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It has also peaked the interest of those more interested in giving the Triangle a more, dark personality. These many observers have attributed the events and tragic catastrophes of the bermuda to the occult, any other-worldly object, person, or thing that could in theory cause these strange occurrences. More over, the government and scientists more than often attribute the mystery of this unknown terrain to be, not a mystery, but a natural geographic phenomenon. A disaster due to possible magnetic disturbance, or natural weather happenings, etc. Believe what theorists will about the bermuda Triangle, but to really understand any logic behind the science of the bermuda, we must go back to the very first act. This is an essay written on the bermuda triangle and on the history of it, and whether or not some of the myths about it are true. Between the Island of Bermuda, and the southern coast of Florida and puerto rico, in the Atlantic Ocean, lies what is know as The bermuda Triangle, the devil's Triangle, and a host of other names. Vincent Gaddis in Argosy magazine first named the bermuda Triangle, a magazine devoted to science fiction, where he gave it the name, "The deadly bermuda ".

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This sea is best known for its tall, thick, floating seaweed called Sargassum. The seaweed is thought to be a forest that once rested on an island in the Atlantic Ocean. According to legend, the island sank at a very quick pace, taking with it the forest and vegetation. One of the most notable disappearances is that of Flight. The flight consisted of five navy tbm avenger torpedo bomber planes. Mechanics had certified the. Bermuda Triangle research Paper. Devil's Triangle through Truth and Theorem lying behind a shroud of mystery deep in its misty waters lies a secret yet to be discovered, a secret harboring lost planes and artifacts from history's darkest disappearances. This unexplored devil's sea is more commonly known to many as the illusive bermuda Triangle. This very interesting area has gone unexplored for centuries, even with the mysterious absences of air and sea vessels attributed to this very spot. Although unexplored, it is not left well alone in the minds of many, rather, it has been summary observed through technology such as satellites and radar; as well as mechanical ships controlled from land.

Theories have been put forth, but still no universally accepted explanation exists for the mystery that surrounds the bermuda Triangle. The bermuda Triangle covers almost 440,000 square miles of the Atlantic Ocean. An imaginary line that begins near Melbourne, florida, extends south to bermuda, and west to puerto rico before turning north to Florida, forms the Triangle. From, more than one hundred planes and ships have vanished into thin about air. More than one thousand lives have been lost as well. One frightening aspect of this entire saga is that disappearances continue to occur at an alarming rate. A small part of the bermuda Triangle lies in the sargasso sea.

essay triangle

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The other theory is that the compasses point to the True north and not the magnetic North. There are other less likely theories but it depends on whether a proposal person believes or not. There is also the theory that Atlantis might have sunk where the bermuda Triangle is located and that the Atlanteans technology is so advanced that they are disintegrating our ships and planes. People think that the aliens have chosen certain spots to abduct people and do experiments. Scientist also believe that the bermuda Triangle might be something like a black hole which takes people to a different dimension or a time warp. Scientist have come to believe that when the ships and airplanes fly through the triangle that a hurricane, tsunami or a waterspout might have swallowed the ships. There have been a few times where empty and intact ships have washed ashore but the only thing found was either. The bermuda Triangle Off the southern tip of Florida lies a phenomenon called the bermuda Triangle. Ships, planes, and over one thousand lives were lost in the Triangle without a trace.

One explanation pins the blame on leftover technology from the mythical lost continent of Atlantis. Other writers attribute the events to UFOs.24 This idea was used by Steven Spielberg for his science fiction film Close Encounters of the Third Kind, which features. Bermuda, triangle, the, bermuda triangle is a mythical geographic area. It is believed to extend from the tip of Florida to bermuda and to puerto rico. Over 100 planes and ships have disappeared in the last century. There are many theories about what might cause the disappearances of theses ships and planes. Scientist have come to believe that the most possible theory has something to do with the climate change such as tsunamis, hurricanes or waterspouts.

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essay triangle

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Here, off the coast of Florida, is a vacation paradise: Clear water, white beaches, and warm weather, but legends warn this tropical beauty conceals a deadly secret. This unknown something, english snatches people from the surface of the world, and vaporizes them as they were never here in the first place. There are few ideas as chilling as the thought that sometimes, in some places, for no reason, people simply disappear without a trace (Lexington 1). Bermuda triangle is a well-known conspiracy resulting in the disappearance of flight 19, testimonies of the survivors, and known possible theories. Bermuda triangle is well known today because of the disappearance of six navy planes and their crew was on December 5, 1945 (Berlitz 21). The, bermuda, triangle, the, bermuda, triangle, also known as the devil's. Triangle, is an undefined region in the western part of the north Atlantic Ocean where a number of aircraft and ships are said to have disappeared under mysterious circumstances.

