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essay about golf

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The following sports are offered: Athletics edit Official athletics logo. The school is part of the national Collegiate Athletic Association (ncaa) division ii, and primarily competes in the southern Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (siac). Men's sports include baseball, basketball, bowling (2013 cross country, golf, soccer, tennis, and track and field. Women's sports include basketball, bowling (2013 cross country, golf, soccer, softball, tennis, track field, competitive cheer dance, and volleyball. 2 The mascot is the badger. The Spring Hill football team played its first game in 1900, but was disbanded in 1941.

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12 Other notable feature of the campus is the avenue of the oaks, where graduation traditionally occurs. An 18-hole golf course is used by the team and other students. The historic Administration building renovation was completed in 2008. It was renamed as "The Gregory. Administration Center after the college's 38th President. 13 Student life edit Clubs and organizations edit There are over fifty student-run clubs and organizations at Spring Hill College. They include community service clubs, ministry organizations, athletic and academic clubs. Academic Athletic Ministry/Service Other Alpha sigma nu club (Jesuit Honor Society) Rugby Club Knights autumn of Columbus Delta Alpha Chi Theta Alpha kappa Club (Honor Society of Religious Studies and Theology) Men's Volleyball Club Knights of Columbus Ladies Auxiliary Anime Club Sigma tau delta Club (English. Sororities: Fraternities: The Greek organizations participate in a "deferred recruitment" process, meaning that the formal recruiting activities occur at the beginning of the spring semester. This is in contrast to many colleges where recruitment takes place at the beginning of the fall semester. Intramural sports edit Spring Hill College has a student-run intramural program.

An online master's degree program for a master of Science in Nursing is offered that combines online and offline nursing experience. 10 Through the cooperative center for Study Abroad consortium, students may arrange for study abroad programs and internships in England, france, ireland, spain, italy, and Mexico. 9 11 Stewartfield and the avenue of the oaks The Spring Hill College campus is located in the Spring Hill neighborhood of Mobile, alabama. The college has remained on reviews the same campus that Bishop Portier purchased in 1830. A number of its structures are listed on the national Register of Historic Places. They include the sodality Chapel (built 1850 the Spring Hill College quadrangle, comprising the Administration building (1869. Joseph's Chapel (1910 and four other structures; and Stewartfield (1849).

essay about golf

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More than one-third of graduating students continue their education at graduate or professional school. Curriculum edit Spring Hill College offers undergraduate students bachelor's degrees through a variety of majors. The available departments include the division of Business, the communications/Arts division, International Studies, Interdivisional Studies, language and Literature division, nursing, Philosophy and Theology, sciences division, social Sciences division, teacher Education division, and lastly, the Pre-Professional Programs. Each of these divisions offers a variety of concentrations from which students can choose majors and minors. 9 Spring Hill has an academic center in Bologna, italy ; it also accepts best study abroad students from other colleges and universities. Citation needed Areas of concentration in graduate programs include master of Business Administration, teacher Education, master of Liberal Arts, master of Science in Nursing, master of Theological Studies, master of Pastoral Studies, and Master of Arts in Theology. Certificate programs are offered in theology and ministry. Theological programs are offered at the main campus as well as at off-campus locations in Atlanta, georgia ; Birmingham, Alabama ; and Jackson, mississippi.

Once alerted, students streamed from both ends of the building carrying whatever items were handy as weapons golf clubs, tennis rackets, bricks, a softball bat and put the panicked Klansmen to flight. A kkk contingent returned the next night, burning a cross at the gate of the college before students reacted. The following day, a group of students male and female hanged a klansman in effigy at the college gate, with a sign reading, "kkkers are chicken." 7 Following Hurricane katrina 's widespread destruction along the central Gulf coast in 2005, Spring Hill accepted 117 students. 8 Student body edit more than 1,400 students study at Spring Hill College each year, of which more than 70 are from outside Alabama. The student body is 38 male and 62 female; 90 of the freshman class and 75 of the total student body live on campus. The student-faculty ratio is 13:1, and the average class size. Of faculty members, 87 hold doctorates or the highest degrees in their fields.

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essay about golf

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After World War ii, a great influx of veterans taxed the facilities of the college, which erected numerous temporary buildings on the campus to handle the new students. At the request of Archbishop Thomas Joseph toolen of Mobile, the college became co-educational in 1952. In 1954 the college accepted African-American students into all departments, before the United States Supreme court ruling in Brown. Board of Education (1954) that segregation in public schools was unconstitutional. Motley was the first black graduate from the institution in 1956. 4 someone Spring Hill College was a leading institution in Alabama to press for racial equality. It was praised by civil rights leaders such.

