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Working with measurabl to transform the gri g4 guidelines into a survey approach was an incredible task. But weve always been firm believers of moving plan through each disclosure item one-by-one and that dissecting each gri disclosure requirement into its quantitative and qualitative components would yield the best result for the reporter and, ultimately, its stakeholders. About measurabl: measurabl is online software that lets you quickly file sustainability reports such as gresb, cdp and gri. Whether youre a sustainability professional or youre reporting for the first time, youll paper file the most accurate report with the least amount of hassle. Learn more, or get started with a free trial. About isos: isos is a pioneering corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainability firm that helps drive value creation for the worlds most innovative brands. We guide clients in enhancing their competitive leadership through business practices that make a lasting contribution to the well-being of all their stakeholders and the planet at large.

This is particularly true when attempting to produce gri-compliant Economic, Environmental, and Social key performance indicators. One good approach is to compiling data from other pre-existing sustainability questionnaires such as cdp or gresb to create a single source of truth about your organizations data that can then be used to power all your reporting. This will lead to more consistency and by far less effort. Dmas equal corporate dna, for those who have taken the time to glance over the plethora of sustainability reports issued annually, statements like, sustainability is in our dna, are all too common. After all, its really only the last ten years or so that sustainability has entered our lexicon, or been tied to corporate directives. The disclosure on Management Approach (DMA) truly helps reporting organizations move beyond commitment to actions. The three main features of a dma are: Why a reported issue is relevant; What its impacts are and how theyre being mitigated; How progress is evaluated; by addressing each of these items, disclosure becomes more than just a few performance measures. Instead, it becomes a demonstrable strategic approach taken to identify issues and manage them. Our experience with gri informs our understanding of how extremely complex dmas can become, and our approach to determining materiality was specifically engineered to function as a pre-screener of information, focusing on the key performance indicators that are material to each specific gri report.

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To break down this barrier, we worked with measurabls developers team to develop a stakeholder module that would: Help prioritize stakeholder groups; Collect stakeholder views on issues they feel are most relevant (a.k.a. Material) for the organization to report. By reducing the burden of the engagement process and jumping straight to addressing those most material issues, youre putting yourself in a position to compile and analyze real, meaningful results. From there, you can generate your gri materiality matrix and map out areas of your organizations control. If youre like most organizations we work with youll have even less thesis data than you think!

Thats because unlike other non-financial disclosures, gri-based reporting wasnt developed to be a survey, but rather a process for determining what matters to your organization with the goal of driving change throughout the organization and beyond. That means a lot of fresh data requirements are uncovered paper in the reporting process. Addressing General Standard Disclosures about the organizations profile, reporting practices and even governance structures may seem relatively easy. But when advancing to Specific Standard Disclosures or key performance indicators, data becomes more scarce. Being able to furnish it all means your organization will have to: develop policies with procedural guidelines for implementing mitigation strategies; Employ data tracking mechanisms, in particular building utility data, travel data and other sources of carbon emissions and water usage; Enforce quality controls. Due to the complexity of todays organizations, data collection and calculations all but require software.

Furthermore, the board is of the opinion that there is sufficient integrity within the groups reporting process to rely on sustainability disclosures. Spur Corporation supports the use of sustainability reporting to become more sustainable and contribute to sustainable development, thus combining long-term profitability with ethical behaviour, social justice, and environmental care. Isos group is a certified gri and cdp certified training partner with the largest global footprint for csr training. The gri cdp sdgs certified training prepares corporate social responsibility professionals for the latest requirements for sustainability reporting as prescribed by global standards. Upon training completion, participants receive their certificate directly from the Global Reporting Initiative and cdp.

Isos group has worked with measurabl to create their gri g4 reporting solution. After months of painstaking work deconstructing G4 and re-building it from the ground up, we uncovered some insights one can only find by getting buried in the content. Heres what we learned after we came up from air. Materiality through stakeholder engagement: Lets face it were human and sometimes we struggle with seeing all sides of an issue. Leaning on the thoughts and concerns of others using gris stakeholder engagement process will shed light on a situation, fine tune an approach and even spur innovation. Who doesnt want that? Though best practice is often assumed to be a matter of applying gris reporting principles defining report content, weve found most organizations are actually scared of opening their doors to input from others, particularly those outside the organization. Because of this, many have failed to leverage the power of stakeholder engagement, which is truly the best approach for defining your report content.

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The Group has been listed on the six swiss Exchange paper since 1986 (security number 3048677). Download this media release as pdf-file. Enquiries: guido Unternährer, head of Corporate communications. Photos (in print quality m/en/media/image-library financial Calendar: : Interim Report 2018). Spur Corporation has used the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) G3 guidelines as a guide for reporting on non-financial sustainability matters, providing stakeholders with information in a consistent and comparable way. Based on gri disclosure, the group declares itself compliant with gri application level. Sustainability issues that are included in gri standards are economic, environmental, social and governance aspects. King iii recommends that a formal process of assurance regarding sustainability reporting should be established. The groups sustainability reporting is in the early stages of development and, therefore, the board believes that the cost of such an assurance engagement would far exceed the benefit to stakeholders at this time.

