Qualities of a good father essay

qualities of a good father essay

The, qualities of a good, leader!

Insulted by the false remark of trying to make money, teiresias tells Creon of the dangerous future ahead revolving Creon. Creon not only thinks he is the perfect ruler, but also stubbornly refuses to listen to others and believes what he thinks is correct, even without basis or proof. Creon is a very authoritative person and demands control of others. When talking to the Chorus, Creon does not ask them to abide by the decree but demands that they follow. That you should not side with those who disagree (p.169. Creon expects loyalty from others.

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Yet Creon still accuses the level sentry of receiving money for the act and threatens to punish him. That will teach you in the days to come from what you may draw profit ill-gotten gains ruin more than they save (p.172-173.342-346). Creon does not think logically that the sentry would not turn himself in for such an impious act. Consequently, the Chorus suggests that the act may have been committed by god. Creon stops this nonsense conversation immediately and rebukes that zeus and the gods would not honor criminals. Creon seems to believe he knows everything and stubbornly refuses to listen to others. He goes as far as not believing his son, haemon, when haemon informs his father of the reputation he has created to the citizens. Creon believes that It seems this boy (Haemon) is on the woman s side (Antigone) (p.190. Creon refuses to believe what haemon says and attacks haemon for siding with Antigone. Creon s stubbornness brings about his own downfall when he chooses not to believe teiresias, for the blind prophet. Instead, Creon falsely accuses teiresias of making profit from silver-gold (p.200.1096).

He further continues by stating I will make her greater still (p.168.210). In this last" Creon declares that he will improve the city (she) by his rulings. Creon describes how his qualities make him a good ruler and how he would act in yardage different situations. Furthermore, creon views himself a good leader because he believes he has the best attributes and no one can compare to him. Creon shows his over-confidence when he boasts of his role as the perfect ruler of Thebes. In addition, Creon believes he is always correct in his judgments and his beliefs. Before the sentry even explains the event that has occurred, the sentry states that he is only a messenger and that he has not committed the act.

qualities of a good father essay

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Antigone, the qualities Of Creon plan Essay, research Paper. The qualities of creon, as readers, we have to make judgments and interpretations of different characters. In the book, antigone, translated by david Greene, there is a character by the name. While reading Antigone, some important descriptions about Creon become apparent. He views himself as the perfect leader, believes he is always correct, and wants control over people. Creon believes he is the only perfect ruler for Thebes. He believes that he can create a better city with his presence: I would not be silent if I saw ruin, (p.168.203-204). I would not count any enemy of my country as a friend- (p.168.205-206).

In condemning a person to death, for example, a judge might cause the relatives of the condemned man to nurse feelings of revenge against him. The life of the judge is thus exposed to danger, sometimes even after his retirement from judicial service. Therefore, a good judge is also a man of courage, who is incorruptible and prepared to accept the consequences of his decisions. A pusillanimous and corruptible judge is no bulwark of justice. A good judge is, however, not destitute of sympathy. He considers the feelings of all parties with sympathy and understanding. His knowledge of the law and human affairs is so extensive that he experiences little difficulty in grasping the main issues of the dispute quickly. His insight into human nature enables him to detect the criminal almost immediately; yet he is prepared, at times to set the accused free if the charge against him is not framed properly by the police. This proves his impartiality, an attribute that inspires the confidence of the citizens in his ability and sense of ese arguments point to the conclusion that a good judge is a person of many qualities.

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qualities of a good father essay

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In conclusion, it has been shown that Hamlet has displayed different qualities with different characters. I feel there seems to be one common quality which was revealed with each character encounterment? Hamlet seems to respect his family and friends through the thick and thin of things because he knows them for who they are and he knows that mistakes can be made. Most importantly, hamlet feels it necessary to respect the people he is close to in following the choice question of to be or Not. Without character qualities to boost Hamlets character, hamlet would drown in the sea of Shakespears many characters and would eventually become not. Words and phrases make qualities and qualities are what make great characters! The judiciary, especially in a democratic state, is well known for its impartiality.

In numerous cases it has taken decisions even against the state for the achievement of the ends of justice. This impartiality of the judicial system in a democratic state can be attributed to the good qualities of judges who have always asserted their independence from executive e qualities of a good judge include patience, wisdom, courage, firmness, alertness, incorruptibility and the gifts of sympathy. In a democracy, a judge is accorded great respect by the state as well as its citizens. He is not only permitted to assert his freedom and impartiality but also expected to use all his forensic skill to protect the rights of the individual against arbitrariness. Though such a state of affairs makes it easy for the judge to exercise his functions, he still requires many qualities to perform his duties the execution of his functions, a judge has to exercise patience and alertness so that he can hear all the. An impatient judge can hardly act with reason, however wise he may. Patience and alertness are therefore essential qualities of a good e decisions of a judge sometimes provoke the anger of certain individuals and he becomes book the victim of revenge.

Loyalty, love and respect are the three main qualities which Hamlet reveals, so far, of his fathers ghost. Respect is shown when Hamlet decides to follow his fathers ghost even with the pressure of his friends not to follow(Act 1, Sc 2, L64?88). Even though his father is dead, hamlet still respects him dead or Alive. If his fathers ghost has come back to talk to him, hamlet is going to respect his wishes. Love, which occurs throughout Act 1, Sc 5, is simply the willingness of Hamlet to listen to what his fathers ghost has to say.

