The end of poverty movie summary

the end of poverty movie summary

Summary : The End of poverty: review and Analysis

The Emperor's is 62/18 times higher. The bays are all set back into a rectangular notch, which itself is within a deep notch in the hull of the station. Neglecting the displacement of the hangars away from camera, this image shows that the inner and outer notches are respectively 260/18 and 501/18 times the height of Vader's hangar, or approxoimately.92km and.8km. The outer notch cannot be higher than the total height of the equatorial trench. If it were itself the equatorial trench then the entire battle station would have a diameter of about 270km. This is only a lower limit on the size of the death Star ii, because the outer notch is not necessarily the whole trench. Comparing this figure with the result from astrophysical considerations and Richard Edlund's statement in cinefex, the outermost visible notch turns out to be a third of the height of the equatorial trench, or less. The top-left corner of one matte painting shows what may be part of the next higher level of notch.

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(For further information refer to the Executor commentary.) Executor 's dive to doom. Topps widevision; movie screenshots waistband trench DS2 The equatorial "waistband" trench of the death Star ii can be compared to the diameter of the whole battle station in photographs taken from astronomical distances. The local area around the docking bays used by the Emperor and Lord Vader can be measured approximately by scaling the shuttle with surrounding features. (The height of a landed shuttle is approximately 23m.) This local area appears to be somewhere inside the waistband trench; which enables us to calculate a lower limit on the size of the death Star. A detailed image of the whole battle station appears in The Art of Star Wars: Episode. In this large scan, the polar diameter is 1682 pixels, the equatorial diameter is 1686 pixels and the height of the equatorial trench is 11 pixels (in the well illuminated region near the middle of the picture). That means that the diameter of the death Star ii is about 1537 times the width of the waistband trench, whatever that may. The height of Lord Vader's hangar can be determined from images taken during luke's escape. In this image the shuttle is about 85 pixels high (extrapolating the additional height of landing gear and the bay aperture is about 244 pixels high. According to published blueprints, the shuttle is about.25m high, and therefore the hangar aperture is 64m high. (Similarly the width of the aperture is approximately 237/42 times the shuttle's closed wingspan, according to this image taken when the shuttle was exactly at the entrance.) Vader's is the smallest hangar in the vicinity.

The full size upon completion might have been twice as voluminous again. Executor crash DS2, we can compare the size. Death Star ii with the lord Vader's flagship, executor which collided disasterously with it at the climax of presentation the battle of Endor. Unfortunately the dimensions of this class of capital ship is itself in dispute, and measurements of the curvature of the death Star horizon during the collision scene are imprecise. The curvature of the horizon is so very slight that it is difficult to wrangle the figures to obtain a death Star diameter of less than a thousand kilometres. Indeed it is fairly easy to derive death Star dimensions which are comparable to those of a habitable planet, even though we know it to be only the size of a moon. This analysis might be more useful for constraining the size of the Executor than the death Star.

the end of poverty movie summary

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Proof in the canon is required. The dimensions of the death Stars aren't precisely stated anywhere in the absolute canon of star wars. Fortunately there are database several indirect lines of evidence which constrain the possible ranges pof the death Stars' sizes. We know that an inexperienced luke skywalker visually mistook the first operational battle station as a "small moon". Obi-wan Kenobi and Han Solo implicitly conceded that it was as big as a moon and bigger than conventional space stations. Moons in our solar system generally range from hundreds of kilometres to a few thousand kilometres in diameter. The return of the jedi novelisation states that the second death Star was "twice the size" of the first (however big that is but it is unclear whether this means twice the diameter, twice the area or twice the volume. It is also unclear whether the statement refers to the half-built condition of the station during the battle of Endor, or the size that unfulfilled final construction would have london been.

