New way to make presentations

new way to make presentations

How to make great Presentations the pecha kucha, way

I think you could call me somewhat of a social butterfly. Hanging out with people and talking about music, dance, animals, and even playing games are some of my favorite pass times. Because of my love for being around people, i have gotten involved with a bible study group, a local choir, and just recently gymnastics. I like to stay active and have plenty of things to do to help me get my energy out. Because Im a people person, i hope to be someone who helps others when I grow. Im thinking Id be pretty good at being a nurse, or a teacher, or maybe even a doctor!

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I hope to business someday work in the medical field or become a lawyer. I know this means I need to work very hard and go to a good school, so Im always looking for potentially awesome colleges. I would like to one day move out of Pittsburgh and see some other parts of the country! Right now, i am looking for my forever family. I need a family that will love and support. I want them to stand by me through my journey to reach my goals. I am open to living with any family of any arrangement, gender, religion, or race. Finding a family is very important to me because i deserve a fresh start and to be loved for who. Are you that family? My name is Madison and I want to meet you! One of my favorite activities is to meet, chat with, and learn about new people.

I have been a lot of places and met a lot of people. From that I can say that more than anything, i need an adult that is going to grow with me, not make me grow in their image. Also, you gotta be able to cook, because i know i am able to eat. Just a little hint. My name is Morgan. I am a 16 year old African American female currently living in Pittsburgh,. People describe me as outgoing, funny, chill, fun loving, and intelligent. I enjoy traveling (I really would like to go to jamaica some day shopping, movies, music, swimming, and exercising.

new way to make presentations

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I come from a place that believes in working with our hands to build and revelation fix things, and I hope to carry on that tradition as I grow. . Im 17 now and have been putting a lot of time into the person I want to be once Im an adult. One thing is for certain though: Im going to stay chill! As far as meeting people and new families, let me say this: I dont want to live the rest of my youth in placement. That really bums me out. I miss having a space that is my own, family and friends around day-to-day to kick it with, and just experiencing life. I need adults in my life who are going to support me, but allow me to learn and experience life at my own rate.

And what can I say? My chillness is shown in my personality: i am a relaxed person who likes to watch the world. Im a big fan of chilling in my room with a book. Show, especially fantasy novels and shows. Video games are sweet. Oh and by the way, those are my drawings. I love to draw and make art. Thats not to say im lazy, no way. I have straight As at my current school and am working on learning masonry and hope to learn advanced manufacturing.

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new way to make presentations

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This list is 721 words and provides up to 90 coverage for unscripted spoken English. Browne has been trying to disseminate information about the ngsl, nawl, tsl and bsl through a series of academic presentations at conferences around the world including the 2013 World Congress on Extensive reading in Korea, a featured Speaker address at the 2013 National kotesol conference. License: note: development of the ngsl was made possible through approved access to the cambridge English Corpus (CEC). The cec is a multi-billion word computer database of contemporary spoken and written English. It includes British English, American English and other varieties of English.

It also includes the cambridge learner Corpus, developed in collaboration with the University of Cambridge esol examinations. Cambridge University Press has built up the cec to provide evidence about language use that helps to produce better language teaching materials. For more information about tracs waiting Child please contact: Cody webb, about csr specialist, fourth avenue, suite 310, pittsburgh, pa 15222. 219, daniel, whats up? My name is Daniel and Im a pretty chill dude. .

Like the ngsl, the nawl provides a bit better coverage than the original awl. . As you can see from the chart below, the combined ngsl/nawl gives about 5 more text coverage than the combined gsl/AWL. . More information about the nawl version.0, including various downloadable versions of the list can be found using the pulldown menu on the left (or by clicking here ). Toeic service list.1 (tsl in may of 2016, Dr Browne and Dr Culligan published a 2nd special purpose word list, the tsl or toeic service list, that was designed to be used as the next step after learning the new General Service list for learners who. Based on.5 million word corpus of toeic materials, the 1200 words of the tsl (when combined with the 2800 words of the ngsl) provides up to 99 coverage of words that appear on the toeic test.

More information on the tsl version.1, as well as a growing number of free tsl  resources can be found on the tsl page from the pulldown on the left (or by clicking here ). Business Service list.0 (bsl in July of 2016, Dr Browne and Dr Culligan published a 3rd special purpose word list, the bsl or Business Service list, that was designed to be used as the next step after learning the new General Service list for learners needing. Based on an approximately 64 million word corpus of business texts, newspapers, journals and websites, the 1700 words of the bsl (when learned in combination of the 2800 words of the nsgl) provide learners with approximately 97 coverage of the English they need in most. More information on the bsl version.0 as well as a growing number of free bsl  resources can be found on the bsl page from the pulldown on the left (or by clicking here ). New general service list-spoken.2 (ngsl-s in late 2013, Dr Browne and Dr Culligan analyzed the spoken subsections of the ngsl corpus and published a list of frequencies for spoken English known at the ngsl-s. The.0 version contained 822 words which provided up to 90 coverage for spoken English. In 2016, the.1 version of the list was published, with slightly better coverage (718 words to reach 90). In October of 2017 the.2 version of the ngsl was released.

