B movie reviews

b movie reviews

The lost Highway's, b - movie

Rated pg michael keaton geena davis Alec Baldwin Directed by tim Burton Written by warren skaaren, larry wilson, michael McDowell tim Burton Adam and Barbara maitland (Alec Baldwin, geena davis) have everything going for them - they are madly in love and they've just moved. Sadly, they die in a freakish accident, only to find themselves - as ghosts -  haunting their home, which has been sold to the annoying deitz family. Only lydia deitz, the gothic and suicidal daughter, can see them - even though they do everything in their power to drive the living interlopers away. They're just so nice that they're not very effective when it comes to scaring the daylights out of people. In desperation they turn to a renegade spirit by the name of Betelgeuse, who advertises himself as an "exorcist of the living." But Betelgeuse is a frenetic, obnoxious spirit who turns out to be more trouble than he's worth, and in the end the maitlands. Director Tim Burton has a most unusual and unique vision, but until beetlejuice he hadn't had much of an opportunity to display.

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During this illicit tryst at Terry's apartment, she witnesses an attempted rape from the disposal bedroom window. Since she can't come forward, terry gallantly presents himself to the police as the witness. But what starts out as something of a lark for Terry soon becomes a nightmare. The man Sylvia saw is a serial killer, and not only is Terry exposed as a perjurer, he soon becomes the prime suspect in Sylvia's murder when she is done away with by the killer. Terry's only ally is Denise (Elizabeth Mcgovern the victim of the assault Sylvia witnessed, and together they concoct a dangerous scheme to trap the killer. The bedroom Window has plenty of plot twists, and while a few of them are a little implausible, the film should hold your interest through to the end, thanks largely to hanson's capable direction. Hanson isn't Hitchcock, and this movie doesn't compare to rear Window for edge-of-your-seat suspense, but the tension builds nicely. Guttenberg and Mcgovern do an adequate job with their roles, but in such a film as this it isn't so much character development but plot and atmosphere that matter. The bedroom Window has a healthy dose of both, and while there's little cause for nail-biting here, you'll be entertained by what is essentially a workmanlike tribute to the master himself. Eighties Club rating: * us box office:.6 million us release date:.23.87 Songs "beautiful Thief ava cherry "Hyperactive robert Palmer "Cold Shot Stevie ray writing vaughn double Trouble."Sweet and Sexy Thing rick james ( more) beetlejuice 1988, warner Bros.

And while adults might appreciate the superlative talents of Hume Cronyn and Jessica tandy as the riley duo, they'd likely find the mechanical lifeforms too cutely disneyesque. It might have been better had write the producers scrapped the grown-up roles altogether and made the human"ent a gaggle of kids trying to save their homes when the adults had all but given. Of course, that would have meant no Cronyn and no tandy, but their talents were wasted, anyway. batteries not included proved that the. Phenomenon had run its course by 1987. And it must have convinced Steven Spielberg that he'd gotten about all the mileage he was going to get out of lovable aliens. Eighties Club rating: * us box office: 33 million us release date:.18.87 The bedroom Window 1987, delaurentis, rated r steve guttenberg Elizabeth Mcgovern Isabelle huppert Directed by curtis Hanson Written by curtis Hanson anne holden (from a novel by Anne holden) An above-average suspense. Steve guttenberg is Terry lambert, a cocky young businessman who is having an affair with his boss's wife, sylvia (Isabelle huppert).

b movie reviews

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He hires some thugs to frighten the tenants out. And plan when that doesn't work, he employs a firebug to burn the place down. Looks like frank and faye are headed for the old folks' home, while mason and Marisa won't have time to figure out that they're meant for one another. Fate is set to intervene, in the form of some tiny spacecraft, living machines that have a knack for fixing things. They also reproduce, and their babies are cute as bugs.(In fact, they resemble bugs.) Mason, marisa and the rileys pledge to protect the diminutive ufos, book and in return the amiable flying saucers fix up the building every time the developer's hirelings damage. In other words, all the '80s angst about the role of machines in Mankind's future is for nothing. Machines aren't the problem. It's likely that the people who made *batteries not included hoped to appeal to an audience of all ages. Problem is, while small children might be delighted by the antics of the diminutive machines, they'd be bored to tears by the half-hearted attempts to relate the budding romance of Mason marisa and the drama of the rileys.