The Illustrated star wars universe. Darksabre, this vessel was a death Star stripped down to its fundamentals: the main reactor and superlaser shaft. Its construction was commissioned eight years after the battle of Endor by durga the hutt, who retained the services of the chief designer of the original death Star, engineering genius. Bevel, lemelisk, sw tales 4, darksaber. Lemelisk had serious doubts about the quality of workmanship exhibited by the hutt's construction crew. He escaped scant seconds before the destruction of his latest brain-child, and was taken into the custody of the new Republic. Dimensions, most second-generation merchandise (including rpg references, star wars screen Entertainment software, etc. ) claims that the two operational battle stations were only 120km and 160km in diameter, but they cite no empirical evidence and these numbers could well have been arbitrarily plucked out of vacuum.

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the end of poverty movie summary

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Although the prime weapon resembles that of the death Star, the reference to "ionic eye" might possibly imply a planetary-scale ion cannon rather than a blaster mechanism. Classic Star Wars: a long Time Ago, vol. . Death Star ii, constructed in secrecy in orbit around the remote forest moon of Endor, this battle station, commanded by moff Jerjerrod, was only a piece in Emperor Palpatine's grand deception and manipulation of the rebel Alliance. The rebel fleet was trapped hopelessly between the death Star's security deflector shield and a star destroyer fleet, until the assistence of Endor's natives enabled a rebel commando team to lower the shields. A concentrated rebel starfighter attack on the main reactor subsequently destroyed the vulnerable battle station while it rotated with the intention of retributively destroying the sanctuary moon.

Coruscant death Stars, part incomplete twin death Stars were under construction in orbit around Imperial Centre at approximately the time of the battle of Endor. Unfortuantely, it seems as if neither was ever completed far enough to be useful. It is unknown whether the rebel Alliance was aware of the existence of these nascent battle stations when the attack on the Endor facility was planned. The rebels probably would not have had the audacity to assault the heavily fortifed Coruscant shipyards, even if they knew about these ominous constructions. As bait, these stations would be useless to the Emperor, and he would find little value in allowing the existence of these stations to be leaked to rebel spies, as he did for the Endor project. In any case they seem to have been abandoned and dismantled within months of the Emperor's fall.

The philosophy behind the death Star depended on the intimidated worlds thinking in isolation, not daring to devise any cooperative or rational attack. Unfortunately for the galactic Empire, rebel forces were able to do precisely this once they obtained detailed technical schematics. Catalogue of known death Stars, great weapon. During the Clone wars, the confederacy of Independent Systems secretly developed and began construction of their, great weapon : apparently a moon-sized battle station with a superlaser dish superficially similar to the later death Star. At some point this unfinished object was captured by the galactic Empire and inspected by the Emperor, lord Vader and Moff Tarkin. Revenge of the sith, reversal of Fortune.

Death Star Prototype, at least one prototype death Star was constructed at the secret weapons research facility within the perilous Maw black hole cluster near the kessel system. Consisting of little more than an exposed frame with reactors, superlaser and propulsion systems, this prototype death Star was never intended for active or sustained deployment. Facing attack by a new Republic task force seven years after the battle of Endor, the staff of the maw facility took the prototype and fled into the outside galaxy, with disasterous results. Death Star i, constructed under conditions of strict secrecy, the first fully operational death Star was commanded by Grand Moff Tarkin, the original sponsor and champion of the death Star project. This battle station successfully destroyed the rebellious Core world of Alderaan but was itself obliterated by chain-reaction explosions ignited by a starfighter-launched proton torpedo just as the station prepared to target the main rebel base on yavin. The tarkin, this minimalist superlaser weapon was constructed on Lord Vader's orders shortly after the battle of Hoth. Assembled in over the garrison planet Hockaleg in the patriim system, this project was not quite as secure and secret as the fully-fledged. Death Star ii later built at Endor. The, tarkin dispensed with most of a death Star's bulk, but had enhanced propulsion and defensive shields.

