Biography of virat kohli in short

biography of virat kohli in short

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biography of virat kohli in short

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biography of virat kohli in short

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Virat Kohli: Batting mere liye ibadat ki tarha hai jab mein crease per jata hon tab pher mere khayalat mein batting ke elawa aur koi cheez nahi hoti us waqt main pori duniya se la taluq sirf aur sirf apne khel per tawajah markoz kiye.

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Virat Kohli: ge han yahi cheez aap ke khel mein bada aehum kirdar ada karti hai, aap ke liye sab word se zyada aehamyat es baat ki hai ke aap ke sathi kheladi aap ka aehtaram Karen, jab aap ka coach janta ho ke aap mein. Question: Aap wahid no-jawan kheladi hein jinhone teno tarz ki cricket ke liye team mein jagha mazbot bana li hai, aap es hawale se padne wale ezafi bojh se kese nimatte hein? Virat Kohli: main es ko ksi dabao ke tanazo mein nahi dekhta, main es ko ek moqa samajhta hon aur es hawale se khud per fakhar mehsos karta hon, jab main team mein shamil howa tha aur jab main ek format mein regular khelne laga. Tab pher main ne Bharat ke liye test, odi aut T20 teno formats ke liye team mein jagha banane ko apna maqsad banaya aur ab es mein kamyab ho chukka hon. Question: kiya aap samajhte hein ke aap ko mustaqbil mein Bharat ka captain qarar diya jana qabl-az-waqt hai? Virat Kohli: main nahi samajhta ke captain banne ka koi waqt muqarar hota hai, qayadat milni chahiye ya takher se, agar mujhe nibe captain (vise caption) ki zamadari sopi gai hai aur logo ne ye sochna shoru kar diya hai ke mujh mein qayadat. Es liye main samajhta hon ke zamadari he mujhe zyada behtar banati hai, ye koi aesi cheez nahi hai jis ko main apne sathi kheladiyon ke liye tabdeel kar lon. Question: Batting aap ke nazdek kya maene rakhti hai?

biography of virat kohli in short

Virat Kohli: In don one mujh per kafi gehra asar dala, viro bhai (Sehwag) mere coach raj kumar sharma ke kafi qareeb then, mujhe yad hai ke aik bar inho ne mere coach se kaha ke ye cricket per zyada dhayan nahi deta. Es liye log es ke bare mein bohat batein karte hein in ke in alfaz ne mujh per kafi gehra asar dala aur wase tanazur mein mere liye kafi madad gar sabit howe, team mein shamil tamam senior kheladiyon ne humesha meri badi madad. Question: Taqreban tamam he kheladi khas tor per cricketer kehte hen ke woh akhbar nahi padhte aur na he news channel dekhte hen, aap es bare mein kya kehte hen? Virat Kohli: main bhi koi cheez sanjidgi se nahi padhta. Maine ye cheez apni team mein shamil kai senior kheladiyon se sikhi hai, jab main acha karta hon to mujhe es baat ki zarorat nahi hoti ke log es baat ko samjhe ke maine acha khel system pesh kiya hai. Mere liye khud he apne khel se mutmaen ho jana kafi hai aur ye dekhna hai ke meri kar-kardagi team ke bhi ksi kaam aai hai ye nahi aur agar main acha perform nahi kar pata tab bhi mujhe es baat ki zarorat nahi hai. Question: Es ka matlab ye howa ke jo dressing room aap ke bare mein sochta hai wahi aap ke liye kafi hai?

sakta hai aur mita bhi. Question: Aap aik no-jawan cricketer hein. Off the field ap ko mukhtalif cheezon ka samna karna padta hoga. Ap in se kese nimatte hein? Virat Kohli: ye ksi ke bhi sath hota hai, main us waqt sirf 19 baras ka tha jab team mein aaya tha, es umer mein aap ke liye ye mumkin nahi hota ke aap team mein aaein aur aate he bard-bari ka sabot dena shoru. Ye aap ka aur ap ke khel ka mamla hota hai. Question: Crickets ko hasil hone wali shohrat aap ke nazdek kya aehamyat rakhti hein? Virat Kohli: Mere nazdek shohrat aik sanwi cheez hai jab ke ap ka asal as-sa-sa ap ka khel hai, jab karname aap field mein anjam dete hein, shohrat inhe se hasil hoti hai aur ye koi aesi cheez nahi hai jis ki main tammna karta. Jis per main fakhar karon ga aur na he es qisam ki cheezon ko main bura samajhta hon, mera sab se bada maqsad cricket mein behtareen performance pesh karna hai aur jab ap field mein aesa karte hen to dolat aur shohrat to pher. Question: Delhi ki team mein Virender Sehwag aur gautam Gambhir aap ke senior rahe hein kya inho ne bhi ap ki career mein bhi koi madad ki hai?