Back to School is great fun, and it's tongue-in-cheek anti-establishment underpinnings has made it as enduring a campus comedy. Eighties Club rating: us box office:.3 million, us release date:.13.86 soundtrack "Back to school jude cole "Dead Man's Party oingo boingo "Twist And Shout The beatles "respect aretha Franklin ( more) *batteries not included 1987, Universal, rated pg hume Cronyn Jessica tandy Elizabeth. Wilson meet Frank and faye riley, an elderly couple who have resided for many years in a tenement where they also have their livelihood, a neighborhood cafe. She's about to become a single mom. He's a temperamental, idealistic young artist. They also live in the tenement. But they're all about to lose their homes. Because an evil real estate developer has to tear down the tenement so he can put up his highrise office complex.

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b movie reviews

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He manages to become the banyan institution's oldest freshman by making a huge donation to build the melon School of Business Administration. But Melon doesn't turn out to be the best of examples for his boy - he's worse that any frat-rat when it comes to partying too much and studying too little. He tries to buy his way through the curriculum, falls in love with a pretty English teacher (Sally kellerman and runs afoul of a snooty economics prof (Paxton Whitehead). In the end, it's the son who straightens out the father, and Melon not only gets the degree, but the girl as well. With the story co-written by dangerfield, and the screenplay co-penned by harold (. Ghostbusters ) Ramis, back to School is like a graduate course in advanced comedy. Dangerfield delivers his one-liners with impeccable timing, and he is backed up by a first-rate cast that doesn't miss a beat, either.

Aside from Kellerman and Whitehead, that cast includes Ned beatty,. Emmet Walsh, burt young and Robert Downey,., who deserves a special commendation as Jason's weird friend Derek lutz, revealing why he would go from here to leading roles. Less Than Zero and, the pick-up Artist. The late sam Kinison has a cameo role as a whacked-out vietnam vet turned history professor; his Korean War piece with Dangerfield is one of several classic scenes. Others include dangerfield's study of "marine biology" writer in a hottub filled with coeds, his real-world criticisms of the economic professor's lecture on how to start a business, and the "Bruce Springsteen" ploy he uses to clear out a hall so that he and his son. That's just to name a few.

 The ending deteriorates into utter nonsense as Debbie is kidnapped by her ex-boyfriend Cole (Robert Prescott).  Rick and Cole duke it out in a 3-D theater, exactly replicating the fight that climaxes the space opera showing on the screen behind them; the audience, looking pretty spaced out themselves, is wowed by the "realism" of the 3-d experience, a brief fad during. Hanks shows flashes of his zany comedic brilliance and, as always, is a joy to watch and, thankfully, the film is fast-paced.  He would go on to better things in the 80s, including. Big, The money pit and, punchline. Bachelor Party was a box office success but film critics justifiably slammed.

 Of interest to pop culture addicts, oingo boingo performed the "Bachelor Party Theme composed by danny Elfman, who would later have a hit single with the theme.  And the film (chauvinistic to begin with) takes a swipe at an 80s icon - in an early scene a valley girl working in a boutique makes a customer wait until she's finished be-bopping to some synth-pop muzak. Eighties Club rating: us box office:.4 million, us release date:.29.84. Back to School 1986, hbo/Cannon, rated pg-13, rodnet Dangerfield, sally kellerman. Keith Gordon, directed by Alan Metter, written by rodney dangerfield, Greg fields, dennis Snee, steven Kampman, will Porter, peter Torokvei harold Ramis. Rodney dangerfield's most famous line is that he never gets any respect, but he certainly deserves a lot of it for this film, arguably the best of his career. He plays Thornton Melon, a self-made millionaire who owns a chain of Tall fat clothing stores. He thinks his son Jason (Keith Gordon) is having great success at college as a member of a fraternity and the diving team. But when he finds out that Jason has been lying to him - neither the diving team nor any frat house will take him - melon gets the bright idea of going to college, too, just to show his son how to succeed.

