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Most of the time these events are vital moments that srcinally contributed to his unrealistically high expectations for what life would be like as a salesman. Willy always dreamed that at this point in his life as a salesman he would be well known, respected, and even loved; however, he has fallen short of his own expectations. As a result, when he finally refocuses back to the present he is left with a heightened sense of dissatisfaction regarding the current state of his life. By understanding the causes behind Willys distorted view of the ideal life, the audience will be able to better understand why he makes the choices he makes. Seeing his past and how he has changed or remained the same creates a more realistic and relatable character. Though there is no question that Miller intentionally includes these remembrances in order to convey his message with more clarity than he would be able to otherwise, there is still debate over the meaning behind the flashbacks themselves. This theme of misguided expectations and inflated reputation is not a new notion for Arthur Miller, but rather a recurrent thought. He explores it further in his 1953 play, the, stimpson 2, crucible.

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The third and most important personal change i have made is becoming more of a leader. Actions speak louder than words, and I have found that to become a leader you must lead by example, and not be a hypocrite. What being a leader means to me is doing tasks without expecting any recognition in return. The ways I have taken steps in becoming a leader is by volunteering more during class, having an open mind, not being afraid to share ideas and speak my mind. I am now not afraid of what people think of me, but when somebody thinks negatively of me, i do try and work it out with that person to gain a better understand as to why they think negatively. Nobody in the world has become successful by being a follower; all the success comes from being a leader and having that drive to work hard. Stimpson 1, lydia stimpson, brother bailey, english 314 11 December, 2017 The visions of a salesman Throughout the play, death of a salesman, Arthur essay Miller artfully manipulates time by luring Willy loman from reality to relive various moments of his life via flashbacks. In the beginning each imagining may seem random, however, the timing of these moments quick. Stimpson 1 Lydia stimpson Brother bailey english 314 11 December, 2017 The visions of a salesman Throughout the play, death of a salesman, Arthur Miller artfully manipulates time by luring Willy loman from reality to relive various moments of his life via flashbacks. In the beginning each imagining may seem random, however, the timing of these moments quickly set a definitive pattern. Any time willy is provoked by an inconsistency in his life or feelings of inadequacy, he involuntarily falls into imaginings of past events.

The second personal change i have made is being more approachable. What I mean by approachable is being that person people are able to come and talk to for advice. Being apart of a fraternity and meeting a lot of new people here at San Jose State, has made me realize that the more approachable you are, the more connections with people you are going to make. That is why you will rarely see me without a smile on face, because i have learned to appreciate things for the way they are. I now look to find the positive in things, rather than dwell on the bad. I have my own open-door policy, where anybody that comes and talks to me, i will listen to what they have to say and make time for them. . I got this mindset from my parents, and I see the joy they bring people, and i only hope to do the same.

interpretive paper

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This will give a chance for everybody to establish a deeper relationship with one another, outside the work setting. This class has definitely opened my eyes on the ways I need to go about life if I want to be successful. The first personal change i need to make is to not procrastinate. What I noticed this semester and last, is that procrastination only puts me in bad places. Whether it is waiting last minute to do a paper or study for a test, it never works out well for. I need to hold myself more accountable for my actions, because by procrastinating it not only affects me, but it affects the people i work with. What has kept me away from procrastination is making a list of priorities and making sure i stick to them. Being prepared for all the events in my life will help me become happy and more productive.

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interpretive paper

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Action Plan, step 1: Mandatory weekly meetings. Having weekly meetings is essential to having better communication between upper management and the the employees, and most importantly provides structure. In these meetings, day-to-day operations should be discussed, both good and bad. Goals that the company has will be established to hold all workers accountable. Step 2: quarterly, one-on-One Interviews, these interviews will occur once a financial quarter, and it will give a chance for the management and an employee a chance to talk about what is working well, areas that need improvement and express any concerns that the employee. Employees will be able to also talk about working different positions and potential pay raise.

Step 3: Open-door Policy with Management and Ownership. Any and every employee should be able to access to management or ownership in a timely fashion. Employees will be able to speak with management or ownership at anytime to give ideas, ask for advice, or express concerns. Step 4: Monthly rewards, when monthly company goals are achieved and exceeded, employees will be rewarded with cash bonuses. This will help to keep employees more motivated to take more pride in their work. Step 5: team building events, every 3 months, there will be mandatory team building events to help establish stronger team morale. Attendance from every member of the business is required, and employees will be compensated for their time.

The first major insight I got from this article was the listening behavior called position listening. What position listening is that an employee or manager will only listen to things that relate to their particular position instead of looking at the bigger picture. What this can potentially lead to is false assumptions, which will hinder the morale of a business. . This is something bay area paintball suffered from because everybody only looked out for themselves and not the team as a whole. . What I took from this is that every member of a company should look out for each other and support one another.