Es liye jab es bar Sri lanka ke liye saman bandha to maine irada kar liya tha ke apni kar-kardagi se father's yahan per mazi ki mayos kun performance ki bhi talafi karon ga main Sri lanka mein es liye bhi perform karna zyada pasand karta. Question: Kahin bhi series khelne ke liye wahan ki condition se hum-aa-hung hona bohat zarori hota hai magar ye kehna jitna aasan hai karna utna he mushkil hota hai, ap ko fast yap her slow viketon ke liye khud ko tayar karne ke liye kitni. Virat Kohli: International cricket mein ap ko her qisam ki condition mein khelne ka gur malom hona chahiye kyunke ap ko diniya bhar mein mukhtalif mosami halaat aur pitches per khelna padta hai, humare yahan vikite slow aur spin ke liye mawafiq hoti hein jab. Aesi condition mein ap ko sirf aur sirf bunyadi chezon per tawajha dena hoti hein, aik janobi asiai kheladi hone ke nate main in he condition mein esi qisam ke tracks per khel kar bada howa hon. Esi wajha se ye piches mere liye masla nahi bani, wese bhi meri koshesh hoti hai ke condition se qata nazar match ki sorate-hal ke mutabiq khelon, ap medan mein utarne se qabal wicket ki achi tarha janch padtal bhi kar leni chahiye aur pher. Question: Aap apne international cricket career mein world cup fatha ka maza bhi chakh chuke jab ke kai aehum test matches ki kamyabiyon mein bhi team ka hissa rahen aap ke nazdek ye kamyabiyan kiya aehamyat rakhti hein? Virat Kohli: Mere liye sab se badi khushi ki baat ye hai ke main world cup fateh side ka hissa raha hon aru mere liye zyada aehum es liye bhi hai ke ye mera pehla world cup tha jab hum logo ne guzishta baras Sri.

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Name: Virat Kohli, personality: Cricketer, born (Birthday 5 november 1988, birth Place: Delhi, india. Fields: Cricket, parents Name: Prem Kohli, saroj Kohli. Siblings: Bhavna Kholi, vikash Kholi, interview of Virat Kohli: Bharti batsman Virat Kohli is waqt bhar-por form mein hain in ka bat musalsal runs ugal raha hai, haliya dora Sri lanka ke doran bhi in ke bat ne meazban bowlers ko karara jawab diya,. Question: guzishta 12 mah ke doran Bharti team shaeqeen ki tawaqaat per pori nahi utri magar baqi kheladi banisbat aap ne tawaqaat se bhi badh kar khel pesh kiya aap ko es bare mein kesa lagta hai? Virat Kohli: main humesha khud ko mazbat rakhne ki koshish karta hon, main es baat ki parwah nahi karta ke mere erd gird kiya ho raha hai aur na he main ksi bhi qisam ki sorat-e-hal ka presser khud per leta hon, aap ke liye. Question: Sri lanka mein ap ne bohat achi batting ka muzahera kiya aur ab aage ka kiya programe hai? Virat Kohli: Sri lanka se meri khush-gawar yadein wabasta hein legs maine apne career ki pehli series bhi Sri lanka mein kheli thi es ke bad bhi maine 20 mein bhi Sri lanka mein series kheli magar woh mere liye zyada achi sabit nahi hoi jin.

Biography of virat kohli in short
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  4. Launch event of his biography, 'driven: The, virat, kohli, story' in New Delhi, in October 2016, kohli announced that rcb would be the ipl. Interview: Virat, kholi is an Indian test, odi and T20 cricketer, simply he is an international cricketer and he is middle order batsman.

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