Advertising and promotion in business assignment

advertising and promotion in business assignment

An, assignment on advertisement and Promotion, nirjon Prantor

The paper describes the marketing communication process, current trends, integrated promotional strategies and impact of ict that is applied to advertising and promotion. Task 1:Scope of marketing communications.1 Briefly state three communication theories, using one of the theory analyse how marketing communication process is applicable and important to marketing and promotion of business; and state how ict has impact on communication process. The one who practice branding, advertising, promotion, sales etc are referred to a marketing communicators. There are three communication theories : Commonsense theory: This communication theory is developed by personal experience of an individual. This theory is often the basis of most of the decisions on communication. This type of communication is often developed from hints from colleagues (Mohr, 1990).

Assignment on, advertising and promotion in business

Most of the population of the world use social media nowadays and heating by using social media marketing, the companies can access to the maximum population to advertise themselves. G.: Facebook launched its advertising option in 2005. Social media advertising revenue is estimated about.4 billion in 2015.(land, 2015) These recent trends in advertising and Promotion in business are helping the organizations to boost up their sales and increasing their profits year after year. This is snippet of the bite college Advertising and Promotion in Business Assignment. For complete assignment help just click the below button. This is a bite college Advertising Promotion Business Assignment in which we discuss promotional and advertisement role and concept in business. Advertising is the process of targeting the customer to learn about a product and encourage them to buy the product or service. The effective use of advertising and promotion is the basic requirement for a brand or product to succeed in the market (Belch, 2008). . Consistency is a key element of promotional strategy and it helps to ensure that brand name and brand image should not differ. Integrated marketing communication (IMC) is the coordination of consistency and other promotional strategies to effectively reach out to the target consumer. This paper is meant to focus on various aspects of advertisement and promotion for Lundy Ltd business.

Qr code can be scanned through the qr code reader machines but nowadays it can also be scanned by smart phones, where one can additional information about the product.(Firebrand, 2013) co-branding: co-branding is a method of advertising where two brands come together and advertise their. So, it is advantageous for the companies to take help of the brand image of both the brands. For Example: McDonalds and Coca cola. Online advertising: Companies are using online channels to advertise their products. Nowadays, consumers surf Internet to gain information about many first products and services and companies takes advantage. They advertise their products and services online, like banners, popup windows, pay per click ads, etc. On search engines and many websites. Social Media advertising: In recent times, it has become a successful channel for advertising the products and services for the businesses. Its a great method where the products and services are advertised on the social media websites.

advertising and promotion in business assignment

Advertising and Promotion Assignment, essay - 600 Words

It is used in website designing, market research, social media marketing, etc. Currently, most of the companies are taking help of the Internet to communicate with the existing and prospective consumers. By this, they can access maximum. Of people and increase their client base. (Jordi vilaseca, joan Torrent, ana, 2007) Multichannel Marketing: Nowadays, no company uses only one option to advertise or promote their products and services. A company can use many channels at a time and there can be a blend of traditional marketing channels and modern marketing channels to advertise and promote the products and services. Qr codes: qr code refers to quick response code which is a universal Product Code for every product, also known as Bar Code. It is a recent trend in advertising; consumers can scan the bar code of any product and can gain information about the particular product.

Advertising and promotion assignmet 2 mohsin Shaikh

advertising and promotion in business assignment

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Learning Outcomes and Assessment Criteria, in order to pass this unit, the evidence that the learner presents for assessment needs to demonstrate that they can meet all the learning Outcomes for this unit. The Assessment Criteria determine the standard required to pass this unit. The assessment criteria will act as a guide to help you put into context your answers to fulfil the learning Outcomes. Learning Outcomes, assessment Criteria. LO1 Understand the scope of marketing communications.1 explain the communication process that applies to advertising and promotion.2 explain the organisation of the advertising and promotions industry.3 assess how promotion is regulated.4 examine current trends in advertising and promotion, including the impact. LO2 Understand the role and importance of advertising and promotion in business.1 explain the role of advertising in an integrated promotional strategy for a business or product.2 explain branding and how it is used to strengthen a business or product.3 review the.

