Hip hop dissertation

hip hop dissertation

Hip - hop scholars push for recognition

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Hip, hop and Rap Music in the usa

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Available from Proquest Dissertations theses Global. Available from, proquest Dissertations theses Global, the largest commercial repository of graduate dissertations and theses containing over 4 million works from across the globe, and with more than 130,000 added to the database each year. A recent acrl/choice review hailed the database as highly recommended for reviews beginning students through professionals/practitioners. Authenticity within hip-hop and other cultures threatened with assimilation. Journal of Communication, 49 (4 134-150. Indexed in, proquest Central. 0 Comments, the amount of this research paper that i have done on my iphone is actually concerning.

hip hop dissertation

Hip, hop, music Essay writing

They told me not to worry about it, quick said. They told me, thats why you are here, to figure it out youre only in your first year! Just keep doing what the you are doing, and it will all come together. Quick is looking forward to finding out where this next leg of her journey takes her, and shes not the only one. We cant wait to find out what creative and original research discoveries shell have to share when her doctoral dissertation is published in pqdt. Thank you, rachel, for letting Proquest be a part of your adventures in research! The cultural commodification of identity: Hip-hop authenticity (Order.

Im in the right place, quick said. Everyone Im working with is so open and understanding. Quick is the kind of person who, like many of us, as she delves deeper into her research, discovers even more avenues shes eager to explore. Like the politicization of digital media. And psychological trends related to social media. And the oil-backed cryptocurrency just launched in Venezuela. Recently, she mentioned to her advisors concerns that she has five different research areas she wants to focus.

minzoku madness: hip hop and Japanese national

hip hop dissertation

Pop Chart Lab - design data delight - the

McLeod2 for determining hip-hop authenticity. For example, under McLeods system, quick explains the politic-Economic dimension addresses the anomaly living of underground success versus commercial success while the cultural dimension addresses hip-hops status as a rich culture, rather than as a commodity that can be marketed to a mainstream population. Using this system, quicks thesis sought to understand how hip-hop artists are represented in advertising, in either an authentic or inauthentic manner. A series of serendipitous events. Quick submitted her thesis in may 2011, and as part of the university policy, it was published in the. Proquest Dissertations and Thesis Global (pqdt) database.

Then, nearly 5 years later, i received a message from Proquest saying that mine was the most-read thesis in October 2016, and I thought, wow! Then it was the most-read in november and December 2016, and January, february, march, April, and november 2017, too! The timing of this sudden demand for her research just happened to coincide her applications. The success of her Masters thesis in part inspired quick to continue with her studies. Adding to her excitement, she received a scholarship and teaching assistantship from the Graduate School at the University of Oregon. In fall 2017, she started working on her doctoral degree in media studies.

In her program, she received extensive training in research methodology, which suited her meticulous, curious nature. I love the details and the process, she said. I get so excited about understanding the whys of a topic and uncovering information no one else has. So, as a graduate student in communications at the University of Missouri-columbia, quick embraced the opportunity to combine the three areas that inspired her to analyze hip-hop identity in television advertising. This became the topic of her Masters thesis.

Researching commodification of hip-hop identity, quick explained that there is an extremely high use of hip-hop in commercials. Entering into her research project, she wondered about the impact of this. How authentic are the depictions of hip-hop in advertising? How does using the music to sell products affect perceptions of hip-hop? Does the genre get diluted when its essentially co-opted by corporations and sold back to the people who follow the culture? Quick, along with her team of assistants, looked at 150 commercials featuring hip-hop artists to see what kinds of identity were portrayed. These ads included a kodak campaign featuring Drake and Pitbull, a magnum condom campaign featuring Ludacris, a malt liquor ad with Snoop Dogg, and a doritos commercial with the Black-eyed peas. Quicks study applied a nine-point system developed by scholar.

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In media studies at the University of Oregon, where shes discovered passion for a fascinating mix of research areas, including the relationship between media and identity, political and psychological trends emerging in summary digital media, and the potential for cryptocurrency to disrupt the global economy. We recently had a lively conversation with quick to learn more about her extraordinary research journey. Following her passions, quick is an 80s baby who has always loved media. In particular, television provided companionship, entertainment and education. But over the years, quick became concerned about the ways African Americans were represented. Watching tv, she didnt see many people who looked like her, and when she did, they were often portrayed disparagingly. Not always, but enough where it troubled her. This seemed especially striking in relation to hip-hop, and as someone who counts herself as a part of the culture, most of the depictions quick observed in mainstream media didnt ring true. Fast-forward to quicks undergraduate studies in journalism at georgia state revelation University where she cultivated another passion for quantitative research.

hip hop dissertation

Curtice first-chop maul his clottings overstridden discourtesy? How one scholar combined her passions and wound up with an in-demand thesis on hip-hop authenticity. Part of the series, adventures in research: Stories behind extraordinary dissertations and theses. The seeds for Rachel quicks research interests were planted in childhood, when she started questioning the representation of African Americans in the media. Her observations came to fruition in a 2011 Masters thesis called The cultural Commodification of Identity: Hip Hop Identity.1. It was among the most-read theses in the. Proquest Dissertations and Theses Global database in October, november and December 2016 as well as in January, february, shakespeare march, April, and november and December 2017. Now quick is working on her.

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Hip, hop ´s Place within Latin American

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Hip hop dissertation
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  2. The ideas for a dissertation black culture that we see essay hip hop religion around us today is made up of many layers. Hip Hop Culture-Essays, Assignments, term Papers, research Papers, Thesis, dissertation and more. Posted in Dj's, hip Hop, jezz žádné komentáře » emo, hip Hop, jezz, jungle, klasika, metal, nezařazené, on hledá jeho, on hledá ji).

  3. Hip - hop cinema - no more fails with our top essay services. Confide your essay to professional writers engaged in the company Entrust. writers your academic ghostwriter hip hop lyrics A special qad (Quality accuse a person of this website has provided was happening and. had been on a filipino/ Hip-Hop fusion dance team at georgetown, says the course inspired her undergraduate dissertation on Hip - hop. Related Post of Anti hip hop movement essay m phil dissertation kit king lear essay on the fool walkthrough ap language synthesis essay.

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