Essay on ramadan festival

essay on ramadan festival

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Amina wadud, who has been leading mixed-gender Muslim prayer since 2005. What was once inconceivable is already a reality, even if it's not yet comfortable or mainstream. What else which once seemed impossible is within our grasp? As the week ends, the jews are on the cusp of the month of Elul, a month of prayer and contemplation and the inner work of teshuvah (repentance/return.) The muslims are on the cusp of Ramadan, which could be described in much the same way. We hug and shake hands, we agree to meet on the internet. We brainstorm a list of ways we can continue to work together. What would it be like to bring each other to events in our own communities?

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Not ignoring the tough stuff, but not allowing it to define us, either. One of my colleagues asks me about my kippah: what does it mean, why am I the only woman wearing one, what do the colors signify? In return I learn about the. Ismaili tradition of which she is a part, where in smaller communities women may serve as lay leaders and pastoral counselors. I know that there are divides within each group which remain hidden. That African-American Muslims, Arab Muslims, and south Asian Muslims have different experiences and priorities doesn't come up until the "difficult conversations" session, when one south Asian Muslim thesis notes that the Israel/Palestine issue isn't a central issue for her as it is for some of her. By the same token, the jewish participants generally don't raise the places where we diverge, issues of sexuality and lgbt ordination and who counts in a minyan. But even with these issues largely unspoken, we're still learning about each others' communities, and everything we learn nuances our understanding. At lunch, a muslim participant asks how long women have been writing midrash, crafting Torah commentary, ordained as rabbis. She seems galvanized by our response.

Are you talking about my homeland, the land of Israel?" And they're off. A few minutes later we notice that one of our fellow retreatants is standing near us, eyes wide as saucers. "We're practicing a roleplay one of my cohorts says hastily. The retreatant who overheard the conversation bursts into relieved laughter. We tweak her about it for the rest of the retreat - "you didn't honestly think that was real, did you?" But of course it could have been. Each group harbors fears of the other. Maybe what's most miraculous about this retreat is that we're beginning to name those fears, and to hear each other naming themand then we sit the down to eat and talk about life and work, parents and children.

essay on ramadan festival

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As we share with each other what we've pdf heard in our communities, we wear the same chagrined expressions. We decide to begin our session with a roleplay. I will announce that we are on flight such-and-such from jfk to heathrow and that i am our flight attendant. Then I will walk over to my two fellow retreatants, seated on chairs in the middle of the circle, and say, "I have a halal meal and a kosher meal.?" and pantomime handing one to each. In the ensuing conversation, my two classmates will aim to work in as many obnoxious stereotypes as possible. We decide to do a trial run, so i pretend to hand the meals to them and then I sit back to see what they will. "give me that the muslim says. "you took the wrong meal." Then he mutters, "Just like a jew - taking what doesn't belong to her!" It's an appalling remark, and yet in this moment it's hilarious; I have to fight back a giggle. His Jewish counterpart revelation doesn't miss a beat: "Excuse me?

I feel as though an invisible weight has been lifted. My small group gets the privilege of leading the session entitled "difficult conversations." When we meet early in the retreat to begin planning, we begin cautiously by asking each other what we think the difficult conversations are. Slowly we shift into talking about the stereotypes that each group holds of the other. Often the same stereotypes cut in both directions. Each of our communities has a tendency to feel that the other is more powerful. The jews say: but there are so many of you; Israel is surrounded by hostile nations! And the muslims say: but you are so disproportionately powerful given your small numbers!

Essay on the holy month of ramadan

essay on ramadan festival

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We all know the terms Sunni and Shia, but what do essay they mean in practice? I can see variations of dress in the muslim students, but what do those imply? What do i not even realize that I dont know? When the two groups reconvene, the students in charge of the session take a new tack. They invite us to take turns, one muslim speaking and then one jew speaking, asking questions of one another. We come up with an incisive list of the things we don't know about each other but wish we did.

This is the first time that I hear someone outwardly name the elephant in the room, the issue of Israel and Palestine, and it feels to me as though the room breathes a collective sigh of relief. On the first night of the retreat, the subject of travel in Israel came up at the dinner table. (Of course all of the rabbinic students have spent time there; our perspectives differ, but its a natural area of conversational common ground for.) I felt awkward, worried that the muslims at our table might feel alienated but unsure how to ask them what. Now, a few days in to our learning together, one of the muslim professors asks a question about how Jews perceive israel and the energy in the room shifts. One of our potential points of contention has been raised and the sky hasnt fallen.

It's the "grandparent" theme that really gets us going. Despite our considerable differences, we all had beloved grandparents and we all want to share something of how they made us who we are. One of the retreat organizers tiptoes out and returns with milk and cookies. We tell stories and we nosh. By the end of the evening, i'm starting to feel less like i need to be on my best behavior, and more like i can let some of my personality shine through.

