Narendra modi biography pdf

narendra modi biography pdf

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After assuming office as the 15th Prime minister of India, he has initiated many ambitious projects and programs such as Swachch Bharat, make in India, clean Ganga etc. He has shown great resolve to strengthen ties with the neighboring countries and also improve the bilateral relations with other countries of the world. Awards achievements, in 2007, he was named the best Chief Minister in the country, in a survey conducted by India today magazine. Fdi magazine honored him with the Asian Winner of the fdi personality of the year award, in 2009. He featured on the cover page of March 2012 issue of times Asian edition. Continue reading Below, in 2014, he ranked at 15 on Forbes magazines list of the worlds Most Powerful people. He was listed among Time 100 most influential people in the world by time magazine, in 2014. He was named as the second most-followed politician on Twitter and Facebook on the 30 most influential people on the internet list released by time magazine in 2015.

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The bjp won a historic 282 of 534 assignment seats in the 2014 elections, trouncing the ruling upa led by the Indian National Congress. Top, major Works, following the incumbent Gujarat Chief Minister Keshubhai patels failing health, corruption allegations, and poor management of the Bhuj earthquake, he was chosen as a replacement and sworn in as the Chief Minister in 2001. Upon assuming power for a second term in 2002, he emphasized on the states economic development and eventually turned it into an attractive investment destination for businessmen and industrialists. He was elected the Chief Minister for a third term in 2007, wherein he improved agricultural growth rate, provided electricity to all villages, and ensured rapid development of the state. During his reign as the Chief Minister of Gujarat, the government supported the creation of groundwater-conservation projects. This helped in the cultivation of Bt Cotton, which could be irrigated with the tube wells and Gujarat became the largest producer of Bt Cotton. The gujarat government under Modi brought electricity to every village in the state. He significantly changed the state's system of power distribution by separating agricultural electricity from rural electricity. Continue reading Below, modi played a very important role in bjps election campaign of 2009 dead as well as 2014. During his reign as Chief Minister, he made successful efforts to invite foreign investments in the state of Gujarat.

He contested in the 2002 Gujarat assembly elections for the first time and won a with seat from Rajkot-ii, and became the chief Minister of Gujarat. His government was accused of not doing enough to curb the gujarat riots of 2002. The riots occurred in retaliation to burning of Hindu pilgrims in a train near Godhra. He was forced to step down as the Chief Minister following opposition from both inside and outside gujarat. However, he was re-elected as the Chief Minister in December 2002, after bjp won the assembly elections. After several investigations carried out by a special Investigation team (sit modi was given a clean chit by the supreme court due to lack of evidence of his involvement in the violence. Even though he claimed to have taken measures to bring prosperity and development in Gujarat, many studies and statistics indicate that the state does not rank very high in human development, education, nutrition, and poverty alleviation. He was selected as bjps prime ministerial candidate in the 2014 lok sabha elections, which was subtly opposed by some party veterans such. He, however, won both the seats (Varanasi and Vadodara) that he contested, but eventually retained the varanasi seat.

narendra modi biography pdf

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He contested for Ahmedabad Municipal about Corporation elections and won the same, giving bjp its first ever win. His capabilities were recognized within the party after he helped in book conducting. Advanis ayodhya rath Yatra in 1990, which became his first national-level political assignment, followed by murli manohar Joshis Ekta yatra in 1991-92. He played a major role in strengthening bjps presence in Gujarat after the 1990 Gujarat Assembly elections. In the 1995 elections, the party won 121 seats, thereby forming the first-ever bjp government in Gujarat. The party remained in power for a short period, which ended in September 1996. In 1995, he was appointed as bjps National Secretary and relocated to new Delhi, to handle activities in Haryana and Himachal Pradesh. Continue reading Below, he became the general Secretary (Organization) in 1998, a position through which he resolved internal political disputes and helped bjp win the 1998 lok sabha elections.