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Nevertheless the death Stars were probably the most impressive artificial weapons book of the modern era until they were superseded by the experimental supernova-inducing. Suncrusher device of the maw research facility. Jedi search, the death Star also had a practical advantage over the arcane sith power: it was purely technological and therefore it did not rely upon the cooperation of gifted Force-sensitive individuals. The primary mission of the death Star was more concerned with the threat of force, rather than its exertion. This was to be an integral part of the doctrine of rule through fear, an idea whose chief author and proponent was none other than Grand Moff Tarkin, the regional governor who instigated the death Star project. Planetary populations were supposed to be cowed by the mere existence of this immense capability. It is possible that only a small number of planets would need to be demonstratively first demolished before terror inspired complete civil obdience throughout the galaxy.

the end of poverty movie summary

He sets up a free clinic to serve the third poor, and though reluctant at first, he decides to stay with the people." 5 References edit External links edit retrieved from " ". The United Nations, environment Assembly (unea to be held in Kenya next March, offers an opportunity for each country to present honest data and propose innovative solutions for environmental challenges, especially for sustainable consumption and production, the Assemblys President has told. Star wars: death Stars, the death Stars are the greatest technological wonders of the star wars galaxy. This page is examines their dimensions, structure, function and capabilities. It is a synthesis and conciliation of existing knowledge and also uses numerous illustrations and calculations to explore previously unknown aspects of the death Star space stations. Description, death Stars were probably the most remarkable technological product of the galactic Empire, a brutal and awesome culmination of the engineering and science of a galaxy-spanning civilisation which was tens of thousands of years old. In ancient times powerful members of the sith order were able to wield the dark side of the force to accomplish the destruction of entire suns, hence lord Vader's caution that "the ability to destroy a planet is insignificant next to the power of the.

friends by a strong-willed Irish woman (. Pauline collins who runs the local clinic. Eventually, max begins to fit in with his fellow slum-dwellers and become more optimistic. There are many around him whose lives are much worse, but they look on each day with a hope that gives new strength to the depressed doctor. Reception edit, by contrast to some of Joffe's previous successes (. The killing fields the film was not a box office success, even on its modest budget; 1, according to the Internet movie database and, box Office mojo, the film grossed.7 million in the United States. 2 3 Critically, the film received mixed reviews, with a 53 'rotten' rating on review aggregate rotten Tomatoes. 4 In 2003, hernán Vera and Andrew. Gordon argued that the movie used the White savior narrative, summarizing it as " A white American doctor (played by patrick Swayze ) travels to India to find enlightenment.

Calcutta with his wife kamla shabana azmi ) and three children in search of a better life. The pals do not get off to a very good start: They are cheated out of their rent money and thrown out on the streets, and it's difficult for Hasari to find a job to support them. But the determined family refuses to give up and eventually finds its place in the poverty-stricken city. Meanwhile, on the other end of Calcutta, max Lowe (. Patrick Swayze a doctor disillusioned by an easy job in a houston hospital, has arrived in search of spiritual enlightenment after the loss of a patient there. However, he encounters misfortune as soon as he arrives. After being tricked by a young prostitute, he is roughed up by thugs and left bleeding in the street without his documents and valuable possessions. Hasari comes to max's aid and takes the injured doctor to the "City of joy a slum area populated with lepers and poor people that becomes the pals' new home and the American's home away from home.

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From wikipedia, the gender free encyclopedia, jump to navigation, jump to search. City of joy is a 1992 French-British drama film directed by, roland Joffé, with a screenplay by, mark medoff. It is based upon the novel of the same name. Dominique lapierre, which looks at poverty in then-modern India, specifically life in the slums. The film stars, patrick Swayze, om Puri and, shabana azmi. Contents, hasari pal (. Om Puri ) is a rural farmer who moves.

The end of poverty movie summary
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  4. City of joy is a 1992 French-British drama film directed by roland Joffé, with a screenplay by mark is based upon the novel of the same name by dominique lapierre, which looks at poverty in then-modern India, specifically life in the slums. Energy and the human journey: Where we have been; Where we can. Version.2, published may 2015. Version.0 published September 2014.

  5. In-depth, chapter-by-chapter summary of The 4-hour Workweek by tim Ferriss. Thanks Hugo for the feedback and thanks for pointing out how the Swaggart Bible changes the heading from qaulificatoins to qualities. How to Attain Salvation, and learn God's Word. The death Stars are the greatest technological wonders of the star wars galaxy. This page is examines their dimensions, structure, function and capabilities.

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