Risk management assignment pdf

risk management assignment pdf

Risk management Principles and

Flood risk management or business continuity management, an exploration of the role of social media in emergency management, or an examination of human behaviour during emergencies. Before you can be admitted to this course you need to have a secondary school certificate and a minimum of two years of higher education in a similar field of expertise. The programme is open for students from Erasmus partner universities and other Non-eu partners of the School of governance, law and Urban development. The semester is taught in English. Applicants need an ielts academic level of 6,0 or higher. Please check the general entry requirements, including other accepted languages tests and proofs. This semester should not be regarded as training for operational emergency activities. We do not train you how to fight a fire or how to carry out first aid.

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Subsequently, response compromises all activities to fight an emergency immediately before (during an imminent threat) or directly after an emergency has taken place, to save lives or to minimize damage to property or reputation and to enhance the effectiveness of recovery. Recovery compromises all measures that are required to return to a normal situation. In this semester, we mainly focus on the preparation phase, including planning and training and on the response phase. These phases are discussed from different perspectives including: dissertation a legal perspective, focussing on the legal requirements an organizational perspective, focusing on the way emergency response activities can be organized a strategic perspective, focusing on the strategic choices that should be made during emergency preparation and. The semester risk and emergency management is divided into two parts (terms). The first term focuses on emergency management in the public sector, the second term on emergency management in the private sector. The first term includes courses on international crisis and emergency management, crisis and emergency management in het Netherlands and risk and crisis communication. The second term includes courses on business continuity management, security and ethics and crisis management in private organizations. As part of the programme you will be working on an individual assignment on an emergency management topic of your own choice. This will enhance your skills in analysing and solving problems in the field of emergency management. Assignments should focus on emergency management topics and may, amongst others, concern a comparative study of emergency management practices.

Wbs and Estimating, use of wbs in the estimating process. Components and work packages, sizing and algorithmic estimates, estimating types and usages. Wbs and Scheduling, component Scheduling high-level milestones, dependencies between work packages. Mandatory (Hard discretionary (Soft) External Work package level schedules wbs and Execution and Control Responsibility Assignment Matrix (RAM) chart used to clarify work package responsibilities Earned Value management and tracking of work performance Progress reports, forecasts and corrective and preventive actions used to manage work. Risk and emergency management activities are often divided into four categories: mitigation, preparation, response and recovery. Mitigation activities can take place both during the recovery from a disaster and as a pre-event activity to minimise the disaster impact in the event of a disaster, including prevention activities to prevent unsafe situation. Preparation can be described as those activities and measures taken in advance to ensure an effective response, such as the enhancement of emergency capacities through the development of a contingency plan or business continuity plan or through the training of response activities.

risk management assignment pdf

Risk assessment and risk

Overall structure, terminology, other breakdown structures, wBS tools. Wbs and Requirements, project scope management processes, specify the project objectives. Wbs design based on project deliverable. Wbs decomposition process, the 100 rule, the wbs and activity definition. Wbs and Risk, using risk identification to enhance the wbs. Risk at the project or overall requirements level. Risk breakdown structure or taxonomies, risk management plan risk components and work packages.

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risk management assignment pdf

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Further, it makes it impossible to see the big picture - at levels of detail - in keeping with the needs of sponsors, clients, project and functional managers, team leaders and project performers. Join us for this exciting course and learn how to use the wbs designer to make better-informed business decisions. Who Should Attend, you should attend this workshop if you manage single and/or multiple projects within your organization. Members of the Project Management Office, project and resource managers, team leaders and executives will benefit from the program. The goal of the course is engineering to equip you with the necessary knowledge, skills and techniques so that you can develop an effective wbs for use in planning, executing and controlling your next project and to provide the basic tools to enhance efficient re-use. What you will learn, you will learn how to: Describe the need for a project wbs. Construct a wbs, determine the appropriate level of detail in the wbs.

Describe the wbs role in the project. Gain practical experience in the development, decomposition and use of the wbs. Know how the wbs supports and integrates with project requirements, risk, procurement, estimating, scheduling, and overall project execution. Course overview, getting Started, introductions, course Structure, course goals and objective. Introduction, key definitions, history of the wbs, importance of the wbs.

Determination of the grades the grades are determined by the lecturer as communicated via toledo and stated in the examination schedule. The result is calculated and communicated as a whole number on a scale. The final grade is a weighted score and consists of: the final exam counts for 80 of the final grade, and the assignment counts for 20 of the final grade. If the student does not participate in one (or more) of the partial evaluations, the grades for these partial evaluations will be a 0-grade within the calculations of the final grade. If the set deadline and/or modalities of the assignment are not respected, the grade for that respective part will be a 0-grade in the final grade, unless the student asked the lecturer to arrange a new deadline/modified modalities.

