Master thesis presentation

master thesis presentation

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This is why wording of titles and structure is important. Do not use too many section levels (like. Your thesis is not a military or administrative operations manual, but a flow of connected ideas. Too many levels will make orientation difficult for the reader. He won't understand where. You may add unnumbered titles at the section or sub-section level or maybe use something like (a).

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Create indexes, automatically number titles, create stable numbered lists, don't loose days with repetitive re-fomatting. There exist two "formatting" strategies. Either learn how to create a good list of styles (you may need between 15 metathesis and 30 for a master thesis depending on your research type. Ignore my advice, but then only spend your last day with manual formatting. Professionals do it this way each type of paragraph has its own style never use tabs or empty lines (e.g. Paragraphs are separated by space, not an empty line, so add horizontal space to the paragraph style element definition). Your list of styles you the need at least the following elements: Numbered Chapter, numbered section, numbered sub-section and unnumbered sub-section. If you use ms word, just define styles for heading 1 to heading. List elements (bullet list items and enumerated items). You may, but usually don't have to define these at two levels Normal paragraphs Citation paragraphs (indented) A style for fixed formats if you plan to present code One ore more good table styles Figure captions Tip: read Microsoft Word for some advice. 2.2 Titles et sections Here is some advice about titles and sections The table of contents not only is a navigation tool but it indirectly defines your argumentation flow.

2 Presentation and typographic structure, let's first a look at some superficial presentation issues. 2.1 The word processor. Start by admitting that you don't know how to use a word processor. I had dates to write a wiki entry about. Microsoft Word before writing a larger text. I usually use Framemaker which is very different because it was designed for people that write real text and I had to make a real effort to adapt to ms word. Schneider, here is a list of "must know" things: Define styles (and make sure to configure ms word that will inhibit modifications on fly them or addition of new styles). Automatically create tables of contents and figures.

master thesis presentation

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The thesis is not a story. It presents the results of your research (including a literature review and and methodological explanation on how you did it). There may exist exceptions,. In some forms of ethnography. The structure of your thesis if defined by two main elements: The research type/approach and related methodological criteria. Some rhetorical principles,. Your thesis should be readable. A reader must understand your objectives, the theorectical background, the questions, how you did it and your answers (results).

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master thesis presentation

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Contents 1 Introduction, learning goals, understand that a master thesis is an argument. Learn how to sequence a thesis. Understand that you may have to respect certain standards. Prerequisites moving on, do other research ferry level and target population. Beginners - master thesis, quality, should be ok, although important elements are missing regarding the principal chapters.

A thesis is an argument, in other words: The organization of the written theses paragraph has nothing to do with the organization of the research plan or its little section on planning. In particular: A research plan (i.e. The research design) defines and organizes your work according to logical criteria. The research planning (i.e. The little section at the end of your research plan) organizes your time according to workpackages and deliverables. Research is just done and not told,. You do not tell people your personal experience with this.

Evaluation of the applicability of the implemented surface growing approach. The performance of the segmentation algorithm is strongly depended on the character of the input data. The segmentation approach (plane growing-based) is suited well for point sets that feature some level of order, like for example even distribution or regular spacing. As points provided by laser scanning are collected strip-wise, this kind of input gives very good results. Point clouds derived by multiple image matching are denser at the edges than at the continuous surfaces. Therefore, the segmentation of matched point clouds often returns clusters that depict several parts of object instead of one whole object.

Possible improvement of the segmenting of matched point clouds could be achieved by the introduction of an additional threshold. Such a parameter should feature the proximity between a candidate point and the points already existing within a segment. The program functions aside segmentation are data independent and work well for different kinds of input. The tests carried out proved the implementation to be suitable software for multiple 3D point clouds segmentation and presentation. Figure 2: Software demonstration: Presentation of a raw unstructured point cloud (left segmentation result, colours associated with different planar segments (right). This is part of the methodology tutorial.

