Essay on speeding while driving

essay on speeding while driving

Speeding is Bad essays

  i am unemployed and ive been trying to get a job to pay for this ticket so my parents wouldnt have. This is good because now i know that speeding is just wrong.  I can drive 45 in a 45 and some one could be doing 60 and catch a red light and Ill be there right next to him, sure he got there faster but I didnt waste five dollars in gas just to catch a red. Statistics show that if the speed limit is 65 and you go 75 it will get you to your destination 10 minutes faster but you also increase your risk of accident. Honestly i dont want to risk an accident over 10 minutes of time. When you speed, you have less time to react to unexpected situations. Other drivers have less time to react to your situation. With that being said, you can easily harm someone or yourself if not kill them by not watching your surroundings.

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Believe it or not speeding is the third leading contributing factor in car accidents. On average, more than 33 of car accidents are caused from not following the proper speed limit. The consequences from getting. Continue reading, please join StudyMode to read the full document. You may also find These statement documents Helpful. Essay on The dangers of, speeding. I will never ever speed again. Speeding cost way too much time and aggravation to continue speeding. This ticket has made me realize that all speeding does is put me and other people in danger and waste a lot of gas. And in these economic times wasting gas isnt the best idea.

School zones are specifically designed to help protect children and families and to try to prevent any type of accident. Also, going over the speed limit makes you more likely to cause or be a victim in an accident. It may seem that going only a couple miles over the speed limit wont have any cause or effect, but it has a lot more effect than anyone thinks. Many people have the thought that no damage can really be done unless your going a certain speed over the posted limit. But following the proper speed limit could keep you from injuring yourself or others. It also prevents you from loosing control, swerving, distractions, and allowing you to have ample amount of time to react to any unexpected changes within the area. The faster you are traveling in a car the harder the impact and usually the more damage caused. Not only could this effect you, your car, and the other persons belongs, but it could also affect your record. For every violation of the law you receive points, and after six points while having a class D license real you risk the chance of getting your license taking until your eighteen years old or taken proper reckless driving classes.

essay on speeding while driving

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Speeding, got a writing question? Ask our professional writer! When riding through any type of speed zone you should be extremely precarious. Especially in a school zone, due to the writings children gender going and leaving school as well as all cars that could possible be lined up waiting to pick up and drop off. The lake oconee academy speed zone is approximately 35 miles per hour. Going over this speed zone could harm your self and the people around you as well. Violating any school speed zone could endanger the lives of children crossing the street, buses traveling back and forth, and any staff member helping the children or parents going to school or on about their day.

At times, people may have their license suspended as a result of constant and continuous speeding citations. Driving is considered a privilege to some people and in order to do so, one must first past a test that questions their knowledge about the laws of the road. So people are asking themselves "Why is it that people constantly abuse this privilege of driving?" The answer to that question remains unknown. Speeding is one of the leading causes of death on the highways. Driving should not be taken as a joke. My meaning by that is in case of an accident if an innocent driver or pedestrian is killed the driver of the vehicle is going to be held responsible and charge with vehicular homicide, and the result of that outcome could be time in prison. Next essays Related to What I have learn From.

Write my essay on why speeding is dangerous

essay on speeding while driving

san Francisco - yelp, every 5 mph that drivers travel over the 60 mph mark costs them an extra 24 cents per gallon of gas. The speed limit is designed to give drivers an approximate rate as to which they should drive in a specific area. It has an effect on many sets to prevent accidents from occurring. Although, in some instances, people may intentionally exceed the specified limit, which could lead to an accident. However, in the case of an emergency there may be an exception in order to allow the emergency to be taken care of as soon as possible.

Divers should always be cautious when driving. Tickets, which is often times referred to as citations, are given and to a driver for speeding in hopes that the driver will understand the significance of why a speed limit is posted. Speed limit is the maximum legal speed at which a vehicle may travel in a particular area. Speeding which means driving a vehicle faster than the speed limit, is a form of wreck less driving. If a person is speeding and an accident happens to occur the person that was speeding in some cases, will be held responsible. Fast driving is not worth being incarcerated for, but if that is what it takes to make a person understand the rules and regulations of driving, resume then so. At the same time, this may not be the only punishment for this crime, but I feel that it will allow the person more time to actually think about their dangerous actions and the effect it could have on himself or herself as well.

The risk of suffering a serious injury or dying also increases with the higher rate of speed. The nhtsa reports that those who speed tend to engage in other risky behaviors. They are less likely to wear their seat belts so their risk of injury during a vehicular accident is exponentially heightened. So while it might be fun to drive fast, it is incredibly dangerous. When you drive at fast speeds, you lose your ability to control you vehicle and you put the well-being of everyone else on the road at risk.

