Essay on sunny day

essay on sunny day

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People of Delhi have to bear extreme hot and sunny weather from March till September every year. The sun is harsh and cruel, the heat is scorching. It becomes difficult to walk in the open especially in the afternoon. Advertisements: The blazing sun makes you tired and one perspires profusely. Even an umbrella cannot provide respite, you get drenched in your sweat as if you have been out in the rain. One looks for refuge, one looks for places with shade to walk under but unfortunately, with hardly any trees around, there is no escape.

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I had been playing for thre. Time i picked up a racket until now. Tennis is business a game that deals with all phases of technique, and s hot -making, but it has taught me more than that. From taking private lessons to traveling for tourna. Thing someone does, he or she has to take risks. Risk-taking in tennis is tennis is going for your s hot s and not holding back, and that is something that I have acquired over the many competitive matc. Subjects: Humanities Essays health medicine sports. Every season has its own joys and pains; the summer in Delhi is very harsh but the respite one gets from it while indoors is so sweet that the pain is forgotten and enjoyment gets heightened. India is a land of many seasons. We can experience the severe cold of winter, the pleasant weather during autumn and spring, the humidity of the rainy season and the harsh heat of summer.

Subjects: Literature research Papers creative writing, speech on Global Warming nown, but not many people understand.3. It is not unusual to hear someone complaining about a hot day or a freak storm and remark, its global warming. Although there has been. Think of the shredder earth sort of like your car sitting out in the parking lot on a hot sunny day. Your car is always warmer than the outside temperature if its been sitting there. Subjects: Science Essays environmental Science, shaped by tennis. It was a hot sunny day and the temperature on the court had exceeded 100 degrees.

essay on sunny day

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I was happy and enjoying every second. Although I was hot and sweaty from my strenuous climb, the air began to get cold, unlike the hot weather I had left. Y head dates was in the clouds. There was nothing below me, only the swirling gusts of wind. I forgot how hot and tired I was. I was in a daze. It was calming and exhilarating all at once. I might as well.

The sun rises early in the morning even before i get. I like a sunny day as I can play outside with my friends. If there is no sun it will be dark everywhere. So i like the sun very much. Learning Experience, it was a hot, sunny day in the middle of July. The noontime air was warm and steamy. I was tan and happy. Any fall I took would have been fatal.

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essay on sunny day

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Then its the normal routine for the sun and the wind. All the sun cream is going to be sold out at the gift shop! Simple paragraph on The sun, jul 29, 2014, contributed by : Shraddha sunil Jose. Status : Student, class : 2, age : 8, mode : Simple, article type new : Simple paragraph, the target Age Group : 6-10 years. Editors Rating, originality-, creativity-, imagination-, the sun gives us light. My teacher says that it is a ball of fire. So it keeps us warm and gives us heat.

My mother dries our clothes in the sun. Plants make their food with the help of sunlight. When the sun rises it becomes day and when it sets it becomes night. The sun rises in the east and sets in the west. Every day morning I look at the sun through my window.

Everyone on the beach was friendly which made the atmosphere almost feel like a carnival. It was getting near 5 oclock and people were starting to leave the beach. People were packing up their belongings. Windbreaks were being taken down and picnics put away. People were leaving after a relaxing time at the lovely, sandy sunny beach.

The children were eating the last of their lunch and ice creams. After a long day on the beach it was like a mine bomb factory as all the children had dug holes everywhere so you had to dodge them. I decided that the next time i go the beach i am going to go windsurfing because it looks so exciting to glide along the water on the surf solely propelled by the wind. It will take some time to get used to it, but I will get the hang. Now most people had gone and the wind had died down there was a deadly hush all around. All you could hear were the waves breaking on the sand. It felt really relaxing. The wind had calmed down and had gone to sleep until the next morning. That is when everyone gets up and goes to the beach again.

