A journey i have made essay

a journey i have made essay

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Also i host a public access program. I would like to use your "god is borg" as a prop. Being raised southern baptist in the buckle of the bible belt (tennessee) not subscribing to the local forced hysteria (christianity) i find your essays commentary to be both refreshing enlightening. Thanx for the good read. Date:  Fri, 23:19:33 -0800 From:  lr To:  Acharya s subject:  About your website All I can say, is your a woman after my own heart! . keep up the good work! From:  bc to:  Acharya s date:  Sun, 08:21:24 -0400 excellent site! .

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Date: Thu, 17:06:19 -0500 From: tp to: Acharya s subject: Well said! I listened to you last night on " Sightings On The radio " as you were interviewed by jeff Rense, and I was positively impressed by your candid expression of what you have discovered and the clear focus on the essence of your findings. . After reading from some of your essays on your www site, i want to say how impressed i am by your feel, as it were, for the writings of the patristic Greek fathers, eusebius,. Al., and I want to let you know that I share what you espouse; just not as well-researched or eloquently stated. You particularly caught my attention with your grasp of the concept of what the eastern Orthodox call "theosis and the fact that the "Created Cannot Comprehend the Creator!" Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I feel that you should be invited. Anyone else who feels that way should email Jeff. From: lb To: Acharya s subject: the discovery of a lifetime date: Fri, 00:33:17 pdt. I guess you hear this all the time but. While reading your essay on the origins of christianity i was picturing a white haired old man with glasses slipping down app his nose smoking a pipe or something like that. Not realizing how cheezy my assumption was until i got to your picture page."The naked Truth" led me to you. When my web site is fully operational i would like to add a link to your page.

I was on Sightings, not Art Bell, but I certainly like the suggestion. . Anyone else who wants to hear me on Art Bell can write to him. Date: Thu, 10:17:47 -0400 From: db subject: Truth be Known To: Acharya s love your website, and your brain. Date: Thu, 11:01:25 -0700 From: mf to: Acharya s subject: hey, i love your site. I have to tell that that it is kind of scary guaranteed that i agree with everything on you web site. . your thinking perfectly overlays with mine. Clarification: you don't sound like an Old Scholar. You sound sensible, and very interesting.

a journey i have made essay

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Anyway, thanks again, and keep up the good work. From: ck to: Acharya s subject: The naked Truth Date: Wed, 23:18:33 pdt i literature heard you on Art Bell and fortunately wrote down your Web page address. . I just finished reading the first Acharya gospel - " What is God "? . Thank you for reminding me of what I'm missing! . I feel like i've finally found that "something" i've been searching for! Then I saw your picture - and again I was taken! . Such a mind deserves such beauty! . Tell me that you are in the videos and I will buy them!

Date:  Mon, 20:45:03 -0700 To:  Acharya s from:  gj subject:  your Page Greetings! I just wanted to write and thank you for your essays. . I have read and enjoyed most of them so far. . I particularly enjoyed your essays on the pagan origins of Christianity, which agrees with my own theories as well. . i also liked your picture (are you single, by the way?). . Most of the Agnostics, atheists, and freethinkers I have known have been male for some reason. . It is very enlightening to also get a dissenting woman's point of view about the bible. . I sometimes forget just how nasty that book can get on the subject of women's rights. .

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a journey i have made essay

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Date: Thu, 04:25:02 -0400 From: rd to: Acharya s subject: web page hi, don't want to be a childish cheerleader, just wanted to say thanks for your page. . having lived in the heart of the bible belt all my life, and being a person of intelligence, i have battled with the absurd notions of the locals on the subject of religion for years, and have never been able to put into words. I have always requirements believed that what is now mythology was hobbies once religion, and what is now religion will one day be mythology. . to base our laws and social values on Christian ethics really pisses me off. Thanks again, great page, strange but interesting links. . From: ea date: Fri, 05:10:10 edt to: Acharya s subject: kudos your web page is a masterpiece. . Yes, Christianity sucks jesus never existed.

But Buddhism hinduism are bullshit too. . It's just that our western guilt complex sense (latently racist, no doubt) that those "weird-ass orientals are just crazy enough to know somethin' we don't" leads us to give credence to that nonsense. Look, critics of eastern religions agnostics were just as vigorously expunged as critics of Christianity ; the really "smart guys" of the east, admitted off the record that it was all horseshit. But it was necessary to keep the "rabble" toeing the line. Best wishes, date: Sun, 02:10:27 -0400 From: dk to: Acharya s subject: Incredible site One of my students referenced your site on her webpaper and I had great fun looking it over. . I think we're soul mates! . I'll be putting some links from my syllabi to your site.

