Leadership book reviews

leadership book reviews

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While billed as a business and leadership book it is really more about how you can be better in tune with other people in your relationships both business and personal. This books primary focus is on the concept of self-deception and the crazy ways that we often blind ourselves to our real motivations in situations.  It highlights how we often sabotage our efforts to achieve success and happiness in business and in life by falling victim to our own preconceptions and biases. The premise of the book is that we all often deceive ourselves but dont realize we are doing.   Our personal attitude and views can blind us to how other people perceive a situation leading us to feel we in the right when we are actually causing more harm than good. The book helps teach you about self-deception and guides you through the process of breaking down your own self-deceptions. The general concepts are simple but this gives the book the opportunity to explain them thoroughly and address a lot of potential questions the reader may have.

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Jack: Straight from the gut by jack welch. Jack welch book review "Jack: Straight from the gut" is written by one of the most well known American business leaders of recent times. Jack welch played a leading role in one of America's largest companies (General Electric - ge) for twenty years, growing it from around 26 billion when he started through to 130 billion when he left in 2001. read Jack: Straight from the gut review. Add a book review. Leadership book reviews, submit your review, if you have read one of the leadership books listed above, please share your thoughts. Let other know if it was worth reading or should have been left sitting on the book shelf! woopidoo business Portal business book reviews write review management and leadership books Business Newsletter Subscribe to receive a motivational business and finance" three times each week. Also learn when new articles and business book reviews are published. January 27th, 2016, i found that leadership and Self Deception: Getting Out of the box profoundly changed my perception of my interpersonal relationships not only in the salon but also in my personal life. . I was truly shocked at what an impact the book had writing on my perspective.

The Steve jobs way: ileadership for a new Generation. Jay elliot The Steve jobs way review "The Steve jobs way" by jay elliot is a look at the leadership skills of one the most successful product developers in the world. Elliot worked as the senior Vice President of Apple and saw first hand how Steve jobs dealt with the challenges and great successes of the company. read The Steve jobs way review. Army of Entrepreneurs: Create an year Engaged and Empowered Workforce for Exceptional Business Growth. Jennifer Prosek army of Entrepreneurs review. Jennifer Prosek's "Army of Entrepreneurs" book is a practical guide to growing your business through inspiring and empowering your employees. Prosek shares how she turned her company around and gives real world examples of how you can too. read Army of Entrepreneurs review.

leadership book reviews

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M - business, finance and Motivational book reviews. Leadership book reviews Online, sponsors, leadership resumes and Management Advice - book reviews. Listing of all the leadership books about managing business, ceos, business management and leading a company or organization. Leadership books are listed alphabetically by the author's last name. Please share your own book review or suggest a new book to be listed. woopidoo portal business books list of leadership books, leadership book reviews @ m, losing my virginity by richard Branson. Richard Branson book review, the flamboyant Virgin entrepreneur from the United Kingdom shares some of his business successes, world adventures, and personal background in his bubbly autobiography. "Losing my virginity: How i've survived, had Fun, and Made a fortune doing Business my way" summary is a very appropriate title as it is exactly what the book is about. Losing my virginity autobiography review.

While i liked the neat framework provided by the book, i felt that breaking down each level into their upsides, downsides, best behaviours, laws of leadership, beliefs and guides was a little overwrought. You do get a little lost ploughing through the hefty number of points in each section. Overall, The 5 levels of leadership provides a useful reference to anybody keen to distil the essence of what truly effective leadership is all about. Its timeless lessons are useful in any age, and are embodied by the lives and examples of men and women who exemplify what sterling leadership was, is and will. Tags: book reviews, business, human resource, john Maxwell, leadership, management, organisational development, organisations, the 5 levels of leadership. Leadership book reviews, submit book review, business book reviews - m, info, business and Finance books. Business leadership and success portal for business and finance inspiration.

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leadership book reviews

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Through reproduction, they can multiply their effectiveness. Here, leaders should recruit the best people possible, place them at the right positions, model leadership behaviours, equip others to do their jobs well, develop their life skills, empower them to succeed, and measure their effectiveness. Finally, pinnacle leaders at level 5 epitomise the highest leadership accomplishment, ie the ability to develop other leaders to level. These legendary leaders gain a essay lot of respect by virtue of who they are and what they represent. Making room for others at the top, level 5 leaders focus on finding successors, work on peoples strengths, give away power, and sees the potential of other leaders.

They create an inner circle to keep themselves grounded, continually develop other level 5 leaders and leave a lasting positive legacy. Beyond the 5 levels, maxwell also cited frequently from his earlier book the 22 Irrefutable laws of leadership (you can get a good summary of the laws here ). Some of these are somewhat obvious (eg The law of Respect where people naturally follow leaders stronger than themselves) while others are more enlightening. Personally, i found the law of buy-in people buying into the leader, then the vision especially illuminating. From my experience, it isnt so much how the vision and goal is written as to who backs it which matters.

They are graphically represented by the diagram below: courtesy of, john Maxwell, the first level. Position is achieved when one gets a job with a leadership responsibility. People often get promoted into leadership based on their potential, and a leadership position allows one to take charge of others by sheer fact of their title. People have to follow these leaders because they have the authority and right to lead them. Often, tier one leaders depend on their rank and rules to get things done.