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In order to allow the visual comparison of data, the program features various possibilities of visualization. The basic function is visualization of input point clouds. After performing segmentation, points belonging to different presentation segments are displayed with different colours. Furthermore, the user can select the required segment and get information about its statistics. Ultimately, the program provides the functionality to save the rendered scene as external files. This feature book enables to compare different segmentation results in post-processing. Applications and results, the program applicability is examined against different data sets upon various conditions. Three tests are carried out that aim at: Investigation of the segmentation parameters impact on the segmentation results. Proof of the utility of the program for the evaluation of the point cloud accuracy.

master thesis presentation

Extracting segments by performing an iterative plane growing process. Merging homogenous segments divided into different sets (performed in order to avoid over-segmentation). The principle of this step is the same like for the third step. Instead of singular points, segments are gas used as input. Figure 1: Segmentation parameters angle threshold a and distance threshold d; black vector: normal to the plane, blue vectors: accepted, red vectors: rejected. The basic part of the source code is written. In order to increase the computational functionalities of this language, additional external libraries are included,. Qt for the implementation of user interface and Approximate nearest neighbours Library for establishing proximity between points. For the purpose of results evaluation, the program provides the opportunity to compute the statistics of the process.

raw unstructured character of the input. Besides data segmentation, further operational functions are implemented in order to support the segmentation process evaluation and to extend the utility of the program. Objectives, the segmentation method implemented in this thesis is based on extraction of planar faces from unstructured data sets, using the plane growing approach. The algorithm consists of four main steps: Data preparation, based on least squares plane estimation and point connectivity provided by the n-nearest neighbours search in the 3D space using k-d trees. Setting the criterions the surface growing procedure is depended on, and specifying thresholds associated with them. In the implementation two refinement parameters are introduced,. E., angle and distance thresholds (cf.

Segmentation is the first step of point cloud interpretation. It allows partitioning of a data in the object space in order to create meaningful, coherent and connected subsets, referred to as segments. Each segment is supposed to include points or pixels with similar attributes and represents a surface, an object or a part thereof. To reduce the complexity of the problem, many segmentation algorithms use resampled.5D or 2D data instead of original 3D points. Such a transformation usually causes a loss of information. Therefore, there is the need for segmentation approaches that enable to work on raw 3D data. Objectives, the purpose of this thesis is to implement writings a test-bed program for presentation and segmentation of multiple 3D point clouds.

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Małgorzata jarząbek, segmentation and presentation of multiple 3D point clouds. Duration of the Thesis: 6 months. Completion: April 2009, tutor:.-Ing. Master Thesis Presentation, motivation 3D point clouds are important results of photogrammetric processing. One of the leading technologies that allow for quick and accurate 3D point clouds acquisition is laser scanning. Alternative methods for 3D points extraction are based on multiple image matching. Introduction of digital cameras into photogrammetric applications caused the renaissance of matching algorithms. Both technologies provide raw unstructured 3D point clouds. In order to extract shredder information about objects, raw data require a great deal of processing.

Master thesis presentation
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Tuesday, august 24, 2010. Hannah, arendt, photographed on New years day, 1944.about the past in its morally perplexing and disconcerting entirety, was the focus. The 5 levels.

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  3. The thesis defense, meaning an open-audience presentation followed by scientific discussion. The Plan A masters thesis must be a contribution to the field of knowledge based on the student s own research or a treatment and presentation. This thesis investigates the gaps between future demands and supplies of food, and identifies strategies to fulfill diet preference of future global population. 3D point clouds are important results of photogrammetric processing. One of the leading technologies that allow for quick and accurate 3D point clouds acquisition is laser scanning.

  4. Understand that a master thesis is an argument. Let s first a look at some superficial presentation issues. Development of Star Tracker Lost-In-Space Algorithm and search-Less Approach for Multi-dimensional Databases., 13:30. Master thesis presentation, sarcoptic mange in the Arctic fox. The thesis advisor ensures that the objectives of the thesis can be reached within the intended time period.

  5. The Graduate School, the University libraries, and the graduate faculty of Penn State have established format standards that a thesis or dissertation must meet before receiving final approval as fulfillment of a graduate requirement. Home our Education mba modular Executive mba programs modular mba in Business it modules master, thesis. This module includes a presentation workshop, in which you will enhance your presentation skills. Master s thesis presentation of Matti koskimies. Applying model checking to analysing safety instrumented systems. This study responds to this need on its behalf.

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