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Ngsl-s (because it is a subset of literature the ngsl corpus). . Each offers extremely good coverage within that specific domain and may be a useful next step for students with that goal. The efficiency of these lists can be seen the chart below which gives a rough estimate of coverage figures for each vocabulary list as well as the how the size of these lists compare with the overall vocabulary size of native speakers of English. Downloads of all of our special purpose word lists and associated free online learning and content creation tools are available from this website via the pulldown menu on the left. New Academic Word List.0 (nawl while we are all tremendous fans of the original. Academic Word List (AWL) developed. Averil Coxhead, her awl was made to fit together with, and be a next step for students and teachers using West's 1953 gsl, both of which were based on the concept of word families. With the publication of the 2013 ngsl, which is based on the concept of modified lexemes, we knew that we needed to create a new list of important high frequency academic words that would fit tightly together with the ngsl and therefore published the. New Academic Word List (nawl which was based on a 288 million word academic corpus.

new way to make presentations

Please look around the site and leave comments for us to help improve both the site as well as the list itself. Combining the ngsl word List with other Special Purpose word Lists: Although the ngsl was designed to help learners attain the highest possible coverage of general English with the fewest possible words, an important pedagogic question to consider is once these 2800 words are mastered. While continuing to study the next most resume frequency general English words beyond the ngsl seems a logical next step, two issues which the learner faces are (1) the number of words they need to learn to make an additional 1 coverage gain increases sharply after 92, and. To that end, we have created 3 additional special purpose vocabulary lists that fit together perfectly with the ngsl (i.e. No overlap or repeating words the first is the. New Academic Word List.0 (nawl the second is the, toeic service list.1 (TSL) and the third is the. Business Service list.0 (BSL). We have also created a list of high frequency word of spoken English known as the.

corpus research, input from other famous early 20th century researchers such as Harold Palmer, and several vocabulary conferences sponsored by the carnegie foundation in the 30s, the gsl was designed to be more than simply a list. However, as useful and helpful as this list has been to us over the decades, it has also been criticized for (1) being based on a corpus that is considered to be quite dated, (2) being too small by modern standards (the initial work. In March of 2013, on the 60th anniversary of Wests publication of the gsl, my colleagues (Dr. Brent Culligan joseph Phillips of aoyama gakuin Womens Junior College) and I (Dr. Charles Browne, meiji gakuin University) announced the creation. New General Service list (ngsl one that is based on a carefully selected 273 million-word subsection of the 2 billion word Cambridge English Corpus (CEC) as follows: Following many of the same steps that West and his colleagues did, we have tried to combine the. To make a ngsl that is based on a clearer definition of what constitutes a word to be a starting point for discussion among interested scholars and teachers around the world, with the goal of updating and revising the list based on this input (in. The chart below gives an indication of the improvement in coverage that the ngsl.01 version has over the original gsl when considering each of the words on the list with its associated inflected forms (lemmas we will be doing our best to make this.

The most important words for second language learners of English. Home to a wide range of free corpus-based word lists and tools for second language learners developed. Brent Culligan and joe phillips. With approved use of the cambridge English Corpus,. Brent Culligan and Joseph Phillips have created a new General Service list (ngsl) of core high frequency vocabulary words for students of English as a second language. First published in with early 2013, the ngsl provides over 92 coverage for most general English texts (the highest of any corpus-derived general English word list to date). Use the pulldown menu to download the ngsl in various forms, and to try out our large and growing number of free online tools for learning, teaching, testing, analysing and editing texts with the ngsl. Be sure to check out our other special purpose word lists which have been designed to work in a modular approach in conjunction with the ngsl - these include the new Academic Word List (nawl the toeic service list (tsl the business Service list (BSL). All of our corpus-derived word lists are public domain and available to you for free as long as you properly cite our work (how to cite is mentioned in the faq section). .

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New way to make presentations
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Learn the 15 words that employers want to see on your resume, and fifteen words to avoid. year that Bridget Jones s diary became a movie, doris Lessing said of chick-lit authors, It would be better, perhaps, if they wrote.

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  2. Your resume will be your most important marketing tool. Class, book report, assignment Assign a different book and print a journal with questions for each student - automatically (edhelper saves books assigned so students will be given a different book each time). The new Orleans Chapter of the federal Bar Association is one of the oldest chapters in the country, having been chartered in 1937, and currently is the largest chapter with over 1100 members. Oh my a free speech to text software boomed apart from a dictation software and often speech to text app, dictation software. Our celebrity pr staff Writers have written Artist.

  3. I'm used to do 1000 words essay for no fucking reason back. Best PowerPoint presentations: 50 inspiring slide decks that teach you things ( about design, copy, sales, innovation and much more). Printed, near-print, typewritten, and handwritten manuscripts of books, essays, lectures, and other writings. Few jobseekers effectively use a resume summary and instead opt for a weakly worded objective statement instead. Diwali is also known as deepavali or Festivals of light. I tried so many times to write at least a essay or a short story but didnot worked.

  4. For more information about tracs waiting Child please contact: Cody webb csr specialist fourth avenue, suite 310.

  5. BbWorld is where education professionals gather to make change happen. Thought-leadership discussions, hands-on training, shared best practices, and networking opportunities ensure that you have the tools needed to navigate todays toughest challenges. New, general Service list (ngsl) is an updated and expanded version of the gsl by michael West, the most important list of vocabulary words for learners of English as a second language. Advocacy End of Life Choices. New, york pursues legal and legislative reform to ensure a patient s right to a peaceful death. Trac s Older Child.

  6. Wv vendors: make the Switch to Electronic payments! State auditor John. McCuskey is encouraging all vendors doing business with the State of West Virginia to receive payment through the states Electronic Funds Transfer payment system or accept the State purchasing Card. Home The worldwide lottery industry is about raising funds for good causes. Pgritalks (brought to you by pgri, public Gaming Research Institute) is devoted to video presentations of top level management running lotteries around the world - sharing ideas for sales, marketing, technology, systems, structures for enhancing and increasing the money. Keep your audience s attention with tv-style 3D transition effects for PowerPoint: Bring the excitement back to your PowerPoint presentations with PowerPlugs: Transitions, the premier suite of audience pleasing 3D transition effects for PowerPoint!

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