If there is a support group from all levels in the company, the business will thrive because the workplace will be a much happier one. The second major insight I got from the article was the importance of precision listening. The article states, Precision listening is the art of knowing how to listen and how listening affects performance. Listening is a major factor that helps to establish change, decisions, or points of view made within a business. . This wouldve helped bay area paintball because if management had listened to their employees needs, the business would have done much better. The owners and management were too concerned with making money, rather than customer service, which I feel drove the company to the ground. A businesss key to success is their keeping their customers happy.

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Phone calls and business emails were often ignored, which led to turmoil between the two sides. The article gives a suggestion that managers should set aside particular times where he/she can be seen with or without an appointment. When meeting with employees, the manager should give them their full attention, and put other work aside. It shows the employee that the manager actually cares about what they are saying. The article also states that an employee should never feel that they are bothering their managers, which couldnt be truer. Managers should be willing to listen to their employees and never assume their ideas as irrelevant. Making time for your employees is a factor to becoming successful because your employees are what keep your business going. The second article i read was business entitled Precision Listening, by judith.

interpretive paper

My first major insight I got from this article was that managers should approach their employees and take a antonio hand-on approach. The article states that the manager should take the time to get to know their employees on a deeper level, and treat to them more like people, rather than workers. I felt that the owners and managers of bay area paintball treated their employees more as workers than people. When employees did a good job, there was no praise given to them for their hard work, but when something went wrong, they were quick to point fingers and come down on them. If the owner or manager of a company goes out of their way to approach their employees and build that relationship, it would be more beneficial for the company as whole. When it comes to employees and management, it is best for management to show their employees that they are human, and to be supportive through the good times and the bad. The second major insight I got from article from Pratt was, as a manager, should make time for your employees. At bay area paintball the owners and managers would rarely make time for their employees.

also search for articles from our newsletter in our News section. Interpretive and Action Paper, today, my purpose for writing this paper is to write about how to fix the major communication need and provide an action plan for bay area paintball. . That need being how there needs to be better communication between management and employees. For my main points, i will be discussing four main insights from two different academic journals I had read, then my action plan, and finally explain the three major personal changes I have made from the learnings in this class. When looking for articles, i decided to look for an article that had to do with being a good manager, because i felt that if there were a better relationship between manager and employee, the business wouldve strived. So, the first article i read was entitled, a manager Must be approachable, by john.

Step 3 Cross the Principles Bridge What are the principles that the author is giving. There are three principles in 1 Peter 5:6, 7:. We are to live humbly, despite the difficulties of this present life, acknowledging that God has the plan and the power to make it come to pass in our lives. Let us write you a custom essay sample. Interpretive journey paper, for you, for Only.90/page order now, because he cares for us, god will lift up those who suffer for Him when the time is right according to his plan and purpose. Because god has a plan and the power to enforce that plan, we should through all our anxiety on Him. Living humbly is the recognition that am not capable of fixing summary the things that make the Christian life tough to live, only god has that ability.

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We use cookies to give you the resumes best experience possible. By continuing well assume youre on board with our cookie policy, the government that we live under today was founded on principles that originated with serving God and not the pagan roots of the empirical Roman government. In many ways the difference between their town and our town are not too great. Christians are still called to live their lives differently from the way non-believers live. The moral and ethical requirements that come with living for God are the same as those of early Christians. Pewters message to live humbly before god, trusting in His power is still as relevant in the twenty-first Century as it was in the first. The meaning of this text can be summarized as, because god cares for me, i need to humbly endure the trials am going through without worrying about the outcome and when the time is right he will reward me for my willing service.

Interpretive paper
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  1. Submitted by lisa Oliver on Mon, 06/23/2008 - 14:57. An interpretive paper relies heavily on writer opinion backed by factual research. Saved essays submitted april 26, seven interpretive paper writing services. Essays papers, and classical american foreign policy a growing up a great selection of travel writer.

  2. Interpretive and Action Paper Today, my purpose for writing this paper is to write about how to fix the major communication need and. Leave a comment go to comments. Defining art interpretive term paper Art a thesis in english Criticism Art analysis essay araby criticism is responding to, interpreting meaning, financial crisis thesis and making critical. A 5-6 page interpretive paper on the gospels is due by. On Friday, march 5 new date. If you would like to submit a first draft, please email your document as an attachment by Friday, february.

  3. Engaging citizens with Europe's cultural heritage (2017). The interpretive guide (HeriQ 2015). Posted on may 4, 2018March 14, 2018. The government that we live under today was founded on principles that originated with serving God and not the pagan roots of the. Interpretive methodologies position the meaning-making practices of human actors at interpretive research the center of scientific explanation Educational centre research paper search engines with.

  4. Read this full essay on seeing eye's Interpretive paper. Seeing eye'sI stand here ironing, and what you have asked me moves tormented back and forth with the. The three texts I have read all have many similar and contrasting issues and. Dream Study Essay, research Paper Dream Study by Alex ryaboy although there have been many. General Interpret Europe papers.

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