The second group project is a session of intrafaith dialogue,. Dialogue within (rather than between) our religious-community groups. The jews gather in the jewish prayer space, the muslims gather in the muslim prayer space, and each group takes half an hour to talk about what the retreat has been like for us so far, what we're learning, what's been good, what's been hard. Not for the first time i'm amazed by the simple fact of sitting in a circle with rabbinic students from Reform, conservative, reconstructionist and Orthodox seminaries (plus the other two transdenominational seminaries besides my own.). I say something about that, and everyone laughs a little. And then I say the thing that's been bothering me all week: i know how different we are from one another. But I don't know enough about the muslim cohort to know what their differences are. I don't even know what questions to ask.

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Each of our teachers lined illuminates a different facet of this shared story. Raquel ukeles teaches us about intertextuality in the joseph narratives, Sherman Jackson provides a blackamerican Muslim perspective on the ambiguity of love in the twin Joseph stories, rabbi Or Rose offers Hasidic teachings on the joseph cycle as a spiritual journey, and. Mahmoud ayoub teaches us about the yusuf story as a lesson in repentance, love, and forgiveness. If this were the entirety of the retreat experience, dayenu: it would have been enough. Four small subgroups are formed within our larger cohort, each tasked with a project. The first group organizes a storytelling circle: one night we sit on floor pillows and pass a microphone around. We're invited to share love stories, then to share grandparent stories, which turn into immigration stories and then freeform stories about who we are and where we're coming from. The first couple of tales are tentative, but then we start to loosen.

essay on ramadan festival

We have been carefully hand-picked. The jews present were recommended by the heads of our various rabbinic programs as people likely to find this kind of interfaith encounter fruitful. The muslims present arent clergy students (since, it turns out, their clergy formation process doesn't map neatly to ours) but scholars, academics, community leaders, lay leaders. Many of them are muslim leaders of Tomorrow. The formal structure for our time together revolves around studying one of the stories our two summary traditions hold in common: not the Abraham/Ibrahim, Isaac and Ishmael tale around which most Abrahamic initiatives are based, but the story of Joseph/Yusuf. Two jewish scholars and two muslim scholars will delve deep into the story and its commentaries over the course of our week together. We read Tanakh and Qur'an, midrash and tafsir.

reb Zalman Schachter-Shalomi. "Yah, you are my light reb Zalman begins. We talk about the psalms writ large and what its like to pray them. She opens her vinyl-covered pocket Qur'an to surat An-Nur, "The light and i open the translation I brought with. "Allah is the light of the heavens and of the earth begins fakhrys translation. We talk about what each of us thinks it means to speak of God in these terms. The sky over the lake turns pink and then darkens. When we turn to go inside, the meadow is filled with fireflies. There are eighteen participants in the first Retreat for Emerging Jewish and Muslim Religious leaders, organized by the office of multifaith initiatives at the, reconstructionist Rabbinical College.

This essay was originally published on 9/15/09. Allah is the light: Prayer in Ramadan and Elul, back when zeek had a web partnership summary with Jewcy rather than with the forward. But the formatting on that original piece has gone wonky and it's become nigh-unreadable, so i'm reprinting it here. It is a sticky august evening in Garrison, new York. I'm sitting on a park bench at a retreat center with a woman i've only just met. I'm wearing capris, a tank top, and my rainbow kippah. She's wearing a turtleneck and long dress with her hair tucked under a scarf. Our assignment is to teach each other a favorite text from our own holy scriptures. She is a muslim and i am a jew.

Essay on eid ul fitr

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Essay on ramadan festival
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Click2Find, plumbing and heating. The political philosopher, hannah, arendt (1906-1975 was born in Hanover, germany, in 1906, the only child of secular Jews. This isnt your normal everyday leadership book detailing x number of leadership principles, checklists and how-tos.

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  2. ) The muslims are on the cusp of, ramadan, which could be described in much the same way.

  3. Bereavement Ministry; Bible Study; Career Renewal Ministry; Discernment Ministry; Fall. Tour Egypt presents information about. Ramadan, festival in Korba, heliopolis. On the last day of, ramadan, observatories again check for the new moon. Reprint: Allah is the light / Prayer.

  4. Israel decided to ban non-Muslims from visiting the temple mount until the end. to all non-Muslims, including me, the new York times published an essay. Example: During the last few days. Ramadan, children begin to anticipate the celebration of Eid. Definition: festival, one of the two Islamic holidays. Below is a list of ielts solution essay sample questions.

  5. The essay was written alongside the release of the embers video gigwise. Read Lamb Of God s Mark morton s beautiful essay on the death of his daughter. Ramadan, kareem banner background template 11 files eps preview. Vector business logo design template on a black background. The Oxford Advanced learners Dictionary is founded on a passion for the English language, and a detailed understanding of how people learn English.

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