Diy homework desk

diy homework desk

White homework desk, cahsee essay rubric

Okay, now that its all s time to either paint or stain your stand and bench. . we chose to stain it with a combination of Minwax weathered oak and Provincial oil based stainsjust like the Octagon Dining room Table that we made a few months ago. Once i got the color I wanted, i added 2 layers of this General Finishes, high Performance, water Based, satin finish which works so much better than the minwax brand! Hope it works well for you too!

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The finished table top is 15 x 54 1/2 inches. Then, place the national table top right on text top of the base, hanging over about 1 1/2 inches on the sides and about 1 inch along the front and back. . Then secure it in place by installing several screws from the top in several locations. Okay, now onto the bench, which can be made for so many uses. These are the wood pieces that youll be needing. . Screw into ing the Kreg Jig when needed. Then create the seat of the bench, just like the table top up t this time use a 24 down the king the finished width 14 1/2 inches. . And each piece needs to be cut down to 30 inches long. Then, center the seat top onto the bench base and center it all the way around. . Screw in place from the top, right down into the base.

Now, to create feet for the base, cut two 26s down to 16 inches long and 4 1/2 inches wide. . Then, this is optional, but we decided to angle the top edge, to make it look a little more polished. To attach the feet, turn the base upside down and then add another piece of wood as a support and then clamp the whole thing together, with the foot hanging over about 2 1/2 inches in the front and about 1/2 inch in the back. . Next, Im not sure how I didnt get a picture of screwing the table top pieces togetherbut the top of the bench essay was created almost identically. . In fact, if I didnt tell you that. You probably wouldnt have noticed. . But the table top consists of two 26s (54 1/2 inches long each) and then a 26 ripped down to 4 inches wide (thats also 54 1/2 inches long).lined up together with the more narrow piece in the middle. . Use the Kreg Jig to drill holes and attach each of the pieces eating one single table top piece.

diy homework desk

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Cut one piece down to 17 inches and then the other 2 pieces down to 8 1/2 inches. . Reference the image below for all the angles youll need to cut the ends of each piece to create the. Repeat the above steps to create another side piece that looks exactly the same, except the top drill holes in the horizontal 24 mirror each other. . Remember, its helpful to add a thin layer of wood glue between all joining wood pieces. now, cut 2 more 24 pieces that are both 44 1/2 inches long. . Then place the two end pieces on their sides and attach the two long pieces along the inner edges, adding holes with your Kreg Jig, just like above (reference the arrows below). . The bottom 44 1/2 inch long piece piece is attached 5 1/2 inches from the bottom edge of the side pieces. Then from this view, the holes are hidden.

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diy homework desk

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Then you need to to use your 24 pieces to create the main frame of this end section by laying the two longer pieces on their side and the shorter piece at the top to lay flat and then the bottom shorter piece to lay. The top horizontal piece is flush with the top of the side pieces, the lower horizontal piece is 2 1/8 inches from the bottom of the two side pieces. But let me back up for a second to connect these pieces together, the easiest way to connect them is to drill holes with a kreg Jig ( which is such an amazing tool and now that we have one, we use it all the. Its a great investment, that really advertising doesnt cost much at all! . you can find one at your local hardware store. Or you can find.

) The Kreg Jig gives you a perfect angle and drilled hole for combing wood together in so many d will save you a whole lot of grief with getting things straight and secure. . This is what you want on your two shorter 24s.on one side you want the holes drilled in far apart (to provide room for attaching some screws later on) and the other end, the holes can be closer together. Now, go ahead and attach these pieces together (placing a thin layer of wood glue between making sure that the 24s are all laying flush on a flat surface and that the drill holes are facing upward on the upper piece. And that the drill holes on the lower piece or on the bottom side. Drill your screws in place and then once you flip it holes will be seen! Now, its time to add the x to the inside of this rectangle piece, with your 22s. .

So the dimensions below accommodate our Digital piano, that has an overall measurement of 51 3/4 inches wide, 13 inches deep, and 3 3/4 inches tall (to the top of the keys). . If your keyboard is slightly different in size, make adjustments as needed. Also, the dimensions for the piano stand below put the top of the keys on our keyboard at 30 1/2 inches tall. I looked up online what an upright acoustic piano height was (to the top of the keys and I got a variety of ywhere from 28-30 inches high. . we went slightly higher as my husband and i are tall people (hes 65 and Im 511 so why not have it at the taller end of the spectrum for once?!?! . Our kids obviously arent full grown yet but we didnt want to create something that was too short for us, so if their teacher recommends it, maybe well sit them up on a book or two so that their arms are at a 90 degree.