The, bermuda, triangle - geography * wallpaper The, bermuda, triangle is a region of ocean spanning from Miami, florida peninsula; San juan, Puerto rico; and in the mid-Atlantic island. covers an area of approx. History origins * The earliest allegation of unusual disappearances in the, bermuda area appeared in a september 16, 1950 Associated Press article by Edward Van Winkle jones. Two years later, Fate magazine published "sea mystery at Our Back door a short article by george. Sand covering the loss of several planes and ships, including the loss of Flight 19, a group of five.S. Navy tbm avenger bombers on a training mission. Triangle writers have used a number of supernatural concepts to explain the events.

For instance, such beliefs could lead to potentially harmful behavior in case of pseudo sciences associated with health and medical practices. Examining the correctness of data and all the possible explanations to a phenomenon could be a great asset towards making important conclusions and decisions in life. You may also find These documents Helpful. The bermuda Triangle Essay. Thesis statement . Evidence and use of research There is a place, its said where small boats, huge ships, and even powerful military vessels sail out into calm, clear weatherand then just vanish.

Without a trace (Lexington 1). This is the dreaded. Bermuda triangle also referred to as the devils triangle bermuda, triangle 1). It is located off the southeastern coast of the United States in the Atlantic Ocean. The three points that create the triangle are miami Florida, bermuda, and San juan puerto rico. It covers roughly 500,000 square miles (Obringer 1).

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One of the claims about this triangle real is that, these ufos are responsible for accidents and disappearances. There is no evidence to suggest that lights are not from flying saucers and as such must be from ufos. Similarly, the source of light can be one or many things: a meteor, lightning or earthquake. Additionally, in times of Columbus tracing the direction depended on the sighting of North star was only visible at dusk or dawn and making some other assumptions to determine north. During all those other hours at sea, one could get lost over any number of degrees in the compass in any direction. In everyday life, such myths are a common place. Many people have database spent much valuable time and resources in adhering to these widely accepted facts in life.

essay triangle

Those who were persuaded to believe this case as just another explanation to the existence of a mysterious Bermuda triangle therefore affirmed their assertions on false findings or information on this widely believed anecdote. In citing the case of Bermuda Triangle as a real existence, there was found to be a failure to consider the entire possibilities thesis in hypothesis. For instance in the case of the Flight 19, the total disappearance of this flight could have meant that the crew flew as far away as possible before finally crushing into the sea and being buried deep in the sea bed. Similarly, the explosion of the search plane over the triangle could have been caused by any of the causes of fire in a plane ranging but not limited to starting a fire by one of the crew by way of lighting a cigarette. Logical Fallacy in Bermuda Triangle. One of the fallacies that sustain this belief is the appeal to ignorance. Colombus among many others are said to have sighted lights in the sky that are associated with ufos.

flying farther away from the base in the wrong direction. One search operation plane was also lost during the search for flight. The remains of Flight 19 have not been spotted to date. Bermuda Triangle is an imaginary Theory. In examining the above mentioned case of Flight 19, there were many indicators that Bermuda Triangle was an imaginary belief. All the documented evidence showed that. Taylor had lost his way in deep sea and refused to cede control of the plane to a fellow pilot. On the contrary his next of kin pressurized the navy into issuing a report that Flight 19 disappeared under mysterious circumstances.

One of the most interesting is the river effect of the gulf Stream that takes away the objects due to its strong current nearby the bermuda Triangle. Our essay service produced this article, and it can be used only referring to our ownership of the article. Irrespectively of the significance and strength of the arguments that scientist researched and found to support their theory, the. Triangle remains one of the secrets that people could not disclose for more than sixty years. It is reasonable to assume that technology paper and progress that we achieved so far do not allow us to see nature far enough to understand the origin of factors that affect and create disappearance in the region of Bermuda Triangle. Nevertheless, in the past we could not. Taylor reported to the air traffic controllers that his compass was not functioning. Taylor believed that he was somewhere over the Florida keys. Upon informing the controller of his presumed location he was urged to fly northwards back home.

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The bermuda Triangle Essay examples kibin. It looks like you've lost connection to our server. Please check your internet connection or reload this page. Scroll to top 8 total results, company, follow. Bermuda Triangle is widely known as the devils Triangle and the place where mysterious and unpredictable events make people believe in the strength and power nature still has over its inhabitants. These beliefs and live myths have certain grounds and are kept being fed by numerous incidents happening in the bermuda Triangle in the Atlantic Ocean. A lot of fuller airplanes and large-tonnage vessels disappeared or broke down, passing through this area, and scientists cannot find any theory and sensible explanations that could cover all the doubts and questions related to the mystery of the bermuda Triangle. There are, however, several most legitimate theories that try to give purely scientific explanations to the disappearance of ships and airplanes in this area. Some of them simply deny any unusual nature of this place and claim that the level of incidents in this place is just as high as at any other point of the Atlantic Ocean, the others try to involve magnetic fields that affect mechanical elements.

Essay triangle
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  3. "The bermuda, triangle, essay, research Paper The". Did Science solve the bermuda. Examining the correctness of data and all the possible explanations to a phenomenon could be a great asset towards. The bermuda, triangle, essay. Evidence and use of research There is a place, its said where small boats, huge ships, and even powerful military vessels.

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