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As a un global Compact participant, datwyler is committed to story following the ten principles and to accepting its responsibility within society. This endeavour is based on the datwyler values and the code of Conduct, which lay down globally binding rules for all Datwyler Group employees. Through responsible management of resource use and other sustainability issues, datwyler believes that it will create added value for its customers, stand out from its competitors, become more attractive to employees and meet societal requirements. The datwyler Groups full sustainability report is available via the following link: m/en/company/sustainability datwyler Group ( m the datwyler Group is a focused industrial supplier with leading positions in global and regional market seg-ments. With its technological leadership and customised solutions, the Group delivers added value to cus-tomers in the markets served. Datwyler concentrates on markets that offer opportunities to create more value and sustain profitable growth. The sealing Solutions division is a leading supplier of custom sealing solutions to global market segments, such as the health care, automotive, civil engineering and consumer goods industries. The technical Components division is one of Europes foremost high-service distributors of maintenance, automation, electronic and ict components and accessories. With a total of some 50 operating companies, sales in over 100 countries and more than 7500 employees, the datwyler Group generates annual revenue of some chf 1300 million.

to achieving the un sustainable development goals. Therefore, datwyler aims to reduce its consumption of resources and the volume of waste per revenue unit. Materiality lies with the sealing Solutions division, which consumes over 95 of the Group's resources. In the 2017 reporting year, it was pos-sible to reduce relative consumption per unit of sales: fuels -5, electricity -0.4, water -9.6 and waste -4.5. Datwyler has thus achieved its self-defined objectives in terms of water consumption and waste volume. Living up to our social responsibility. The datwyler Group has been a member of the un global Compact since 2009. This is an initiative launched by the United Nations stating ten principles in the areas of human rights, labour, the environment and combating corruption.

These contain reporting requirements, recommendations and gps guidance. Organizations will select and use only relevant topic specific Standards based on their material topics. The existing gri g4 guidelines remain in effect until.7.2018 but it is recommended to move over to the new gri standards before that date. Tofuture csm supports the new gri standards as of today and the csm content will be edited according to the Standards latest in the next releases. May 2018, datwyler has published its tenth sustainability report in line with Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) regulations. The separate sustainability report meets the latest internationally recognised gri standards as confirmed by gri. For the first time datwyler has published goals for the eight strategically relevant topics.

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The Global Reporting Initiative gri has launched new gri standards presenting a new best practice in sustainability reporting. The gri standards are based on the G4 guidelines and have minimal impact on the reporting process. The G4 guidelines and G4 Implementation Manual have been restructured in a new modular structure which is easier to update and develop according the evolving needs. Link to the gri website: obalreporting. Org/standards, we are a registered Organizational Stakeholder of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and support the mission of the gri to develop globally accepted sustainability reporting guidelines through a global, multi-stakeholder process. There are three universal standards: foundation (gri 101) for reporting principles, content and quality, general Disclosures (gri 102) for reporting practices and, management Approach (gri 103) to describe how the organization manages its material topics. There are also three series of topic specific standards, organized. Economic (gri 200), environmental (gri 300) and, social (gri 400) series, pdf 33 standards all in all.

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And internal marketers who know thought leadership builds business are all for. Resume, contact info: Phone: (702)290-2834 Email: sag-aftra Eligible birth october / 27 /1992 age. industry leaders and experts on the topic, such as the Global Reporting Initiative (gri to guide you in this learning process.

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  1. The Global Reporting Initiative standards provide a globally recognized model for us to measure and share our performance. The Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) produces a comprehensive sustainability reporting Framework that is widely used around the world. industry leaders and experts on the topic, such as the Global Reporting Initiative (gri to guide you in this learning process. About the Global Reporting Initiative as the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) publishes an exposure draft of new guidance for public.

  2. Gri reporting Simplified G4 guidelines Global Reporting Initiative gri measurabl_ logo our sustainability reporting courses including cdp. About Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) The Global Reporting Initiative is an international independent organization that helps. board, Global Reporting Initiative, huguette labelle, iasb, integrated reporting, international Integrated Reporting council, iso. M: Since 2014 we have embraced the G4 Sustainability reporting guidelines and Oil gas Sector Disclosures issued by the Global. of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and support the mission of the gri to develop globally accepted sustainability reporting. to the results of a new international survey released today, thursday, by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI).

  3. verification services based on the globally recognized sustainability measurement methodology of the. Global, reporting, initiative (GRI). We took the decision to report using the Global Reporting Initiative framework for the first time in 2012. Core lab Logo 10-k, item. We prefer to support efforts aimed at improving. used the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) G3 guidelines as a guide for reporting on non-financial sustainability matters, providing.

  4. part of our responsibilities as Data partner for the. K., and Republic of Ireland for the. Global, reporting, initiative (gri. Datwyler has published its tenth sustainability report in line with. Global, reporting, initiative (GRI) regulations.

  5. Global reporting initiative certified partner iema, logo approved, global, reporting, initiative (gri the gold Standard. logo, eurosif, logo, finance for Tomorrow - member, logo, forum Ethibel, logo, gri - gold Community, logo. The Green Bond Principles learn more. Upon training completion, participants receive their certificate directly from the. Global, reporting, initiative and cdp.

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