LO3 Understand below-the-line techniques and how they are used.1 explain primary techniques of below-the-line promotion and how they are used in an integrated promotional strategy for a business or product.2 evaluate other techniques used in below-the-line promotion LO4 be able to plan integrated. It is type of communication between the organization and the public whereas promotion is the set of activities which creates the customer awareness about the product willing or service, generate sales and create the brand loyalty. . (lee johnson, 2005) every day we go through lot of advertisements on Television, on radio or in newspapers but advertisements and promotions are not limited to only newspapers or televisions nowadays, it has seen lot of advancements and innovations in recent times. Advertising and Promotion is so effective for targeting the right consumer and generating more sales for the product or service. Some current trends in advertising and Promotions explained below: Information and Communication Technology: It is the technology in which the information is communicated through the devices like televisions, cell phones, laptops, etc. In Information and Communication Technology, the information is gathered, processed, stored and then it is presented in digital form. It helps every business to grow and flourish.

You should attempt to:.1 Explain how advertising can play an important role as part of an integrated strategy for the promotion of a business or product. 2.2 Explain branding and how it can be used as a tool to strengthen a business or product, using one global brand as an illustration.3 review the various creative aspects of advertising. 2.4 Examine the major ways of working with an advertising agency. ( Task 2 provides evidence for learning outcome2; Assesment Criteria.1,.2,.3,.4 and M3, D3). Essay task 3: Below-the-line techniques and their Usage, you should attempt to:.1 indetify and explain the primary techniques of below-the-line promotion; and how they can play a role as part of an integrated strategy for the promotion of a business or product. 3.2 Identify some techniques used in below-the-line promotion that are not regarded as primary and that you have not discussed.1 last above; give your evaluation of these techniques.

( Task 3 provides evidence for learning outcome 3; Assessment Criteria.1,.2 and M2, M3, D1). Essay task 4: Ability to plan Integrated Promotional Strategies. You should attempt to:.1 Select and follow a process that is appropriate for the formulation of a budget for an integrated promotional strategy. 4.2 taking an initial budget of 16,000.00, explain how you would use it to carry out the development of promotional plan for any chosen business or product. 4.3 Provide a plan for how you would integrate promotional techniques into the overall promotional strategy for any chosen business or product. These promotional techniques may include (but are not limited to) the following: Increasing engagement, use of social media for market research. Location-based marketing techniques, focus on quality content.4 Select and apply techniques that are appropriate to measure the effectiveness of a particular campaign. ( Task 4 provides evidence for learning Outcome 4; Assessment Criteria.1,.2,.3,.4 and M3, D1, D2).

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The panel will assess how relevant your essay is, and use it as the primary yardstick for selection of interns. The criteria for assessment and characteristics of essays at passable, merit and distinction levels are provided later below. Essay task 1: The scope of Marketing pdf Communications, you should attempt to: Explain the marketing communication process that applies to the advertising and promotion of business. Provide an explanation of how the advertising and promotion industry is organised. Provide an assessment of how promotion is regulated. Examine current trends in advertising and promotion (including but not limited to the impact of ict). (Task 1 provides summary evidence for learning outcome 1; Assessment Criteria.1,.2,.3,.4 and M1, M3). Essay task 2: The role and Importance of Advertising and Promotion in Business.

advertising and promotion in business assignment

A theme of this nature keeps the company'sname in a positive light with the general public because the replanting of trees is viewed positively by most people. This solution is given for the unit 5 of the bite college Advertising and glass Promotion in Business Assignment for btec hnc certificate in Business (QCF). Assignment Title: Essay on Theoretical Understanding and Practical Application of Advertising and Promotion in Business. This assignment is based on the case scenario presented below and you must use it to answer the questions that follow. Lundy ltd is a global marketing communication company in the process of recruiting he students in the uk for three weeks well paid (2,400.00) internship. They have an eye for students who have studied Advertisment and Promotion in Business at the level 5 hnd stage. The company believes that this level would be most relevant to their current needs because they seek interns from he who have good knowledge and understanding of the scope and techniques of marketing communication, the role and importance of advertising, and the ability to plan. You made an application for this interesting position and your application has been a successful in that the company invited you to an assessment centre where you will write series of short essays for a panel of five members who are in the senior management.

