine man of the people of luo. Missionary school paid him study in nairobi and sent to study the course of Econometrics at the University of Hawaii, where he organized the Association of foreign students and become the best in his release. Obama's mother - stanley ann Dunham (1942-1995) - was born on a military base in Kansas in a family-American Christians, but later became an agnostic. Religion same Obama - protestantism. Stanley ann Dunham — english, Scottish, Irish and German descent; through her mother, madeleine lee payne, barack has also ancestors of the Cherokee. Dunham surname belongs to the American aristocracy and comes from the first settlers Singleteri richard and his son Jonathan (1639/40—1724 who for unclear reasons, changed his name to dunham (family legend elevates it to the owners of the castle danhem in Scotland, which in infancy. Stanley ann studied anthropology at the University of Hawaii, where Obama.

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Barack Obama biography and photo, barack Obama, famous namesake shredder /. Names middle name name-patronymic horoscopes /. Tests omens names - home, barack hussein Obama,. Barack hussein Obama ii, pronounced bərɑk huseɪn oʊbɑmə (. United States of America ru ( ). The, nobel peace Prize 2009. Before being elected president was a us senator from Illinois. He was re-elected for a second term in 2012. The first African American nominated for president of the United States from one of the two major parties.

Obama s biography
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  4. Serious biography requires study of choices made and not made, not trivia masquerading as insight. David Maraniss s exhaustive, unilluminating Obama biography.

  5. I have read and agree to m s, terms of Use and Privacy policy. Biography of Barack Obama. Obama attended Columbia university, but found New York s racial tension inescapable. Obama s two hobbies are basketball and poker. President Barack Obama s Second Term Nominees. Likely secretary of Defense nominee under President Barack Obama.

  6. Obama s victory sparked euphoria in some countries — a phenomenon called obama -mania, whose symptoms began. Obama s father was Barack, obama, sr, a kenyan native. Best Barack, obama, jokes. Home categories politics and government politicians barack. Were sorry, we are not able to process your request because of following errors. Ask your child to read the barack.

  7. Biography of Barack, obama, president of the United States, 2009-present. Obama s father, also named Barack, obama, was black; his mother, Ann Dunham, was white. Pew forum religious biography of barack obama. Questions from the public about. Obama s faith, which cropped up during the 2008 presidential election, have persisted during his presidency. Biography and photo barack, obama ; was born August 4, 1961, in Honolulu, hawaii.

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