Do you know how many people have websites devoted to some "real interpretation" of Satan? Finding yours was like a needle in a haystack, but a valuable needle at that. From:  sd to:  Acharya s subject:  Thanks Date:  Sat, 00:12:57 -0700 Acharya, i have been coming back again and again to your web site since i first stumbled across it a few weeks ago. . your writings are quite-to-the-point. . I can see how you would get a lot of hate mail from those with a strong religious mentality, but I find your writings to be quite educational and entertaining at the same time. . you have written many things that I have thought, but you actually have the data to back up what you say.

I have been reading the Old Testament (Septuagint actually) for my personal education - it is very brutal and perverted. . It is really amazing that people swear by it (probably because they haven't read it). . If I don't go schizophrenic before i finish it, i will look into reading the new Testament - the oldest version I can find. . At least then I can say i have done some homework and made an informed decision. . And I can have some really good debates with Christians. Anyway, i just wanted to say thanks for the great website. . keep up the great work and enjoy life! Date:  Sun, 13:40:24 -0300 From:  si to:  Acharya s subject:  you are a very special Person I found you web site only this afternoon and i am certain you are one person I would like to get in touch with as soon as possible. . Our ideas about God, established religions and much more are very similar.

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Date: Wed, lined 02:35:01 -0700 (PDT) From: ps subject: "The Origins of Christianity" To: Acharya s dear Sir or Madam, i offer my sincerest thanks for your having written " The Origins of Christianity." my head spins, having only now finished reading. . Thank you for providing the most logical, informative, satisfying explanation i've yet heard. From: bm to: Acharya s subject: you are a lifesaver! Date: Wed, 09:02:28 pdt thank you, acharya, you don't know how helpful you have been. I had to a report on the 'idea of Satan ' and was totally lost on the subject. You have the only site with night any findable, usable, useful, and reliable information about the roots of Satan. . your entire site was a treasure trove of information! . I cannot thank you enough for saving me from utter destruction. .

a journey i have made essay

Anyway, i'm reading your site and links, and will recommend it to others. . Thanks for the effort, keep up the much needed and great work! Date: Mon, 04:50:12 -0700 (PDT). To: Acharya s, from: ds, greetings! I just stumbled onto your site through. Here's a few more"s for you: Millions of innocent men, women, and children, persuasive since the introduction of Christianity, have been burned, tortured, fined, and imprisoned, yet we have not advanced one inch toward uniformity. . What has been the effect of coercion? To make one half of the world fools and the other half hypocrites. thomas Jefferson Religious bondage shackles and debilitates the mind and unfits it for every noble enterprise.

to debunk the "disease" called. Thanks,  and please let us hear more from you. PS  (Damn, you look good in those cut-offs.). From:  ws, to:  Acharya s, subject:  Thanks For WebSite, date:  tue, 13:27:21 -0500. Great site, i'm glad someone finally got one. Naked Truth videos and was "set free" from Christian fundamentalism. . I never fit in too well anyway, asked too many questions.

Date: Sat, 00:32:47 -0300. From: dl, to: Acharya s, subject: Wonderful words! I loved and printed your words to show to other roles people. And you talk words of wisdom, and wisdom is the word of "god." Kisses, and I was surprised u were a woman, and happy also. . From: k, date: Wed, 23:21:06 edt. To: Acharya s, subject: web site, a linguish, eh? . But are you a cunning linguist? .

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Date: Fri, 18:35:34 -0700. From: jg, to: Acharya s, subject: Thank you, i just dates wanted to say thank you for writing this. I have been looking for something like this for a long time, but I couldn't find anything to disprove the. All I had were my beliefs. . I'm fourteen, and i've had a lot of questions on this subject and the majority of the answers I get are along the lines, "Faith" or "Faith is the answer but that wasn't good enough for. I do, however, still believe. No matter what my reasoning tells me, i still do and will for a longtime to come. Believing in him is the only thing that gets me through depression sometimes. I'd need someone to talk to, and he's the only one there.

A journey i have made essay
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