including detail of information, personalization, selectivity, and speed. But while direct mail has advantages, it carries an expensive per-head price, is dependent on theappropriateness of the mailing list, and is resented by some customers, who consider it "junk mail.". Informational Advertising, in informational advertising, which is used when a new product is first beingintroduced, the emphasis is on promoting the product name, benefits, and possible uses. Car manufacturers used thisstrategy when sport utility vehicles (SUVs) were first introduced. Institutional Advertising, institutional advertising takes a much broader approach, concentrating on the benefits, concept, idea, or philosophy of a particular industry. Companies often use it to promote image-building activities, such an environmentally friendly business practices or new community-based programs that it stitutional advertising is closely related to public relations, since both are interested in promoting a positive imageof the company to the public. As an example, a large lumber company may develop an advertising theme around its practice of planting trees in areas where they have just been harvested.

Other major nonprofit advocacy groups include theenvironmental organization Green-peace, mothers Against Drunk Driving (madd and the national RifleAssociation (NRA). Comparative advertising, comparative advertising compares one brand directly or indirectly with one or morecompeting brands. This advertising technique is very common and is used by nearly every major industry, includingairlines and automobile manufacturers. One drawback of comparative advertising is that customers have becomemore skeptical about claims made by a company about its competitors because accurate information has not always been provided, thus making the effectiveness of comparison advertising questionable. In addition, companies thatengage in comparative advertising must be careful not to misinform the public about a competitor's correct or misleading information may trigger a lawsuit by the aggrieved company or regulatory action by agovernmental agency such as the federal Trade commission (FTC). Cooperative advertising, cooperative advertising is a system that allows two parties to share advertising nufacturers and distributors, because of their shared interest in selling the product, usually golf use this cooperativeadvertising technique. An example might be when a soft-drink manufacturer and a local grocery store split the costof advertising the manufacturer's soft drinks; both the manufacturer and the store benefit from increased store trafficand its associated sales.

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Iimm/DH/02/2006/8154, Advertising sales Promotion, forms and Functions of Advertising, advertising is considered as the backbone of the business, the advertising defines the business in well manner, andwithout advertising we cannot assume the good form of business. There are various forms of Advertising whichdefine the business and we also discuss the process functions for vertising can take a number of forms, including advocacy, comparative, cooperative, direct-mail, informational, institutional, outdoor, persuasive, product, reminder, point-of-purchase, and specialty advertising. Advocacy advertising is normally thought of as any advertisement, message, or publiccommunication regarding economic, political, or social issues. The advertising campaign is designed to persuade public opinion regarding a specific issue important in the public arena. The ultimate goal of advocacy advertisingusually relates to the passage of pending state or federal legislation. Almost all nonprofit groups use some form of advocacy advertising to influence the public's attitude toward a particular issue. One of the largest and most powerful nonprofit advocacy groups is the American Association of Retired Persons (aarp). The aarp fights to protect social programs such as Medicare and Social Security for senior write citizens by encouraging its members towrite their legislators, using television advertisements to appeal to emotions, and publishing a monthly newsletter describing recent state and federal legislative action.

Advertising and promotion in business assignment
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  2. Executive summary: Advertising and promotion is used to inform about the. 2.2 E xplain branding and how it is used to strengthen a business or product.

  3. Locus Assignment offers quality assignment writing service in uk, unit 18 Advertis ement and Promotion in Business Sample Assignment is part of business. This solution is given for the unit 5 of the bite college Advertising and Promotio n in Business Assignment for btec hnc certificate in Business (QCF). Advertisment promotion in Business. Pdf by shuvashishd in Types articles news Stories. Iimm/DH/02/2006/8154, Advertising sales Promotion. Q.1 (a) Advertising is co nsidered as the backbone of the business, define advertising, explain how the.

  4. Locus Assignments Help Provide best assignment writing service, advertising and pr omotion provides a wide scope of marketing communications in business. Locus Business assignment help offered by business professionals, this Unit 18 Adv ertising and Promotion in Business Assignment ub is case study. Locus Business assignment help offered by business writers, this Advertising and P romotion in Business Assignment discusses advertising and promotion. Locus Assignments uk provides affordable assignment writing services, this Unit 18 Promotion and Advertising in Marketing Assignment is part of business. This is a bite college Advertising Promotion Business Assignment in which we discu ss promotional and advertisement role and concept in business.

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