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rewrite in own words

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Keynes continued, The spectacle of modern investment markets has sometimes moved me towards the conclusion that to make the purchase of an investment permanent and indissoluble like marriage, except by reason of death or other grave cause, might be a useful remedy for our contemporary. For this would force the investor to direct his mind to the long-term prospects and to those only. Warren Buffett has proven that this is actually a very good strategy. Yet our policies dont favor the kind of value investing that Buffett practices. A financial transactions tax calibrated to eliminate all the benefits of front-running and other forms of high-speed market manipulation would be a good place to start, but we could go much further in taxing financial speculation while rewarding productive investment with lower rates. Larry fink, the ceo of BlackRock, suggests that at a minimum, long-term capital gains treatment should begin at three years rather than one, with a declining rate for each additional year that an asset is held.

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Why do we treat purely financial essay investments as equivalent to real business investment? Only around 15 of the money flowing from financial institutions actually makes its way into business investment, says Rana foroohar. The rest gets moved around a closed financial loop, via the buying and selling of existing assets, like real estate, stocks, and bonds. There is some need for liquidity in the system, but 85? As well see in the next chapter, this great money river is accessible only to a small part of our population, and relentlessly directs capital away from the real economy. Why do productive and nonproductive investments get the same capital gains treatment? Holding a stock for a year is not the same as working for decades to create the company that it represents a share of, or investing in a new company with no certainty of return. John maynard keynes recognized this problem eighty years ago during the depths of the Great Depression that followed the speculative excesses of the 1920s, writing in his General Theory of Employment, Interest, and Money: Speculators may do no harm as bubbles on a steady stream. But the position is serious when enterprise becomes the bubble on a whirlpool of speculation. When the capital development of a country becomes a by-product of the activities of a casino, the job is likely to be ill-done.

Once weve pushed the overton Window wide open, we can start working toward more desirable futures, in which machines dont replace humans, but allow us to build a next economy that will elicit the wtf? Of astonishment rather than the wtf? Asking the right questions. Im not an economist, lined a politician, or a financier equipped with quick answers as to why things can or cant change. Im a technologist and an entrepreneur who is used to noticing discrepancies between the way things are and the way they could be, and asking questions whose answers might point the way to better futures. Why do we have lower taxes on capital when it is so abundant that much of it is sitting on the sidelines rather than being put to work in our economy? Why do we tax labor income more highly when one of the problems in our economy is lack of aggregate consumer demand because ordinary people dont have money in their pockets? When economists like former Treasury secretary larry summers talk about secular stagnation, this is what they are referring. The main constraint on the industrial worlds economy today is on the demand, rather than the supply, side, summers wrote.

rewrite in own words

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Right now, the economic game is enormously fun for far too few players, and an increasingly miserable experience for many others. As the incomes of ordinary consumers stagnated, companies kicked the can down the road a few decades by encouraging them to pay for goods on credit, but that short-term strategy is crashing down. In The marriage of heaven and Hell, written during the most hellish days of the first industrial revolution, the poet William Blake issued what might well be a rule as certain as those issued by any economist: The Prolific would cease to be Prolific unless. We can wait for the push and pull of the many players in the game to work things out, or we can try out different strategies for getting to optimal outcomes more quickly. As Joseph Stiglitz so powerfully reminded us in his book of that name, we can rewrite the rules. The barriers to fresh thinking are even higher in politics than in business. The overton Window, a term introduced by joseph. Overton of the mackinac Center for Public Policy, says that an ideas political viability depends mainly on whether it falls within the window framing a range of policies considered politically acceptable in the current climate of public opinion. There are ideas that a politician simply cannot recommend without being considered too extreme to gain or keep public office.

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rewrite in own words

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Right now were at an inflection point, where many rules are being profoundly rewritten. Much as happened during the industrial revolution, new technology is proposal rendering obsolete whole classes of employment while making untold new wonders possible. It is making some people very rich, and others much poorer. Get evonomics in your inbox, i am confident that the invisible hand can do its work. But not without a lot of struggle.

The political convulsions weve seen in the United Kingdom and in the United States are a testament to the difficulties we face. We are heading into a very risky time. Rising global inequality is triggering a political backlash that could lead to profound destabilization of both society and the economy. The problem is that in our free market economy, we found a way to make society as a whole far richer, but the benefits are unevenly distributed. Some people are far better off, while others are worse off. Many discussions of our technological future assume that the fruits of productivity will be distributed fairly and to the satisfaction of all. That is clearly not the case.

But you can always use manual paraphrasing services. . They are professional writers who are experts in paraphrasing and summarizing documents. Rephraser makes sure that all the writing is unique to the topic. Choose our services for all orders containing  reword my paper or paraphrasing for me request and youll receive: Contextual rewriting; Additional references; Free proofreading; 100 original. Reliable paraphrasing Site for everyone The topic is not a problem when you come to us for assistance using a rewording tool. In addition to being experienced writers, our team at t includes specialists in all disciplines.