As a leader gravitates towards a more collegial style of leadership, permission comes into play. Here, leaders leverage on their relationships with others, relying on open communication, encouragement, trust, and effective inter-human relations to get things done. A key thing to remember here is the. Golden Rule, ie treat others as you want others to treat you. Moving up to level 3, leaders start to harness. Production as a key trait. Focusing on results, such leaders demonstrate credibility by their ability to perform. Leading by example and building powerful teams, they bring clarity to their roles, generate positive momentum, prioritise activities that generate high return, and act as change agents. At the 4th level of, people development, leaders concentrate more of their energies on training, mentoring and coaching their followers to be leaders themselves.

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Focused on growing ones leadership potential in a tiered manner, the book provides pragmatic steps to scale the leadership ladder while achieving lasting impact on ones organisation and followers. Packed with examples from Maxwells own leadership journey as well as stories of legendary leaders like superstar coach John wooden of ucla and southwest Airlines ceo herb Kelleher, the book is chock full of"ble"s and maxims. Some of the more memorable presentation ones include the following: leading an organisation is as much about soul as it is about systems herb Kelleher. Good people are found, not changed. No matter where you are in your leadership journey, never forget that what got you to where you are wont get you to the next level. Victory is much more meaningful when it comes not just from one person, but from the joint achievements of many. The euphoria is lasting when all participants lead with their hearts, winning not just for first themselves but for one another. At its core, the 5 levels of leadership revolves around 5 Ps stacked in ascending order of significance. Position, permission, production, people development, and, pinnacle.

leadership book reviews

For more than 20 years, he has taught undergraduate and graduate courses in leadership, interpersonal, and organizational communication. In addition to publications in professional journals, he is the author of leadership: Theory and Practice (4th.) and coauthor of health Communication: Strategies for health Professionals (3rd.). His scholarly and curricular interests include models of leadership, leadership assessment, ethical book leadership, and leadership and group dynamics. He has worked as a consultant in a variety of areas, including leadership development, leadership education, conflict management, and health communication. He holds a doctorate in speech communication from the University of Denver, and a master's and bachelor's degree in communication education from Michigan State University. October 2nd, 2013 3 comments, author: Walter Lim, how are peak leaders developed? What differentiates a superstar ceo like jack welch from other less extraordinary leaders? The answer, according to bestselling author. Maxwell, lies in, the 5 levels of leadership.

and organizational leadership styles and practices -meera Alagaraja (10/28/2011. Review"s: What a great resource! Great book - great case studies for the students - easy to use. My students find this book very sharpened and readable. I describe this book as a pinch of background of what leadership. This book is one of the rare book that presents Servant leadership in a new form for both instructors and students.-Dr. Contributor bio: Northouse, peter guy, peter. Northouse, phd, is Professor of Communication in the School of Communication at Western Michigan University.

Leadership Ethics, summary, references, author Index, subject Index. About the author, about the contributors brief Description: Adopted at more than 1,000 colleges and universities worldwide, the market-leading text owes its success to the unique way in which it combines an academically robust account of the major theories and models of leadership with. Each chapter of Peter Northouse's leadership: Theory and Practice follows a consistent format, allowing students to contrast the various theories. Three case studies in each chapter provide practical examples of the theories discussed. The sixth Edition adds an important new chapter on Servant leadership. Review"s: It provides a comprehensive and concise coverage of many leadership approaches. This text has the best literature on-line support for instructors and students I have ever seen.-tom taylor.

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Leadership: Theory and Practice (6th.). Contributor(s northouse, peter guy (Author binding: owl Paperback, pub Date: February 02, 2012. Order a copy via email: table of Contents: Preface Special features Audience Acknowledgments. Introduction ait Approach. Path goal Theory. Leader Member Exchange Theory. Women and leadership. Culture and leadership.

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Persuasive speech abortion, buy comparison contrast essay, cleanliness is next to godliness - essay for children, thesis statemen. LudJanuary 8, 1999Critique of, bridget, jones s diaryby: Helen fielding, bridget, jones s, diary, written by helen fielding. The power of Project leadership a book review an excellent leadership book that has great insights and tips for project managers.

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  1. Physician, leadership, book, resources. Re: book, review : leadership : Theory And Practice (6th.) - northouse, peter guy by Chiemeka30: 11:05am On Feb 06, 2015. The 5 levels. Leadership : book review. October 2nd, 20133 comments.

  2. I picked it up because of the number of great reviews, i had read. A scale of insight that to my knowledge no other leadership book can offer. Mastering, leadership : An Integrated Framework for Breakthrough. This isnt your normal everyday leadership book detailing x number of leadership principles, checklists and how-tos. Physician, leadership, book, reviews. Physician, leadership, book, preview.

  3. Leadership, book, reviews - submit your, review. If you have read one of the. Leadership books listed above, please share your thoughts.owner and network entrepreneur (he goes into his history in the book as it move along). He is a forefather to modern day leadership practices. While billed as a business and leadership book it is really more about how you can.

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