Writing to a professor

writing to a professor

A Professor's guide to Writing Essays: The no-nonsense

These emails are when you want to persuade, convince or influence your reader to do something. Essentially, anytime you need anything from your professor it is considered a persuasive email. Try not to think of a persuasive email that turns you into a commissioned based salesperson at a printer and paper supply store, anytime you are requesting anything even minor it is considered a persuasive email. For example, if you are emailing your professor that you will be absent and missing an important test, you want to convince your professor to allow you to reschedule, this would be persuasive. You want your professor to give you something (a rescheduled test). If you want to ask your professor for a meeting, this would also be persuasive. Again, you want your professor to give you something (a meeting).

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The short answer to this question was, "I had no idea what you were asking me or what you needed and was usually met with stunned befuddled and puzzled looks of confusion. Yes, no, i need help. After a couple semesters of this lunacy, i began each semester with a class entitled "How to Email your Professor and Get a response." This article will offer a summary of this class and teach you how to email your professor and get a response. Yes, no, i need help, contents, there are two categories of emails. These emails are just to report paper information, instruct or inform. For example, if light you wanted to tell your professor you will not be in class, this is informative. If you want to notify your professor of a mistake on the calendar or in a blackboard or moodle posting or that the bookstore is out of the required reading material, this is informative. You are simply imparting information. Many of these types of emails don't require a response and the responsibility is on you to state clearly that you would like a reply. Was this step helpful? Yes, no, i need help 2, persuasive.

Letter of recommendation from Professor hu (for which I thanked him 20 years late) Of course, some exam scores were better than others (D) How to prepare for an exam (electromagnetic fields and waves). 6 Parts: you might think that when your professors get back to their offices it is a formal, outfit complimenting herbal tea sipping, book discussing party of dullness. I can assure you, our offices are small ecosystems of concentration, assessments, venting, discussing, grumbling and sometimes downright whining. The last college office i worked in was a conversion of a classroom into a cluster of smaller offices clumped together into a larger common space. We shared a lot of stories and we discussed our students, shared lessons commented on each guaranteed other's strategies and sought advice on marking. Extraordinarily, the most shared stories were about emails. Yes, no, i need help, laughter complete with uncontrollable snorts, disbelief, frustration, screeches, squeals and complete bewilderment were all suitable responses to emails from students. It was not uncommon to see four professors all with Master's degrees in communications circled around a computer reading an email aloud, all four completely incapable of interpretation. It was also equally common to walk into class and have a handful of students questioning my lack of response to an email.

writing to a professor

Writing History: a professor's Life: Michael Bliss

In 2007, i had the good fortune to meet Professor hu in person, for the first time in 30 years, during an event at the uc berkeley campus. I chatted briefly with him and his wife, margaret, about the old days, and i asked business about his two sons. You can read about his older son at raymond's Website. In 2011, i had another opportunity to see professor. He came to visit the company where i work to give a technical presentation about the latest developments in integrated circuit technology, including the finfet transistor, which he helped to invent and name. I showed him a sample of my technical writing work that was related to his presentation topic. I explained that while doing research for this project, i came across his name in the literature!

This helps me to better achieve the second goal - to impart knowledge. A teacher must first of all protect the flickers of curiosity, enthusiasm, and inventiveness. Never smother them in the eagerness to teach or to impress. Most students should always be challenged but never frustrated. I apply these same principles to tutoring of my teenage son at home - with greater difficulty. Professor hu's essay goes on further to describe his teaching methods and philosophy. A summarized version is available at the distinguished teaching at Berkeley web site.

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writing to a professor

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I am enclosing a photo of my family. Sincerely, chenming hu, professor. Professor hu received the writing berkeley distinguished teaching Award in 1997. His essay began as follows: Statement of teaching Philosophy - chenming. Last month, i received a letter from a sender whose name i did not recognize. Inside was a two page typed letter with a photo of a middle-aged couple and their young daughter.

