Dissertation vs thesis uk

dissertation vs thesis uk

Thesis or dissertation what s the difference?

In a, march 2018 article, a team of researchers from the uk and Canada (Frédéric Ancot, Philippe lemay, susan. Knowler, karen Kennedy, sandra Griffiths, giunio bruto Cherubini, jane sykes, paul. Rouleau, clare rusbridge, zoha kibar right ) examined dna samples from 65 cavalier King Charles spaniels and narrowed down the likely potential "candidate" genes for CM/SM to pcdh17 in cfa22 (Canis Familiaris Autosome) and zwint in cfa26. They used mri scans of the craniums of affected and normal ckcs to compare size and shape measurements of regions of the brains, to identify lines and angles associated with sizes of syrinx diameters. The pcdh17 gene is involved in the adhesion and sorting of cells in the brain and spinal cord during tissue development. They speculate that the zwint gene may be related to neuropathic pain, but this study did not detect any such association. They conclude by calling for additional studies in larger numbers of cavaliers and other affected brachycephalic breeds to investigate the role of the two associated loci and the genes in the pathogenesis of CM/SM. March 2018: uk researchers use computer models of sm-affected cavalier spinal cavity to test theories of causes of syrinxes.

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May 2018: Ohio state researchers use von Frey anesthesiometer on 16 cavaliers to compare pain sensory thresholds in ckcss with and without. In a, biographies may 2018 abstract presented at resume the november 2017 "Pain in Animals" Workshop, Ohio state University researchers (S. Cole) examined 16 cavalier King Charles spaniels (ckcss) - 9 without syringomyelia (SM) and 7 with sm - using an electronic von Frey anesthesiometer (see photo at right) to determine if there are any the dogs' mechanical sensory thresholds (ST) for pain, and. They report finding that there was a significant decrease in st in the pelvic (hind) limbs of sm-affected ckcss compared with normal cavaliers. They also reported a similar relationship in the thoracic (fore) limbs but did not achieve statistical significance). May 2018: nc state researchers study 54 cavaliers to determine if sm-affected ckcss have lower sensory thresholds. In a, may 2018 abstract presented at the november 2017 "Pain in Animals" Workshop, north Carolina State researchers (C. Olby) studied 54 cavalier King Charles spaniels (ckcss) - 34 diagnosed by mri as having Chiari-like malformation / syringomyelia (CM/SM) and 20 not - to compare data on thermal and mechanical thresholds of dogs with and without CM/SM. Of the 54 dogs: 24 were classified by their owners as being in pain; 33 had scratching signs; 40 were painful when examined by the researchers; and 34 had CM/SM. The researchers report finding "no significant difference in sensory thresholds between dogs with and without.". March 2018: Canadian and uk researchers locate two possible genes related to cm/SM syrinxes in cavaliers.

They found that 163 of the 339 dogs (48.1) showed evidence of sm, and list that the risk of developing sm increases with age. They concluded: "In conclusion, around half of the dogs within the german ckcs population are affected by syringomyelia. The prevalence of syringomyelia of the german ckcs population is similar to that of the British ckcs population, which is subjected to breeding strategies on the basis of magnetic resonance imaging investigations.". June 2018: ncsu student studies 48 cavaliers and finds their spinal cords terminate lower than 41 control dogs. North Carolina State University veterinary student courtney sparks (right) reports in a, june 2018 abstract presented at the 2018 acvim forum, on a study of the analysis of the location of the terminus of the spinal cord in 48 cavalier King Charles spaniels. She compared the 48 cavaliers with 21 dogs of other brachycephalic breeds and 20 non-brachycephalic control dogs. In an effort to explain the pain suffered by ckcss affected with Chiari-like malformation and syringomyelia, she and her team hypothesized that their spinal cords terminates lower along the spinal column than in the other breeds. Using mri scans, of the ckcss' spinal cords, only 3 terminated at vertebra L6, 23 terminated at L7, and 22 terminated at the sacrum; whereas of the 41 control dogs, 8 terminated at L6, 27 at L7, and only 5 at the sacrum.

