Marling lumber and homeworks janesville wi

marling lumber and homeworks janesville wi

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Offensively, how does a coach replace. Simpson or a winning quarterback such as Steve sogge. The talent to fill these gaps can at best be only stop-gaps. And speaking of quarterbacks, this position seems to offer a common problem throughout the pac-8 with one exception. That would be jim Plunkett at Stanford. On a 6-3-1 team last yeiar as a sophomore, he ran and threw the ball t f rank.

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The dings-routed the Chassis Bombers, 14-4 and Rock river Sludge downed the fencer Benders, 8-2. Bob McCumber of the fender Benders had the game's only home run. Station (t) abrh 5 1 3 Radke 5 0 1 quarne 3 1 0 Schultr 4 1 1 Haney 4 0 2 Adams 4 0 2 liebenstein 4 1 1 Kalvelage 4 1 1 Hilt '412 Thompson 3 0 0 Macdonald Burger Chef (5) abrh. Station 310 002 M0-«Burger Chef 001 201 Olo-s 2b — heuvelman. Hr — haney, schleusner. Smith Mobil cargill b-albrlght, normari, 38—Garey. Hr — hinton, schoon. (One of a series) 'by the associated press one of sports' favorite cliches is "stick with the champion." so it is that many are sticking with the Trojans of southern California to win the pacific 8 Conference football champion* ship for the fourth straight year. The Trojans' lively coach, john Mckay, is the first to concede that he has some shopping gaps to fill and there are those who feel anyone who sticks with the champs may be stuck. In this vein, Stanford or ucla may end the Trojan reign and any of the other brothers in the pac-8 can be counted upon to do their share of mischief. Mckay says he thinks essay southern Cal will be stronger defensively.

O auvumeok i i itb, im* 37 0? 40 8 15 Bernie's Crest leo's u odx— 8 2b —'gei'sev anderson. Rock Prairie (IJ) ab r h 4 1. Douglas 1 0 1 Weberpal 5 3 3 Wetmore s 3. Douglas 5 3 4 Morgan 4 0 2 Vance 2 0 0 Hanthorne 4 1 2 Dorr 2 0 0 beinema -4 0 1 Miller 3 1 2 Venable. 2 0 2 Frei 00 Cullen 0 0 0 payne gibbs (7) ab r h 4 1 1 McNally 4 1 2 Hansen 4 2 1 Squeno 4 1 2 Spanton 4 1 2 Rabiola 4 1 3 Petitt 4 0 0 woodrich. Chevy league results The dings and Rock river Sludge were winners of Chevrolet Night Shift Sl6w Pitch Softball league games at Back 0' the yards yesterday.

marling lumber and homeworks janesville wi

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John Bomkamp's four hits led Doctor's Park over. Steve glaessel and Bob Pregont hit home runs in Ken's victory. Joe schlenz of Smith Mobil had four hits. Bernie's Crest (0) ab r h 4 0 1 Kuranz 4 0 3 Olson 4 0 0 Emerson 4 0 0 Schmidt 4 0 1 levzow 4 0 2 davey 4 0 0 meyers 3 0 1 Gorzny 3 0 0 levelie 3. Coulter 4 2 3 Warmke 4 1 2 Hanson 4 1 2 zizzle 4 0 0 davis 4 1 2 Wolff 4 0 0 Restivo 2 1. Coulter 4 1 3 Anderson 4 12 geise 10 0 Natz vou want to extcncion ano what it does rod vou, try rmowme fAli ;K6bpim8 arm flf estate nt /, them throw another balt with vour arm cmNM» ano see how much further it goes. To host Warhawks whitewater — the Whitewater quarterback Club will roles host members of the Whitewater State University football team for dinner at 6:30. Tomorrow in the University center. Club members will have an opportunity to meet members of the squad following dinner.

Tonijght vth six games at Monterey. In last night's games, Sportsman's Tap defeated Rowley's Bar, 5-3; main. Station beat Burger Chef, 6:5; Rock Prairie won over Gibbs, 12-7; leo's phantoms shut out Bemie's Qrest, 8-0; Doctors' park beat ' :St. Paul's, 9-5; Ken's Klub. 1 defeated Back 0' the yards, 8-1 ' and Smith Mobil topped Cargill ) Methodist, 11-7, i larry Elmer homered in t jrowley's loss to Sportsman's., /mike haney's three-run homer i in the first inning put main. Station ahead to stay. Bruce j douglas and Bruce morgan / each had four hits to lead Rock / Prairie. Leo's was led by mike / Warmke and Ron Anderson, / who had three hits apiece.

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marling lumber and homeworks janesville wi

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7 — doctors' park. Hilltop tavern 8— ken's Klub No;. Local 95 9 — cheerio bar. Sportsman's Bar (South diamond).7 — smith Mobil. Clatworthy's Sport Shop 8 —"leo's Phantoms.

Parker Pen 9 — lock Prairie. 2 highschool football games friday afternoon nonconterent marshall at Williams bay. State deaf at Palmyra i, games friday night southern lakes. Whitewater at lake geneva badger Delavan-Darien at Wilmot Walworth Big foot at Elkhorn Salem Central af East Troy mukwonago at Burlington Nonconlerence deforesf at Edgerton lake-mills of Fort Atkinson Monroe at evansville walerford at Jefferson Chilton at Sun nature Prairie waukesha memorial at Stoughton ' clinton. Tomi lut thimmssibis if vou don't mavg janlbsville's City Slow Pitch Softhiall tournament was reduced to 16 teams after gams last night at Monterey par.