Continue reading Below, narendra modi, childhood early life, narendra damodardas Modi was born on September 17, 1950 in the small town of Vadnagar, mehsana, gujarat, as the third of six children, to damodardas Mulchand and heeraben Modi. Belonging to the backward Ghanchi community, he started selling tea at Vadnagar railway station at a very young age, after which he set up a tea stall near a bus terminus with his brother. After completing his schooling in Vadnagar in 1967, he left home and traveled across India exploring its expansive landscape and diverse culture, visiting Rishikesh, the himalayas, ramakrishna mission and Northeast India. He returned home after two years and went to Ahmedabad to join Rashtriya swayamsevak sangh (RSS) as a fulltime pracharak (campaigner) in 1971. He completed his graduation from Delhi University in political science through correspondence in 1978, and obtained a masters degree in political science from Gujarat University in 1983. Top, political Career, during the 1975-77 national emergency imposed by the then Prime minister Indira gandhi, modi remained underground and traveled in disguise. He made use of various tactics including printing and distribution of pamphlets to oppose the government. This brought his managerial, organizational and leadership skills to the fore. He joined the bjp in 1985 and was made the organization secretary of its Gujarat Unit in 1987.

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narendra modi biography pdf

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Gandhi also brought social reforms by introducing clauses in resume the Indian Constitution related to wages - equal pay for equal work to both men and women. Continue reading Below, narendra modi is a leading Indian politician and the current Prime minister of India. He is known for leading his party Bharatiya janta party (BJP) to a historic win in 2014 elections. He became the first Indian Prime minister born after independence. He rose from a poverty-stricken tea-selling boy to a development-oriented leader, eventually becoming the longest-serving chief minister of Gujarat for 12 years.

He became a controversial figure after the 2002 Gujarat riots. His government was accused of not doing enough to curb the riots. He is a protégé. Advani and is known for running an incorruptible government through his incisive decision-making qualities. Even though his economic policies have been praised, he is criticized for failing to make much positive change in the overall human development in Gujarat. After assuming the office of the Prime minister, he announced many programs and policies that his government plans to implement in its 5-year term.

This helped India bring the himalayan states under the influence of the country. While nepal and Bhutan remained aligned to India, sikkim was incorporated as an Indian state in 1975, through a referendum. Under the administrative policy of Gandhi, meghalaya, manipur, Tripura, haryana, punjab and Himachal Pradesh were given statehood. As for Chandigarh and Arunachal Pradesh, both were declared a union territory. While Indira gandhi shared strong ties with soviet Union, her relationship with the us was a strained one.

During her premiership, she also maintained close ties with Bangladesh but the same continued only until 1975. Post the assassination of Bangladesh Prime minister, Shiekh Mujibur Rahman, the ties between India and Bangladesh soured. During her term as the Prime minister, gandhi worked hard to normalize relations and reopen diplomatic establishments between India and pakistan. Though Zulfikar Ali Bhutto had agreed for the same, the rise to power of General zia-ul-Haq in pakistan in 1978 caused an absolute downfall, marring all efforts of better relations. Gandhis ties with the southeast Asian countries were strained, due to her pro-soviet tilt and aseans pro-American ties. However, the same was revived following Gandhi's endorsement of the zopfan declaration and the disintegration of the seato alliance, but it did not do much to strengthen the ties.

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The main aim of this move was to protect employment and secure the interest of the organised labor. As for the private sector industries, she brought them under strict regulatory control. Gandhi even nationalized the oil companies after the 1971 war against pakistan when India faced oil crises. With this, Indian Oil Corporation (ioc the hindustan Petroleum Corporation (hpcl) and the Bharat Petroleum Corporation (bpcl) were formed. The oil companies had to keep a minimum stock level of oil, to be supplied to the military at the time of need. It was during Gandhis premiership that Green revolution father's brought remarkable change in the agricultural production in India. She changed the course of the nation - from an import dependent country, india could now manage a decent portion of its demands from domestic production. She mainly targeted at growth with stability and progressive achievement of self-reliance. In 1971, gandhi supported the east pakistan in the pakistan civil War, which led to the formation of Bangladesh.