Okay, lets get started. supplies: Finish misc: *The finished stand measures approximately 26 3/4 inches tall, 54 1/2 inches wide, and 15 inches deep. The finished bench measures approximately 18 1/4 inches tall, 30 inches wide, and 14 1/2 inches deep. Okay, lets start with the piano stand. . to do so, you will make the two end sections first and then connect them together with 2 long s a pretty basic construction. So, to make each end piece, you need to cut 2 of your 24s into 2 longer pieces that are 23 1/8 inches long and 2 shorter pieces that are 10 inches long. . Then you need one 22 piece that is 17 inches long and two 22 pieces that are 8 1/2 inches long each. Im only showing two 22 pieces in the image below, sorry for the confusion. I just hadnt cut them down to size yet ).

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This is the keyboard we have, which has weighted keys that feel more like a real piano. our stand and keyboard now sit along one wall, behind some chairs and it blends right in with what we have going on in this front d I love it! And really, for about 25 in lumber, this Digital piano Stand really didnt cost book much to make! . But just think—you could paint this all one color, or make the stand and bench two different colors. . you could even use this in a bedroom as a homework desk, a makeup station, or even a project table. . so many reasons to love this little thing! Want to make one too? First of all, we purchased our keyboard. Here, and love it!

diy homework desk

The top of the table and the bench both have planks of wood across the d I love how that turned out! Oh, and that little bench was so fast to put together and could be used for owen so many things. . And actually, the stand could be heightened and used as a console table or even a sofa table. If you dont actually need a piano stand. The stand puts the keyboard at a nice piano height that is perfect for adults to sit and play t also works great for budding little musicians who want to learn to play! Elli and Connor both love taking lessons so far, and have become obsessed with learning notes, finger placement, rhythm, etc! And I love that they can put headphones on and not only keep the noise level down for the rest of us, they also help them to stay focused and not get distracted by whats going on around them. . And then every once in a while, i have them unplug and let me listen for accuracy. .

the main living room (which is also open to the kitchen/dining room and where we spend plenty of time and I didnt want to just plunk it in the middle. A standard upright piano is like a piece of pretty furniture, so when not in use, its still pleasant to look. . But a keyboard is a little different. . even though its totally fine sitting out, i really wanted to create something that was more like a pretty piece of furniture! So we created this all wood Digital piano mplete with a little bench! My latest videos, the stand is made from inexpensive pieces of pine and was put together in only a few hours. . Its a quick project that makes me very happy to see sitting in our front living room. The design is more farm-style and was stained to look like old distressed wood. .

A few months ago, we started talking about playing musical instruments and I told them I played the trumpet from 4th-8th grade and sometimes I played the tuba, sousaphone, and was even the majorette in our little middle school band. . They thought that was so cool and started telling me plan all the instruments they wanted to play. . I told them that all sounded t if they wanted to play an instrument, they had to take piano first. . so, finally—they told me they wanted to give piano a try. I started looking around online for a used upright piano but just didnt see anything that would work. . Plus, i wasnt sure i wanted to move a huge old piano from someone elses house into ours. . Wed have to rent a truck, hire a tuner, and then hopefully it would play well after all that effort. . so, instead, i started looking at full sized keyboards with weighted keys. .

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Diy digital piano Stand plus Bench. Growing up, we always had writings a piano in our house. . we all took turns taking lessons. Even though mine only lasted about 6 months because my teacher moved away ( but I played other instruments, so it worked out ). . I remember sitting down to the piano when I was bored and making up random melodies and singing dramatic lyrics along with the nonsensical plunking of each key. . i also remember trying to figure out sheet music on my own ( since my teacher moved away ) and then having pretend recitals, where i would curtsy at the end and relish in my pretend applause. . I mean, you guys, i was an incredible pianist in my own little dream world. Anyway — for the longest time, i have wanted to have a piano for my kids to begin plunking around on and possibly gaining an interest in taking lessons. . But every time i asked them, they always seemed very i decided it wasnt worth forcing them to do, and that we would just wait. .

Diy homework desk
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  4. The classroom of your dreams is easy to achieve with a little. Diy digital piano Stand plus Bench. Growing up, we always had a piano in our house. We all took turns taking lessons. Even though mine only lasted about 6 months because my teacher moved away (but I played other instruments, so it worked out).

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