This request needs to be motivated by grave circumstances 2nd exam opportunity the features of the evaluation and/or the determination of grades differ between the first and the second examination opportunity: at the second opportunity, assignments are no longer part of the evaluation. See 'explanation' for further information regarding the second examination opportunity. About the Program, its amazing how often project managers begin the project planning process by making an outlined list of every task they believe will be required to complete a project and then proclaim they have created the work Breakdown Structure (WBS) for the project. The result is a list of hundreds, or even thousands of tasks, many of them having durations of a few days or a few hours. Essentially, what they have done is create a to do list, which they then use as a checklist to measure progress. This approach leads to, and even encourages, micromanagement of the resources working on the project without consideration of more critical aspects of project management such as requirements management, risk management, procurement management, estimating, scheduling, executing and controlling.

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Type : Partial or continuous assessment with (final) exam during the examination period. Description of online evaluation : Written, paper/Project. Type of daddy questions : Open questions. Learning material : Calculator features of the evaluation the evaluation consists of a final exam and an assignment. The final exam is a written, closed book exam with open questions. Students can use a calculator. De assignment consists of a practical application of portfolio management. The modalities and deadline of the assignment are announced via toledo.

risk management assignment pdf

The course also offers a number of end-of-chapter exercises where students can practice their knowledge and understanding of the assignment material discussed in class. On Toledo, a discussion forum is opened where students can discuss the solutions to these exercises and the lecture material. This discussion is monitored by the lecturer. Throughout the course Excel is used to implement the risk measurement tools widely used in financial institutions. An assignment (part of the formal evaluation) further trains students on their skills to implement risk management theory for specific cases. . The modalities of the assignment and deadlines are communicated via toledo. Evaluation, evaluation: Risk management in Financial Institutions (b-kul-d2R09a).

risk management. Part 2: Risk measurement, tools for measuring risks, volatility and comovement. Value-at-Risk and Expected Shortfall, part 3: measuring market risk, market risk. Market Value-at-Risk, part 4: measuring credit risk, credit risk. Credit Value-at-Risk, part 5: Risk management in practice. Stress testing and scenario analysis, regulation, hull,., 2012, risk management and Financial Institutions,3th., Wiley finance. Toledo is being used for this learning activity. Students are expected to follow the weekly classes.

Compute the shredder risk in a portfolio with different risk measurement tools, with a focus on Value-at-Risk (VaR). Compare and evaluate different risk measurement methods. Use excel to implement risk management solutions. At the beginning of this course, students have a basic knowledge of statistics, econometrics and financial products. Expand collapse, activities 6 ects. Risk management in Financial Institutions (b-kul-d0R09a) 6 ects, englishFormat: Lecture 39, second term, poc masters feb campus leuven, this course explains the ways in which risks are quantified and managed by financial institutions. The course first gives a typology of risk and explains the different risks a financial institution is exposed. . Once the risks are identified, we quantify these risks. To this end, we review the statistical tools used in a risk management context and implement different risk measures.

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All programmes risk management in Financial Institutions. Risk management in Financial Institutions (b-kul-d0R09A) 6 ects, english 39, second term, cannot be taken as part of an examination contract. Poc masters feb campus leuven, this course aims at developing a thorough understanding of risk management for a financial institution. The focus of this course is on the theoretical foundations of risk measurement, its empirical evidence and practical relevance. . Upon completion of this course, the student is able to: Identify the different risks daddy a financial institution is exposed to and link to the regulatory framework. Explain and calculate the drivers of the different risks. Apply statistical tools needed to measure risk.

Risk management assignment pdf
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  3. Assignment : 30 Project: 40 Oral Presentation or Mid Term Test: 30 General course Information. Risk analysis is prevalent in most technical and business aspects of economic activity. Subrogation: The assignment to an insurer by terms of the policy or by law, after payment of a loss, of the rights of the insured to recover the amount.

  4. Risk management plan risk components and work packages. An assignment (part of the formal evaluation) further trains students on their skills to implement risk management theory for specific cases. The modalities of the assignment and deadlines are communicated via toledo. A solutions manual for students provides solutions to the book s Practice Exercises; an instructor s manual offers solutions to the. Assignment, exercises as well as other materials.

  5. As part of the programme you will be working on an individual assignment on an emergency management topic of your own choice. Insurance provides significant risk management to a broad public, and is an essential tool for promoting human welfare. PowerPoint slides from screen Lecture. Provider in Relationship assignment provider the service quality and the customer loyalty in Retail Banking Sector in the. Who assignment provider A 2012 Services Professional leadership read The attached carefully. Assignment, matrix (RAM) chart used to clarify work package responsibilities.

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