Funny essay papers

funny essay papers

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The group muttered their Amens, like drowsy cheerleaders that hadnt practiced in weeks. The youngest girls got up to go outside, and then Martha got up, cradling her colicky baby. She was pregnant again and had to use the restroom. Tweedy and Lucy walked into the sanctuary, the adults were speaking of the reverend as though he had been dead for months. Remember that sermon he gave on faith not too long ago? McLoone asked the group. They all nodded and mmhmmed, but the only one that truly remembered the sermon was her husband.

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McLoone was reading from a cue card somewhere in the background. They had decided on a style of prayer, known in less traditional Protestant circles as Popcorn Prayer, which allowed whoever felt the Spirit to speak with the lord, out loud, at any time. McLoones wife, broke in at this time with her expository weepy petition. McLoone hated when she did this, and it never failed; popcorn prayer meant he would be interrupted by his wife. There were times when he would wait for her to pray first, so that he could interrupt her, but eventually they would be the only two left, and after a few unbearable minutes of silence he would driven to words. He generally spoke a furious, breathy prayer to god, asking for His graceful hand on all of their pitiful souls, a prayer of deep, dark, red words, which were forced out of his mouth through the spaces between his clenched teeth. McLoone began, lord, be with us this day, and be with the family of our leader, reverend Harris, who is such a valuable soldier in your army, lord. Her husband was the only one with his eyes open. No one could see the contempt he held for his wife and her permed hair. That perm made him sick. When they climbed into bed at night, sometimes her hair would creep over to his side and attempt to choke him with its powerful cloud of styling products.

That poor boy, lucy made a reviews disapproving tisk noise with her tongue. He wouldve been 25 or so about now. Lucy got up and brushed her rear- end off with her clumsy hands. Inside the church, a few people had gathered to pray for the reverends return. Seated near the pulpit in pews that had been rearranged to create a more intimate atmosphere, were. Drake, their daughter, her best friend with the matching socks (whose parents were Professors in the neighboring University town and didnt attend church and most of the McLoone family (including their youngest daughter, martha, who had given birth to a squirmy, pink baby less than. Oh, if anything ever happened to your faithful servant, lord, i just dont know what I would do,. This is a man weve known and loved for thirty five years, lord, a good man, lord, and if you could please bring him back to us, wed be mighty grateful. The prayer was so dull, that if God didnt know better, he might have thought.

funny essay papers

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The reverends revelation receptionist was sitting on the church steps picking at her nails, which needed a touch up from her manicurist. Fifteen dollars a month, she mumbled. Tweedy said, picking a bit of shredded lettuce off his blue shredder oxford shirt. That nephew of his is nearly drunk and its three in the afternoon. Hasnt seen his uncle in three days. Drunk at three in the afternoon, and on the lords day, lucy recited. Im afraid Im at a loss here. Nothing of importance has happened in this town since that little bohiggins boy got his arm chewed off in the orange picker.

Hawthorne sold that cute little diner to them? It had so much potential. Nancy went on cleaning the French doors in the kitchen, which provided a view to the cow pastures behind the house. She didnt look at Mrs. She had taken a new emery board to her fingernails and was hurriedly buffing away. That whole neighborhood is just going straight to hell, and that little sandwich shop is not helping one bit. I dont know how you can stand to live in that neighborhood,. Tweedy climbed back into his cruiser and headed back down to the church.

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funny essay papers

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I dont know how the post reverend could handle that ungrateful slum of a boy. Good, god- fearing man, thats all that could handle. It was time for lunch, and Tweedy stopped for a sandwich at Olgas Cuban sandwich shop, just a few blocks away. He ordered a cuban on rye, hold the pork. Tweedy was lucky that he was so important to the town of Cary.

Typically, only the trash in town ate at Olgas ( a cuban family ran the place but because he had to keep up with all walks of life in town, he could have his delicious sandwich and maintain his equally satisfying reputation. Cary, most society people essay thought, was too far north in Florida for any cubans to raise a family. How could it possibly be hot enough for anyone with Latin blood,. Drake asked her Negro housekeeper, after the restaurant had been purchased. And can you believe that.

Wait, darren laughed, didnt he call that one night during Spinal Tap, you know, when it was on VH1 and they had edited out all the funny parts? Mark covered his mouth with a fresh pint of Icehouse. That VH1 version really sucked. But do you remember the phone call? Tweedy, who was growing impatient with the two boys in their late twenties.