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Tom Hanks, tawny kitaen, adrian Zmed, directed by neal Israel. Written by bob Israel (story neal Israel pat Proft, tom Hanks graduated from the essay boob tube - he starred in online the television sitcom. Bosom Buddies from 1980 to 1982 - to the big screen with the hit film. His next film was this one, a sporadically funny but generally tasteless comedy in which he plays the shiftless but lovable rick gassko, who is about to get married - but not before his friends throw him the bachelor party to end all bachelor parties. Rick has promised his fiancee debbie (Tawny kitaen) that he will behave himself. His friends, who all act like. Animal house wannabes, have other ideas. There are a few amusing sight gags in the raunchy romp that ensues, with the funniest being the scenes in which one of Rick's buddies, despondent over a failed marriage, tries to commit suicide by drowning himself in a bathtub and, failing that, cutting his. But most of the gags fall flat, or are so crude that only a neanderthal could find them amusing.

b movie reviews

First Blood is about a vietnam veteran, who after finding out that all his buddies from vietnam are dead stumbles into the small town of Dante's pea- er, i mean Hope, washington and wreaks havoc on the police officers, after they arrest him for. First Blood is action packed, you'll never get bored watching this movie, there are awesome action sequences, solved chase scenes and explosions. But the best scene in the whole movie, better than all the action scenes is Rambo's final monologue at the end, Epic Win. Why don't movie's nowadays have monologues? Overall, it's like die hard, untouchable character, good plot to go with the action and a hell of a lot of explosions! I highly recommend it to anyone who likes action films. No list has been started yet. Favorite genre, least favorite, drama, no list has been started, are you sure you want to remove this friend? Bachelor Party 1984, 20th Century fox, rated.

Kapoor, Anushka sharma and Karan. Chakravarthy director:Ram Gopal Varma barfi! Review Hindi / Romantic-comedy Starring:Ranbir Kapoor, Priyanka chopra, ileana d'Cruz director:Anurag Basu; review: Bol Bachchan Hindi / Comedy Starring:Abhishek bachchan, Ajay devgn, Asin, Prachi desai, archana puran Singh, Krushna Abhishek director:Rohit Shetty review: Brave english / Animation Starring:Kelly macdonald, billy connolly and Emma Thompson Director:Mark. Select one of these three options: Upload, feeling creative? Upload your own profile image and change it whenever the mood strikes. Sync with Facebook, if you sync your Fandor and Facebook accounts, you can choose to use your Facebook profile picture. Gravatar, create or use a gravatar account to maintain a single profile image for use on multiple sites. Sorted by : Trending articles, latest aith reviews, more, latest Columns. More, horror movie posters, more. One of the best action movies ever made!

Starring:Ben Affleck, henry cavill, Amy Adams, jesse eisenberg and diane lane. Director:Zack Snyder, bajirao mastani, movie review, hindi / Period Drama. Starring:Ranveer Singh, deepika padukone, priyanka chopra. Director:Sanjay leela Bhansali, bhaag Johnny, movie review, hindi / Crime Thriller. Starring:Kunal Khemu, zoa morani, mukul dev, manasi Scott, mandana kari and Nishigandha wad. Director:Shivam nair, brothers, movie review, hindi / Action, Drama, starring:Akshay kumar, sidharth Malhotra and Jacqueline fernandez. Director:Karan Malhotra, bangistan, movie review, hindi / Comedy, starring:Riteish Deshmukh, pulkit Samrat, jacqueline fernandez, chandan roy sanyal, zachary coffin. Director:Karan Anshuman, bajrangi Bhaijaan, movie review, hindi / Drama. Starring:Salman Khan, kareena kapoor and Nawazuddin Siddiqui.

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Baahubali: The beginning, movie review Replug - scale, gargantuan. Tamil / Period Film, starring:Prabhas, rana daggubati. Anushka shetty, mtamannaah Bhatia, ramya krishnan, sathyaraj. Director:ss rajamouli, bridget Jones's Baby, review: Renee zellweger, colin writings Firth Are Charming. English / Romance, comedy, starring:Renee zellweger, colin Firth, patrick dempsey, sarah Solemani, emma Thompson, jim Broadbent, gemma jones. Director:Sharon Maguire, ben-Hur, movie review, english / Historical Drama, starring:Jack huston, toby kebbell, rodrigo santoro, nazanin Boniadi, ayelet Zurer, morgan Freeman. Director:Timur bekmambetov, baaghi, movie review, hindi / Action Romance, starring:Shraddha kapoor, tiger Shroff, sudheer Babu. Director:Sabbir Khan, batman v superman, movie review, english / Action Adventure.

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