Another pitfall of excessive speeding is its expense. A speeding ticket will set you back between 150 and 1,000. Those who are caught driving at excessively fast speeds will pay more than those who were caught only a few mph over the speed limit. Also, many states have a bad driver penalty that tacks on a few hundred dollars and extra points onto your license as a result of excessive speeding. There is also the danger of losing your license. Speeding violations add points to your license. If you accumulate enough points, your license will eventually be suspended. It is also worth noting that driving the speed limit or lower will save you money at the pump.

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Excessive speeding constituted the third leading contributing factor in all automobile crashes. The nhtsa also reports that over 40,000 people were critically injured in automobile accidents caused by speeding. Over 70,000 were moderately injured and nearly 600,000 suffered minor injuries. The Insurance Institute for Highway safety (iihs) conducted research after many fuller states raised their interstate highway speed limits in 1996 and found that motor vehicle fatalities increased. There is a clear yardage link between speed and fatalities. Driving at an excessive rate of speed decreases the amount of time that a driver had to avoid a crash. Once the crash occurs, it is much more likely to be severe when the vehicles are traveling at a high rate of speed. The nhtsa reports that the force of a crashs impact doubles with every 10 mile per hour increase in speed at speeds faster than 50 miles per hour.

essay on speeding while driving

Next Post, previous Post, while it is tempting to drive fast, the dangers of excessive speeding dont outweigh the benefits. Speeding is defined as driving beyond the posted speed limits rate of speed or driving too fast for the roads conditions. Most people speed in order to get to work or an appointment on time. Some just arent paying attention to the manner in which they are driving. A handful of others do it just to have fun. While you wont always get caught while speeding, you might inflict horrible damage on yourself, your vehicle and other people. According to the national Highway traffic Safety Administration ela (nhtsa one third of all fatal automobile crashes involve drivers who were speeding. Speeding comes in only second to alcohol as the top factor in vehicular fatalities. Over 13,000 people die each year as a result of accidents involving speeding automobiles.

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They love speed and they are speeding whenever it is possible. Modern cars can drive really fast, not causing discomfort to the driver. While driving at high speed, the driver is exited by the process of driving, and thus underestimates the danger that threatens him. In addition, modern drivers got used to constant stress on the road and a large number of various accidents, and often they think condescendingly of speeding, considering it a minor violation. Many drivers often commit minor traffic violations. Thus, over time they get used to violate the traffic rules, and become careless. Once having received benefit from violations of universally accepted rules, people will again try to break them, as they would believe in the positive outcome dates of the situation. Even knowing that there is the possibility of creating an emergency, drivers still believe that this probability is negligible. Unfortunately, too often, drivers have to pay high for a few seconds saved.

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One of the most common types of traffic violations is exceeding the speed limit while driving. This behavior behind the wheel is often the cause of trouble on the road; the official statistics confirms this fact: nearly a third of all accidents and other road accidents occurred due to speeding. There are two types of violations directly related to speeding : The driver of a motor vehicle exceeds the maximum permissible speed on the given stretch of the road, shown by the road signs, violating traffic regulations. The driver drives faster than allowed, based on the situation on the road. In this case, the traffic police officers could not for punish the driver, but the very fact that it creates a dangerous situation on the road, often becomes a sufficient punishment for a negligent driver. Unfortunately, many drivers often do not assess objectively the speed they drive. Many potentially dangerous situations on the road are assessed by the drivers as safe or relatively safe. There are a number of psychological reasons why drivers cannot objectively assess the traffic situation. Some drivers just love driving fast.

Essay on speeding while driving
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  2. Aj mast for usa today). We ve known for a while that speeding. The dangers of teen speeding are real. Speeding increases the distance needed to be able to stop the car while reducing reaction. Take this online driving quiz.

  3. Effects of, speeding Essay. When teenagers text message each other while driving, they are increasing the risk of an accident. Free essay on Persuasive speech Against, speeding available totally free. Although fast driving can seem pretty exciting and appealing. Speeding hasn t garnered the national attention of other teen driving.

  4. The high speed limits are often causes of accidents that cause serious injuries and even death. The speed limit should be lowered so we can control accidents caused by high speed driving, pollution, and the high cost of operation and insurance. Review of sample research paper about Dangers. Free example term paper on Speeding topic. Find more college essays. The speed limit while driving.

  5. Dangers of excessive speeding while driving identifies compelling statistics associated with driving at excessive speeds and correlation to increased risks. Speeding which means driving a vehicle faster than the. Essays, related to What I have learn From. From this narrative essay, i learn a few. An essay or paper on, driving, over The, speed.

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