Doutiles - kcsslngcr, Chicago 36;. Pittsburgh 33, Triples —., williams, Chicago 10; Clomenic, pittsburgh. Home runs — mcCovcy, san Francisco 41;. Stolen bases — brijck,. Louis 48; Morgan, houston 38; Bonds, san Fran"Sching (I» ;4Msi«iKl — mcrjritt, ciiwnnatl 14 5, 5?, 4Jfr7seavcr, ftiew yog.7,.731,.54. Bowling meeting ' members of the thursday morning Bowling league sire requested to attend an organizational meeting at -.

Tomorrow at El-ra lanes. City slow pitch city tournament results Last Night Sportsman's Tap 5, rowley's Bar 1 main. Station 4, burger Chef s rock Prairie 12; Gibbs 7 leo's Phantoms 8, ber'hie's Crest. doctors' park 9,. Paul's 5, ken's Klub (No. 1) 8, back 0' the yards Srhith Mobit 11, cargill Methodiil 7 Games Tonight (North diamond).

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Homt runs —. Jackson, oakland 45; F ; Howard, washington - 43; Killebrew/ M'nnesota'38. Stolen bases — harper, seattle 43; Campaneris, oakland 44; Pitching (11 decisions) — palmer, baltimore.2,.175,.89; McLain, detroit '.' 21-6,.771,.70. national league., batting(37 at bats) — clemenle, pitts- pdf 5 fcurgt) J52;. Runs —bonds, san summary Francisco 106; Rose, cincinnati 104. Runs batted in — mccovey, -francisco 112.- santo, ctiicaqo. Alou, pittsburgh 188; Rose, ' c 'llciniiali 173.

marling lumber and homeworks janesville wi

BaltimOra.322; h, smith, boston.320. Jackson, oakland 112;. R hm katttAin.— killebrevtr, minnesota 117; Powell, bawmore 115. Hill — blair/ Baltimora 142; Clarke, new inequality York 142. OotWti — oliva, minnesota. Trlpltt— Clarke, new YorkT;. Smith, boston hegan, seattle.

15 innings ivoakland at Boston, rain * Minnesota 5, Cleveland? VChicago 10, baltimore 3 te? Kansas City 4 Detroit. Washington 2-3, california 0-2,3nd gams i(lj d'Si. I innings/.rain f i oames Today ict*yal»ntl (Hargan 5-11) at Minnesota lOsvsellK'lO) ' e»M4rid (Talbot 5-8 and Krausse 7-7) af jStpi) (Lohborg 7-8 and Nagy 10-2 2 StJet /olt (McLain 21-4) at Kansas City. Lupd 2-4 twilight only oames scheduled Games Tomorrow Minnesota at Oal«land, n chicago at Calitornia, n kansas City at seattle, n baltimore at Detroit Only games scheduled major leaders american league atting (irs at bats) —.

At San Fraiv iitb Warli '. O'3) af Atlanta (Reed plan ifSd lphia. (Ftyman 10-11) at San pti jgtf Sanforini. L2j,n ;cwcaqq (Hands 14:10).- at Cincinnati rt )hew -4. Irlchal.4 Oantii tomorrow. At'San diego, n tf'. Only games scheduled i-.- amm? An league t ii division tititnartib.

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Janesville daily gazette from Janesville, wisconsin on September 3, 1969 page 34 m, get access to this page with a free trial. Show, hide, page 34 article text (ocr baseball national leaoue eiit division w,. M.418 ilad«lt )Ml'., S3 7?.4m dates 79 itrMl'.,.i.i. 41.304 421/j., wi»t;oivi»ion. i francisco.560 siAngciM.;.;.'. L3 W ;s37 (90.'.»., 70 ;.«4.522 In DipgpV. Tipleffop (HtuspendedBameof June is!?l.?J-j! S, i l:YOrk sk los' angeles 4 ' p ;l! Y.ork-.( jMman tM) af V 3 s, 35- los lrean(-Wtg«ncr4 -in.

Marling lumber and homeworks janesville wi
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  3. Call us today to discuss your exterior improvement needs. Youll appreciate our friendly service, and our reasonable prices will take. M is a janesville job board used by janesville employers and staffing firms of all sizes to find local. Fond du lac, wi jobs.

  4. 41.304 421/j., wi »t;oivi». janesville 's quality iscount, lumber. 7 cash and Carry Prices Small Delivery Charge. We are your full service home builder and home remodeling in, janesville, wi, rock county, wi and surrounding communities. Marling, homeWorks - 1138 Humes Rd, janesville,. You are welcome to visit my home studio/gallery by appointment.

  5. To baseboards and everything in-between, the kitchen and bathroom cabinets and products you need can be found. Marling, lumber and, homeWorks, company. Marling, lumber and, homeWorks. Janesville /Beloit, wisconsin Area. Latest news from, janesville, wi collected exclusively by m from local newspapers, tv, and radio stations.

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