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I wandered along the beach to where you could hire wind surfers, surf boards and sailing dinghies. After I looked into the activities long I looked in the nearby shop. The shop was large and bright with the sun reflecting off the mirrors that were for sale on the walls. The shop was very pricey and must have made lots of money in the summer months. Next to the shop was a cafï¿ with decking in the front leading onto the beach. People were enjoying the sunshine sitting at the tables overlooking people lying under parasols and windbreaks. It was one of the best cafes around essay so everyone came here. The food was brilliant and the service was top class like the service you would get in a london restaurant.

essay on sunny day

With all the sounds of the activities taking place it was like one huge orchestra of beach sounds. I had never heard so many different sounds together in my life, but surprisingly the noise was music to my ears. There were boats banging around, wind howling through the windbreaks, children shouting and laughing, babies crying and all the time the sound of the sea in the background. I felt excited and wanted to join in and really enjoy every minute of my day on the beach. I sauntered to the other end of the beach where there is a gift shop called The holidaymakers shop which sold the coolest items ever resume like shells, fossils and fridge magnets. An ice cream stall was situated at the other end of the beach. Children and adults were eating delicious strawberry, vanilla or chocolate ice cream with flakes stuck into the side. It was the loveliest sight in the world. There was so much to see and.

breeze. In my mind i knew that the sun had brought people down to the seaside. On the horizon I could see sailing boats with white sails racing around the course set out by orange buoys. Although it was extremely sunny. I could really feel the wind going through me like a drill, which was strangely refreshing. I could not help smiling to myself as I thought about the day ahead on the beach. As I looked around I thought to my- self that the beach is like one big playing field as most people were playing games of some sort. Some were playing tennis, children were playing cricket, footballs were being kicked, rugby balls were being thrown and caught, other people were paddling in the sea or playing catch in the water or just swimming about. I couldnt wait to join.

I quickly ate some cereal and toast, had a drink essay of cold fresh orange juice, picked up my beach towel and set off to the beach. We will write a custom essay sample on, a beach on a sunny day or any similar topic specifically for you. Do not Waste, your Time, send, by clicking "send you agree to our terms of service and privacy policy. We'll occasionally send you account related and promo emails. Essay, examples on, creative writing Rubric, on the way, i could really feel the wind from the sea and the sun shining down on me as if the sun knew me and was drawing me closer and closer to the golden sands. As I drew even closer to the beach I could hear the faint childrens voices wailing as if in pain, but they were not in pain, they were just having fun running around and enjoying the sunshine. The closer I got to the beach I could hear sounds of laughter from the people, the sound of the waves lapping onto the shore, the cry of the seagulls as they swished and swooped over the water, ducking and diving for fish. Everyone was enjoying the sunshine and relaxing on the fine sand.

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I woke up one morning feeling very hot. A beach on a sunny day introduction. As i opened my plan eyes I noticed the intense brightness all around the room. The sun was gleaming through a crack in the curtain. My bedroom was usually like an old dusty dark street, but now it is a lovely bright and warm sunny room. I suddenly felt happy in my self, because i thought this could be a day spent at the long sandy beach. I got out of my bed yawning and got dressed into some shorts and a brightly coloured tee-shirt.

Essay on sunny day
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  4. I like a sunny day as I can play outside with my friends. Published by Experts Share your. Com is the home of thousands of essays. Essay on a hot Summer, day. People of Delhi have to bear extreme hot and sunny.

  5. Jonathan safran foer returns to him and autumn? Essay : predicate expander that gets produced in this age, include your college thesis? Morning is why can be as fun. Essay about Winter and, sunny, weather Systems. In fact, she claims that she finds it hard to get out of bed and spends most of her day watching. Simple paragraph/short essay about Sun for kids, children and students.

  6. WriteWork is the biggest source online where you can find thousands of free school college essays, research term papers, book reports in over 190 categories. I woke up one morning feeling very hot - a beach on a sunny day introduction. As i opened my eyes I noticed the intense brightness all around the room. The sun was gleaming through a crack in the curtain. Check out our top Free. Essays on a, sunny day to help you write your own.

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