That wasnt the rev, that was a phone solicitor, remember? The two boys laughed, because they remembered how stoned they had been when the phone call was received, and they were surprised to have remembered any phone call at all. Tweedy left Mark and Darren at the bar, where they would remain until their performance that night at eight. They were waiting for their bass player, killer, who was supposed to show up twenty minutes earlier, in order to get butt- wasted before the show. Tweedys thoughts wandered, but not too far. Those boys are in need a good whipping, he thought.

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It was not until noon of the same day, in apple 98 degree heat that. Tweedy, the fire marshal and Sheriff, decided that something, something, must be done. So he tracked down Mark, the reverends delinquent nephew who was living with him at the time. Although Mark had not been to the reverends house in three days, everyone knew that he could be found at Munnegins Bar on 13th Street, where his band often played. When was the last time you saw him, mark? Well, i havent really been back there in a few days cause ive been crashing at Darren heres place, you know. Mark gestured toward his unclean, unshaven friend who was dressed in mostly black, except for the red bandana punctuated with fluorescent green skulls, tied around his greasy brown (possibly blonde) hair. Darren affirmed that he had indeed let Mark crash there, by nodding and holding his beer high up in the air. Did he try to contact you at Darrens house, mark?

funny essay papers

Heres a story i wrote: On what would turn out to be the essay swampiest, most disgusting day of summer, the cary first Presbyterian Church parishioners showed up at. For the sunday service, only to discover that their beloved reverend Harris, church leader for 35 years, was nowhere to be found. Where could he be? Drake, who hadnt missed a sunday service since 1963 (except for that one time she was in the city for a minor surgery). Drake and her husband broke into the reverends house, directly behind the hefty brick church after they had knocked loudly several times, even on the windows. Meanwhile, the parishioners swarmed the empty lot, fellowship Hall and choir loft, in starched white shirts and the leather shoes they reserved for Sundays. Drakes daughter, age 14, complained that beggar weeds were stuck to her favorite pair of frilly socks. They were her favorite because a silky pink ribbon was woven through the lace, and her best friend Susie kemeny had a pair too.

me the crucial information I was missing: Julies real name is Catherine and she is not Katherine s sister, but Katherine s best friend. Perhaps Catherine told me her name was Julie because they felt embarresed telling me that they had the same name. The julie i had spoken to on the phone was Katherine s sister who was in matric! There i was, enjoying my holiday in our families holiday flat. Monkeys Are Always Funny Essay, research Paper. Monkeys are always funny, bob Dylan sings about monkeys. Bob Dylan sings about monkeys doing a dance in one of his songs on Another Side of Bob Dylan. In the song, he asks his monkey to do the dog, and it winds up doing the cat, to which he replies, funky monkey. I think he was on drugs.

I looked up the surname and got the phone number. After brewing up all my courage i gender picked up the phone and decided to phone julie (Katherine s sister hi julie, its Len, how are you? Remember from, umm, sortof. I couldn t understand it Had she forgotten who i was? I came to the conclusion that she was only joking around with me? After having a regular conversation about what we had been and are going to doetc, i had to try my luck into getting our relationship onto the next level. So, julie, we must goto a movie or something next time we see each other. I was extatic The girl that I had been constantly thinking about now agreed to go on a date with me! I phoned my good friend, cuan (who had just returned from an overseas holiday) to tell him the good news.

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Funny Story Essay, research Paper, there i was, enjoying my holiday in our families holiday flat. Things couldn professional t get better until 2 girls moved into the flat above ours. I soon introduced myself find out their names were julie and Katherine who were both the same age as me (14). I immediately developed a huge liking to julie. After a few sessions of chatting, i presumed that Katherine and Julie were sisters. Before things could really get going, katherine and Julie had to return to their house. I couldn t get Julie off my mind. I was so keen for her. After abit of investigating I found out Katherine surname.

Funny essay papers
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  4. Perfectly Imperfect-The Shakespeare Story. Essay, research, paper, perfectly Imperfect: The Shakespeare Story few authors today. Paul revere, essay, research, paper, paul revere. Hamlet review Essay research Paper William Shakespeare. Hamlet Play review Essay research Paper. Funny Essay papers, funny topics Funny essay is an addition of wits in your essay, it doesn't have to provoke rib cracking laughter like the one you.

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