Martin Luther King,., who referred to the college in his 1963 " Letter from Birmingham jail." he noted that the college was one of the first southern schools to integrate. Spring Hill received threats from those opposed to the civil rights movement and integration. 4 On the night of January 21, 1957, a dozen or more darkened cars entered the main avenue of the college. Kkk members tried to set up a kerosene-soaked cross outside mobile hall, a dormitory. They were unaware that they were there during finals week. Most of the white, male residents were still awake, studying for exams, and several heard the hammering.

During the reconstruction era, the college recruited students from among the sons of Central American and Cuban leaders. Following student complaints that Spanish was challenging the dominance of English on the campus, the jesuits organized a spanishAmerican league. 6 In 1869 a fire destroyed the main building. Students and faculty had to relocate for a time. Charles College in Grand Coteau, louisiana.

Bishop John quinlan and other benefactors assisted in rebuilding the college, which reopened at Spring Hill before the year's end. 4 As the enrollment increased, quinlan Hall,. Joseph's Chapel, the Thomas Byrne memorial Library, and Mobile hall were erected. In 1935, the high school, which had been a unit distinct from the college since 1923, was discontinued. In the space vacated by the high school, the jesuit house of Studies was opened in 1937, and the Scholasticate of the sacred heart opened on a site adjoining the college a few years later. Joseph Chapel, built in 1910.

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4 Many boys were sent to Spring Hill during the American civil War as they neared the draft age. But numerous students wanted to be part of the war effort. The college eventually formed two military companies. Some of Spring Hill's Jesuit fathers became chaplains for the confederacy. A recruiter tried to conscript all forty of the jesuit brothers at the college into the confederate Army. The college President gautrelet dispatched an urgent message to the assistant secretary of war in Richmond, who real granted a temporary reprieve of the brothers' conscription. 6 The second main building, now the rev. Administration Center, built in 1869.

essay about golf

The first two presidents of the college were called away to one be bishops, one to dubuque, iowa (Bishop Mathias Loras the other to vincennes, Indiana (Bishop John Stephen bazin ). The third president, father mauvernay, died after a brief term of office. Bishop Portier transferred the college, first to the French Fathers of Mercy, and next to the society of Jesus and Mary, but both groups lacked teaching and administrative experience. 6 he persuaded the fathers of the lyonnais Province of the society of Jesus (Jesuits) to take possession of the college. 6 The new regime was inaugurated with Father Francis gautrelet,. J., as president in September 1847. Since that time the institution has continued under Jesuit direction.

France, portier rented a hotel next to the college grounds and started the first semester on may 1, 1830, with an enrollment of thirty students. On July 4 of the same year, the bishop laid the cornerstone of the first permanent building. It stood on the site of the present Administration building and opened for classes in november 1831. Spring Hill is the oldest institution of higher education in Alabama and among the oldest colleges in the south. It is the third-oldest Jesuit college in the United States. 4 5, the original main building, built in 1831. In 1836 the governor of Alabama, clement. Clay, signed a legislative act that chartered the college and gave it "full power to grant or confer such degree or degrees in the arts and sciences, or in any art or science as are usually granted or conferred by other seminaries of learning.

3, the Spring Hill academic calendar is divided into two semesters, a fall semester of 15 weeks mini beginning at the end of August and ending before Christmas, and a spring semester of 15 weeks beginning in early january and ending in early may. There are may and June mini-sessions, and summer school during June and July. Contents, history edit, cardinal, joseph Fesch, an early benefactor of the college. Spring Hill College was founded by the first bishop of Mobile, michael Portier, who was from France. After purchasing a site for the college on a hill near Mobile, bishop Portier went to France to recruit teachers and raise funds for the new college. Portier recruited two priests and four seminarians from France to staff the school. A friend of Portier, cardinal, joseph Fesch, archbishop of lyons, was a major benefactor to the fledgling College, donating his philosophical and theological library and various works of art.

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Spring Hill College is a private, roman Catholic, jesuit, liberal arts college in the, spring Hill neighborhood of, mobile, alabama, united States. It was founded in 1830. Michael Portier, bishop of statement Mobile. It was the first Catholic college in the south, is the fifth-oldest Catholic college in the United States, and is the third-oldest of the 28-member. Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities. It is accredited by the commission on Colleges of the. Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. News world Report reported that Spring Hill College ranked 14th among the top colleges in the south offering both bachelor's and master's level degrees.

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  5. College of wooster Directory. Name title/Dept/Office Phone Email; abramo, peter: Dir./Center for Entrepreneurship (Gault Library 035 / Morgan 103B). Gustavus Adolphus College is located 60 miles from the minneapolis/St. Drive times vary depending on traffic levels, but with good traffic conditions, it will take about one hour to drive to gustavus from the minneapolis/St. Paul airport, about 75 minutes from downtown Minneapolis, mn, and about 90 minutes from downtown. Spring Hill College was founded by the first bishop of Mobile, michael Portier, who was from ter purchasing a site for the college on a hill near Mobile, bishop Portier went to France to recruit teachers and raise funds for the new college.

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