The letter said, "I was a student in an undergraduate class you taught about 20 years ago. I am writing to say "thank you" - better late than never!" he recounted an incident "Later, when I was feeling better, i went to you for help on a problem during your office hours. You remembered that I didn't seem well in class and expressed your concern for my well-being. I was surprised that you noticed my condition in the classroom." Once again I was reminded of the generous long-term dividends we teachers receive and paused to reflect upon my teaching philosophies then and now. I have always believed that respect for and sincerity to students are the first rule of teaching and that this attitude goes a long way towards effective teaching. The student feedback that delights me most is "He cares." In teaching, my first goal is to motivate, reassure, and confirm.

Later, i went to see him during his office hours to ask about a homework problem. The first thing he said was, "Are you all right? You didn't look well in class yesterday.". I was surprised that he had noticed my condition. Twenty years later, Professor hu was pleased to hear this story and was moved to write a kind letter in response, which you can read below. Dear Gray: It was an unexpected and extraordinary pleasure to receive your letter and the photo of your family.

I'm sorry to admit that you don't look more familiar to me than your daughter. Perhaps it is just the power of suggestion; after reading your letter, i did recover some memory of the incident that you described. Thank you for telling me the fascinating career path that you have followed. dog daze " and claim Jumper wow! Shortly before receiving your letter, i was notified I was selected as a finalist for a 1996 Distinguished teaching Award of uc berkeley and that I should write a statement of teaching philosophy for the final selection process. I wrote the statement today and used your letter for the opening paragraph. A copy of the statement is enclosed. I hope you don't mind my characterization of your age - i can use the suggestion from a professional writer for an alternative adjective. Thank you very much for your letter.

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He or she would appreciate hearing from you. Nearly 20 years after my graduation, i wrote to a favorite college professor, Chenming hu, to thank him for his excellent teaching and the lasting year inspiration that he gave. I told him about my computer games, my career, my family, and. But what did he most enjoy hearing about? I recalled an incident from my days as his student. Back in college, i had dental surgery to remove two wisdom teeth. Even though I was still in pain from the procedure, i went to Professor hu's class because i didn't want to miss.

writing to a professor

A: I'm going to apply to nyu and ucla. B: That's wonderful, but what do you need from me? A: I need you to write a couple of letters of reference for. A: Yes, that's. B: That shouldn't be a problem. A: Thank you so much. B: I'll have them ready vegetables for you tomorrow. Thank you to, professor Chenming hu, did some teacher influence or inspire you in a positive way?

them up from me tomorrow. 3, a: do you think that you can help me? B: What can I do for you? A: I'm going to be transferring schools soon. Where do you want to transfer to?

B: I can do that for you. A: you're a lifesaver. B: They'll be ready tomorrow. 2, a: I need your paper help. B: What do you need me to do for you? A: I want to transfer pretty soon. A: I'm applying to both nyu and ucla. B: What do you need me to help you with?

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Asking a professor to Write a reference letter 1, a: book Can you help me with something, sir? B: What do you need? A: Well, i was planning on transferring soon. B: Where are you going to transfer? A: I want to transfer either to nyu or ucla. B: I'm glad to hear that, but what can I do for you? A: I was wondering if you could write a couple of reference letters for. B: Is that all? A: That's all I need from you.

Writing to a professor
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  1. One of Canada's best-known and most-honoured biographers turns to the raw material. Generalized from an email to a ucsc professor. I am a (year, major) at (university) and i am writing to ask about opportunities for undergraduate. When writing letter to an academic professor (not necessarily from student to professor what. Is it a faux pas to offer a favor to a professor who. Dont for instance, while writing to a professor, dont write unnecessary things like: This is Charlotte lucas).

  2. Professor, write the best Letter of Recommendation Possible Written materials that a professor will need in order to write. Asking a, professor to, write a, reference letter. Students sometimes worry that showing up to office hours or sending an email is irritating to a professor. Most professors write on the syllabus and/or.effort to ensure the writing you're sending to an academic representative is correct, it doesn't inspire a professor to take the time to write back. Writing History: a professor 's Life.

  3. If I were writing to a professor, whether in an email or a letter, i would always address him/her as ". Professor, smith not "Prof. How to, write a, thank-you letter or Note to your. When you write to your professor, be honest and sincere. Checklist for Helping your.

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