narendra modi biography pdf

As the Prime minister, Indira gandhi showed exceptional political skills and resolve and drove out many senior Congressmen out of the party and power. This led to internal dissent in the party, leading to a split in the Indian National Congress in 1969. quot;s: me, top, as Prime minister, during her term as Prime minister, gandhi brought about a radical change irony in the countrys economic, political, international and national policies. She oversaw the implementation of over three five-year plans - two of which were successful in meeting the targeted growth. One of her crucial economic decisions included the nationalization of fourteen major commercial banks. The move proved to be fruitful as it improved the geographical coverage of banks with the number of branches rising from 8200 to 62000. Furthermore, the nationalization of banks increased household savings and saw investment in small and medium-sized enterprises and agricultural sector. She then nationalized the coal, steel, copper, refining, cotton textiles, and insurance industries.

Pursuits, wAfter the death of her father in 1964, Indira gandhi was appointed as a member of the rajya sabha. She also became one of the members of Lal Bahadur Shastri's cabinet, serving as the minister of Information and Broadcasting. The untimely death of Lal Bahadur Shastri saw numerous contenders for the position of the Prime minister. However, unable to come to a single conclusion, Indira gandhi was chosen as the compromised candidate as they thought her to be easily manageable. She became the Prime minister of India in January 1966. Indira gandhi became the Prime minister of India and continued to serve the same until 1977.

She also presided over a state of emergency and made considerable changes to the Indian Constitution. She used the army to resolve numerous internal disputes and encouraged a culture of sycophancy and nepotism, due to which she pdf rubbed many Indians on the wrong side. Gandhi initialized the Operation Blue star, which gave her a critical reputation and eventually scripted her assassination. Continue reading Below, indira gandhi. Childhood early life, born as Indira nehru to jawaharlal Nehru, independent Indias first Prime minister, and Kamla nehru, she was the only child of the couple, a younger brother dying in infancy. Unlike others, her childhood wasnt a happy one, as her father was mostly away from home due to his political commitments and her mother frequently suffered from bouts of illness. She attained her preliminary education at home after which she briefly attended school to complete her matriculation. Indira was enrolled at the viswa Bharti University in Calcutta but had to leave the same due to the ailing health of her mother in Europe.

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Continue reading Below, popularly known as the Iron Lady summary of India, indira gandhi earned a formidable reputation across the globe as a statesman. Her sheer sense of politics and exceptional skills catapulted her position in the Indian politics, so much so that she went on to become the first woman elected to head a democratic country. Till date, she is the only woman to hold the office. Born in a politically influential dynasty and growing in an intense political atmosphere, indira gandhi had learned the trick of the trade quite early in life. She possessed an authoritarian streak and became the central figure of the Indian National Congress party, post her fathers death. She was known for her political ruthlessness and extraordinary centralization of power. It was during her premiership that India became the regional power in south Asia with considerable political, economic, and military clout.

Narendra modi biography pdf
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  1. One of the strongest political leaders of Independent India, indira gandhi was the first woman to hold the office of the Prime minister. Check out this biography to get details about her childhood, life, works, achievements & timeline.

  2. Why are some on social media debating the history of a railway station in Gujarat? The question is deeply linked to vadnagars most famous son Prime minister Narendra modi. The prime ministers recent visit to his hometown in poll bound Gujarat. Highlights of the Programme. During an address to the nation on the eve of the new year 2017, Prime minister Narendra modi has announced the pan-India expansion of mbp in all the districts of the country.

  3. September 1950 in Vadnagar, gujarat) ist ein indischer Politiker der Bharatiya janata party (BJP) und amtierender Premierminister Indiens. Modi or modi may refer. Modi (name a surname used in India and a male given name (including a list of persons with the name) Monochorionic-diamniotic, a type of twin. Assumed office 3 September 2017: Prime minister: Narendra modi: Preceded by: Arun jaitley: Minister of Commerce and Industry; In office 3 September 2017. Did Vadnagar railway station exist before 1973?

  4. Narendra damodardas Modi is a prominent Indian politician and the current Prime minister of India. This biography of Narendra modi provides detailed information about his childhood, family life, political career, achievements, and timeline. Narendra modi : Narendra modi en 2015. Fonctions; Premier ministre de l'Inde. Narendra damodardas Modi (Gujarati ;.

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