dissertation vs thesis uk

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Of them, 26 did not have syringomyelia (SM) and 40 had sm with a syrinx width of at least. They performed morphometric analysis of the shape and position of the soft palate in relation to the skull base and the rostral (towards the oral or nasal region) flattening of the forebrain. In the sm dogs, the distance between the rostral (again, towards the oral or nasal region) end of the soft palate and (a) the sella turcica (a saddle-shaped depression in the body of the sphenoid bone of the human skull, where the pituitary gland sits. The shorter distance between the brain and the frontal bone also was highly significant in sm-affected dogs. They concluded that ckcss with sm have a flattening of the frontal portion of their skulls, when compared to non-sm cavaliers. June 2018: German neurologists find 48 of 339 asymptomatic cavaliers have syringomyelia. In a, june 2018 article, a team of German veterinary neurologists (Sabine Schulze right, miriam Refai, martin deutschland, Klaus failing, martin Schmidt) examined the mri scans of 339 German cavalier King Charles spaniels which were scanned from 2006 to 2016 for Chiari-like malformation / syringomyelia. None of those dogs displayed any symptoms. Their ages ranged from 3 months to 11 years.

While this was just a casual query, and no concrete offers have been made, as I do have to finish the PhD first, i have been buoyed by this interest and confidence, my work is progressing nicely, and Im feeling good. Im glad to hear it all worked out Anonymous! Have you found yourself pressured to complete in a way that you think was detrimental to your own development as a researcher and scholar? Or do you think we need to respect the time limits that are set? Research News 2018 News, june 2018: uk researchers find that sm-affected cavaliers have frontal flattening of their skulls. In a, june 2018 abstract presented to the 2018 acvim forum, uk researchers (S.P. Rusbridge) relied upon an innovative machine learning technique (a computerized data analytics technique using computational methods to learn information from data without relying on a predetermined equation as a model). The team obtained mri scans of 66 cavalier King Charles spaniels (ckcss) over the age of 4 years.

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dissertation vs thesis uk

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What kind of scholars is this fast-track paradigm creating? What impact is it having on the breadth of knowledge and depth of understanding, and the development of creative thinking and opportunities for excellent teachers to pass on thoughtful approaches and considerate practice? Through social media i have learned that there are alternative ways to approach an idea, learn about a topic, publication and discussion. I know Im not alone in my desire to learn deeply, to receive thoughtful input, to share ideas and to develop the courage to step out into the field. Throughout, writing twitter has been an associate supervisor, guiding me, offering support and encouragement, the latest research about my topic.

Its provided instant community, with a hive mind to answer questions or suggest resources. It has been an important aspect of my candidature to date, and has contributed significantly to the resilience and confidence i feel as I seek a new supervisor to work with irl to help me get finished in a timely manner, with deep learning along. Postscript 4 December 2012, i wrote the piece above just after the rift with my ex-supervisors happened, when I was full of grief, outrage, and frustration. Since then I have found new supervisors who are determined to keep me focused and finished, but are also open to a diversity of approaches and working the in a way that suits. I had been accepted to present at a conference in november, and nearly withdrew because i was feeling so disheartened, but decided to go, and shake off the previous negativity. After my presentation I was approached by a respected academic in my field who said she liked my topic, approach, and way of thinking, and was i interested in doing a post-doc?

(Im still an atheist.). In our last supervision session my request to discuss how we worked, my inability to make progress with her way of responding to my work in progress, the tears pouring down my face, were not mentioned. Instead I was given a description of how they all work when writing an article together: this is shit, rewrite it, no politeness or support, which apparently ends in an article being finished quickly. The page from, stylish Academic Writing (Sword, 2012) describing what made a good article, which I had sent in the interests of sharing something I was reading, was mocked as being wrong and not in line with current practice. The page from Stylish Academic Writing  (Sword, 2012) describing what made a good article, which I had sent in the interests of sharing something I was reading, was mocked as being wrong and not in line with current practice.

If I didnt like this approach maybe i could go to a different faculty and find a feminist supervisor, who wont mind if I take 10 years to complete. This response showed neither an understanding of feminism nor my own intention to complete in a timely manner. The upshot of this meeting was: no hard feelings, find a supervisor better suited to your style. Ill sign the paperwork. I dont doubt that this fast track, is common. It suits the hard, vocation-oriented direction universities are taking. They are businesses first, institutes of learning second. It bothers me, though.