Rather than letting the words that the ghost of his father spoke, go in one ear and out the other, hamlet listened carefully and will do anything for him, such as the revenge hamlet seeked throughout the play. This shows love towards his father because hell do anything to honour his father. Third, hamlet reveals probably the best quality of the whole play as for which is loyalty. This loyalty is towards, of course, his deceased father, and it occurs in the vow to seek revenge on his uncle, the murderer of his beloved father(Act 1, Sc 5, L32?34 113?115). Hamlets father wants revenge on his brother and since he cannot do it himself he has asked his son, hamlet, to do it for him. Hamlet agreed to this request and in doing so, he has showed his loyalty to his hero. Hamlets qualities of love and loyalty have shown that the barriers between the living and the dead and indeed be broken with a little spiritual help. It is said that actions speak louder than words but in Hamlets case, words speak louder than actions, for it is the words of hamlet that reflect the qualities bestowed on him.

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In faith of Horatios honesty. The second occurrence of trust takes place at the end of Act 1, Sc 5, L129? After speaking with his fathers ghost, hamlet meets up with Hor book atio again and asks for him to swear to secrecy, as well as to be aware of his plan of revenge. This shows This shows that Hamlet has trust in Horatio, that he need not worry about the news of his fathers ghostly visit in Denmark. A third, less significant quality that Hamlet reveals when speaking with Horatio is sarcasm, which occurs in Act 1, Sc 2, L180?182, when he questions Horatios real reason for visiting his home. When Horatio says that he has come for the funeral of Hamlet., lined hamlet figures that he might really have come to see the wedding of his mother and his uncle. So hamlet slashes out a sarcastic comment, only to be denied by his good and understanding friend, horatio. Possibly, this quickly put together marriage, so soon after the death of his father, has established a bad seed of sarcasm which could be a quality to which Hamlet cannot be blamed for at this time.

qualities of a good father essay

In line 176. Act 1, Sc 2, hamlet states i know you are no truant. This shows that Hamlet knows that Horatio is Well educated and takes note of that and gives him respect. This is respect for Horatios intelligence and decision? Hamlet reveals trust as a quality within his character towards Horatio. This occurs in plan two places; the first is when he believes Horatio when Horatio says that he has seen. Hamlets father in the form of a ghost(Act 1, Sc 2, L193? If horatio were not a good friend, hamlet might be angered because he might think that Horatio was mocking him in his mourning. Since horatio is a good friend, hamlet seeks all the information about his ghost story.

mothers hasty marriage. Hamlet realizes that his mother marrying his uncle can have no good result. Respect is another quality that Hamlet displays in conversation with his mother. This occurs when his mother asks him to remain at home rather than return to school(Act 1, Sc 2, L120?121 which he agrees. This shows that although he disagrees with his mother and her marriage, after such little mourning for her husband, hamlet. S, death, he still respects his mother and will do what she asks. Later in the act, hamlet encounters another character who goes by the name. Horatio is a good friend, as stated in Act 1, Sc 2, L163, and the first quality which Hamlet reveals is his respect for Horatio.

Hamlets most powerful qualities seem to be revealed through his conversation with the people that he cares about, namely his family and friends. The queen, gertrude, is hamlets mother and she is probably the living being that he cares about the most. Unfortunately, one of Hamlets qualities, which is revealed in conversation with his mother, is a negative one and that is anger. His quality is displayed through Hamlets soliloquy in Act 1, Scene 2, lines 131? Hamlet london is angry at his mother for marrying a new husband, his uncle, claudius, so quickly after his fathers death. This anger shines through in such phrases such as Frailty, thy name is woman!(Act 1,Sc 2, L148) and like. Niobe, all tears.(Act 1, Sc 2, L151). At the end of his soliloquy, hamlet switches qualities from one of anger to one of fear. This is evident when.

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Hamlet: a man Of Many qualities Essay, research Paper. Hamlet: a man of Many qualities. Tanya tugwood, hamlet is a man of many different qualities and he reveals only certain qualities to certain people. Hamlet draws his audience, the reader, into noticing the different qualities that he has. His qualities are shown through his conversations with other characters as dates well as through his soliloquies. These words of wisdom and revealance help to distinguish how Hamlet feels about each other character that he encounters. The phrases and speeches that Hamlet addresses are both poetic and piercing. So when Hamlet is speaking, he is constantly revealing his qualities which range from love, to respect, to hate.

Qualities of a good father essay
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  1. What are the qualities of a good friend essay. A mother, father, sister, brother or any of the other family but still it is one of the best relations. Furthermore, creon views himself a good leader because he believes he has the best. The judiciary, especially in a democratic state, is well known for its impartiality. In numerous cases it has taken decisions even against t).

  2. Person father of essay. Tags: character, essay, explain?, good, qualities. People love examples and that gives a bit of a personal look at you as well.writers writing qualities of good reflective writing essays college student rickrolls teacher in essay citation qualities of a good essay writing. A good friend can be one of the family members like mother, father, sister, brother, etc. A true friend may have variety of good qualities however.

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