In this way, technical language wont be an issue for using a sentence rewording tool. Utilize the best rewording tool available. Place your order today for manual rewording of any document! By, tim oreilly, future economic historians may look back wryly at this period when we worshipped the divine right of capital while looking down on our ancestors who believed in the divine right of kings. Business leaders making decisions to outsource jobs to low-wage countries or to replace workers with machines, or politicians who insist that it is the market that makes them unable to require companies to pay a living wage, rely on the defense that they are only. But the things economists study are not natural phenomena like the laws of motion uncovered by kepler and Newton.

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Approaches content from an active voice. Flat tone or passive voice. Single word, precise and concise writing. Wordy and verbose phrases. To achieve excellent rewording content anytime involves us presenting the sentence in your own words making it come out as original content. The best way to use a rewording tool in the manner that we work when we receive an order is to rewrite the sentence in your own words. This shows that you understand the meaning of the sentence and possibly you may not have to do any other work with a reword tool. When we do this essay and check it with the plagiarism checking software it may be completely original. Then the next step is to make sure that it reads well with the rest of the document.

rewrite in own words

Represents ideas in the writers voice without losing the line of thought. Replaces existing words with new ones only. Could be shorter than the original. Maintains the same content except thesis for the keywords changed. Makes the work entirely different except got central theme. Only changes the keywords and phrases. Simplifies a content making it more readable. Churns and re-arrange words.

a rewording sentences tool because anything more than this amount will show up as copy and paste with our plagiarism checker. Good bad Rewording, rewording involves the process of changing specific words, phrases or sentence in a paragraph to help make it unique and avoid cases of plagiarism. Reword helps retain the original thought without losing the spice of steam in the work. . Reword is more of a skill than just the act of changing words here and there. It involves more than using rewording software online and requires manual input to achieve the best. Rewording tools can change specific words in a sentence but cannot effectively use appropriate sentence style, structure or word choice to accentuate the page or content. Here is how a good versus bad rewording should look: good Rewording, bad Rewording. Presenting the ideas using different words or phrases.

Period G by meredith, us constitution by jonathan, most Common Crossword Answers by jonathan build 1470. Rewording a document is more than simply googling reword this and changing the words in a sentence. With our rewording tool, you will have the benefit of experienced writers that are able to first ensure you to use the correct words and phrases to convey your message. Even if you use a software program as a sentence rewording tool there is a lot of manual work involved to obtain the perfect result apart from using a word rearranger. It is not just the sentence you have to consider, but rather you must consider the main ideas and the style of writing in the full document when using a reword tool. This is why you should always avail of those skills during the use of a rewording sentences tool such as one as we provide at our paraphrase website. Share this: read before you use a rewording tool. When you take a sentence out of a paragraph and use a word changer it may stand out from the rest of the sentences when you will be trying to make it fit using a rewording tool on its own.

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Wordle is a toy for generating word clouds from text that you provide. The clouds give plan greater prominence to words that appear more frequently in the source text. You can tweak your clouds with different fonts, layouts, and color schemes. The images you create with Wordle are yours to use however you like. You can print them out, or save them to your own desktop to use as you wish. View some examples created by others. English notebook cover by Ace Acedemic!

Rewrite in own words
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Excellent article on writing horror, but also on writing in general. A tour of national baseball publications will tell you that many have an optimistic outlook on the Brewers playoff chances this year, though not as a division winner.

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  2. Here it focuses on the thesis statement and general statements of the introduction. Christina (C.A.) Larmer is the author of 12 books, including three in the Amazon best-selling Agatha Christie book club series and six Ghostwriter Mysteries starring Aussie-based amateur sleuth Roxy parker. These symptoms vary over the various stages of grief, and you should be aware of them. Penultimate features a distraction-free interface that makes it easy to quickly and easily take down notes without accidentally changing settings or navigating away from the writing interface. Last week the author of The little Black book of leadership, todd Dewett. Book review bridget jones diary essay uk free essay.

  3. Article Spinning, text Rewriting, content Creation tool. Spinbot is a free, automatic article spinner that will rewrite human readable text into additional, readable text. This site includes a history of Iraq and terrorism, historical information about weapons of mass destruction, and relevant"s from democrats. Paraphrasing tool generates 100 unique content instantly. This paraphrase tool multi lingual makes plagiarism free text. Business Tim oreilly: Its Time to rewrite the rules of Our Economy The economic game is enormously fun for far too few players, and an increasingly miserable experience for many others.

  4. 19,000 worksheets, make your own worksheets and awards, games, and software. To achieve excellent rewording content anytime involves us presenting the sentence in your own words making it come out as original content. The best way to use a rewording tool in the manner that we work when we receive an order is to rewrite the sentence in your own words. Wordle is a toy for generating word clouds from text that you provide. The clouds give greater prominence to words that appear more frequently in the source text. You should try to follow every guideline set up by your company but sometimes you may have to bend them a bit.

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