What s the difference between a thesis and a dissertation?

Its a game, and this is the way to play it successfully. This is how she had been supervised, book with a powerful mentor who fast-tracked her to completion and a high position within a short time of arriving at the university. This reminded me of when, aged 11, i prepared for religious confirmation, and said to my mother that I wasnt sure if I believed in god or not. Get confirmed first and think about it later was her reply. The process, and deep thinking or wide learning were deemed less important than the status at the end. As an 11 year old I saw the inappropriateness of my mothers advice, but went along with it anyway. I am better now at standing up for what I believe.

dissertation vs thesis uk

The topic is not what is important all that matters is getting finished and being able then to move on to something interesting and collaborative. If i asked a question, expect to be told to find my own answer. If that answer is wrong, be sent away to come up with another one. Spend months alone with the data, going over dissertation and over until eventually a lightbulb moment happens. Dont go to conferences, they distract you. Exclude everything else from life until it is done, because it is the piece of paper that matters, and opens doors to other opportunities. This is the way of modern academia.

writing. I wanted to understand the big picture of my research field, try to learn some theory and apply it appropriately. I wanted to write about my insights on policy and current practice in relation to my topic area, based on published, scholarly literature. Basically i wanted to come out confident I had contributed something to knowledge via my topic, gained valuable skills and expertise, but still have lots more to learn. Personal growth and insight would come in parallel with the academic skills as part of the complex PhD journey. This was not the paradigm presented to me in, what turned out to be, my final meeting with my now ex-supervisor. Her vision of what research training entails is to stay totally focused on your topic. My summary of her description is this: Dont talk to anyone, dont write anything non-academic.

Im a compliant, goody-two-shoes, really. I tried hard to follow my supervisors guidance and instruction and respect her authority, but her approach led me to where i was unable to function or make progress. After seeing the student counsellor, and getting advice on how to speak in a clear and non-confrontational way, i organised a meeting. I knew I had to take the courage to address what was happening or in the case of my progress, not happening. My carefully worded summary email to my supervisors said I wanted to discuss our processes at the next supervision, and named that. Id been feeling disheartened and shut down, which I was sure was not their intention. Instead of the usually effusive response, the reply was.

What is the difference between dissertation and thesis?

This post, written by a phD student, who wishes to stay anonymous, was sent to me late last year. Due to my new job, its taken me a long time to edit it down essay and make sure it doesnt identify the student or their supervisor. I think you will find it an interesting story that highlights the tensions we all experience around the finish at all costs (and on time) mentality. Insitutions are feeling financial pressure to complete candidates within 4 years and put this pressure onto supervisors, who then pressure students. But s ocial media, by connecting students with each other, is giving some the courage to push back against this pressure. Supervisors might feel they are doing their best for a student by behaving as described in this post, but are they really? Ill be interested to hear what you think in the comments.

Dissertation vs thesis uk
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  5. In a november 2014 study of 79 cavalier King Charles spaniels without any symptoms related to Chiari-like malformation or syringomyelia, a team of researchers (Edward. Essays on why student athletes should be paid 20 dissertations la parole pdf gratuitos ap english language and composition synthesis essay usps essay on happiest childhood memory dissertations online uk pharmacy depression essays first paragraph of a research paper quiz vessantara jataka essay help after. Getting caught at work reading the archive? Buy the phd books and take the comics home. The module directory provides information on all taught modules offered by queen Mary during the academic year 2018-19).

  6. 1: a research essay: 2: attention getter for compare and contrast essay: 3: thesis on project management in construction: 4: essay on my favorite sport: From far below came the thud and crackle of the fighting. This post, written by a phD student, who wishes to stay anonymous, was sent to me late last year. Due to my new job, its taken me a long time to edit it down and make sure it doesnt identify the student or their supervisor. I think you will find it an interesting story that highlights the. November 2014: uk researchers find asymptomatic cavaliers with a syrinx appear more likely to display clinical signs later in life than those without.

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